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Commander Fabio Mini on Kosovo

The European Union and NATO will assume control over the entire Kosovo territory, EU Foreign Policy and Security Chief Javier Solana and NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer said after meeting in Brussels last Monday. Link

General Fabio Mini says, the independence movement was financed by European and American Alban criminal syndicats. The Kosovo is the division center and transit country of the European drug trade. After cautious estimations from Interpol, Kosovo groups lead 40% of the European Heroin trade. These groups have not an influence over are corrupting the government - they are the government. This is an open secret among UN/EU bureaucrats.

Mr.Fabio Mini is a NATO guy.
Kfor commander General Fabio Mini at a meeting with the Orthodox Bishop Artemije.

Nato Major General Mini is an interesting character.

In September 2002 Mini was appointed as KFOR commander over Kosovo. Link
At that time (with a Psyops background and a lot of experience as NATO press officer) he was quite optimistic about Kosovo's future (maybe he borrowed some "better future" positive thinking from his boss Dr. Solana who was born in the same year as Mini): "in the spirit of cooperation, democratization and mutual respect, Kosovo will have a bright future", see here: Link

But as soon as he became aware how the real life in Kosovo looks like after spending some time there his opinion changed drastically.
Already in 2003 he was more cautious:
"The relations with the Serbian Orthodox authorities are best, as are with the other religious communities in Kosovo. The problem of the protection of religious sites is here all at heart. The mufti of Kosovo only recently gave out a report about 212 destroyed mosques in 1998 - as a response to the report by the Orthodox over the destruction of 107 churches in 1999. These are not the results of wars of religion, but an inter-ethnic hatred. After my arrival I tried to make clear towards the religious leaders that I personally and the Kfor will do all to continue the protection of religious sites of historical and artistic value.
I also explained to them that I am in favour so far change from a protection of individual buildings to a more "territorial protection". ... After the bombing, the Serbian religious authorities of a former Komuniqué commands respect of the international effort to protect religious sites instrumentalized in which dýr direct protection of sites of high artistic value, and those who exercise the worship open is guaranteed, and gradual transition to a territorial protection for the remaining. This perspective is known to the religious authorities for months and they never complained, what was twisted in Kosovo and in Italy even more out of context. The reduction to an "archaeological presence" applies in relation to the survival of the Serbian culture in Kosovo, my main concern. If the behaviour of the Kosovo Albanians is not radically changed, if the presence of the Serbs not finally culturally, intellectually and spiritually acceptable, there is a real risk that the cradle of Orthodox spirituality becomes an archaeological debris field. The ethnic factor, unfortunately, still has great weight, the Orthodox Church is more viewed as an ethnic bulwark than as a religious pilaster. And this by both sides."
link with the complete translated interview

Now in 2008 his opinion is quite the opposite than at the time 6 years ago and what he has to say now is pretty much revealing, especially when we consider, that he still works for Nato:
General Mini: "The new State was agreed to only with the aim that the clans will have a free port for the money that comes from the East"

The former commander of NATO in Kosovo: "The EU is wrong. The process is too quickly and entrusted to the worst"
When the press asked General Mini: "But in the end who agreed to all this?", he answers: "We are not speaking of the ordinary people who no longer have confidence, - in the elections only 45 % of them voted. It was for the clans, and the others as a place in Europe that opens new banks. A free port for the money that comes from the East. MonteCarlo, Cyprus, Madeira are not reliable any longer."
Fabio Mini does not have high regards for the new leadership in Pristina: "They wash their hands behind closed doors. In Pristina, it is said that if the fish of a certain lake could talk ...".
For him the democratic institutions inthis new State exist just on paper. The economy stagnates, no products are maufactured, unemployment is at 70% among the under 25 year-old (half of the population). He sees no law, no security, ongoing corruption. Over 8 years the country has tried to build up a continious flow of elictriuity - in vain. Facility managent is not functioning (A local joke says: "There are just 2 dustbins in Kosovo - the left side and the right side of the road"). Kosovo has the highest police presence in Europe and no public security. The police would not dare to touch the gang leaders. The international Bureaucrats are the main benefectors of the corruption to benefit from the situation.

"But this has been paid with ethnic cleansing. With years of apartheid under Belgrade. I understand the haste of the Kosovars. It is justified. They must think about themselves. It is just legitimate to have a defined status, after years of jokes and many promises made by the United States and Britain. What I do not understand is the rush of the international community. These processes do not settle in a few years. And do not rely on those who have participated in ruins.... When I proclaimed Rugova, I had to write a half world: attention, there will be consequences on the ground ... In the Balkans you never know in which hand is the knife as a weapon: In any case it will be a waste of responsibility. Bombs are not typical of the Balkans. The characters who have always made them came from outside."

After Mini, there have been ethnic and religious cleansings - if not total - then on the best way to it - 1/4 Mio Serbs, Roma, Goranit and non-Muslim Albans , often by the help of KFOR. The blamage can be hidden as nobody understands Alban language and when a Serb is complaining he receives no trust.

"Kosovo will not be able to govern itself. It needs the finances from foreign countries. Also Police and Justice are imported from outside. The Kosovo will have no place at the UN (due to the Veto of Russia and China), it will not belong to any international organizations. This means anarchy."

A domino effect is feared.
"Of course, this proclamation blasts international law based on the sovereignty of states. In this respect, Kosovo is the other side of Iraq. If the UN pass recognition, after tomorrow everybody will be allowed to do the same: Northern Ireland, the Basques, Chechens, the Catalans .The first excited will be the Serbs of Bosnia who long for a status of the higher Republic of Kosovo, they may soon become detached from the Bosnian federation. Basically, they ask for the secession that Milosevic wanted. To block Milosevic, however, there were killed tens of thousands of people. . And we now we give it for free?".
D'Alema said Foreign Affairs Committee that Italy will recognize the Kosovo.
"It would be a fatal error, worse than when we recognized in record time Croatia. That was at least a federated Republic, not a territory stolen from a UN member state. I do not believe that Italy has to hide: the recognition is not up to individual countries, only under the EU umbrella."
And Putin?
"Since 1989 the Russians not counted anything in the Balkans. And today they could not care less about Kosovo. But we are doing them a great gift: Serbia." Zsirinovski says: "We are on the brink of a new division of Europe".

Corriere della serra Link
hetek: Link

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Happy birthday Constance! Fidel Castro dedicates half of his reflections on Javier Solana

"...One person who was left speechless was the intellectual author of Kosovo’s "independence". In my reflection of February 21st, I described him as "an illustrious Spanish personality, once an impeccable socialist and minister of culture, who for some time now an advocate of war and the use of weapons" (In addition to this, at various points in time, he was a government spokesman, minister of education and science and minister of foreign affairs).

What did he say? "Yesterday’s news could have been more open and better. I am not certain whether a transition has begun from the political point of view… Anything that could point to a political transition towards democracy is welcome."

He spoke as though we lived in Franco’s Spain, a close ally of the United States, and not in Cuba, where they have invested more than 100 billion dollars, much more valuable than today’s dollars, to blockade and destroy the country.

What a man! There’s no way to shut him up! What is his name? The Roundtable program already mentioned the sin and the sinner two or three days ago: Javier Solana.

What party is he affiliated with? Spain’s Socialist Worker’s Party. He would not travel to our country because Cuba, in connection with the invasion of Serbia, urged the world to try him as a war criminal in an international court. As Spain’s Foreign Minister, he welcomed me at Madrid airport when the 2nd Latin American Summit was held in the Spanish capital. He seemed like an angel back then!

Even Aznar, who advised Clinton to bomb the Serbian television station, an action which caused the deaths of dozens of people, understands that, right now, on the eve of elections, one cannot play with the issue of nationalities, as everyone realizes that, with such precedents, the Basque Country and Catalonia could invoke such a principle within the European Community, and we are talking about two of Spain’s most industrialized nations. The Scots and the Irish could proceed in similar fashion.

With the fate of human species in such hands, it is as if we were dancing happily at the edge of a precipice, where the vanity of no few leaders of the globalized capitalist world reigns, putting all countries at risk. The humanitarian, educational and artistic values achieved with its own resources by the Cuban Revolution they seek to destroy means nothing to them, if it does not submit to the dictatorship of the free market. The latter and its blind laws are miring the human species in an unsustainable economic crisis and bringing about changes to the natural conditions of life that could prove irreversible...."

Fidel Castro Ruz
February 28, 2008
7:15 p.m.

the whole speech: here

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

world peace one ten (to name 10 regional "peace ambassadors")


U2, Madonna, Led Zeppelin and Justin Timberlake are names that possibly will headline World Peace One (WP1) concert later this May. Organizers are reportedly taking into accounts to tap big artists to deliver their message in bring the world to peace through music.

Should the deal is reached, then the stars will be traveling internationally starting from May 17 in Beijing, China; Istanbul, Turkey; London; Johannesburg; Miami; United Arab Emirates; Portugal; Brazil; Puerto Rico; Colombia; India and possibly other locations. They will be joined by local artists in each place.

According to WP1 founder Doug Ivanovich, other line-up that will be approached to participate are Aerosmith, ZZ Top, Lionel Richie, Celine Dion, INXS, Velvet Revolver and Timbaland.

WP1 is a not-for-profit global peace advocacy group whose mission is to bring peace to the world through a 10-year global campaign of concerts, education and government initiatives. "Our mission is ending all war at the end of our 10-year period," Ivanovich told Billboard. "Our intent is to foster and generate the largest peoples' movement, grassroots as well as institutional, in the history of the world."

their official website:

digging deeper:

"...further, as WP1 Ambassadors, Mr. Hygaard and Mr. Mpofu are invited to collaborate with WP1 to identify prospective high-level dignitaries to serve as Official WP1 Global Peace Ambassadors. As dignitaries, WP1 welcomes the endorsements, as well as direct participation from His Eminence, former President Nelson Mandela, (farmer: AoC-Jedi-)Archbishop Desmond Tutu, former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, former U.S. President Jim Carter, Ms. Mary Robinson former President of Ireland on Human Rights, Mr. Kenneth Kaunda (1st President of Zambia), former Danish States-Minister Poul Nyrup Rasmussen, Mikael Gorbachev (1st and only President of the USSR), former President of Nigeria Mr. Olusegun Obasanjo, former President Bill Clinton, Rt. Hon. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, (first female President Liberia), Gro Harlen Brudtland, (first female Prime Minister of Norway), Mr. Claes Nobel, Mr. Richard Branson, Mr. Bill Gates, Mr. Carlos Slim Helú, Prime Ministers, Presidents and Chancellors of all countries and o ther government leaders and mayors in our World Peace efforts, to consider them respectfully, as potential candidates for WP1's Ten-Regional Global Ambassador-Generals.

The role of the Chambers of Commerce is pivotal to support such events, so are the Trade Union Representatives in their own right and academicians, economists and financial experts to provide economic and financial acumen to WP1 and its Ten Year Global Peace Initiative. Although World Peace requires inspiration, aspiration and human initiative, people of faith have always recognized that Peace can only be achieved by Divine Grace. In concert with WP1, Mr. Hygaard and Mr Mpofu will be tasked to appoint interfaith religious and spiritual leaders to open and end the events in prayer. Bishop Tutu for example, could lead such a process, but there is a need to appoint a group of such highly distinguished and respected interfaith men and women to serve in such capacity.
On December 8, 2007, WP1 will launch its first historic, 24-hour worldwide television, radio, internet and streaming cellular broadcast, expected to reach an audience of three-billion people. WP1 recognizes no enemy and works on behalf of collective humanity's graduation from war and from its paradigms and practices of division and destruction, in favor of a safer, saner, more equitable, cooperative and prosperous future.

In Service to Earth and Humanity, World Peace One (1-10)"

"World Peace One (WP1) is a 30-hour "live" concert event initiated by World Peace One Inc. (WP1 Inc.) and EarthOne Productions LLC, and which is promoted by a select group of music industry professionals, including Doug Ivanovich (Chairman and Executive Producer), Lawrence Freiberg (Co-Executive Producer), Artie Kornfeld (Co-Executive Producer),...WP1 is envisioned as the first installment of a Ten Year Global Peace Initiative. Originally planned to commence during August 2007, the concert is tentatively scheduled to occur in May 17, 2008. In addition, at least two large concerts are also planned for 2008, in additional 10-16 host countries.

A numbers of renowned speakers from around the world are scheduled for the event.

Doug Ivanovich serves as Chairman and Executive Producer (EP) for WP1. His career spans a broad range of financial, executive management, marketing, communications and public relations activities. He served as Senior Production Executive for the United Nations Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and was Associate Producer for the Live Aid International Concert Broadcast which reached two billion people and raised over $125 million for famine relief in Africa. As co-founder and principal of Skylink Satellite Communications, Ivanovich worked with most major and independent film production companies, and cable networks in the U.S., including MCA, Columbia, Paramount, MGM, Disney, Time Warner, Viacom, HBO and CNN. Some of his other credits include, Farm Aid II (North American Broadcast), The Bishop Tutu Benefit, (Wembley Stadium, London – Global Distribution), Atlantic Records 40th Anniversary, (Shea Stadium, New York - Global Distribution), Easter Morning Sunrise Service, (Hollywood Bowl – Global Distribution). Other Executive team members include: Lawrence Freiberg (Co-EP); Artie Kornfeld (Associate EP); and Miklos Wass de Czege (Chief Financial Officer)."


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Friday, February 22, 2008

and (he shall) think to change times and laws


European Union chief diplomat Javier Solana dismissed criticism by Russian President Vladimir Putin who lambasted Kosovo's independence declaration.

Talking to the Sunday daily Bild am Sonntag newspaper, Solana said, "The decision over the future status of Kosovo was inevitable and brings additional long-term stability to the region and thus for all of us." Putin on Friday labeled the declaration of independence by Kosovo as a "terrible precedent" that will come back to hit the West "in the face."

"The precedent of Kosovo is a terrible precedent, which will de facto destroy the whole system of international relations, developed not over decades, but over centuries," Putin said in televised remarks.

"They have not thought through the results of what they are doing.

At the end of the day it is a two-ended stick and the second end will come back and hit them in the face," he added.

And he shall speak great words against the most High,

and shall wear out the saints of the most High,
and think to change times and laws:
and they shall be given into his hand
until a time and times and the dividing of time.


(AGI) - Brussels, Feb.20 - The EU is united as regards the Kosovo affair, but the member states have "different procedures which require different times" to react to changes, EU High Commissioner for Foreign Policy Javier Solana after meeting Kosovo PM Hashim Tachi in Pristina. "The EU is united, so united that we are sending people there on behalf of the EU", he told the reporters, "but the countries' procedures differ in addressing changes in the international community. It must be so, because it is not the EU that recognises countries, but its member states, following national laws". Kosovo has "a European future and the EU will field human resources there, to cooperate with the government to ensure rule of law, law enforcement and economic development".

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bloody orange


"The moon glows redorange above Jerusalem's Old City,
during a lunar eclipse early Thursday, Feb 21.
This is the last such eclipse until 2010.",1518,536921,00.html

"I watched as he opened the sixth seal. There was a great earthquake. The sun turned black like sackcloth made of goat hair, the whole moon turned blood red"
Rev. 6,12

As for the earthquake please have a look to the information of my friend Wickus: here

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Saturday, February 16, 2008

new houses for old lies


Virgin Group CEO Richard Branson floats his "war room" idea Monday at the United Nations. With him on the podium are actress Daryl Hannah and U.N. General Assembly President Srgjan Kerim./ Sir Richard Branson of Virgin Atlantic stands under a model of a spaceship unveiled at a news conference January 23, 2008 in New York City. Branson hopes the spaceship will be the first to ferry paying passengers into space on a regular schedule. Branson's Virgin Galactic is one of several commercial enterprises currently competing to offer flights to space. Looking to commence the program latter this year, about 200 people have already signed up for the rides, which cost about $200,000 per person.

Michael R. Bloomberg (R), New York City Mayor, speaks with Pamela Flaherty (L), Senior Vice President for Global Community Relations at Citigroup before the opening session of the United Nations climate change debate on February 11, 2008 at UN headquarters in New York.

UNITED NATIONS - How's this for an idea: an "environmental war room" to lead the world's efforts to find a fix for global warming. Virgin CEO and British billionaire Richard Branson offered that idea up while addressing the start of a U.N. debate on climate change, saying it would be run by a world figure in global warming and could serve as "a tool for the U.N." to ferret out good ideas and calculate each nation's costs. "The 'war room' will be independent of politics," Branson said. "But in the end it will need the United Nations, governments and other organizations to help make sure implementation happens."
ranson outlined the idea at a press conference Monday with U.N. General Assembly President Srgjan Kerim and actress Daryl Hannah, and then again at a luncheon for the delegates attending the two-day debate.
The need for developing nations and the world's cities to take over the lead on the fight against global warming was a common refrain among diplomats, mayors and business leaders — though they recognized it will take the inclusion of the United States and China, the world's biggest emitters of greenhouse gases, to fix the problem. The General Assembly is trying to shape overall U.N. policy on climate change, including how nations can adapt to a warmer world, and to generate support for the U.N.-led negotiations that are intended to craft a new climate treaty by 2009.
Cities are ready to lead the change
with national governments and international organizations, said Letizia Moratti, the mayor of Milan, Italy."It's time for all national leaders to stand up, and be honest and responsible about the cost of climate change for future generations and for ourselves," Moratti said. Nearly 100 countries have signed up to speak at the debate, and 20 were sending ministers. "Climate is interwoven into every aspect of development," said Tim Wirth, president of the U.N. Foundation, a private group that supports the world body's work....participants — including the European Union and the United Nations — praised what they saw as a new willingness by the United States to discuss possible solutions.Link(

at the same time we read: "

• "The Institute is one of the proposals included in the National Plan for the Alliance of Civilizations and will be created under the auspices of the United Nations University.

Eleventh of February, 2008. Today, Representatives of the Spanish government and the United Nations University addressed the creation of the International Institute of the Alliance of Civilizations for the occasion of Mr. Konrad Osterwalder´s visit to Madrid.


Mr. Osterwalder is the Rector of the United Nations University. This International Institute will act as a Center for investigation and research for the development of a project focused around four central areas: education as an instrument for promoting democratic values; youth and youth movements; migration issues and the different strategies presented on a regional, national and international level; and the media and understanding of the global reality.

The Institute is currently embarking on its final phase of development. It will be located in Spain and will be integrated into the network of Centers of the United Nations University. In January, Spanish Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, presented a National Plan during the Alliance of Civilizations Forum. With the aforementioned Plan, the government proposes to incorporate the Institute’s goals on a national level and incorporate them into both foreign policies and domestic policies....The Alliance of Civilizations is currently comprised of 85 countries and international organizations, continuously furthering its global

And we have:


(AGI) - Rome, Feb. 14 - A place where religions can meet and talk. The idea is of Walter Veltroni and the place of course Rome. Veltroni talked about this idea in the Palladium Theatre in his goodbye to the press. "I have discussed the idea to make Rome a place where a building could be constructed that would be called 'United Religion' with the Secretary-general of the UN and the Pope; it would be a place for all religions in the world. I would like to see this idea carried out and to see this place of exchange between several religions".

Surpise, surpise mayor Veltroni and the AoC have not just good connections and is good friend with Zapatero, he sits also on the socalled "Support committee" of the "Europe book prize", - together with AoC-chief Sampaio, -the group which decides which books have a chance for the prize:
(Source: wikipedia:)

"Europe Book Prize seeks to promote European values, and to contribute to European citizens' better understanding of the European Union as a cultural entity. For its first edition, this award will constitute the final touch of the 50th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome celebrations in 2007. The European Book Prize intends to reward the work that best conveys a vision of the Europe of tomorrow."

The European Book Prize has a Support Committee which has the responsibility to guarantee the moral authority of the Prize. This committee is responsible for producing a short-list of candidate books and works while the final decision is made by a Jury. The president of the Support Committee also presides over the Jury. The supporting committee comprises distinguished personalities who has proven commitment to the construction of a unified Europe. The President of the Supporting Committee for 2007 was Jacques DELORS, former President of the European Commission.

The eleven members of the Committee:

(a) Mr. Jean DANIEL, founding director of the Nouvel Observateur (France),

(b) Etienne DAVIGNON, former Vice-President of the European Commission (Belgium),

(c) Dimitris DIMITRIADIS, President of the Economic and Social Council of Europe (Greece),

(d) Paavo Tapio LIPPONEN, Prime Minister of Finland, 1995 to 2003 (Finland),

(e) Denis MAC SHANE, Minister of European Affairs, 2002 to 2005, Member of the House of Commons (UK),

(f) Pierre MAUROY, former Prime Minister, Member of the Consulting Board of the city of Lille since 2001 (France),

(g) Hans-Gert POTTERING, President of the European Parliament (Germany),

(h) Jorge Sampaio, former President of the Republic of Portugal (Portugal),

(i) Peter D. SUTHERLAND, President of the European Policy Center, Chairman of Goldman Sachs International, former European Commissioner, and former Director-General of the WTO and of the GATT (Ireland),

(j) Walter VELTRONI , Mayor of Rome since 1996 (Italy),

(k) Vaira VIKE FREIBERGA, President of the Republic of Latvia from 1999 to July 2007.

The first new Europe Book Prize was awarded t Belgium's caretaker prime minister Guy Verhofstad for his short book 'United States of Europe'. The prize money is 20 000 Euro. The short book is a summing up of the condition the EU 'idea' consequent to the 'No votes' on the European Constitution , in referendums held in 2005 in France and the Netherlands. In this book the author enunciates his case forcefully for a stronger federal approach to the economic and political challenges the EU member states will face in the future.

Winner of first Europe Book Prize
Winner of first Europe Book Prize
While receiving the reward Verhofstadt said, "When I wrote this book, I in fact meant it as a provocation against all those who didn't want the European Constitution. Fortunately, in the end a solution was found with the treaty, that was approved."

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the meaning of the new EU president

For the many readers who asked me about the meaning of the new office of the EU Presidency, here a snippet from an article from today titled
"John Rentoul: If Blair runs for the EU presidency, Brown will be the fall guy – whatever the result":

"I don't think he wants it, a retired diplomat told me.
This peer, who worked with Tony Blair, is a good judge of the European game.
The problem with the new post of president of the European Council, he said, is that it comes third in the pecking order
behind the President of the Commission, currently Jose Manuel Barroso (farmer: 2004-2009),
and the Foreign Affairs supremo, likely to be Javier Solana,
who already holds half the post."
"The bare bones of the job are in the Lisbon Treaty, which cannot be changed and is likely to be ratified by the end of this year (Irish voters permitting). But the detailed rules, which are likely to be written later this year, will be drawn up in such a way as to suit the existing holders of the top jobs, Barroso and Solana."
Not to forget that Solana will also sit in the Commission as Vize then...
this sums up to more then one and a half of the post...maybe three and a half (:)).

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contiguity and Jerusalem discussed at WEU's ISS

Less than a month before the Annapolis conference, on 30 October 2007, the European Union out of WEU born Institute for Security Studies (EUISS) held a transatlantic seminar on the peace prospects in the Middle East. The event was held in Washington DC and its main objective was to provide a forum for a dialogue between the EU and the US on the key issues for a lasting settlement between the Israelis and Palestinians.

This EUISS conference was the first event convened in the framework of the European Union’s Washington Forum, which will be officially launched in November 2008 (its November and it close to 1.1.2009 when Solana wants to start), and as such represented the first step towards a more permanent presence of the EUISS in Washington DC.It was organised with the support of the European Commission’s Delegation to the US and of the European Union’s Portuguese Presidency. Experts from key US think tanks (including Brookings, the Center for Strategic and International Studies, the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and the Woodrow Wilson Center) and Universities, as well as some Congressional and State Department staff attended and participated in the conferences’ four panels. Scholars from European think tanks (Clingendael, Chatham House, IAI-Rome) also participated in the conference, and the representatives of various national delegations to the US were invited to attend the event.
They write on their ISS-homepage:
"We have preferred to refrain from explicitly attributing the various views and ideas expressed at the seminar to individual speakers. " but already what they published is interesting enough:

• The two-state solution and the question of territorial borders are the least
controversial issues
• The two most contentious issues are the questions of refugee returns and of
sovereignty over key sites in Jerusalem."

"Thus, agreement on the broad territorial divide of Jerusalem
is within reach, but is dependent on a mutually satisfactory resolution on the key problem
, such as sovereignty over the Temple Mount."

The two most contentious issues of the entire peace process are the questions of refugee
returns, and of sovereignty over key sites in Jerusalem, the lack of agreement on the latter being one of the main reasons why the Camp David talks in 2000 broke down. The essence of t
he problem over Jerusalem’s holy sites is that the Temple Mount, the holiest place in Judaism, occupies the same site as al-Haram al-Sharif, the third holiest shrine in Islam.

Panellists envisioned three potential solutions to the problem of sovereignty over the
Temple Mount:
a.) -the first of these is the division of sovereignty;
b.) - the second scenario is shared sovereignty;
c.) - and the third is the establishment of an international protectorate.
to b.): On the notion of shared sovereignty, one speaker suggested that Jerusalem’s old city walls could be used to define an area of shared sovereignty, with no particular specifications as to who has
sovereignty over what parts of the area.
to c.): Regarding the idea of the internationalisation of the
territory, one of the panellists highlighted the fact that, unlike the question of territorial
sovereignty over Palestinian lands, there is more flexibility on the issue of sovereignty over
Jerusalem, since the international community intended to make the city an international
territory already in 1947; furthermore, he felt that the Arabs do not necessarily insist on full
sovereignty over the Holy Basin, but that Israel does not have sole sovereignty over the
Finally, one participant made the general observation that in all discussions on the
matter it is important to make a
distinction between matters of sovereignty and religious
claims on the territory
to a.) ??? Telling enough they do not tell something about version a:)...
maybe we will see a division of souvereignity soon and the beginning of the daily sacrifices?
This all under auspieces of Solana's ISS?
The panellists in this section have been:
"• Territory: contiguity and Jerusalem have been:
Portuguese Presidency of the EU, Lisbon -
During the Portuguese presidency he was responsible for the Middle East...
another Sampaio - same name like AoC Boss Jorge,

-John GATT RUTTER, Council of the European Union, Brussels and
Administration Middle East Task Force (sic)

-Martin INDYK, Brookings Institution, Washington DC and Director of
Saban Center for Middle East Policy

-Shibley TELHAMI, University of Maryland, Washington DC, sitting on the
Anwar Sadat Chair for Peace and Development.

See many more nice things here for yourselves:

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Friday, February 08, 2008

"Comrad J"

In the book Comrade J, which is about the Russian master spy Sergei Tretyakov,
Strobe Talbott is described as beeing duped by the Russian intelligence service and
that the UN is penetrated by Russian spies. Read about it HERE.
Does it surprise us, who easy it was for J. Solana to get the former Eastern-block States into NATO and how easy it was for him to talk Putin to open the gas-tap again for the EU states back in January 2006, despite the then very hesitating Austrian Presideny of the EU? (read about it here)

Further back in 2000, when Talbott was named head of the Yale Center for the Study of Globalization, he was named “a key architect of U.S. foreign policy” during the Clinton years.
From 2002-2007 headed the Brookings Institution. Strobe Talbott stated in Time magazine that U.S. sovereignty would cease to exist in the 21st century and that we would all answer to a single global authority, (“The Birth of the Global Nation,” Time, July 20, 1992). Shortly after making these statements, Talbott was elevated to the White House by President Bill Clinton, where he served as Deputy Secretary of State for the next seven years. Rhodes scholars Bill Clinton, Strobe Talbott and Richard Gardner were largely responsible for Javier Solana's appointment as head of NATO in 1995.

"Talbott has been promoting his own book, The Great Experiment, about the need for “global governance” and expanding the power of the U.N. in foreign affairs. His book ignores the role of Soviet spy Alger Hiss in founding the U.N. but thanks George Soros and Walter Isaacson, formerly of Time but now with the Aspen Institute, for their input on his manuscript. Talbott also gives thanks to convicted document thief Sandy Berger, Bill Clinton’s national security adviser who now advises Hillary’s presidential campaign; Soros associate Morton Halperin, formerly of the ACLU; (Comrad) Javier Solana of the European Union; and Bill Clinton, “for helping me better to understand several aspects of his view of the world and America’s role in it. link

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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

EU Chad mission suspended but will go ahead-Solana

"BRUSSELS, Feb 4 (Reuters) - The European Union's military mission to Chad is on hold because of the rebels' push into the capital N'djamena, but the bloc still intends to deploy it, EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana said on Monday.

The EU had planned to start deploying the 3,700-strong mission last Friday to protect civilians in eastern Chad from a spillover of violence from the Darfur region in neighbouring Sudan.

But it suspended the move when a column of rebels stormed into the capital and tried to overthrow President Idriss Deby.

"Of course we are not going to continue deployment ... we stopped it in the last few days in order to see how the situation evolves on the ground," Solana told reporters.

"The situation is still not clear ... but we continue to keep the operation alive."

Thousands of civilians fled the Chadian capital on Monday after rebel forces pulled back from the city following two days of street fighting and an attack on the presidential palace.

"These events prove the need for an operation of the nature we have decided, not only for Chad but also for relations between Chad and Sudan," Solana said.

Chad says the rebel attack was backed by Sudan. Khartoum has denied this.

A spokesman for the EU force said the mission's commanders hoped to resume the deployment quickly but this would depend on the situation on the ground.

"As of now, no flights are foreseen for today," Lieutenant Colonel Philippe de Cussac told Reuters from the mission's Paris headquarters.

"We will take a decision in the hours or days to come. The operation is maintained and we hope that the deployment, which has just been suspended, can resume quickly," de Cussac said in a telephone interview.

The mission's mandate -- to protect refugees from Darfur, displaced Chadians and aid workers in eastern Chad -- will not change, he said. (Reporting by Ingrid Melander; Editing by Tim Pearce)"

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A.Bailey mentions "H.R. in Europe"

After the occult Theosophist teaching, there is an European master,
A.Bailey names him once "the hierarchical Representative in Europe".
This guy after their understanding is second master (see picture under II.B.b.)under
Sanat Kumara Christ (Satan/ their "Christ") and such for A.Bailey much higher
than "Master Jesus" (see picture under III.C.c.6.), who is under the "master from Venice"...there is a picture chart
with the "seven rays" and the masters of the "hierarchy" should be on it...

A. Bailey: Externalisation, 274:
The ending of the present evil situation is, therefore, a cooperative measure; and here, in this connection, we have the appearance of the Lord of Civilisation Who voices and engineers upon the physical plane the fiat of the Lord of Liberation and of the Rider from the secret place. He aids and makes possible, owing to His control, the precipitating upon the Earth and in the arena of combat, of the power generated by the Lords of Liberation, expressed by the Coming One and focussed through Him as the hierarchical Representative in Europe. The work of the Master R. has always been recognised as of a peculiar nature and as concerned with the problems of civilisation, just as the work of the Christ, the Master of all the Masters, is concerned with the spiritual development of humanity, and the work of the Manu is occupied with the science of divine government, with politics and law. Thus the incoming focussed energy, called forth in response to right invocation, is stepped down still nearer to humanity, and the masses can then respond to the new impulses."
Bailey's occult teaching in a diagramm:

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the secret of a powerful force: ILE

In this post you will read about:
- another prize which was just awarded to Dr. Solana,
- details from his so far hidden speech at the Madrid AoC-Forum where he speaks about "misuse of diversity",
- about his special way to make contacts: getting personal!,
- the influence of the Spanish "Institute of Freedom of Education",
- the generational meaning of the contact between Salvador de Madariaga and Dr. Blas Cabrera

Solana between works of Agustin Ibarrola

The Fernando April Martonell Foundation has decided to give it's annual prize
to Javier Solana, High Representative of the European Union for the Common Foreign and Security Policy.
The decision was taken unanimously, and the award - symbolized in a sculpture made exclusivly for the occasion by Agustin Ibarrola - will be delivered during the "Harmony dinner",
which once a year brings together many personalities of the political life in Spain at the end of march.
This time, the jury has chosen Solana as the nineth to receive this prize for "his hard work and dedication with the establishment and development of a common European foreign policy, known to be an important factor for identity and cohesion of the EU, leading to the construction of stability scenarios and international harmony. " It has valued "in particular the contribution of Javier Solana strengthening the presence of Spain.
Link 1
Just a day before on January 15, Solana had held his so-far hidden speech at the AoC-Forum:

-"The conflict is historically on water, land, natural resources and poverty," he said.
-"We can not resolve conflicts through dialogue and cultural debate," added Spanish. Link3
-Also the AoC-Forum participant from Jordania, Jamal Al-Tahat, in his speech "Being understood – a basic human right" refers to Solana's speech:
"Javier Solana, the High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy and Secretary-General of the European Union, asserted in a speech at one of the sessions that ideological struggles are about the relation between power and interests. "
Al Tahat continues:

"Based on this convincing concept, one may say that intentional and carefully produced ignorance in contemporary cultures is an industry featuring various styles, models and trademarks, such as stereotyping in the West or inadequate and misleading textbooks in the Arab world. This industry`s tools are utilised by extremists, warmongers and conflict peddlers at a great cost to society and global security.
Western stereotyping of Arabs and deficient academic resources in Arab schools both manufacture ignorance and spread it to a wide audience. But even if we succeed in eliminating stereotyping in western media and successfully reform Arabic curricula, warmongers would manage to find alternative tools to promote ignorance. Link

-Solana urged NATO nations to implement "specific programmes"
The representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy believes that "the threat is the misuse of diversity among peoples" and he stressed the will of the forum to "go beyond the words" He urged all participants in the Forum of civilizations to work with "tenacity" in implementing "specific programmes" that the solution to problems...In his speech, Solana noted that "in this world in which the identities and diversity highlights," Diversity is not a threat in itself, but that "the threat is the use and manipulation that makes those differences ".Solana pointed out that to go to the root of the problems and that it is necessary "to carry out the policies with tenacity.""We do not need new documents, it must just be applied," he said. In their statements, Solana said that "the important thing is to have results, make decisions and move not only with words but with deeds."
As a European representative he stressed that the most important contribution of the EU is the fact that most member countries, "friends of the alliance of civilizations, and are involved at the highest level" with this initiative. Also the EU itself supports the ideas of the Alliance of Civilizations, of which many are already contained in or are laws of the European Union and works with those since longtime. In this regard, he stressed that in this forum there is a "willingness to go beyond words, to the facts and to the specific programmes", and urged participating countries to "mobilize specific programmes, which are not left only in meetings to discuss the issues, but the meetings will serve to solve the problems. "

In a short description about Solana, the Spanish El-Pais writes, that during his flights Solana has always with him his inseparable notebook. "More than 300 books of chronological record his thoughts and proposals. All with a neatness and enviable calligraphy. It is the life of the unknown Solana, the airtight, who devours reports and keeps his secrets with extreme zeal". I quote more from the article:
"The strategy is based on his travel intense preparation off the ground. Numerous telephone contacts with his previous partners, many of whom end up being his friends. "Solana is a master at linking personal and professional relationships," says one of his former colleagues. But he is also demanding to cruelty himself sometimes with impact until the pain also with his closest collaborators, although some are faithful to him twenty years. Having reached the destination, he begins interviews with his partners, which always end up with a constant question: "How could we remain in touch?" A few days ago he left an astounded Yang Jiechi, the Foreign Minister of China, who responded: "through the official channels" "No, no," Solana insisted, "I want your phone, your private email, we need to stay in touch." Thus, tenacity has been built with a selected professional staff with the most important actors in international politics. In the midst of war in Lebanon last summer, the trip included private meetings with the president of Lebanon, Fuad Siniora, with Saad Hariri, son of assassinated former prime minister, and Sabish Berri, close to the militia Hezbollah. In Israel, had a lengthy meeting with the prime minister, Ehud Olmert, and in the Palestinian territories with the president of the Palestinian National Authority, Mahmoud Abbas. Always go to everyone. It is the network Solana. The dense spider's web of contacts leads to more unexpected levels. He has become a frequent visiter of anniversary celebrations of Magdeleine Albright, former secretary of State. He maintains a very close relationship with Bill and Hillary Clinton and also visits frequently the former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger. In Washington, however, has been his most and least. During the mandate of the Secretary of State of Defense Donald Rumsfeld he never put his feet in the Pentagon. Later, with his deputy, Robert Gates, and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, relations have improved considerably. His "UN man" was the former secretary general Kofi Annan. In the Middle East, Shimon Peres and Yasser Arafat disappeared, he was their guides. In the EU, has maintained a special chemistry with the former Swedish prime minister Göran Person. The Solana network also covers Russia. The former Foreignchief Igor Ivanov is among his closest friends and the president, Vladimir Putin, has already led him to his dacha."
.."The arrival of democracy after the death of Franco in 1975, also put an end to his scientific career. The path of a researcher who had begun following in the footsteps of his father, a renowned professor of chemistry, was truncated to surrender fully to politics. First as a deputy in the opposition. Since 1982, he participated in all the governments of Gonzalez, successively occuping the portfolios of Culture, Government Spokesman, Education and Foreign Affairs. The experience also led out Government corrections. Anyone who had been the author of 50 reasons to say no to NATO, had to campaign in favour. Foreign Policy demanded to redouble efforts to master the jargon and to penetrate the elitist world of diplomacy. With His international contacts he expanded his field of fire. The presidency of Spain for the EU in July 1995, was a new lever to potenciarle in the chancelleries of Europe.

The fortuitous opportunity came in November of that year after the unexpected resignation of the secretary general of NATO, Willy Claes, because of domestic corruption. The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Germany Klaus Kinkel, his Italian counterpart, Sussana Agnelli, and especially the British premier Tony Blair, then took a gamble at him. The man next to Narcis Serra was better placed to get Moncloa chosen. The decision took him and Gonzalez together, thinking about what it would be relevant to the national interest that a Spanish take command of NATO. The final push came from the hand of Clinton, who was in Madrid for a pact expressly with Gonzalez. Their training and Anglo-Saxon liberalism that had absorbed part of his family formed at the Institute of Freedom of Education (Instituto Libre de Enseñanza), played much in their favor". Link


"the secret of a powerful force" - ILE,

First edition, Editorial Española, SA Publisher Ireland Limited
Padre Larroca, núm. Father Larroca, Vol. 9
San Sebastián San Sebastian

Printing Tradicionalista. Ibiza, 11, Madrid Ibiza, 11, Madrid

farmer: The Institute of Freedom of Education (ILE) was a fmous educational attempt that took place in Spain, inspired by the philosophy of Karl Friedrich Christian Krause (Krausismo - a German philosopher who coined the term "panentheism" and followed Masonic philosophers like Hegel and Fichte), which had a unique impact on the intellectual life of the nation, and played a key for renewal. It was created in 1876 by a group of professors (Francisco Giner de los Rios, Gumersindo and Nicolás de Azcárate Salmerón, etc.) and separated from the University Central de Madrid for defending academic freedom and refuse to adjust their lessons to any dogma official religious, political or moral. It was an outspoken anticlerical, communist movement and until the Civil War (1936-1939) it became the focal point of an entire era of Spanish culture. Read more on their idelogical background by their own introduction: Link

We find the following contributors in the
Bulletin of ILE: Bertrand Russell, Henri Bergson, Charles Darwin, John Dewey, Santiago Ramon y Cajal, Miguel de Unamuno, Maria Montessori, Leon Tolstoy, H. G. Wells, Rabindranath Tagore, Juan Ramon Jimenez, Gabriela Mistral, Benito Perez Galdos, Emilia Pardo Bazán, Azorín, Eugene d'Ors or Ramon Perez de Ayala, some of them closely linked to the institution, as Julian Sanz River, Antonio Machado Alvarez Antonio Machado and his brother Manuel Machado, Julio Rey Pastor, Luis Simarro, Nicholas Achúcarro, Francisco Barnés or Alice Pestana.

The "generation of 27" is, in some ways an offshoot and work of the ILE, was undoubtedly achieve harmony cultural and scientific fields with Europe shortly before all this modernization effort will come down with the Spanish Civil War, during which were confiscated all their property and most of the institucionistas had to go into exile, while those who remained had to deal with censorship, persecution or overt or covert ninguneo of their work. Outside, exile dispersed by Europe and particularly Latin America, where it prospered the work of the cultural life of these countries.
The influx of the ILE was crucial for the authorities to undertake a series of reforms that Spain needed in the fields legal, educational and social fields. It created bodies like the National Museum of Education and the Board of Studies for Enlargement, whose role was to send students scholarships to study abroad. It depended on the aforementioned Historical Studies Centre, the National Institute of Physical Sciences and Chemistry established on the streets of Pinar Madrid was a true nursery of writers and artists and the place where Albert Einstein was one of the lectures offered on his trip to Spain in 1923. And now guess whom Dr. Albert Einstein visited?

It was Dr. Blas Cabrera, the head of a modern and well equipped laboratory of physics and chemistry. In 1928 Cabrera was elected a member of the French Academy of Sciences, being sponsored by physicists Pierre Langevin and Maurice de Broglie. That year was greater recognition of his entire career: proposed by Albert Einstein and Marie Curie, Cabrera was appointed a member of the Scientific Committee of the Sixth Conference Solvay. The congresses, three-year periodicity, met to the best of the physical world. At this conference, held in 1930, Cabrera participated in a paper entitled "The magnetic properties of matter. In 1931 he was appointed rector of the Central University of Madrid. A year later, along with other scientists, such as Miguel Angel Catalan or his disciple, Julio Palacios, promoted the creation of the National Institute of Physics and Chemistry, with the help of a grant from the Rockefeller Foundation, and located in the building called Rockefeller Calle Serrano in Madrid (today is the Institute of Physical Chemistry-Rocasolano, the Higher Council for Scientific Research). They even named it "Rockefeller Institute", see it here with all its MASONIC connections: LINK(and look after the Link with the R.Insitute under "Free and Institution Education. II. Los instrumentos oficiales Instruments official")
or see original:

Could it be that Francisco Solana, father of Javier Solana, worked there as a Profesor for Chemistry, and that the powers want to hide that fact? Why do I think this? Let's see more of the family story:
In 1937, the president of the International Bureau of Weights and Measures, Pieter Zeeman, named Cabrera secretary of the Office, a post he occupied between 1937 and 1941, going to live in Paris. However, after the end of the war, the Franco government requires his departure, even though it has no value because representative with respect to Spain. Cabrera resigned and went into exile in Mexico. He died in exile there in 1945. Link

Now, who went with him to the exile?
"Blas Cabrera, the physicist canary who did so much for that physics Spanish left in the dark niche that was in the early twentieth century. I recall now, in this very solemn occasion for me, that the Spanish Royal Academy, which received a Cabrera on January 26, 1936, in this very room where I am now, in this very place (I think excited) desoyó the office received from the Ministry of National Education on June 5, 1941, which ordered the removal from office, for political reasons, of six of its members: Ignacio Bolivar, Niceto Alcala Zamora, Tomas Tomas Navarro, Enrique Diez Canedo, Salvador de Madariaga and Blas Cabrera." Link
Madariaga the grand-father of Javier Solana had been also in Paris before hurrying to Mexico.
Alsothis link mentions the two in the Mexican exile ("EXILIO I (América, 1939-1953)"),
and also on the same page as an Exile in Rome, Solanas mother with a new friend:
"EXILIO II (Europa, 1953-1980) EXILE II (1953-1980)
En 1953 las hermanas Zambrano abandonan América y continúan su exilio en Roma, donde entran en contacto con Elena Croce, Elemire Zolla, Cristina Campo; María se reencuentra con Diego de Mesa,
Nieves de Madariaga y su amigo Juan Soriano, con Rafael Alberti, María Teresa León, y con los pintores Ramón Gaya y Timothy Osborne".Link

Back to the Rockefeller financed Blas Cabrera. He had a son: Nicolás Cabrera, who was an outstanding scientist who strongly influenced the development of Physics in Spain.


"As with many other Spanish scientists, writers and artists, (N.) Cabrera was exiled as a consequence of the civil war. Before this, the new physics developed mainly in Europe had also permeated Spanish society. This led talented young people to go abroad to learn in the most prestigious laboratories. He made an important experimental contribution to magnetism, and it was on this subject that Nicolás Cabrera performed his first experiments under the supervision of S Velayos.
At that time, scientists such as Santiago Ramón y Cajal, Blas Cabrera and others contributed, through their talent and efforts, to a small `golden age' of Spanish science. Civil war swept away all this blossoming activity. More than thirty years later, Nicolás often dreamt of emulating his father's endeavours for the development of science in Spain.
The opportunity came in the 1960s when he accepted the offer of the Spanish Minister of Education, Villar Palasí to set up the Department of Physics of the new Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. In this he encouraged Cabrera to adopt the same criteria of quality and efficiency that he had used as head of a new department in the University of Virginia. For many young people beginning their careers in physics then, myself included, Cabrera was a mythical figure. His return to Spain with the aim of forming a new and modern Department of Physics was very exciting for us, and we wanted to be part of it. His great talent and personal qualities enabled him to quickly assemble an excellent group of young scientists. He was granted autonomy by the authorities to offer positions according to his personal criteria, fulfilled by considering mainly CVs, recommendation letters and interviews.(...)Although the Cabrera children had grown up as Americans and Blas, then enrolled at Virginia, was clearly on his way to his own physics career in the U.S., nostalgia for Spain was always near the surface, especially for Nicolás's lively wife, Carmen. There were evenings at the Cabreras with singing and guitars, and as the party took wing more and more of the songs were Spanish. But fundamentally it was Nicolás who felt an obligation to return to Spain and rebuild science there.

His return happened in 1974 to a conference. Cabrera was expected to be one of the main lecturers, but he was able to attend only part of the time, as the situation in Spain had taken a turn for the worse. Incidentally, he was accompanied by Javier Solana, who was then his assistant in Madrid, before embarking on his still-rising political career. (He had come to Virginia to complete his graduate studies shortly before Cabrera left)."
Link, V. Celli, Dep. of Physics, Univ. Virginia. from:
Foreword of
Daniel Farías et al
2002 J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 14 doi:10.1088/0953-8984/14/24/000

Please read the excellent research of Constance Cumbey on the history of J. Solana to get the whole picture.
I just wanted to add some more little details here. How the Rockefellers and Rhodes stayed having a watchfull eye on Javier Solana is written
in the excellent articles of Dr. Dennis Cuddy, see here:
save the presented links as long as they are avaiable!
stay tuned!