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Who is Prince Caspian? - part 2

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I just took a look on what is new over at the Madariaga-foundation.
President of the Madariaga European Foundation is Lion "Aslan" aehm sorry "Slana", who greets us right at the top of the first page and nor can't you escape his name on the following pages neither. In their own words « The Madariaga European Foundation (MEF) acts as "a platform for dialogue between public and private actors, civil society and academia, the Foundation currently specialises in developing projects on Conflict Prevention - a field where it benefits form the guidance of its President Javier Solana."

The Foundation bears the name of the founder of the College of Europe: Spanish writer, historian, diplomat and philosopher Salvador de Madariaga (1886-1978) They forget to mention that he was the grandfather of Solana,

For example The Madariaga European Foundation (MEF) and the EastWest Institute (EWI) convened a half-day expert meeting in London on 27 September 2007 at the Foreign Press Association to promote the idea of improved and more efficient trans-border energy cooperation in the South Caspian region. Attended by experts from the public and the private sector, the meeting focused on challenges of competing interests of neighbouring Caspian states and discussed the possibilities of energy cooperation in the region.

In their conclusions they state: „The EU, Russia, and the Caspian states should reach a common understanding on the principles of reciprocity in energy relations, update existing legal mechanisms, and integrate existing differences through regional cooperation mechanisms.”

Then they have
22-11-2007 a "Conflict Prevention Workshop": "Cooperation with Regional Organisations"

This workshop, organised with the backing of the Portuguese Presidency of the European Union (EU), will provide an opportunity to foster dialogue between EU officials and representatives of regional and sub-regional organisations,

laying the foundations for a more effective and harmonized action in conflict prevention.

Particular attention will be devoted to the Mediterranean and Middle-East regions, ...
This workshop will be the fourth in a series, concluding the two-year programme Conflict Prevention - Creating a Leading Role for the European Union, a joint initiative of the Folke Bernadotte Academy and the Madariaga European Foundation, implemented in close partnership with the EU Presidencies in 2006 and 2007, the General Secretariat of the Council of the European Union and the European Commission.

AAaah cool, that's what we need for the Alliance of Civilizations (Aoc)...dialogue between the EU-deciders and the regional levels, NGO's, civil-society, churches, implement their programms...and ups Anna Lindh foundation is not far away:

Genocide Prevention
Anna Lindh Programme
"European Programme for the Prevention of Deadly Conflicts and Genocide
On 1 September 2007, MEF and the Folke Bernadotte Academy launched the preparatory phase of the European Programme for the Prevention of Deadly Conflicts and Genocide. This initiative responds to the invitation of the Javier Solana to set up a coordinated European strategy to allow the EU to be an effective global actor in the prevention of genocide, ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity – thereby fulfilling the Responsibility to Protect.

(I just forgot who decided to bomb Serbia without UN-decision)

The preparatory phase of the Programme will last for a period of six months, from 1 September 2007 to 29 February 2008. During this period, contacts will be taken with EU Member states and institutions to explore steps to be followed at the European level to create the proper institutional preparedness making the prevention of mass violence credible and effective.
..."Using the available body of knowledge, the Programme will foster links with UN agencies, regional organisations, academia, civil society and international judicial institutions. "


After the Stockholm International Forum: “Preventing Genocide; Threats and Responsibilities” in January 2004, a small group was formed to elaborate an action-plan that could identify the steps necessary to strengthen the EU capacity to act as an effective global actor in genocide prevention. Led by the President Emeritus of the Carnegie Corporation of New York, Dr. David Hamburg, the group comprised representatives of the Carter Center, the Folke Bernadotte Academy, the Madariaga European Foundation and a personal representative of Javier Solana. At its final meeting in Atlanta on 11-12 July 2006, in presence of President Jimmy Carter and Gareth Evans, President and CEO of the International Crisis Group, the group produced a document that was presented to Javier Solana to explore the steps to be followed at the European level.
In July 2007, Javier Solana invited the Madariaga European Foundation and the Folke Bernadotte Academy to set up a team to develop a strategy for a European Programme for the Prevention of Deadly Conflicts and Genocide.

Aah and of what surprise Aoc-Boss Sampaio is not far away:

We find him contributing a topical paper here:
- "Global Answers to Global Problems - Health as a Global Public Good", by Jorge Sampaio
Among other stuff he writes:
„We often hear the question “Can Europe afford its social model?”, but I do believe
that we should put it the other way round: “Can Europe afford not to have its social
model?” In my view, the European Union will emerge as a major political actor at
world level if it manages to combine successfully internal and external strength.
Internally, reforming the European social model is one of the main challenges to
address. Externally, the European Union has to promote ways of improving global
The European Union can share its unique experience of structured cooperation, its
values and principles when it comes to promoting and strengthening the global
multilateral approach in terms of both greater efficiency and democratic legitimacy.
For my part, I continue to believe that the European Union represents a priceless
opportunity for peace, stability, prosperity, sustainable development, democracy,
justice and respect for human rights in Europe and the world. But opportunities have
to be turned into realities. That is why we need more and better Europe.”
This is typical Solana-spin.
You can find the Sampiao-report also here:

and also Solana is contributing, also in the 4th book of the Conflict series:
"01-10-2007 New Publication from the Anna Lindh Programme on Conflict Prevention
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The fourth volume of the Anna Lindh Programme on Conflict Prevention is now available. Produced in cooperation with the EastWest Institute and the Bank of Sweden Tercentenary Foundation,

"The enlarged Europe has particularly high interests in these issues.
As the lesson of Algeria shows,Europe’s geographic position mean
that increased instability in supplier countries in Africa, Middle East
and Central Asia will have the direct security impacts from
migration, refugees, extremism and even terrorism. The new
importance given the external aspects of European energy policy,
and constructing strong cooperative energy frameworks in its
immediate neighbourhood, reflects these broader security and
stability concerns.

AND one of his pupils writes...
"There is no sensible way to construct
policy inside the existing narrow categories of
energy security,
climate security and regional security
. The interconnections between
these areas are so profound that a holistic strategy is needed to
address these challenges. No-one area deserves a priori precedence
from decision makers as they all impact on fundamental security
considering energy supply disruption, regional instability driven by
competition for resources or the impacts of climate change on food
and water availability and competition.

Welcome to Solana's Better World - He just cares for all our saftey in all dimensions: Health, Energy, Enviroment, Peace, Security...what did I forget?

stay tuned!


Hanani Hindsfeet said...

Hi Bjorn,

You mentioned Gareth Evans in this post on Prince Caspian/EU amidst the likes of Solana and other foreign policy big-wigs. On the left side of Australian politics Evans is virtually classed by some as a foreign policy god. He had aspirations for the Labor party leadership, drew Australia's strategic alliances away from America as well as (in addition to the UK's 70's joining of the European Community) doing irreparable damage to Australia's traditional relationship with Great Britain.

If you look at his wikipedia profile he considers himself to be a humanist, which is interesting given his international position and relationship to Solana.

He also had a well-known extra-marital affair that caused a lot of political intrigue at the time.

He is one to watch, especially if the federal Labor party wins the Australian election in 3 weeks time.

björn (farmer) said...

Hey Hanani,
thank you so much for that informed comment!