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another "Joel's army" deception


New World Order" #1, title and from page 3.

"UN joins forces with Marvel Comics" was the title of a news from this week..."creators of Spider-Man and the Incredible Hulk, to create a comic book showing the international body working with superheroes to solve bloody conflicts and rid the world of disease." But this was not the only news in this direction. Michael Patrick Sullivan announced a new comic series from 2008 January named

"New World Order"

from: "New World Order" #1, page 4

What at first sight looks like a not so bad idea - main character Max shows our youth how to fight the NWO - turns out to be a bad fruit - also the side Max is on:

In the article Comic-Author Gustavo Higuera spoke about the philosophies behind "New World Order":

"The story is about a global movement called the Third Army whose purpose is to expose the forces of the New World Order, who wish to establish a one-world government to enslave mankind...The central characters are the Third Army's leader, Max, and a group of young truth seekers who track down the world's greatest modern revolutionary thinkers in order to prepare the world for a new age of enlightenment by the means of an intellectual re-evolution.

Enlightement by intellect? Higuera gets more concrete: ”Although "New World Order" is set in a fictional world very much like our own, everything in the series comes from ideas and concepts that exist in the real world. "Even the idea of the Third Army itself has a basis in the occult and is a reflection of the underground movement led by truth seekers in the world today,".

Higuera continues: "This fascination brought me to meet Jordan Maxwell about six years ago, who became the main inspiration for 'New World Order' and a basis for the character of Max."

Jordan Maxwell is an occult researcher, author and radio host. Maxwell thinks Jesus' resurrection is meant to be a metaphor for the solstice. Interesting enough The first sentence in the comic is: "The sun was rising in the East".("N.W.O.", p.1.)

Maxwell also thinks that Christians have been fooled by these secret societies into believing it to be literal truth or parable. LINK So whom should we trust more (Jordan) Max(-well) or the WORD of GOD (John1,1)? I stay with the Lord, but Higuera gives his answer already at page 5:

from: "New World Order" #1, page 5

"I am very passionate about many of the themes the comic book explores," the author said. "The destruction of the environment, the quest for truth and knowledge, the search for peace and end to war, these are all things that are very dear to me and you can see it in the story of my comic. Higuera added, "I really try to make a point not to jump to any conclusions in my comic, though, but rather my hopes are that it will inspire readers to 'do their homework,' and perhaps in the process they will discover ideas and concepts they may not have even known existed because, in essence, the readers are the real Third Army and it's up to them to make a choice for a better tomorrow."

A better tomorrow? with knowledge to peace and clean enviroment? Mother Gaiya your goal?
This clearly reminds me of a speech from EU Commission chief Manuel Barroso, attended by Javier Solana in Japan march 2007. Titled

"EU and Japanese strategies for a better tomorrow -- a knowledge renaissance"

it ended:

"...We need to better produce, transmit and exploit knowledge, translating it into economically successful applications, products and services. And, we need to mobilise and coordinate our public policies to optimise the conditions for our knowledge economy...

Ladies and Gentlemen, We have much to do to translate this agenda into action. But, I firmly believe a knowledge renaissance is the key to preserving our fundamental values and standard of living for the future. By working together, Japan and the EU stand the best chance of becoming the vibrant knowledge economies of wealth creation. The time has come to move our relationship up a gear. Only that way will we realise our mutual ambition of a peaceful, environmentally sustainable and prosperous world for all. I count on your contribution, as academics, students, scientists and researchers, and as friends of the European Union, to push us in the right direction."

But this surely must be a mistake from my side, as Javier Solana assured us at Christmas, that he - here asked if he thinks about getting EU-HR in 2009:

"I never made plans for anything and also not in this case I will not do so.
I live happy totally in the presence."

LINK(German article)-see last answer

Good for you, that you will have a "Third” army at your hand, earliest at 2010. Headline goal.

For Higuera, I wholeheartly wish that you would find your Saviour – He is the end of your search. Maxwell may be the „Godfather of Secret Societies", but Maxwell does not wait for you at the end of the road for you.

-link to the whole announcement/interview with the Comic-author:

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Friday, December 28, 2007

playing it out ...continued

"ISLAMABAD, Dec 28 (APP): UN High Representative for Alliance of Civilizations, Jorge Sampaio has expressed his deep shock and grief over the death of PPP Chairperson Ms. Benazir Bhutto in a terrorist attack in Rawalpindi.... Jorge Sampaio said extremism in all its forms should be firmly condemned, adding, pursuing the path of national reconciliation and refraining from violence and civil unrest, is indeed the best way to show criminals they are completely isolated and that they have committed a crime against Pakistan itself." LINK

with this he was clearly refering in his words to Javier Solana's adress, a day before:

"...I condemn this despicable act in the strongest possible way. I offer my deepest condolences to Bhutto’s family, the relatives of other victims of the attack, and all the Pakistani people. This attack is clearly aimed at destabilising the country and it shows that there are forces and people who are trying to undermine reconciliation and the democratization process in Pakistan.
I am deeply concerned about what is happening and I call on the Pakistani people to and to further refrain from violence and pursue the path of national reconciliation. Now it is extremely important to do everything possible to guarantee the stability and security in the country. I have confidence in the capacity of the Pakistani nation to face the current challenge with dignity."

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Thursday, December 27, 2007

They Play It Out

Already one day after the brutal murder of Benazir Bhutto
they connect "relgious extremism" with "terrorism" and say this "is the evil of this millenium": "The death Bhutto and the price we pay all" is the title of an article from today by "Las Palmas de Gran Canaria" newpaper director Francisco Suárez Álamo, but I fear in truth the believers will be the ones who will have to pay the price. (By the way: "Alamo" means "Popular"). He writes (highlightened by me):

"Back and the unmistakable trail of terrorism linked to religious fundamentalism, a dangerous combination that brings into play a weapon of mass destruction certainly (of course, much more fearsome than Saddam falsely put against him): the terrorist who not only has no fear to death, but found it as a reward for their alleged religious fidelity. How can one intimidate those who do not appreciate or even remove a vital piece in its schedule? That is the question that takes half a world becoming for many years and we have not yet given with the answer: Pakistan some tried by force and has not served as nothing, the United States tried to torture at Guantanamo and neither, and Spain opens the Alliance of Civilizations and we still have to be asking for forgiveness because a few in Granada and Cordoba in Spain are not part of the caliphate and try now to recover (farmer: regarding Granada, see my last article)"...
"The death of Bhutto is not an issue unique to those who live there: Unfortunately, Pakistan is one of those states whose authoritarian government is an ally of the West in this war against religious fundamentalism.
It is the high- rather costly- price to be paid for fairly quiet sleep at night. Now, with Bhutto out of the picture, the probability of return on the path to democracy sank considerably.Pakistanis are therefore among those who lost the most in the first instance but the rest of us will see how this piece of the board of great value which is the Asian country plunges into irrational violence and indiscriminate brotherhood of fundamentalism.(...)"

"It is, in any case, another work of terrorism with capital letters, that this crack coexistence, sowing hatred, passions stirred casualties and collect storms.

It is the evil of this millennium and it was now past and ending the year comes to a terrorist reminding for us that beyond our happy world, our Santa Claus and our Magi, there is another reality, a harsh reality that brings us colors to Humanity."

LINK to googletranslation

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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Aocaficionados Seek to Hide Behind ApronStrings

In an interview on the 2008, 15-16.01. First Forum of the Alliance of Civilizations (AoC) Spanish Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Bernardino Leon announced, that in Madrid

-the Spanish National plan forsees to take a number of 'very concrete steps' that compete with several ministries and will have to do with the fields of education, youth and the media,

-he also admitted that, in order to bear fruit, it will be necessary for a 'good number of countries' to have similar plans as well.

-along with the submission of those national plans, the Spanish government wants to sign agreements during the event with at least two international organizations, one with the Arab League.

During the forum will be also announced two projects of the alliance: an "Internet-directory for Experts on International Issues", that can be consulted journalists in international crises and the socalled "Information Center of the Alliance of Civilizations", which will be also available via Internet.

-the AoC aim of managing the coexistence of cultures will become a 'a challenge of the first order in the international agenda for the coming decades
', in the words of the Spanish government.

-AoC has the unanimous backing of the UN member states and political support of an informal group of friends within the UN formed by 78 countries and international organizations met regularly to raise suggestions.

-Among these, until now 11 have made financial contributions during 2007 with a total value of 6.9 Billion Euro, (1 Billion from) Spain, which is currently the largest contributor to the Alliance.

-The "Group of Friends" is open to new entrants.
In fact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs sent a letter to the U.S. State Department invitation to join the group.The letter has yet to be answered, said Leon, who also indicated that Israel and Saudi Arabia have also responded to the invitation to join in due course.

Prior to this letter, the U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, wrote a letter to Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Miguel Angel Moratinos, in which she expressed her country's interest in the initiative and she pointed to the possibility of funding some specific projects that the Alliance present, recalled the secretary of state.

For the Executive Spanish, the most interesting part of the proposed Alliance of Civilizations is, that it has become the sole initiative of a global nature 'which seeks to address the differences between civilizations that the UN has under it's patronage, says Leon. "

from: original link (in Spanish)

In the meantime the city council of Grenada, Spain proposes to change the celebration of their January 2-festival "to make it consistent with the proposed Alliance of Civilizations and the Millennium" (sic)

The spokesman IULV-CA in the municipality of Granada, along with representatives of the Platform "Grenada open for tolerance," professors at the UGR, Juan Antonio Diaz and Javier Lopez Gijon, have made an appeal to change the name of the feast day on January 2 "Taking Feast of the City of Granada by the Catholic Monarchs" into "the "2"-Commemorations of January: Grenada of Cultures" and to transform the ritual that takes place on that day the desire to move towards a program of events to promote respect, equality and tolerance among peoples, beliefs and people. "
"The celebration of the day on January 2, as it is done," is a clear contradiction to the vocation of Grenada as a cultural city, a city of encounter between different cultures, a city bridge for dialogue and understanding between the two sides of the Mediterranean ' "says Lola Ruiz Domenech. It contradicts, in his view, "the vocation of alliance of civilizations in our country and with the proposed millennium celebration in 2013", it "is a contradiction because" as it is understood the feast, with winners and losers, and exaltation of the expulsion of Andalusí and Sephardic Jews in the city, comes into collision with the universal vocation as intercultural city of Granada. "
According to Lola Ruiz Domenech "it is not forgotten, but to" celebrate the fact as given, and especially to seek ways to enable the rapprochement between cultures rather than confrontation "adding" keep holding on 2 January as a day of taking in the morning and evening develop a feast of cultures does not imply a contradiction but the lost city with a mayor and a city government that the PP does not abandon the symbolism that attracts collective totalitarism"(sic).
She said also that "it is not making a cocktail of events, conflicting with each other, but to remember the day on January 2 as a day of capitulations, ie agreements between two parties, in which, monarchs castellano-aragoneses, breached, and that among the agreements signed with the Sultan Muhamad Nazarene XII pledging to respect the Andalusian culture. " In recent days there has been another open space, holding Millennium (the city commemorated the first thousand years after the emirate independent (1013-2013) emerged after the disintegration of the Caliphate of Al-Andalus), "which is also a contradiction with maintaining the holding of January 2 as the Day of Takes. " For all of which, concludes Lola Ruiz Domenech "imperative that we consider changing the name of the day and acts, to make truth of the Grenada cultural city and find that it should be. This is the challenge that we call the all Granadians to transform society ".
Professor Javier Lopez Gijon ensures that "Grenada has to have other symbols, the history of this city" is not just born with Isabel and Ferdinand, has a lot more history, as evidenced by the draft millennium celebration "and that" "No must hold a war that divides the sentimentally Granadians between winners and losers ".

Professor Juan Antonio Diaz added that "the incongruity is a celebration of January 2 with the cultural and modern image that we want to show Grenada. Phalangist because on this day, with its "correajes" we move from the past" and "we propose Mariana Pineda a figure as a figure who unites all Granadians ". (farmer: Mariana Pineda 1804-1831) is famous for creating a false picture about herself, for more, see link on her name and click English version). "In this line ensure that "next year the Platform 'Granada opened by Tolerance' will seek the removal of the feast of two of January and that the local party passes it to be held on the day of Mariana Pineda."

from: original (Spanish) Link

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AoC - CoA: Changing our Attitude

douglas roche

Leading Muslim scholars have addressed warm Christmas greetings to Christians around the world. The greetings, sent by a group of 138 Sunni, Shi'ite, Sufi and other scholars who recently proposed a dialogue with Christian leaders, called for peace on earth and thanked church leaders who have responded positively to their invitation. The final form of the letter (you can read it here: LINK) was presented at a conference in September 2007 held under the theme of “Love in the Quran,” by the Royal Academy of The Royal Aal al-Bayt Institute for Islamic Thought in Jordan, under the Patronage of H.M. King Abdullah II.

The letter "notes that Christmas came just after the Muslim haj pilgrimage to Mecca and the Feast of Sacrifice (Eid al Adha) recalling how the Prophet Abraham almost sacrificed his son.
"God's refusal to let Abraham sacrifice his son ... is to this day a divine warrant and a most powerful social lesson for all followers of the Abrahamic faiths, to ever do their utmost to save, uphold and treasure every human life and especially the lives of every single child," it said.
"May the coming year be one in which the sanctity and dignity of human life is upheld by all," it added. "May it be a year of humble repentance before God and mutual forgiveness within and between communities", writes Tom Heneghan in an article of International Herald Tribune , and that "most Christian churches have responded positively".

For me this sounds for me like using Christmas in playing the campaign-drum for the AoC and it's just in time at the beginning of the EU's year of intercultural communication in 2008. The editing of the IHT article was done by a certain Andrew Roche and interesting enough there is an other article on the subject by another Roche: "Light on horizon for interfaith peace" by Douglas Roche. In his article Douglas Roche connects this letter of leading Muslim scholars with another "Dialogue"-movement: the Alliance of Civilizations. Already the title of the article refers to AoC Jedi-Council Member Karen Armstrong, ("The coming together of Muslims and Christians (...) is a beacon of hope and an example to the whole of humanity.") Roche writes: "With Archbishop Desmond Tutu and other notable religious figures participating, a high-level group spent a year assessing the political, social and religious forces that foment extremism and identifying actions to strengthen mutual understanding." and further:
"The inspirational power of the Alliance of Civilizations lies in its
potential to transform the world from exclusive societies to inclusive societies comprising diverse peoples. While the exigencies of our time forced the Alliance of Civilizations to examine societal relationships through the prism of Muslim-Christian relations, the true value of its work of reconciliation is that it speaks to all of humanity." LINK

Former Canadian parliament member Douglas Roche is also author of the book "Global Conscience", in the synopsis Amazon writes: "This title contains 30 international case studies, illustrating the interplay of public policy and private actions that will guide an enlightened path to human security."(sic)
Douglas Roche
also co-authored the book
"Safe Passage Into the 21st Century: United Nations Quest for Peace, Equality, Justice and Development" with Robert Muller,
long-time U.N. Assistant Secretary-General who has based the curriculum for his many Robert Muller schools around the world on the underlying teachings of Luciferian Alice Bailey. Muller and Roche already in 1995 co-authored a book advocating a “common security agenda as the basis for a new world order.” This was after Roche at the World Conference of Religion for Peace in Louvain, Belgium (August 28-September 3, 1974) delivered a report titled “We can achieve a New World Order,” thus showing the power elite’s larger plan to use religion to bring about their New World Order of a World Socialist Government and One World Religion. (this is from Dr. Dennis L. Cuddy's 2007 July 23 article and now see the name of his article: JAVIER SOLANA & THE LARGER PLAN. The article also links to an article from Constance Cumbey: IS JAVIER SOLANA GOING TO SPEAK FOR EU AT UN? , a question we could answer with yes, since it's implemented into the Lisbon treaty. (see here).

Rouche's involvement in implementing the Dialogue culture into the curricula of the schools and University's can be seen in this article: "Seeking a culture of peace, diversity and tolerance"

Friends, as far as I remember we celebrate Christmas not because of the cute children,
or because it's the festival of love and romance. We celebrate the coming to earth of our Saviour.
"And the angel said unto them: Fear not, for behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people. For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord.
(Luke 2: 10-11)

And: the light is not the luciferian light of pseudo-wisdom or
the light "on the horizon for interfaith peace" or "enlightement for security" but:

" 2The people that walked in darkness have seen a great light
they that dwell in the land of the shadow of death, upon them hath the light shined.

3Thou hast multiplied the nation, and not increased the joy: they joy before thee according to the joy in harvest, and as men rejoice when they divide the spoil.

4For thou hast broken the yoke of his burden, and the staff of his shoulder, the rod of his oppressor, as in the day of Midian.

5For every battle of the warrior is with confused noise, and garments rolled in blood; but this shall be with burning and fuel of fire.

6For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.

7Of the increase of his government and peace there shall be no end, upon the throne of David, and upon his kingdom, to order it, and to establish it with judgment and with justice from henceforth even for ever. The zeal of the LORD of hosts will perform this." (Jesaja 9)

...and not some honoured members of the all-inclusive New World Order club.
So, it's NO - I do not change my attitude to Christmas.
Merry Christmas!

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Spanish Actor Antonio Banderas is the next name that appears in connection with the First AoC-meeting in Madrid and such as possible candidate for an ambassador for them. Married to Melanie Griffith, his voice is well known to the children, as he gave it to the sweet Spanish "Puss-in-boots" in the "Shrek"-series: Apropos "Puss In Boots": In the films, one of his defenses is using his cute nature. He takes off his hat and stares up at his foes with a sad, wide-eyed, heart-melting expression, making them stop and "Awwww" at how cute he is. He then returns to his fierce self. - doesn't that behaviour remind you of a certain beast? This is aranged just in time - as just now the Shrek3-DvD hit the Christmas markets and the children will surely listen to his voice.

PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan will participate in the First Alliance of Civilizations Forum in Madrid on January 15th-16th. He will meet Hollywood stars Antonio Banderas, Angelina Jolie and George Clooney on the sidelines of the meeting. On the other hand, Spanish PM Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero invited Turkish Nobel-laureate author Orhan Pamuk to the meeting."

stay tuned! farmer

Internal Access

AoC meeting website
Alliance of Civilizations Forum Website Launched (2007-12-20)
Now that the media is prepared,
they just launched a website for their First AoC Forum in Madrid.
(click on the picture or here to visit it).
And besides the possibility to follow the events LIVE in a live-stream,
there is an INTERNAL ACCESS area where you need a password (or a mark) to have access - it's a closed cirlce.
Solana's office already announced the doctors attendence (thanks Nony!): LINK
Other illustrious figures will show up:
"Author Paulo Coelho, Nobel laureate Shirin Ebadi, Queen Noor of Jordan, Al Jazeera anchor Riz Khan, Secretary‐General of the Arab League Amr Moussa, and former President of Ireland Mary Robinson are among the public figures coming to Madrid on January 15‐16 to find new ways to bridge the growing divide between nations and cultures worldwide, and to establish new partnerships to promote global understanding" says their first Press release.

Paul Coelho

Paul Coelho - also Member of the Board of the Shimon Peres Institute for Peace
and special counsellor for “Intercultural Dialogues and Spiritual Convergences"
was introduced to the work of occultist Aleister Crowley. "The influence extended not only to music, but also to plans for the creation of the "Alternative Society," which was to be an anarchist community in the state of Minas Gerais based on Crowley's premise: "'Do what thou wilt' shall be the whole of the Law...(...)
After a supernatural experience, described in later on his book The Valkyries, Coelho left the society. Later in Holland he met a person (whom he would refer to as "J" throughout The Valkyries, The Pilgrimage and his website "Warriors of Light online") who changed his life and Coelho was driven towards "Christianity". He said he became member of a Catholic group called Regnus Agnus Mundi, with J as its leader. However, he is the only source for the existence of the group and the Latin name is unverified. In 1986 he walked along the Road of Santiago, an ancient Spanish pilgrimage and his book The Pilgrimage describes his final initiation." LINK
"internal access", "final initiation"...
The urge to be part of it, to be "an insider", to belong to the "inner circle", is one of the highest motivating factors in humans psyche. The AoC uses this urge. And the beast from the earth uses this urge when giving out their mark of belonging.
And as Rich wrote "But if you are one of the “others” who (after their own words) “merciless claims possession of absolute truth”, joining the common civilization is going to be a problem. Well c'est la vie, we’re in good company as I have no intention of joining them in their destiny." What's their destiny?
"19Then I saw the beast and the kings of the earth and their armies gathered together to make war against the rider on the horse and his army. 20But the beast was captured, and with him the false prophet who had performed the miraculous signs on his behalf. With these signs he had deluded those who had received the mark of the beast and worshiped his image. The two of them were thrown alive into the fiery lake of burning sulfur. 21The rest of them were killed with the sword that came out of the mouth of the rider on the horse, and all the birds gorged themselves on their flesh." (Rev 19)
I recommend better to care about your ETERNAL ACCESS, if you haven't done so until now.
Get your name on God's list. Because that's what will count in the end.
And he still has an open hand for you, thanks to the great sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ.
"11Then I saw a great white throne and him who was seated on it. Earth and sky fled from his presence, and there was no place for them. 12And I saw the dead, great and small, standing before the throne, and books were opened. Another book was opened, which is the book of life. The dead were judged according to what they had done as recorded in the books. "(Rev 20)
Hurry up - time might be running out soon.
stay tuned!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

preparing the ground

...for the First big AoC-Forum
Just in time, - 26 days before its start- , the German newspaper SPIEGEL publishes
the result of a survey of the State of Germany:

"Interior Ministry Warns of Radicalization of Muslims

A new study commissioned by Germany's Interior Ministry warns of a growing threat from the radicalization of Muslims in the country. Six percent of Muslims in Germany support violence in the name of Islam, the authors write"....

"The study, which was carried out by Katrin Brettfeld and Peter Wetzels from the Institute for Criminology at the University of Hamburg, was commissioned by the Interior Ministry in an attempt to finding out the extent to which the Muslim community in Germany provides a breeding ground for extremist groups and potential terrorists. The authors interviewed 1,750 Muslims living in Germany for the study. Of that number, around 40 percent had German citizenship.

'Fundamental Religious Orientation'

In the introduction to the report, Interior Minister Wolfgang Schäuble writes that the study leads to the "worrying conclusion that a serious potential for Islamist radicalization has developed in Germany." According to Schäuble, the lack of integration of immigrants into German society is leading to a "fundamental religious orientation..."

click to read the whole report:


click the picture to see the survey
(until now avaiable just in German).

And in the European Parliament MEPs on Dec.18 called on EU Member States to consider amending the definition of terrorist offences and applicable penalties. An own-initiative report,
drafted by Spanish Jaime Mayor Oreja (EPP-ED, ES) and adopted by the Civil Liberties Commitee on 18 December sets out recommendations to Council on how to prevent radicalisation and recruitment of terrorists. After their news,
"a political strategy for neutralising the dissemination of messages instigating violence should include the education and social integration of individuals and better monitoring of the use of the internet for propaganda purposes, they say.
Preventive measures must be based upon avoiding social isolation, building trust and confidence in society or promoting the U.N. concept of
the alliance of civilizations
, MEPs conclude."(sic).

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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

5 plus 5 = peace in Middle Earth?

"LOS ANGELES — Goblins, trolls and dragons were a breeze compared with the caustic clash of egos that kept "The Hobbit" in Hollywood limbo for years. But a settlement announced on Tuesday between Peter Jackson and New Line Cinema holds the promise that
peace will break out in
Middle Earth and that fans could see the first of two resulting movies by December 2010."
talking about sublimal infotainment...
can one replace Middle Earth with Middle East?
A detailed overview is given in
"Greater Middle East and Extended Mediterranean: from confrontation to cooperation"
by Rear Admiral Alberto CervonePhotobucket
Center for High Defense Studies
Deputy Director of Institute for High Defense Studies

besides pointing to -Barcelona Process,
-Solanas 2003 Security Paper, -NATO Med. Dialogue
and -ENP,
Cervone mentiones the "5plus5 agreement":
Launched in Rome in 1990, it involves five Maghreb countries (Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, Mauritania and Libya) and five European countries of the Western Mediterranean Basin (France, Portugal, Spain, Italy and Malta)..

So -besides the 10 WEU Kings - here we have another 10 kings (5 plus 5) at the core of Solana's endaveour:

Interesting enough, a link on the same page says (down left):
"Spain is ready to reinforce 5+5 dialogue", says Spanish Foreign minister.


Peace at Middle Earth? The script I have points more to a
2x "BATTLE OF FIVE ARMIES" (see Wikipedia, what it has to do with the Hobbit)
(click picture to see also the "bear from the north")
"If they say peace and safety..."
stay tuned!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

flower power AoC

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

"Prime Minister Zapatero hopes that the visit of Gadhafi can also be a jumpstart for his Alliance of the Civilizations – a grab-bag of pseudo-intellectionalisms that promises to be, as Elvis Costello would say, all about “peace, love and understanding.”

The only problem, though, is that neither Zapatero nor the rest of his team have the slightest idea how to explain their Alliance of the Civilizations – but that didn’t stop the government from holding a meeting yesterday with the press to at least attempt to do so.

The shallowness of this program was obvious when one journalist asked if the Vatican had been asked to take part in the Alliance of the Civilizations. The response was “no,” arguing that the government didn’t feel this was the appropriate forum to mix the subject of religion.

You might guess the press was not too impressed with that answer – especially as it is specifically the issue of religion that is dividing much of the Arab and European worlds."

writes Robert Duncan at his blog.

at the same blog I find an interesting arctile on Kathryn Kuhlmann,
named "Kathryn Kuhlman: Healer and New Age diva, Kuhlman was a founding member of a New Age movement that synchronized Christianity and spiritualism together with pop psychology and a lavish serving of capitalism." see here:

Gadhafi is the guy who waits before he jumps on the bandwagon. He did same with the EUROMED initiative of Solana in 1995, where he was laughing about his Mediterran neighbours who signed a treaty with Europe first, followed by himself some months later.
By the way, me not so sure about this Vatican thing and also not so sure about the peace and love part. As a matter of fact exactly one year ago we saw Erdogan met with the Pope at the airport to talk about the Aliance of civilizations see here: LINK and also even the same newspaper wrote about, see here: LINK "It is very important that the visit of Pope Benedict XVI coincides with a period in which the final declaration of Alliance of Civilizations Initiative Istanbul Summit was released," said Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan who held a news conference regarding his meeting with Pope at Ankara's Esenboga Airport on Tuesday." LINK
After the meeting Erdogan headed further to the NATO summit in Riga to implement AoC there. "NATO Backs Turkey's Alliance of Civilizations Initiative"(Link) with this direct result:
"At Riga, Allied leaders launched the NATO Training Cooperation Initiative to help train the militaries of its Mediterranean Dialogue and Istanbul Cooperation Initiative partners. This will be done through a phased approach, first by increasing participation in existing NATO training and education programmes and partnership tools, and by establishing a Middle East faculty at the NATO Defense College in Rome. In a second phase, NATO could support the establishment of a dedicated training facility in the Middle East."
On the AoC connections to the European Defence and Security Architecture I wrote already here: see also the related articles of Rich here.

At the same time we read also of the "flower power lamb" in the east:
In the central Anatolian city of Konya yesterday, President Abdullah Gul and Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan attended ceremonies marking the 734th anniversary of the death of mystical poet and philosopher Rumi. During the ceremony, Gul said that today there is a greater need than ever to understand Rumi’s philosophy. "We can make a better world if we try to understand the Rumi’s call for fellowship and divine union," Gul added. Also speaking to the ceremony, Erdogan said that Rumi’s messages were meant for the entire world, adding that Islam means peace and love. "(sic) Islam and terrorism are irreconcilable,” he said."(...)
"Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan will attend the First Forum of the Alliance of Civilizations to be held in Madrid, Spain on Jan. 15-16. At the meeting, Erdogan is expected to firmly rebuff efforts to downgrade Turkey’s European Union membership bid to a “privileged partnership.” The premier will argue that Turkey presents an opportunity for the EU to implement the Alliance of Civilizations, and is a model country in this project. /Turkiye/"

"In an (UN) action, the Assembly adopted a resolution declaring 2010 the Year of Rapprochement of Cultures, and recommended that, during the course of this Year, appropriate events be organized on interreligious and intercultural dialogue, including, among others, a high-level dialogue and/or informal interactive hearings with civil society."
same paper:"The dialogue had made use of the United Nations' potential to use interreligious peace as a means for promoting its goals in pillar areas. He called on States to use that dialogue as an impetus to acquire experience in such areas. The resolution provided a good way to do that."

soon more!

Friday, December 14, 2007

"Deadly Religions"

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Just found an article about an University Professor who says the "alliance among civilizations"-Project is a deception. The title says:
"Israeli Elie Barnavi rejects alliance of civilizations as a deception"

First I was happy, because yes, I would sign that too.

But: it turns out his words are much more dangerous than all we heard before in that regard,
as the Professor is - knowingly or unknowingly - twisting things a lot.

As Professor of history of the modern West at the University of Tel Aviv,
Elie Barnavi was Israel's ambassador to France from 2000 to 2002.

He now heads the Scientific Committee of the Musée de l'Europe in Brussels.

In his book
"Les religions meurtrières "/which can be translated into
Barnavi explains the origins of terrorism in religious basis.
In a series of brief and argued theses he draws the historical and cultural context of religion, politics in general. It helps to understand why the temptation fundementalism is revolutionary stronger today in Islam and attempts to identify ways of combating it.

Barnavi's reasons for claiming that the Alliance is a deception are not the same as mine.
Watch out!
it can get confusing:

He says, that the dialogue among civilizations is a deception, because there are two different types of people:

-The first group are the civilized, moderate secularists where dialogue is possible.

-To the second belong people who represent barbarism in form of religion.

The interesting thing is, that Barnavi places the people who want an Alliance of civilizations into the second group (the "barbaric" one).(sic!)

And after Barnavi these two groups could never meet.

This is excact the type of intolerance we know from the very own reports of the Alliance of Civilizations. But in his twist, Barnavi says that the AoC-people and for him here first and foremost the Muslims, belong to the group of UNcivilizised people, because they are too religious and as such he rejects their ideas,
as after him among barbars a dialogue would never be possible.

So he does not regard Erdogan and Zapatero as secularists but more as representatives of religious systems who try to start a dialogue among religions.
Bernavi says such dialogue is not needed, as most of the religious people are fundamentalists anyway and therefore dangerous and have to be treated as possible terrorists.

Nice twist Prof.Bernavi, but that's excatly NOT what the Alliance of Civilizations is about.
The opposite is true, the AoC are to fight fundamentalism and you should know it.
So, they are in the same boat with you, Mr. Barnavi. If one replaces Bernavi's expression "alliance of civilizations" with the term "fundamentalists" and Bernavis expresseion "secularists" with the term "alliance of civilisation" the picture becomes more clear.

Shocking are his consequenses:
To combat violent fundamentalism,
he has voiced his support
for both the military and police, who are 'quite well',".

Death is lurking around the corner.
Yes, Mr. Barnavi, Religion is deadly and cannot save you.
It's deadly when its loosing it's center and becomes an empty shape and keeping you trapped in rituals in search of enlightement.
It's deadly when the aim is to come back to God on one's own power, the endaveour to become God. Or to become morally good in secularist terms.
As such religion is dead and deadly.
But the Living God is not dead. He is the way for true life, not death.

So Professor Barnavi you may combat the Alliance of Civilizations,
but please do not combat the Living One. That would be a deadly endaveour.
And please do not mix these two antipodes in creating a third position.

As such it looks as the AoC -Beast invented an even more secular opposition to make their own endeveaur looking such more religious....just like a religious lamb.
The trick says:
"If you place an even more agressive and secularist mouth besides this religious "lamb" that we name AoC, then this would make people forget that the AoC-"lamb" speaks actually like a dragon and makes war for the saints"

"11Then I saw another beast, coming out of the earth.
He had two horns like a lamb, but he spoke like a dragon."

Do not be deceived brothers and sisters.
The deception is not, that the Alliance of civilizations is too much believing, too fundamentalistic and as such in danger of spreading terrorism.
Fact is, that it's against the believers of a sole truth and with this waging war not against the secularists as Barnavi claims, but against the saints.

Stay tuned!

(Here I attach the twisting article I refered to
, translated from the Spanish original, take care! :)

"The Israeli university professor Elie Barnavi explained today that he is not in favour of the alliance of 'civilization' which promotes the president of the Spanish government, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, because it is a 'deception'.

"Civilizations do not exist, I do not know civilizations, no one can speak on my behalf to talk about' my civilization '... I do not feel represented,' he emphasized in the presentation of his' book "RELIGIONS DEADLY'.
Bernavi, which has been declared a non-believer, has stated that he does not feel a different civilization that the Catholic or Muslim moderates, with whom they can share the same taste for freedom. 'There exists civilization and barbarism, and between the two, there is no dialogue possible,' said Bernavi in the book.

'Secularism should not be exported nor democracy, which constitutes it. Then, he divides between societies who respect secularism, namely freedom, and those that do not even understand what that means, who invented the 'dialogue of civilizations'. This is a bait because what can we talk in these sessions' dialogue 'in which rival hypocrites amabilidades(?)'.
Bernavi also believes that multiculturalism is another 'deception' because not all cultures are respected and that live in a society requires a common basis of rules and values, which makes it possible to secularism, said.
The author deals with the phenomenon of the political dimension of religion, religion made political activist, ie. fundamentalism or terrorism with revolutionary fundamentalism and intolerance.
It showed that the 'political' Islamist can seize power in Muslim states, not in Europe.
In Europe, the danger is the 'self-censorship' and prohibitions for fear of the consequences, which means a regression politics and morality, and the risk that moderates falling into extremist networks.
'There we win this fight without moderate Muslims in the West,' without an 'alliance' with non-Islamists or revolutionary, said.
To combat violent fundamentalism, he has voiced his support for both the military and police, who are 'quite well', as education is defined as the 'neutralization of the school', which have opposed the Muslim veil in the colleges."

LINK to the translated version

Spanish LINK

see also this translated French article of HIM, naming him a "wise man": LINK

Thursday, December 13, 2007

King Abdullah II of Jordan addresses the European Parliament

"In the arena of the Middle East,
a new olive branch has just been planted.
Now the real work must begin. It is in our hands to create the process and structures that will give
peace roots, help it grow, and sustain it into the future. I urge you to share in this effort.
Our partnership can create
an historic transformation,
and a rich harvest – years of peace and prosperity
that will benefit our peoples and our world."

LINK to more of his speech
...after just having been briefed by Abbas on the outcome of Wednesdays Annapolis follow-up talks between Israel and Palestine, and critizising Israel together with Abbas (LINK), and together with Turkish President Gul (LINK).
In between Erdogan accusing Sarkozy:
Turkey’s determination on its EU membership will move forward. Turkey is a representative of the 1.5 billion people of the Islamic world. If the EU accepts the 'alliance of civilizations', they should accept Turkey into their fold.” Link

All eyes on Ireland...

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... for the fate of the Lisbon Treaty.
The Lisbon Treaty, ...(signed today)... by EU heads of state and government in Lisbon on Thursday, must be ratified by all 27 EU member states before it enters into force.
"The only country in which the ratification is at risk is Ireland because it is the only country where a referendum will be held," Antonio Missiroli, head of studies at the European Policy Center, told Xinhua in a recent interview... "
in a text with threescore 6 in the link:

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Prof. Aydin and the dancing derwishes of the European Institute for Security Studies

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A lot today, that's why I will just point to the essence here,
please follow the links provided for more...

Solana at ISS (see Nr. 2 of my first post this year about the background of this Institute) Annual Conference 2007 Nov, 22 gives the lead:
"We must get better at pooling our knowledge. ...There is not enough cross-fertilisation".
see full text here

And even more interesting than Solana's speech was the presence of
Prof.Dr. Mehmet AYDIN

Minister of State of the Republic of Turkey, and what he had brought to this convention of EU military people and ideologists in Paris. Who is this guy? see for yourself from his
"I would like to continue my speech with two quotations from the UN Report on
“Alliance of Civilizations”- an initiative that was put forward and fully supported by Spain and Turkey, and co-chaired by me and by Federico Mayor, the former Directory General of UNESCO." He continues:
"The Report formulates one of its “guiding principles” as follows:
An increasingly interdependent and globalized world can be regulated only
through the rule of law and an effective multilateral system
with United Nations system and its core.
This requires adherence to international law and covenants
including all rights and responsibilities governing the conduct of
war as articulated in International Humanitarian Law (particularly the Geneva
Conventions), respect for the institutions that establish them……"
"...I mean the values that are universalistic in some
important sense, and over which no culture, no religion, no continent can have the right to claim monopoly. In other words, they are not Christian, or Judeo-Christian, or European, or Islamic values. They belong, to all of us, “us”, us humans, and they should remain with all of us. This fact is secured both ontologically and epistemologically: We know that these values are. Our differences lie not in ordo essendi nor in ordo cognoscendi, but in the order of praxis.
(Farmer: this can be translated: "we believe all in the same (God), just expressing it in different ways")

"The undeniable fact that these values have so far had more chance in the Western
praxis to develop does not make them exclusively Western. To think otherwise is, to destroy
bridges between communities, cultures and civilizations and thus ultimately pave the way for dividing world that may easily result in weakening our hope for a unity in diversity.
Let me make it clear: No one has the right to object to “cultural” arguments that are
usually the expressions of cultural identities. We all have to be against “culturalist”
arguments that are mainly essentialist, fundamentalist, divisive, exclusivist and even racialist. They are emotional rather than rational; hence their power in the streets even in the European street.
Despite all this, however, I am quite optimistic regarding dialogical encounter,
civilizational alliance, the future of international institutions and multilateral policies. "

Aydin, the guy presenting here right after Solana at the Europe Union Institute for Security Studies, part of the 10-Kings W.E.U., seems to be also a Rumi-fan (the poet who suggested to leave Jesus behind and go on to enlightement) and of dialogical Derwish-dance...LINK:

No wonder that also the Swiss/German priest and one of Kathami's DoC's 19 "eminent persons" (prerunner of AoC). Hans Küng plays also a role in Aydins speech. Küng is also President of the Foundation for a Global Ethic (Stiftung Weltethos). read his revealing bio at Wikipedia.
Küng just received a Masonic award for his life work, LINK.

Already on 30 October the ISS held a one-day conference (socalled Transatlantic Forum 2007) on "Peace in the Middle East: Is there a way forward?" in Washington DC.
The Portuguese EU Presidency and the Delegation of the
European Commission collaborated on the organisation of this event. In order to avoid
controversy and emphasise the European identity and ownership of this event, the EUISS
decided against teaming up with any particular American think-tank. However, prominent
members of the leading Washington think-tank community were invited as speakers and
participants. The American participants welcomed the EUISS initiative to hold this
conference and to establish a more permanent presence in Washington DC.

Among the ideas in the conlcusion were:
"With trust between the
Palestinians and the Israelis being so low it is essential that the international
community gets involved and act as the guarantor of security. This should include a
possibility of a tangible military presence on the ground. In the past Israel strongly
objected to the idea of an international peacekeeping force, but it came to accept this
notion following the war with Hezbollah in 2006. The presence of an international
peacekeeping force in southern Lebanon could serve as a precedent to be replicated in the Palestinian-Israeli context."
read all of this text here

another topic was:
"Territory: contiguity and Jerusalem"
see all of the programm and participants and all these institutions again
(Brookings, Chatham House, Carnegie,...) here:

Funny enough the man who opened this Forum was Luís DE ALMEIDA SAMPAIO.
(The other Sampaio (Jorges de) is boss of the Alliance of civilizations, as you know.
But see what interesting guy this Luis is: here
Among others I found out about him:
"In December 1997, at the suggestion of the Secretary General of NATO, Dr. Javier Solana , on a proposal from the Portuguese authorities he has been designated by the NATO and Diplomatic Adviser policy and the International Stabilization Force (SFOR) Peace in Bosnia Herzegovina, and started the office, in Sarajevo, on January 1, 1998. These responsibilities included the political advice of all operations of SFOR, negotiations with the factions Bosnia, Serbia and Croatian, present there, the connection with the High Representative of the International Community, a regular information to the Council of Atântico North and the Secretary General of NATO on the development of the situation on the ground and the connection with the Supreme Commander of Allied Forces in Europe (SACEUR), General Wesley Clark." (see biography, link before).

All this mounts to another paper I found today
from the U.S. Department of Justice a
"transcript of a European Union/United States Justice and Home Affairs
Ministerial Press Conference, from dec.11:
Joining GENERAL MUKASEY were Secretary Michael Chertoff of the Department of Homeland Security; Vice President of the European Commission for Justice, Freedom and Security, Franco Frattini; and representing the Portuguese presidency of the E.U. are the Minister of Justice of Portugal Alberto Costa, and the Minister of Interior of Portugal Rui Pereira. Plus the Slovenian Interior Minister Dragutin Mate and Slovenian State Secretary Robert Marolt. as Slowenia takes on the E.U. presidency for the first half of 2008.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

(for the occult basis of their EU-presidency-logo scroll down at my FP-post here:)

Anyway, the transcript's text reads:
After reviewing the record of our achievements together
since September 11, 2001, I fully agree with the statement that was made by
E.U. High Representative Javier Solana that our joint action to fight
international terrorism is, as he put it, one of the unsung transatlantic
success stories. At our meeting today, we discussed a number of joint
responses to terrorism, including our continuing efforts to deal with the
problem of radicalization...."
"...I am pleased to report that the administration is preparing
to transmit the landmark E.U.-U.S. Extradition and Mutual Legal Assistance
Treaties to the Senate for its advice and consent, and we look forward to
working with the Senate on those treaties. We also look forward to
deepening our engagement with EuroPol and EuroJust in the coming year, both
who are designated representatives to those organizations, and through
further meetings such as the one held this year at EuroJust on
international organized crime."

Pereira spreaks of "

"This is why it's necessary to fight firmly this kind of terrorism
and it's necessary to fight on the area of prevention,
most importantly, avoiding radicalization,

avoiding recruitment of newagents for terrorism.
Because our communities are vulnerable
to thesemaneuvers of getting more people."

And EU VICE Frattini praises:

"We focused on radicalization and recruitment of terrorists.
I'veinformed all the American friends,
in particular the Attorney General andSecretary Chertoff,
about some ongoing initiatives already undertaken,
likea collection of best practices in all 27 member states,
about how toaddress radicalization,
how to counter spreading messages of violence inprisons,
in schools, among younger generations.

And how to tackle violent radicalization by promoting positive messages in Europe
and outside Europe.
For example, by improving capacity of moderate Muslims to speak
and to
promote messages of tolerance and cooperation.
The results of all thesestudies will be published in early 2008,
the first weeks of January.
(farmer:just in time with the big AoC meeting in Madrid, January 15.)

said, I'm ready to share all the information with my American friends.
Europe is ready to cooperate.

Then they continue among other things to speak about Biometric Control Systems and
But I think it's the most important part that we made decision today
that we will continue with the work of high-level working group, we will
continue that work in January, and we will have the political framework in
March when we will have the next meeting, United States-European Union, and
where we can put together the whole framework, the political framework of
the goals that we want to reach. That's crucial. We must have ambitious
plans and if we have those ambitious plans, we can come closer to that
cooperation between Europe and United States. That cooperation is crucial
for the security of both partners in that relation, for United States and
for European Union.

please read also the latest related article at Richs blog: Dictator at the door,
if you haven't yet!
stay tuned!