Sunday, December 30, 2007

another "Joel's army" deception


New World Order" #1, title and from page 3.

"UN joins forces with Marvel Comics" was the title of a news from this week..."creators of Spider-Man and the Incredible Hulk, to create a comic book showing the international body working with superheroes to solve bloody conflicts and rid the world of disease." But this was not the only news in this direction. Michael Patrick Sullivan announced a new comic series from 2008 January named

"New World Order"

from: "New World Order" #1, page 4

What at first sight looks like a not so bad idea - main character Max shows our youth how to fight the NWO - turns out to be a bad fruit - also the side Max is on:

In the article Comic-Author Gustavo Higuera spoke about the philosophies behind "New World Order":

"The story is about a global movement called the Third Army whose purpose is to expose the forces of the New World Order, who wish to establish a one-world government to enslave mankind...The central characters are the Third Army's leader, Max, and a group of young truth seekers who track down the world's greatest modern revolutionary thinkers in order to prepare the world for a new age of enlightenment by the means of an intellectual re-evolution.

Enlightement by intellect? Higuera gets more concrete: ”Although "New World Order" is set in a fictional world very much like our own, everything in the series comes from ideas and concepts that exist in the real world. "Even the idea of the Third Army itself has a basis in the occult and is a reflection of the underground movement led by truth seekers in the world today,".

Higuera continues: "This fascination brought me to meet Jordan Maxwell about six years ago, who became the main inspiration for 'New World Order' and a basis for the character of Max."

Jordan Maxwell is an occult researcher, author and radio host. Maxwell thinks Jesus' resurrection is meant to be a metaphor for the solstice. Interesting enough The first sentence in the comic is: "The sun was rising in the East".("N.W.O.", p.1.)

Maxwell also thinks that Christians have been fooled by these secret societies into believing it to be literal truth or parable. LINK So whom should we trust more (Jordan) Max(-well) or the WORD of GOD (John1,1)? I stay with the Lord, but Higuera gives his answer already at page 5:

from: "New World Order" #1, page 5

"I am very passionate about many of the themes the comic book explores," the author said. "The destruction of the environment, the quest for truth and knowledge, the search for peace and end to war, these are all things that are very dear to me and you can see it in the story of my comic. Higuera added, "I really try to make a point not to jump to any conclusions in my comic, though, but rather my hopes are that it will inspire readers to 'do their homework,' and perhaps in the process they will discover ideas and concepts they may not have even known existed because, in essence, the readers are the real Third Army and it's up to them to make a choice for a better tomorrow."

A better tomorrow? with knowledge to peace and clean enviroment? Mother Gaiya your goal?
This clearly reminds me of a speech from EU Commission chief Manuel Barroso, attended by Javier Solana in Japan march 2007. Titled

"EU and Japanese strategies for a better tomorrow -- a knowledge renaissance"

it ended:

"...We need to better produce, transmit and exploit knowledge, translating it into economically successful applications, products and services. And, we need to mobilise and coordinate our public policies to optimise the conditions for our knowledge economy...

Ladies and Gentlemen, We have much to do to translate this agenda into action. But, I firmly believe a knowledge renaissance is the key to preserving our fundamental values and standard of living for the future. By working together, Japan and the EU stand the best chance of becoming the vibrant knowledge economies of wealth creation. The time has come to move our relationship up a gear. Only that way will we realise our mutual ambition of a peaceful, environmentally sustainable and prosperous world for all. I count on your contribution, as academics, students, scientists and researchers, and as friends of the European Union, to push us in the right direction."

But this surely must be a mistake from my side, as Javier Solana assured us at Christmas, that he - here asked if he thinks about getting EU-HR in 2009:

"I never made plans for anything and also not in this case I will not do so.
I live happy totally in the presence."

LINK(German article)-see last answer

Good for you, that you will have a "Third” army at your hand, earliest at 2010. Headline goal.

For Higuera, I wholeheartly wish that you would find your Saviour – He is the end of your search. Maxwell may be the „Godfather of Secret Societies", but Maxwell does not wait for you at the end of the road for you.

-link to the whole announcement/interview with the Comic-author:

stay tuned!


johnny said...

Yes! nice one farmer.

Have a safe studious New Year.


Anonymous said...




Constance Cumbey said...

Hi Farmer,

Now that we know we can talk on SKYPE, let's do that radio interview real soon -- a week from today ok?

Here is a URL to a very important EU Summary of the Barcelona Process and European Neighbourhood policy -- all under the good doctor, I assume

Constance Cumbey said...

Constance Cumbey said...



björn (farmer) said...

Hi Constance!
Friday is just fine -
me really looking forward to talk to you -
thanks also for the link!

Rudi said...

bjorn, I'm very much looking forward to your interview with Constance this Friday. Most happy to know it isn't being postponed another week! Rudi

björn (farmer) said...

Lol...thanks Rudi,
(me too as I could hardly bear another week of beeing so nervous ...:) farmer

Anonymous said...


Between these comics and the upcoming GI Joe movie I would think that they are seriously targeting our youth, if they hadn't already stated they were in the AoC docs. They have changed the acronomyn for GI Joe from General issue Joe, to Global Initiative Joint Operating Entity. He now works for the UN and just recently transferred from Brussels to NY. Thanks for the heads up on this latest comic. I enjoy your work very much. I will now have to re-preview all my childrens programming, as even trusted old favorites have been infiltrated.


setterman said...

Having been raised on “Batman” and the likes of the “Justice League of America”, The New World Order comic article is timely. Most parents don’t have a clue as to how degenerate and enticing comics have become. Thanks for the heads-up on this one.

Gustavo said...


Your comments about my comic book are very much appreciated. I love that it is causing people to analyze and think about it's contents. I invite you to join a discussion about my comic book on our forums. Would love to hear more about your take on it.

Gustavo said...


Sorry forum url got cut off,

Anonymous said...



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Anonymous said...

This is really poor research. Its os the zionists who are in power now, not the "nazi's" nor were they ever. Even though zionism uses the symbolism of classical masonry, the whoole government has been a socialist aggregate of communist and zionist sympthaisers who hail both capitalism and marxian culturalism as their highest gods. You are been irresponsible putting the whole NWO conspiracy on the fuckingn vatican and phantom "nazis". When it's hated enemies that hold all the power and cards and are implenting the NWO with devastating effect ( ie neo-cons and former communists)
At least have the decency to tell the fucking truth.

Anonymous said...

The fact is , either you are a coward to go after the real power holders or you are knowingly de-flecting those responsible for the true NWO. The "nazis" lets remember were the first ones to start cancer research and environamentalism and the only ones to ever speak out against the bankers usury and Rothschilds as were the traditional catholics. No wonder they were destroyed by powers that be and their history defamed forever by the mass media. While scum like communists, zionists and neo-cons( mostly the same people) act openly in the US gov, which is the fore front of the NWO scam.

Anonymous said...

Your comic breaks fuck al lgorund, for a cheap act of black propaganda.