Thursday, December 20, 2007

preparing the ground

...for the First big AoC-Forum
Just in time, - 26 days before its start- , the German newspaper SPIEGEL publishes
the result of a survey of the State of Germany:

"Interior Ministry Warns of Radicalization of Muslims

A new study commissioned by Germany's Interior Ministry warns of a growing threat from the radicalization of Muslims in the country. Six percent of Muslims in Germany support violence in the name of Islam, the authors write"....

"The study, which was carried out by Katrin Brettfeld and Peter Wetzels from the Institute for Criminology at the University of Hamburg, was commissioned by the Interior Ministry in an attempt to finding out the extent to which the Muslim community in Germany provides a breeding ground for extremist groups and potential terrorists. The authors interviewed 1,750 Muslims living in Germany for the study. Of that number, around 40 percent had German citizenship.

'Fundamental Religious Orientation'

In the introduction to the report, Interior Minister Wolfgang Schäuble writes that the study leads to the "worrying conclusion that a serious potential for Islamist radicalization has developed in Germany." According to Schäuble, the lack of integration of immigrants into German society is leading to a "fundamental religious orientation..."

click to read the whole report:


click the picture to see the survey
(until now avaiable just in German).

And in the European Parliament MEPs on Dec.18 called on EU Member States to consider amending the definition of terrorist offences and applicable penalties. An own-initiative report,
drafted by Spanish Jaime Mayor Oreja (EPP-ED, ES) and adopted by the Civil Liberties Commitee on 18 December sets out recommendations to Council on how to prevent radicalisation and recruitment of terrorists. After their news,
"a political strategy for neutralising the dissemination of messages instigating violence should include the education and social integration of individuals and better monitoring of the use of the internet for propaganda purposes, they say.
Preventive measures must be based upon avoiding social isolation, building trust and confidence in society or promoting the U.N. concept of
the alliance of civilizations
, MEPs conclude."(sic).

stay tuned!

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setterman said...

Farmer, some time ago I sent this to Constance’s blog, referring to the manipulation of the three major religions, and having “Radical Islam” as the instigator of violence toward the end of controlling even Christian freedoms. The warning of 6% in Germany is far behind the 10% in the USA.
Those who think they can control the violence of the engine of such hatred may themselves be touched by this evil.
Isa. 9:18 For wickedness burns as the fire: it shall devour the briers and thorns, and shall kindle in the thickets of the forest, and they shall mount up like the lifting up of smoke.