Saturday, December 22, 2007



Spanish Actor Antonio Banderas is the next name that appears in connection with the First AoC-meeting in Madrid and such as possible candidate for an ambassador for them. Married to Melanie Griffith, his voice is well known to the children, as he gave it to the sweet Spanish "Puss-in-boots" in the "Shrek"-series: Apropos "Puss In Boots": In the films, one of his defenses is using his cute nature. He takes off his hat and stares up at his foes with a sad, wide-eyed, heart-melting expression, making them stop and "Awwww" at how cute he is. He then returns to his fierce self. - doesn't that behaviour remind you of a certain beast? This is aranged just in time - as just now the Shrek3-DvD hit the Christmas markets and the children will surely listen to his voice.

PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan will participate in the First Alliance of Civilizations Forum in Madrid on January 15th-16th. He will meet Hollywood stars Antonio Banderas, Angelina Jolie and George Clooney on the sidelines of the meeting. On the other hand, Spanish PM Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero invited Turkish Nobel-laureate author Orhan Pamuk to the meeting."

stay tuned! farmer

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setterman said...

Farmer, your mention of Shrek is interesting; I was always put off by the ETs and the "NICE" guy aliens. What also interests me is how Whitley Strieber in "Communion" could believe that these aliens were "GOOD." You are right in seeing the association. The amount of money spent on advertising and mind influence should scare all of us.