Thursday, November 22, 2007


"The Israelis and the Palestinians
have to demonstrate their commitment to the two-state solution
by taking without delay the measures needed to
prepare the ground
for the end-game."

Javier Solana,
EU High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy,
ahead of Annapolis conference.
On 2007, 3 December, the first ECFR-FRIDE public event in Madrid will begin with a keynote speech by Javier Solana, the EU's High Representative for CFSP.
This will be followed by a panel discussion on Europe’s role in the world featuring Emma Bonino, Italian Minister for International Trade and Europe, (she sits also in the advisory board of CIT toledo int. centre for peace with French FMKouchner and AoC man Federico Mayor) Joschka Fischer, former German Foreign Minister, Diego Hidalgo, President of FRIDE, Mark Leonard, ECFR's Executive Director, as well as Alberto Navarro, Spanish State Secretary for Europe and Mabel van Oranje, International Advocacy Director at the Open Society Institute.
This event is on invitation only.
Emma Bonino sits also in the advisory board of the FRIDE affiliated CIT Toledo Institute for Peace, together with French FM Bernard Kouchner and AoC Man- Federico Mayor, see here:
FRIDE is the Spanish connection between EU, AoC and Club of Madrid/Club of Rome.
Read an interesting comment (especially the part on the EU Foreign Policy) to the ECFR's launching, with a promt headhunting comment by Mark Leonard ECFR Director here: ECFR: a tale of premature senescence?


johnny said...


I would not be surprised if "the measures needed to prepare the ground for the end-game" in Annapolis will result in a "Date" to begin the two state solution.

An interesting observation*

I've noticed here in America there has not been any mention of any Palestinian suicide attacks in Jerusalem or any other major Israeli territories as of 1-1-07.

Aside from the Israeli-Lebanon engagement I believe The ENPI has already motivated the Mediterranean countries to begin complying with its protocols.

A "Date" to begin the two state solution would seem plausible coming out of Annapolis.

johnny said...

Great find by the way!

"End Game"

What a powerful metaphor in this situation.

björn (farmer) said...

just returned from your great blog to find your comments and here - thanks! Hope you have nothing against a link to your blog?

johnny said...

I already have you linked. Not a problem by all means.


Constance Cumbey said...

Good information, Farmer. You are right about the links. I have kept a file on FRIDE for several years now and have several books by one of its principals whose name has fled from me right now as I am sleepless in Michigan, but exhausted and when I get more coherent shall publish that name of Javier's very good friend. Congratulations on your paper's acceptance!