Monday, November 12, 2007

Beast Marketing

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kouchner and steinmeier rock
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"Man tries to attack Merkel during Sarkozy visit"

was todays news in Germany. - Of course an eye catcher.

"A demonstrator tried to attack the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, today while she was giving the French president, Nicolas Sarkozy, a tour of Berlin.The incident happened as the two leaders visited a school where they made statements about the challenges of immigration and integration. The man was quickly restrained. " writes the Guardian,,2209817,00.html

but according to the following newspaper "Police said they did not term the incident an attack, but merely a "minor incident." The man appeared to be upset at legislation voted through last week that obliges telecoms companies to store data on calls and internet usage in case it is needed by the police."

The man was 20 years old.

so why this sensation about this strange "violent extremist"?
In the same news they told Germanys listener and TV watchers about the new song from German FM Steinmeier and French FM Kouchner together with some Turkish Youngsters.
The song is about integration and respecting other cultures, and mixes the rhythm 'n' blues style with a Turkish sound. The chorus begins, "Germany, why are you so aloof? Germany, be more upfront." FM speaker Jager said the recording would be available on YouTube and could be downloaded - free of charge - from the Foreign Ministry's website. They also produced a video. Listen and See here:

The press asked the young Turkish musicians: "Why do you think Steinmeier and Kouchner are doing this?
Answer: "I have no idea, but Mr.Steinmeier gives us German-Turkish migrantkids a chance to do something against the image of the 'problemturk'".

So the "attack" was a good trick to sell the song. And the youth doesn't know about the background.
it's not "Bench Marketing" - it's "Beast Marketing" for the AoC.

another part of the song translates:

"a labyrinth from right and wrong,
too many nations, what did we realize
just traditions, which bite each other,
situations, which do not proof"

these are feelings of helplesness which many young surely feel.
These feelings are cleverly used by the beast to build another brick on the road to Babel,
a way for the MTV and Youtube-Generation,
one day after St.Nimrots/aehem Martins day.

stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

French Pres. Sarkozy's proposed Mediterranean Union (MU) has come under fire from supporters of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership (EMP):



Rudi said...

Looks like FP is down again and the alternate site wasn't available either. Rudi

Constance Cumbey said...

Interesting article, Farmer. I couldn't access the song, but not sure with my extremely limited knowledge of German that I hit correct link. Is there an English translation of the site?



björn (farmer) said...

Thanks for your feedback!

The links to song in mp3, video and text can be found here:
...on the right side under the photo.
(to googletranslate the site didn't bring the awaited results.)

Here is also a link to the bbc news (viedeo link also on the right side):

hope it helps