Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Sarkozy or Solana? conclusions from the 9th EUROMED conference: strengthen, reaffirm and reinforce

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"Ferrero-Waldner brushed aside fears the Mediterranean Union project (farmer: this is the name of Sarkozys idea) could overshadow a 12-year-old EU strategy to boost cooperation among Mediterranean countries and create a free trade area, in what is known as the Barcelona Process (the name of Solanas project).

"The idea of a possible Mediterranean Union is something complementary and only makes sense if it remains complementary," Ferrero-Waldner said.

"He (Sarkozy) has made clear that Mediterranean Union is not intended to replicate or duplicate any political framework. An added value could be there, but we want to maintain the Barcelona Process," she said.

The EU executive was working with France, which holds the bloc's rotating presidency in the second half of 2008, to present the Mediterranean Union project at the right time."

"...European Foreign Policy chief Javier Solana said after meeting with European and Middle East leaders in Lisbon he was confident peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians could move forward in the near term. "From the constructive debate we had last night, I had the impression that we are going to make progress", Solana told a news conference on Tuesday after the two-day meeting."

from the Conference conclusions:
"-Ministers reaffirm their commitment to pursue their efforts to realise the Barcelona
Declaration objectives: to establish a common area of peace and stability, to create an area
of shared prosperity and to develop a partnership in social, cultural and human affairs. "

"-Ministers emphasise the important role that
the Barcelona Process can play in addressing common challenges facing the Euro-
Mediterranean region, such as: economic and social development, climate change and
energy, civil protection, migration, and countering terrorism and extremism."

Ministers also emphasise that while the Barcelona Process could be enriched by other
initiatives aiming at strengthening
the political, economic and cultural ties between the
Euro-Med countries, they underline the strong attachment of all partners to the Barcelona Process and reiterate its centrality for the EU relations with Mediterranean countries."

Ministers reaffirm their commitment to maintain the comprehensive approach implemented
since the inception of the Barcelona Process to achieve the objectives of the Euro-Med
"Ministers underline
the important role of the Anna Lindh Foundation, established by the Euro-Mediterranean
partners to promote dialogue between cultures and to convey universal principles and
shared values
and ensure better knowledge, mutual understanding and respect among Euro–
Mediterranean peoples..."

Ministers stress the importance of the European Neighbourhood Policy, which contributes to reinforcing and complementing the Barcelona Process through implementing bilateral Association Agreements and the Action Plans in accordance with agreed priorities. They welcome the participation of Euro-Med partner countries in the International conference on 3rd September 2007 in Brussels “Working together – strengthening the European Neighbourhood Policy”.
Ministers emphasise the importance of consultations regarding all
new initiatives with the aim of enhancing cooperation in the Euro-Mediterranean region. In
this context, Ministers take note of a presentation on the Mediterranean Union as an
initiative to complement the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership"
(the last sentece is the sidekick to Sarkozy)

They remind that the political objectives of the Barcelona process are sustained by a
substantial budget of more than € 3.3 billion for 2007-2010,..."

"....In this context, Ministers reaffirm their commitment to achieve a just,
comprehensive and lasting solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict
, consistent with the
terms of reference of the Madrid Conference and its principles, including land for
peace and based on the relevant UNSC resolutions and the Road Map. Partners
also call for the reinvigoration of efforts to promote progress in the Middle East
Peace Process on all its tracks.
Ministers welcome the positive role played by the EU in the Middle East, notably
in the framework of the Quartet
. They encourage the resumption of substantial
bilateral talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority which should pave the
way to the fulfillment of the vision of two national states, a safe and secure Israel
and a viable, sovereign and democratic Palestinian State, living side by side in
peace and security. Final state issues, including border issues, have to be agreed by
the parties.
b. The implementation of the Code of Conduct on countering terrorism."

thinking about possible temple offerings:
"...4) Ministers welcome progress achieved in the negotiations on further liberalisation of agricultural, processed agricultural and fisheries products, in accordance with the Rabat Euro-Mediterranean Road Map for Agriculture which are ongoing with
Egypt, Israel and Morocco. Discussions are also being held with some
Mediterranean countries on recognition and protection of geographical indications
for agricultural products."

and finally:
"(38) Ministers encourage the Anna Lindh Foundation to look for further ways to involve
a broad spectrum of society in its work. To this end they suggested seminars could
be held in 2008 on combating all forms of discrimination, racism, xenophobia and
religious intolerance as well on the role that citizens can play in promoting
moderation and rejecting extremists’ views.
"(39) Ministers welcome the Alliance of Civilizations Initiative and its possible contribution to the Barcelona Process."

read the full conclusions here !!

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Rudi said...

I hadn't read the second part of your blog today when I posted comments over on CC's blog. I see we were on the same page with the Anna Lindh info as found in the address by FM Livni.

Rudi said...

I'll re-post the above since you can't see the comment.
I hadn't read the second part of your blog today when I posted over on CC's blog. I see we were on the same page with the Anna Lindh info as found in the address by FM Livni. -Rudi

Anonymous said...

Breathtaking; Herb Peters seems to have been "right on the money," so to speak.



Constance Cumbey said...

Isn't it getting time for Solana's usual November presents? Wonder what he gets this November 20th through 30th?

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