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contiguity and Jerusalem discussed at WEU's ISS

Less than a month before the Annapolis conference, on 30 October 2007, the European Union out of WEU born Institute for Security Studies (EUISS) held a transatlantic seminar on the peace prospects in the Middle East. The event was held in Washington DC and its main objective was to provide a forum for a dialogue between the EU and the US on the key issues for a lasting settlement between the Israelis and Palestinians.

This EUISS conference was the first event convened in the framework of the European Union’s Washington Forum, which will be officially launched in November 2008 (its November and it close to 1.1.2009 when Solana wants to start), and as such represented the first step towards a more permanent presence of the EUISS in Washington DC.It was organised with the support of the European Commission’s Delegation to the US and of the European Union’s Portuguese Presidency. Experts from key US think tanks (including Brookings, the Center for Strategic and International Studies, the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and the Woodrow Wilson Center) and Universities, as well as some Congressional and State Department staff attended and participated in the conferences’ four panels. Scholars from European think tanks (Clingendael, Chatham House, IAI-Rome) also participated in the conference, and the representatives of various national delegations to the US were invited to attend the event.
They write on their ISS-homepage:
"We have preferred to refrain from explicitly attributing the various views and ideas expressed at the seminar to individual speakers. " but already what they published is interesting enough:

• The two-state solution and the question of territorial borders are the least
controversial issues
• The two most contentious issues are the questions of refugee returns and of
sovereignty over key sites in Jerusalem."

"Thus, agreement on the broad territorial divide of Jerusalem
is within reach, but is dependent on a mutually satisfactory resolution on the key problem
, such as sovereignty over the Temple Mount."

The two most contentious issues of the entire peace process are the questions of refugee
returns, and of sovereignty over key sites in Jerusalem, the lack of agreement on the latter being one of the main reasons why the Camp David talks in 2000 broke down. The essence of t
he problem over Jerusalem’s holy sites is that the Temple Mount, the holiest place in Judaism, occupies the same site as al-Haram al-Sharif, the third holiest shrine in Islam.

Panellists envisioned three potential solutions to the problem of sovereignty over the
Temple Mount:
a.) -the first of these is the division of sovereignty;
b.) - the second scenario is shared sovereignty;
c.) - and the third is the establishment of an international protectorate.
to b.): On the notion of shared sovereignty, one speaker suggested that Jerusalem’s old city walls could be used to define an area of shared sovereignty, with no particular specifications as to who has
sovereignty over what parts of the area.
to c.): Regarding the idea of the internationalisation of the
territory, one of the panellists highlighted the fact that, unlike the question of territorial
sovereignty over Palestinian lands, there is more flexibility on the issue of sovereignty over
Jerusalem, since the international community intended to make the city an international
territory already in 1947; furthermore, he felt that the Arabs do not necessarily insist on full
sovereignty over the Holy Basin, but that Israel does not have sole sovereignty over the
Finally, one participant made the general observation that in all discussions on the
matter it is important to make a
distinction between matters of sovereignty and religious
claims on the territory
to a.) ??? Telling enough they do not tell something about version a:)...
maybe we will see a division of souvereignity soon and the beginning of the daily sacrifices?
This all under auspieces of Solana's ISS?
The panellists in this section have been:
"• Territory: contiguity and Jerusalem have been:
Portuguese Presidency of the EU, Lisbon -
During the Portuguese presidency he was responsible for the Middle East...
another Sampaio - same name like AoC Boss Jorge,

-John GATT RUTTER, Council of the European Union, Brussels and
Administration Middle East Task Force (sic)

-Martin INDYK, Brookings Institution, Washington DC and Director of
Saban Center for Middle East Policy

-Shibley TELHAMI, University of Maryland, Washington DC, sitting on the
Anwar Sadat Chair for Peace and Development.

See many more nice things here for yourselves:

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Don't know if you have yet seen it at FP, Farmer, but the Israeli Education Ministry has issued a poster that 'internationalizes' Jerusalem:



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Good article farmer. It is all about Jerusalem and the Temple Mount. If these problems get solved then we are full speed ahead.


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(1 Chron. 21), right
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The smoke from the altar
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