Thursday, January 24, 2008

George Clooney to play P2 boss Gelli?

Comic picture by Gustavo Higuera from "New World Order"#1, George Clooney, Licio Gilli

While we see a crisis in Italy - former Boss of the EU Commission and now Prime Minister Roman Prodi makes final plea to hostile Senate for support (read about it here) - there is word in Italy that freshly named UN peace envoy (Link) George Clooney is to play the life and person of Licio Gelli in the film with the working title "Conspirator" (produced by Gabor Harrach and Pluto Pictures New York). Gelli is currently under house arrest in his villa in Castiglion Fibocchi. The Master of the Propaganda 2 Lodge has just signed a megacontract with Sony Pictures for a film on his life, it is said that in the role of the young Licio Gelli will be none other then the famous american actor George Clooney , as an older version of Gelli we will have instead Stanley Tucci. Taking care of writing the story for this film is David Black well known screenwriter and producer of Holywood TV series like LAW & ORDER or CSI MIAMI who will be spending soon a couple of weeks with Count Licio Gelli in his infamous headquarters of Villa Wanda, near the city of Arezzo, to learn the habits of this very secretive character and to realy get to know the "Master". The film seems to be a kind of last minute tribute from the Hollywood Freemasons and illuminati to the Puppet Master of Italy's darkest moments. David Black will also have to study Licio Gelli's 64 volumes of confessions kept in his villa and the screenplay is been closely monitored by Gelli's lawyer team that are all Knights of Malta and people very close to the Vatican. Allegedly George Clooney commented it, in an interview with "People": ''Better to not let out skeletons from closets, because there are''.

When the italian press asked Gelli if the film was about the many italian misteries surrounding his work in the P2 , Gelli replied with a bronze face that all his work was done for the good of Italy and he mentioned that even his illustrius friend Francesco Cossiga (after Leo Zagami:
"another NWO criminal also his superior in the Knights of Malta by the way" ) said that the P2 was a lodge of historical value...obviously they forgot the fact that the P2 was involved in may criminal acts including being responsible of the 1980 Bologna massacre (Licio Gelli as been even condemned for this italian 9/11 kind of operation). Well Francesco Cossiga likes to forget such things as he used to be one of the Puppet Masters of Operation GLADIO in Europe and as always been a good friend and supporter of Licio Gelli's criminal activities.

Gelli was fighting for Franco in Albania and as part of the SS he helped organizing the transport of Nazis to (South-)America through the Vatican "ratlines", he was also famous to work for the Communists at the same time. Also he was involved in founding and beeing master of the P2 lodge, which would play a major role not just in the murder of the Pope John Paul I., but also in the Vatican Banking scandal in the 80's. There are even links to the "emise grey" behind the founding of the EU "Joseph Retinger", see more about all this in the links at the end to this article.

The "Venerable", who calls himself still fascist ( "I am a fascist, and I want to die fascist"), attacked the judges in many of its processes: "I think that judges should be subject to psychiatric visits first to perform public duties. I have undergone often lose pressure and the exact vision of reality. With me they have made a grave mistake ". Finally, a comment on the allegations that have struck over the years and the processes in which it was involved: "I have always asked why I was involved, but I never found an answer."

Connected to this, I realized that Gustavo Higuera the author of the NEW WORLD ORDER comic, that I had written about in December, ("Another "Joel's army"-deception?", see: here ) posted a very nice reaction on my comment section of that article.
from: "New World Order" #1, page 5
Gustavo reacts also on his own site: "Let the controversy begin""With only a week to go before the release of issue #1 of NWO, it’s already starting to cause some controversy. I love it!"...
"This blogger in particular isn't fond of Jordan's research on Astrotheology and the fact that I mentioned the Vatican helped Nazi's come to the US. "
Link to the New World Order Forum discussing my article

Gustavo - I think you were reacting very nice on my warnings and I found that very fair of you (just in opposite to your commenting "religious fundamentalsists"-bashing reader, who accuses me of "having no concern for the earth or future of the planet", (see last link)):
! Thanks and Congrats! But: to the Nazi-Vatican-thing: Gustavo, let me get this straight - that's surely not my intention, as you see also with this article on Gelli. I am happy you show these evil deeds of the Vatican and especially as a German, I am an outspoken Antifaschist (also very known by this to my wider surrounding) and I am thankful for making such deeds visible. No - my critics was related to the first part of the sentence "There is no time for scripture, Michael" and your linking of the Word of God to the Nazi-Vatican connection. That they played it out under a Christian mask, does not mean the Christian message of Jesus or the Scripture would be evil, but surely this impression is what the readers of the Comic will get. And this just not true and with this you unfortunately throw out the baby with the bath. The evil Christians on one side and the lightful New Age army on the the other...but maybe I should have more patience? Me very sceptical here. I just saw you also wrote about the "ratlines" here: Gustavo Higuera nazi-vatican links.
Also, if your story would have just a "hint of "New Ageism" - as your reader names it - in the ideology of the story - I think it has just much more than that - I would reject it, as this is the trick by which the Devil wants to catch honest truth searchers and maybe also to catch the honest Comic author during these wild times...I hope and pray he will not succeed with you. Awfully enough it was Madame Blavatsky's New Age teachings that gave Hitler and Co. the ideological background to enable and glorify their evil deeds. The more astonishing this philosophy prospers again so wild. Don't miss to read what Constance Cumbey published already in 1983 about it. You could start with her eyeopening "The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow". Take care!

stay tuned!

Articles on Gelli:
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Another good read is the book
In God's Name, An Investigation into the Murder of Pope John Paul I, by David A.Yallop, Bantam Dell Pub Group (Trd) (June 1, 1984).


Rudi said...

Hi bjorn-
Gee whiz, as hard as I try to keep from speaking in disparaging tones in regard to the Roman Catholic Church, there are an abundance of doctrines and participation in global dialogues and UN activities
which I don't excuse from any OTHER organized "Christian" body.
I direct you to a case in point:


I don't get a good vibe from the entire speech, but especially when you get to point #6 and onward ... as far as I'm concerned it sounds
like something straight out of Share International. -Rudi

Vatican website:

Anonymous said...

Hi Farmer,
Have you seen this?

I know it's a lot to digest but I'd love
to get your "take' on it.
I think sometimes things can be
so outrageous that we just sink into
cognitive dissonance and tune it out.
But it's not like there isn't plenty
of documentation/ references.

Yours truly,
Paul in U.S.