Thursday, November 08, 2007

EU's Solana urges nuclear enrichment centre for all

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"The European Union official leading international diplomacy on the nuclear standoff with Iran has proposed creating an international nuclear fuel enrichment facility for use by all states.
"The international system of non-proliferation is vital to the world but is in serious danger of disintegrating," Solana told a think-tank audience in Madrid late on Wednesday.
He noted that Arab states such as Morocco, Egypt and Jordan had started ambitious nuclear programmes in the last year, while Iran was enriching uranium for non-existent power stations.
"The only way of finding a lasting solution to these problems is. . . by creating an international enrichment centre under multilateral supervision..."

"...All states would have access to enriched fuel under fair conditions and at competitive prices," he said in the speech, delivered at a Madrid institute.
He underlined that the present nuclear control system, based on a "subtle balance" between non-proliferation, technological transfers and disarmament, is under threat.
"The problem comes from the perception of many countries that there is an imbalance between these three elements," the EU's top diplomat said.
He said they think that nations with atomic weapons "do not respect their promises not to transfer nuclear technology or on giving up at least part of their arsenal."
Solana said that rising oil prices and climate change had made nuclear energy an alternative that "every country wants to have".
He cited recent decisions by Egypt, Jordan and Morocco to launch "ambitious nuclear programmes which would have been unthinkable just two years ago."
The problem was that nuclear development had a "double usage", civilian and military, and that "transparency and confidence are essential...".

behind that thoughts is also Solanas perspective to transfer sovereignty to a supranational entity. Worldwide.:
"The European Union is the paradigm. ...The international community can and must To assume this responsibility if the state in question does abdication of it. This is based Humanitarian intervention adopted by the United Nations. And responsibility towards other states, for example in the context of climate change. States have to be responsible for acts which go beyond its borders and threaten the welfare of all. We must make progress in deepening this relationship. This trend is closely connected With an issue that will address later: the governance of international society...I think that in the coming years, the international projection of the European Union has to face three major challenges:
- The first is to contribute, and/or I dare say to take the leadership in the construction of an authentic and effective multilateral system.
-The second, define it's interests and act as Union abroad taking into account such Interests. - The third challenge is how to redefine projecting to the rest of the world set of values irrevocable with its political system.
Achieving these goals requires not only huge dose of tenacity and effort, but Also a clear and resolute political will on the part of Member States..."
(farmertranslated, the whole speech in Spanish:

and what about "ITER" in Cadarache(F)
(as Constance Cumbey uses to say: "iter rimes with bitter")?
In Latin ITER means “the way”. That makes Solanas sentence even more interesting.
"The only way of finding a lasting solution to these problems is creating an international enrichment centre under multilateral supervision".

Jesus says: "I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me."
John 14:6

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Anonymous said...

Farmer you quote:
“The third challenge is how to redefine projecting to the rest of the world set of values irrevocable with its political system.”

Values? Whose, what, where, and when? I am going to guess that there will be no frontal assault on the greastest engine of hate in the world: Lucifer and Islam.
I quote from Messianic Perspectives: “The recruitment and training of children are part of the Islamist plan to raise up future generations of terrorist. If the Lord delays His return, the threat our children and grandchildren will someday face is already in the making.” This comment was after the discussion of a 12 year old Taliban boy being filmed cutting a man’s head off.
I remember so well a filmed news report from the sevendies showing Palestinians training little boys to kill Israelis. You may remember the quote: There will be peace in Israel when the Palestinians love their children more than they hate the Jews.”
Things have become worse. Hatred of the Jews is becoming ‘fashionable’ in Europe and elsewhere. To give Solana or anyone, sole control of nuclear fuel would be used against Israel, and probably the US. My guess is that many in the Democrat party will jumb on the bandwagon.
Good report and nice format.

Yours in Christ:

wts3 said...

EUROMED PYSCHOLOGICAL OPERATIONS UNIT is embedded in every form of popular culture and they are persietnet in creating and maintaing memes that correspond to their psyop objectives. They create the positive explantion, as well as the opposition. (Recall that in 1984 Orwell novel, the opposition Goldstein book was written by the state).

Rock and roll, Hollywood, Bollywood, all part of a concerted effort at recreating the human being as a new creature.

Think of Dutch-Danish cultural anti-theistic nihilism as the model end game.

But it happened before:
The Gospels Conspiracy video