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out of the ocean, out of the land

The Major Outcomes of the Alliance of Civilizations Forum are posted on their website and accessable here:,english/

In between we see, hear and read that actor, filmmaker George Clooney has been picked by Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon as a "United Nations Messenger of Peace".In April 2007, “Not on Our Watch,” a non-profit organization in which influential people in the arts highlight mass atrocities worldwide, was co-founded by Mr. Clooney and several other US film industry leaders.

Current Messengers of Peace and their areas of focus are

Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein of Jordan (Millennium Development Goals and hunger); conductor Daniel Barenboim (peace and tolerance); and here we go again author Paulo Coelho (intercultural dialogue); actor Michael Douglas (disarmament and peace and security); primatologist Jane Goodall (the environment); violinist Midori Goto (Millennium Development Goals and youth); cellist Yo-Yo Ma (youth); and Nobel Laureate Elie Wiesel (human rights and the Holocaust). (source: UN)

Matthew Russell Lee from Innercitypress has some interesting things to say on this too, I cite::
"At UN, Clooney Announcement but No Answers on Darfur Nor Alliance of Civilizations"

"Inner City Press asked about a story it had already reported, that the UN Department of Field Support lobbied Sudan to let Clooney into the country. UN spokesperson Michele Montas answered, "I cannot confirm this. I do not know. What I have on the announcement is what I have." So is the officer of charge of DFS currently in Sudan? That can't be confirmed either."
Video included, see link below
, from Minute 15:28.
Other unanswered questions accumulated through the week. On Thursday, a UN response was sought to a European Court of Justice decision which in essence make the UN terrorism block list inapplicable in Europe, due to the lack of due process it affords to people put on the list. Any reaction? "I'll try to find out for you. We don't have anything at this point, but I'll get some answers for you." Transcript
here. Thirty hours later, nothing.

How about the claim by Kemal Dervis of the UN Development Program, that the UN Department of Management is conducting a review of housing subsidies by governments to high UN officials? "I will ask whether there is a review under way. I had said there are rules. Of course we can ask for you." That is, a commitment was made to look into it, but nothing's been said so far. Likewise on the Alliance of Civilizations, a commitment was made to provide budget and other information, video here, but nothing was ever sent..."


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björn (farmer) said...

some clearifing follow-ups to the US participation in AoC- thanks Leana for not letting loose!
(translated via Google):

"United States, for its part, yesterday qualified the words of Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos, who assumed that Washington would participate, through a project with a university Moroccan, in the Alliance. A spokesman for the embassy in Madrid said that his country "is finalizing plans to contribute", but has not yet taken a decision. "We want to know more about how it is going to work and how it will manage and develop programmes."

United States is not part of the so-called Group of Friends of the Alliance of Civilizations, comprising 82 countries and international organizations, but its ambassador to Spain, Eduardo Aguirre, attended the Madrid Forum as an observer."

"For his part, confirmed US funding of an educational project in Morocco, as announced by the Public. This was confirmed yesterday by letter to the minister of Foreign Affairs on American ambassador in Spain, Eduardo Aguirre, who participated in the Forum heading the delegation in Washington. Moratinos did not consider it "appropriate", however, provide figures on the funding of Spanish NATO or the cost of the first Forum."

"Alliance .- US clarified that its involvement in specific projects of the initiative is still in management "

(((This article replaces the previously transmitted on the same topic at the request of the source informant)))


The American Government today clarified that its involvement in specific projects of the Alliance of Civilizations "is still in management" while waiting for is realized how going to handle this type of initiative programs that currently must become part of United Nations.

Miguel Ángel Moratinos. Ostick, explained to Reuters that Washington is "completing the formalities" on his participation in the Alliance, which came to qualify and the announcement made yesterday by the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Miguel Angel Moratinos.

. The head of the Spanish diplomacy reported to journalists yesterday that the American ambassador to Spain, Eduardo Aguirre, had informed him by letter that Washington would participate in the Alliance through an educational project with a university in Morocco.

Washington "appreciates the efforts of Spain and Turkey to promote greater understanding between the Muslim and Western societies, it shows their agreement on the need to" strengthen dialogue and support the Fighting for freedom, democracy and opportunity, "and appreciates the" opportunity to participate as observers in this initiative.

Also, states that "the United States, in coordination with the Government of Spain and the United Nations, is finalizing plans to contribute to the Partnership pursuant to a commitment made by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in 2006."

"Our support is in management and yet there is nothing we can announce. Once you we will make a formal announcement," adds the note, explaining that Washington is watching "to the details of the terms of reference of the various funds proposed" "We are keen to know more about the way in which the Alliance will manage and supervise programmes," he adds.

He expressed hope that the development of the Alliance "provide opportunities for greater participation (of the United States) in the future." He also hoped that this initiative will become an organization actively and creatively within the UN system, along with other international impulses to promote social tolerance and religious understanding among cultures, civic education and the advancement of the status of women throughout the world. "

Washington, which is not part of the Group of Friends of the Alliance formed within the UN, which brings together about 80 countries and international organizations, made it clear from the beginning its intention to participate in the Partnership to fund specific projects rather than in a general way."


David J. Butterfield said...

I wish more Christians were aware of the Alliance. The scope and message behind it all is what watchmen have been warning about all along...

Constance Cumbey said...

Hi Farmer,

Excellent work! I just discovered that Share International, Benjamin Creme's "Maitreya the Christ" group has a picture and story up about Federico Mayor, the co-chair of the Alliance of Civilizations. Links to it are on my blog, but for the convenience of your readers, here are tiny url's to both the Spanish and English translated stories.