Tuesday, January 29, 2008

spake like a dragon


"The Alliance of Civilizations
is expected to be voted into action
by the end of 2009,
and may initially be implemented in the Middle East
in conjunction with the framework
of the EU European Neighbour Police."

from: the olive press, January 29, 2008


Muslim-West Report for Davos Released
Findings Indicate More Interreligious Dialogue Needed
(farmer: what else did we expect from AoC's Esposito?)
LINK with background
the REPORT itself
"UN SG Ban KI-MOON urges dialogue"speech

stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Outstanding info., Farmer. Thanks.



Anonymous said...

A few days ago, came across some reports to the effect that cultural tension is on the rise in Spain.

the70thweek said...

Very good article farmer. Thanks for keeping us informed.


Rudi said...

Hi bjorn-
Awesome information!
I spent several hours this morning reading through a great deal of the "state of dialogue" report. I came to several conclusions. They obviously hold themselves in the highest regard. The act itself of holding conferences and meetings in order to plan and conspire together as to how best to manipulate the masses into peace, shows astounding arrogance. They feign "humbleness", "tolerance", and "enlightenment". "Let God be true, but every man a liar." "The people IMAGINE a vain thing."
- Rudi

Anonymous said...

I think you are on to something there Bjorn, scary talk from the AoC...


Anonymous said...

Amen Rudi,
It seems that some countries in this
human race have run far ahead of
other countries and those countries
that have run way ahead will
now be required to slow way
down or even stop in order to
let the others catch up. Just like
six year olds on a playground.
It would also seem that religions
in general are okey as long as
they don't really have any power
or authority to effect peoples
lives. In other words, you can
have your religion as long as it's
empty ritual. We must always
keep in mind first and foremost
that The New Age U.N. and the
Alliance of Drivelizations and
Mr Solana's merry crew are the
real gods of this world.
Never mind that the Muslim
religion is the state religion
of most of the worst countries
on earth. Never mind that Islam
rules people with an iron fist and
in fact purposely neglects to even
teach literacy in most of it's slave-
countries. Never mind that most
Moslem countries are characterized
by crushing poverty and oppression.
Never mind that there are NO
Christian countries which outlaw
Islam, but that most Islamic countries
outlaw Christianity, or just neuter it.
Never mind that Islam was founded by
a bloody warrior who came along
600 plus years after the Prince of Peace,
Jesus, and came in direct opposition
to Jesus and all he represents. Never
mind any of that. Our illustrious self
appointed New Age leaders are never-
theless declaring that all religions are
the same, and that all religions are a
problem and to prove it they inevitably
drag out things that happened a
thousand years ago, which weren't
even perpetrated by Christians but by
a Secret Society CULT which still
operates today and still seeks to
divide and conquer the world. In
that sense, Freemasonry and Islam
are really the same thing.
Welcome to Babylon everybody !


Constance Cumbey said...

Hi Farmer,

I attempted to touch base with you in the Paltalk chatroom yesterday, but can you be my guest for this coming Tuesday program, 5 p.m. Eastern time, USA, 2 p.m. California time -- not sure what your European time might be.

Let me know!


setterman said...

Paul, Amen!

setterman said...

Paul, this from WND goes well with your proclamation:

Candy said...

Great job farmer! I don't know you keep up, but I am glad you do.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Setterman. I just read the
link you gave.
I believe G. Bush is deliberately
wrecking this country in a
controlled way. I believe that
his handlers, the Bank of England,
essentially, want a "Clash of
Civilizations" in order to divide
and conquer.
Some of Puppet Bush's handlers:
George Schultz, Henry Kissinger.
Felix Rohatyn, Zbignew Brazinski,
and whoever else represents
the Rothchild interests.

Also, Thank you Farmer for the