Friday, February 29, 2008

Commander Fabio Mini on Kosovo

The European Union and NATO will assume control over the entire Kosovo territory, EU Foreign Policy and Security Chief Javier Solana and NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer said after meeting in Brussels last Monday. Link

General Fabio Mini says, the independence movement was financed by European and American Alban criminal syndicats. The Kosovo is the division center and transit country of the European drug trade. After cautious estimations from Interpol, Kosovo groups lead 40% of the European Heroin trade. These groups have not an influence over are corrupting the government - they are the government. This is an open secret among UN/EU bureaucrats.

Mr.Fabio Mini is a NATO guy.
Kfor commander General Fabio Mini at a meeting with the Orthodox Bishop Artemije.

Nato Major General Mini is an interesting character.

In September 2002 Mini was appointed as KFOR commander over Kosovo. Link
At that time (with a Psyops background and a lot of experience as NATO press officer) he was quite optimistic about Kosovo's future (maybe he borrowed some "better future" positive thinking from his boss Dr. Solana who was born in the same year as Mini): "in the spirit of cooperation, democratization and mutual respect, Kosovo will have a bright future", see here: Link

But as soon as he became aware how the real life in Kosovo looks like after spending some time there his opinion changed drastically.
Already in 2003 he was more cautious:
"The relations with the Serbian Orthodox authorities are best, as are with the other religious communities in Kosovo. The problem of the protection of religious sites is here all at heart. The mufti of Kosovo only recently gave out a report about 212 destroyed mosques in 1998 - as a response to the report by the Orthodox over the destruction of 107 churches in 1999. These are not the results of wars of religion, but an inter-ethnic hatred. After my arrival I tried to make clear towards the religious leaders that I personally and the Kfor will do all to continue the protection of religious sites of historical and artistic value.
I also explained to them that I am in favour so far change from a protection of individual buildings to a more "territorial protection". ... After the bombing, the Serbian religious authorities of a former Komuniqué commands respect of the international effort to protect religious sites instrumentalized in which dýr direct protection of sites of high artistic value, and those who exercise the worship open is guaranteed, and gradual transition to a territorial protection for the remaining. This perspective is known to the religious authorities for months and they never complained, what was twisted in Kosovo and in Italy even more out of context. The reduction to an "archaeological presence" applies in relation to the survival of the Serbian culture in Kosovo, my main concern. If the behaviour of the Kosovo Albanians is not radically changed, if the presence of the Serbs not finally culturally, intellectually and spiritually acceptable, there is a real risk that the cradle of Orthodox spirituality becomes an archaeological debris field. The ethnic factor, unfortunately, still has great weight, the Orthodox Church is more viewed as an ethnic bulwark than as a religious pilaster. And this by both sides."
link with the complete translated interview

Now in 2008 his opinion is quite the opposite than at the time 6 years ago and what he has to say now is pretty much revealing, especially when we consider, that he still works for Nato:
General Mini: "The new State was agreed to only with the aim that the clans will have a free port for the money that comes from the East"

The former commander of NATO in Kosovo: "The EU is wrong. The process is too quickly and entrusted to the worst"
When the press asked General Mini: "But in the end who agreed to all this?", he answers: "We are not speaking of the ordinary people who no longer have confidence, - in the elections only 45 % of them voted. It was for the clans, and the others as a place in Europe that opens new banks. A free port for the money that comes from the East. MonteCarlo, Cyprus, Madeira are not reliable any longer."
Fabio Mini does not have high regards for the new leadership in Pristina: "They wash their hands behind closed doors. In Pristina, it is said that if the fish of a certain lake could talk ...".
For him the democratic institutions inthis new State exist just on paper. The economy stagnates, no products are maufactured, unemployment is at 70% among the under 25 year-old (half of the population). He sees no law, no security, ongoing corruption. Over 8 years the country has tried to build up a continious flow of elictriuity - in vain. Facility managent is not functioning (A local joke says: "There are just 2 dustbins in Kosovo - the left side and the right side of the road"). Kosovo has the highest police presence in Europe and no public security. The police would not dare to touch the gang leaders. The international Bureaucrats are the main benefectors of the corruption to benefit from the situation.

"But this has been paid with ethnic cleansing. With years of apartheid under Belgrade. I understand the haste of the Kosovars. It is justified. They must think about themselves. It is just legitimate to have a defined status, after years of jokes and many promises made by the United States and Britain. What I do not understand is the rush of the international community. These processes do not settle in a few years. And do not rely on those who have participated in ruins.... When I proclaimed Rugova, I had to write a half world: attention, there will be consequences on the ground ... In the Balkans you never know in which hand is the knife as a weapon: In any case it will be a waste of responsibility. Bombs are not typical of the Balkans. The characters who have always made them came from outside."

After Mini, there have been ethnic and religious cleansings - if not total - then on the best way to it - 1/4 Mio Serbs, Roma, Goranit and non-Muslim Albans , often by the help of KFOR. The blamage can be hidden as nobody understands Alban language and when a Serb is complaining he receives no trust.

"Kosovo will not be able to govern itself. It needs the finances from foreign countries. Also Police and Justice are imported from outside. The Kosovo will have no place at the UN (due to the Veto of Russia and China), it will not belong to any international organizations. This means anarchy."

A domino effect is feared.
"Of course, this proclamation blasts international law based on the sovereignty of states. In this respect, Kosovo is the other side of Iraq. If the UN pass recognition, after tomorrow everybody will be allowed to do the same: Northern Ireland, the Basques, Chechens, the Catalans .The first excited will be the Serbs of Bosnia who long for a status of the higher Republic of Kosovo, they may soon become detached from the Bosnian federation. Basically, they ask for the secession that Milosevic wanted. To block Milosevic, however, there were killed tens of thousands of people. . And we now we give it for free?".
D'Alema said Foreign Affairs Committee that Italy will recognize the Kosovo.
"It would be a fatal error, worse than when we recognized in record time Croatia. That was at least a federated Republic, not a territory stolen from a UN member state. I do not believe that Italy has to hide: the recognition is not up to individual countries, only under the EU umbrella."
And Putin?
"Since 1989 the Russians not counted anything in the Balkans. And today they could not care less about Kosovo. But we are doing them a great gift: Serbia." Zsirinovski says: "We are on the brink of a new division of Europe".

Corriere della serra Link
hetek: Link

stay tuned!

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