Saturday, November 03, 2007

AoC-Youth to establish crisis respone team

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Hans Köchler at Reinventing Governance

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just stumbled over this news:
(can someone tell me how should this "c.r.t." look like in action??)

"Alliance Youth movement to establish crisis response team
Saturday, November 3, 2007

Youth organization leaders met in Baku, Azerbaijan, to discuss terrorism, intercultural relations, media and impact of perception. They decided to take action to confront conflicts challenging the world. They will launch crisis response teams and a Youth Alliance of Civilizations Movement
The participants of the Intergenerational Conference held during last week in Baku, decided to urge the creation of crisis response teams to respond to rising regional conflicts. "

"... During interactive discussions the young participants' questions afocused on the education and media as important tools for fighting misconceptions on the very concept of radicalization and terrorism, one of the main topics of the conference. As a base for these subjects, one of the supervisor participants professor Hans Koechler from Insbruck University pointed out the importance of states' political discourse and political actions on increasing extremism and division. In this framework, he criticized the foreign policies of the U.S. on both Iraq and Palestine, which shape the Muslim societies' perceptions of the West..."

read the whole article here...

Hans Köchler is deep into interreligious dialogue questions.
But Youth?? One says one is just as old as one feels himself.
Köchler must feel himself very young, He was born in 1948 and
already in 1982(!) he published a reader called
The Concept of Monotheism in Islam and Christianity
with contributions from Archbishop from Jerusalem Hilarion Capucci
and H.R.H. Crown Prince Hassan of Jordan (Solana friend and since 2000 President of Club of Rome).

In 2007 came out the Hans Köchler Bibliography and Reader (2007)

read more on Hans-Koechler here (WikipediaArticle)
(here I found, that Köchler was the founder and Secretary-General (1973-1977) of Euregio Alpina (Study Group for the Alpine Region), a transnational planning structure for the Alpine region and predecessor of the new concept of the "Euro Regions" in the framework of the European Union. This is the divide-and- conquer-concept they succesfully used and use also now against the integrity of the member states of the EU to have border crossing regions.)
Also you find here a link to his online published materials.

in the meantime the elders did't put their hands to rest, they also met: in Istanbul and Moon and Solana were among them:
Turkey, Arab League boost ties
Sat, 03 Nov 2007 04:49:47
"Arab League Secretary General Amr Moussa
Turkish FM Ali Babacan and Arab League Secretary General Amr Moussa signed a 'Framework Agreement for the Turkish-Arab Cooperation Forum'.
The Friday agreement inked in Istanbul outlines cooperation between Turkey and the Arab League in the economic, political and security spheres.
The pact envisions joining forces for improving the UN-led Alliance of Civilizations ..."§ionid=351020204

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Candy said...

Wow farmer! I am stunned by the speed of which this is growing. I suppose our educational systems have worked for the preparation of young minds to jump right in. Very interesting on the timing for Turkey to join the Arabs. I bet it helped when Turkey felt betrayed by the US. Looks like things are going according to the AOC plan. :(

björn (farmer) said...

Wow Candy,
nice you came over for a well-thought comment!

Candy said...

Thanks farmer, I am so happy you have this blog....I love your insight and knowledge! There is so much going on on so many fronts, I can barely stay focused right now, so I have been on my knees in prayer quite a bit right this weekend.

Candy said...

OK, we have set up a very bare backup board for those who are FP members. This will serve as long as FP is down, when FP is running, the backup board will be locked so no posts can be made. We will keep this up in case of emergency.

björn (farmer) said...

Thanks so much Candy!
...also for the new board...
I placed a link on the main page.

Constance Cumbey said...

Excellently informative -- thanks!

Wikiflier said...

While talking a good game about the latest cause du jour, Hans Köchler has a long history of hanging out with oil-rich third-world tyrants which he has recently decided you shouldn't know about:

Köchler also defended former UN Secretary General Kurt Waldheim in the scandal over the latter's "forgotten" Nazi past.