Thursday, December 13, 2007

King Abdullah II of Jordan addresses the European Parliament

"In the arena of the Middle East,
a new olive branch has just been planted.
Now the real work must begin. It is in our hands to create the process and structures that will give
peace roots, help it grow, and sustain it into the future. I urge you to share in this effort.
Our partnership can create
an historic transformation,
and a rich harvest – years of peace and prosperity
that will benefit our peoples and our world."

LINK to more of his speech
...after just having been briefed by Abbas on the outcome of Wednesdays Annapolis follow-up talks between Israel and Palestine, and critizising Israel together with Abbas (LINK), and together with Turkish President Gul (LINK).
In between Erdogan accusing Sarkozy:
Turkey’s determination on its EU membership will move forward. Turkey is a representative of the 1.5 billion people of the Islamic world. If the EU accepts the 'alliance of civilizations', they should accept Turkey into their fold.” Link

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