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Aocaficionados Seek to Hide Behind ApronStrings

In an interview on the 2008, 15-16.01. First Forum of the Alliance of Civilizations (AoC) Spanish Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Bernardino Leon announced, that in Madrid

-the Spanish National plan forsees to take a number of 'very concrete steps' that compete with several ministries and will have to do with the fields of education, youth and the media,

-he also admitted that, in order to bear fruit, it will be necessary for a 'good number of countries' to have similar plans as well.

-along with the submission of those national plans, the Spanish government wants to sign agreements during the event with at least two international organizations, one with the Arab League.

During the forum will be also announced two projects of the alliance: an "Internet-directory for Experts on International Issues", that can be consulted journalists in international crises and the socalled "Information Center of the Alliance of Civilizations", which will be also available via Internet.

-the AoC aim of managing the coexistence of cultures will become a 'a challenge of the first order in the international agenda for the coming decades
', in the words of the Spanish government.

-AoC has the unanimous backing of the UN member states and political support of an informal group of friends within the UN formed by 78 countries and international organizations met regularly to raise suggestions.

-Among these, until now 11 have made financial contributions during 2007 with a total value of 6.9 Billion Euro, (1 Billion from) Spain, which is currently the largest contributor to the Alliance.

-The "Group of Friends" is open to new entrants.
In fact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs sent a letter to the U.S. State Department invitation to join the group.The letter has yet to be answered, said Leon, who also indicated that Israel and Saudi Arabia have also responded to the invitation to join in due course.

Prior to this letter, the U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, wrote a letter to Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Miguel Angel Moratinos, in which she expressed her country's interest in the initiative and she pointed to the possibility of funding some specific projects that the Alliance present, recalled the secretary of state.

For the Executive Spanish, the most interesting part of the proposed Alliance of Civilizations is, that it has become the sole initiative of a global nature 'which seeks to address the differences between civilizations that the UN has under it's patronage, says Leon. "

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In the meantime the city council of Grenada, Spain proposes to change the celebration of their January 2-festival "to make it consistent with the proposed Alliance of Civilizations and the Millennium" (sic)

The spokesman IULV-CA in the municipality of Granada, along with representatives of the Platform "Grenada open for tolerance," professors at the UGR, Juan Antonio Diaz and Javier Lopez Gijon, have made an appeal to change the name of the feast day on January 2 "Taking Feast of the City of Granada by the Catholic Monarchs" into "the "2"-Commemorations of January: Grenada of Cultures" and to transform the ritual that takes place on that day the desire to move towards a program of events to promote respect, equality and tolerance among peoples, beliefs and people. "
"The celebration of the day on January 2, as it is done," is a clear contradiction to the vocation of Grenada as a cultural city, a city of encounter between different cultures, a city bridge for dialogue and understanding between the two sides of the Mediterranean ' "says Lola Ruiz Domenech. It contradicts, in his view, "the vocation of alliance of civilizations in our country and with the proposed millennium celebration in 2013", it "is a contradiction because" as it is understood the feast, with winners and losers, and exaltation of the expulsion of Andalusí and Sephardic Jews in the city, comes into collision with the universal vocation as intercultural city of Granada. "
According to Lola Ruiz Domenech "it is not forgotten, but to" celebrate the fact as given, and especially to seek ways to enable the rapprochement between cultures rather than confrontation "adding" keep holding on 2 January as a day of taking in the morning and evening develop a feast of cultures does not imply a contradiction but the lost city with a mayor and a city government that the PP does not abandon the symbolism that attracts collective totalitarism"(sic).
She said also that "it is not making a cocktail of events, conflicting with each other, but to remember the day on January 2 as a day of capitulations, ie agreements between two parties, in which, monarchs castellano-aragoneses, breached, and that among the agreements signed with the Sultan Muhamad Nazarene XII pledging to respect the Andalusian culture. " In recent days there has been another open space, holding Millennium (the city commemorated the first thousand years after the emirate independent (1013-2013) emerged after the disintegration of the Caliphate of Al-Andalus), "which is also a contradiction with maintaining the holding of January 2 as the Day of Takes. " For all of which, concludes Lola Ruiz Domenech "imperative that we consider changing the name of the day and acts, to make truth of the Grenada cultural city and find that it should be. This is the challenge that we call the all Granadians to transform society ".
Professor Javier Lopez Gijon ensures that "Grenada has to have other symbols, the history of this city" is not just born with Isabel and Ferdinand, has a lot more history, as evidenced by the draft millennium celebration "and that" "No must hold a war that divides the sentimentally Granadians between winners and losers ".

Professor Juan Antonio Diaz added that "the incongruity is a celebration of January 2 with the cultural and modern image that we want to show Grenada. Phalangist because on this day, with its "correajes" we move from the past" and "we propose Mariana Pineda a figure as a figure who unites all Granadians ". (farmer: Mariana Pineda 1804-1831) is famous for creating a false picture about herself, for more, see link on her name and click English version). "In this line ensure that "next year the Platform 'Granada opened by Tolerance' will seek the removal of the feast of two of January and that the local party passes it to be held on the day of Mariana Pineda."

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