Friday, January 04, 2008

Possible Google rival soon to be launched

"Wikia search due for release shortly

Rosalie Marshall, It Week 04 Jan 2008

The launch of a new search site, called Wikia Search, is planned for the 7th January 2008.

According to its creators those searching topics will be able to rank search results using open-source software in order to improve the filtering of search results. The idea is to introduce transparency into the search engine process.

However Google supporters argue it will allow humans to manipulate the search process and that computer-generated results are the fairest way to provide people with information.

Wikia Search could threaten Google’s hegemony but the new community driven search engine will take time to evolve, just as Wikipedia took time to build up its entries.

Blogger Tim Anderson, said Wikia will be an interesting experiment. “The first key question is whether a transparent ranking algorithm will be resistant to attack by spammers. The second is how effectively Wikia can apply community intelligence to search results.”

Anderson added that although Wikia is “fascinating”, its 2008 search share will be tiny.

Jimmy Wales, Wikia co-founder, announced the public launch on the 24th December 2007, in an email to the Wikia mailing list, as well as stating the availability of pre-alpha invites. “We want to run over the system with help from people to complain about what is broken,” Wales said.

In an email on the 31st December 2007, Wales added, “I am sending out a few invites each day, and we are responding rapidly to feedback. The pace of invites will accelerate in the next few days.”

The news of the launch comes as Google is testing its own version of Wikipedia, the knol project, which might dampen Wales’s method of encouraging people to contribute knowledge.

The knoll project functions similar to Wikipedia but with a difference that takes account of frequent Wiki criticisms. Knols, unlike Wiki entries, will allow authors to build up a professional reputation by preventing articles from being edited by participants unknown to the author."


setterman said...

Farmer, I think that “This new found hope” that MS. Geyer has might interest you.

björn (farmer) said...

Thanks Setterman!!

your right on...I just had posted the Solana comment with the link to the same article found at another site on the comment's section of my previous article:

yes a seven years treaty is in the second year and everybody is crying peace, peace...thanks for watching brother


Rudi said...

Hi Setterman-
Thanks you for the link to a VERY
interesting article. One section in particular really stood out for me:
"But the really odd thing about this historic event is that IT OCCURRED WITH RELATIVELY LITTLE NOTICE -- an article here, a mention there. It occurred, moreover, with no problems on the ground. People on both sides of this once-intractable border simply accept the new relationship as a given -- but it was, in truth, not merely inevitable.
It is an achievement that has been worked out in the GRADUAL BUT PERSISTENT, STEP-BY-STEP coming together and development of the E.U. since the anti-war postwar world of the 1950s. As E.U. foreign secretary Javier Solana has told me in interviews over the years as this new unity progressed, the development of the E.U. will "abolish war within Europe within our lifetimes." (emphasis mine)

Took me back to the old "frog in the pot of water" on the stove story.
Gotta tell you again how much I enjoyed hearing you on the Micro Effect yesterday with Constance.
My husband even sat down with me to listen! The Lord answered our prayers, it went very well!- Rudi

björn (farmer) said...

Rudi - thanks you so much for your comment, it was extremly important to me to have your feedback, as at radio - different to theater or lecture hall - one having no direct reaction of the audience- was very strange to me....surely HE answers our prayers - I sincerely greet your husband and have planed to write you more about my family...