Thursday, December 13, 2007

All eyes on Ireland...

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... for the fate of the Lisbon Treaty.
The Lisbon Treaty, ...(signed today)... by EU heads of state and government in Lisbon on Thursday, must be ratified by all 27 EU member states before it enters into force.
"The only country in which the ratification is at risk is Ireland because it is the only country where a referendum will be held," Antonio Missiroli, head of studies at the European Policy Center, told Xinhua in a recent interview... "
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Rudi said...

bjorn- The new link goes to "page not available". Is there another? Rudi

björn (farmer) said...

thanks RUDI! it should work by now.

björn (farmer) said...

"Barroso reminds Ireland of EU treaty 'commitment'"

lots of laughter