Monday, March 10, 2008

all toes interwoven, part 1: framed in a vision


This article is an follow up to the previous one about "World Peace one ten" as also Dr. Solana recommended to establish a council for 10 in his speech on countering "the dark side of globalization". At the same time it is an addentum to Rich's article on the planned CIMIC-forces (mainly part2 of it).

The site were we find Solana's article has an interesting advertisement from Toyota (like "Kyoto") and their gaya worship intentions (see picture above). It reminds me on Nebukadnezars two dreams, on the one with the huge tree and at the same time on the one with the big statue having legs, feet and 10 toes made of iron and clay, which is crashed by a messianic comet. Now in his speech Dr. Solana also mentions toes:

"Take the G-8. At present it does not really work effectively.
If it is to become more effective it needs to be more representative, and that means changing its membership. Why not make it a G-10 in which the ten major countries are represented based on a composite index of international weight?...This would not only bring China and India in but also keep some current members on their toes...
Equally, we should make space at the UN Security Council for the new heavyweights....
And to strengthen regional co-operation,
...could we at some point in the future have (semi)-permanent seats at the UNSC for Great Powers and regional organisations?"
How about a seat for you, Dr.S., representing the EU or better the whole world,
isn't that what you are longing for?
Anyway, as I have shown here, the new EU treaty takes care for that voice already...
and just a few lines further on:
"Then we will need to develop new bargains, balancing the interests of all relevant stakeholders. Good examples are the environment and climate change. Or on forms of dialogues between cultures. "
(Now isn't it funny Dr. Solana, that we have right here an organisation called "AoC", that could exactly serve that goal?? and that your 7-page paper from last Thursday to the Heads of States stresses the influence of climate change?? READ THE PAPER HERE)
Europe's key task in the first half of this century, says Javier Solana,
will be to help create a new system (or "new house" Like in "Javier") of global governance.

Solanas biggest problem is, after his own words:
"More fundamentally, the system is not working because power is shifting within our political systems: to the media, to markets and above all to individuals. Gone are the days that governments, and with them political elites, could set the agenda and by themselves deliver the solutions.
These days, there is less obedience. Who wants to be a follower if you are constantly told you can be what you want to be? It is striking that in Britain, the slogan for the recruitment for the army has changed from "Your country needs You" to "Be all you can be".

Also in the same Autumn 2007 edition of "Europe's World" where we find Solanas article, there is an article "How Europe could be a force for good in the Middle East" by his Club of Rome buddy Prince El Hassan bin Talal who writes:

"A Conference on Security and Cooperation in the Middle East (CSCME) was called for in the Peace Treaty between Jordan and Israel, yet now over a decade later that idea has disappeared from the agendas of governments both in the Middle East and Europe. The establishment of a CSCME based on the experience Europe accumulated and which led to the creation of the OSCE now needs the backing of powerful and committed allies.
With today's emphasis on military action in the so-called war on terror, the need for a CSCME combined with a stability charter has become more urgent than ever. The CSCME must articulate mechanisms for enforcing regional peace. A regional matrix can be drawn up to help identify priorities through a three-pronged strategy based on energy and water policy, arms control and debt reduction. This process must inevitably involve us in the interlinked issues of our age, including the strategic dimensions of energy and global resource allocation.

-In its 2003 European Security Strategy (farmer: written by Solana), the EU stated that "effective multilateralism" must form the core of Europe's foreign relation's mindset.

-Javier Solana added at the United Nations Security Council in September 2004 that without the framework provided by the UN, "international relations would amount to nothing more than destructive competition".
The continuing crisis in the Middle East offers Europe an opportunity to act on these past declarations. Portugal's EU presidency aims to renew EU foreign policy in the Mediterranean and Africa following the eastward focus of the German presidency. In the words of the Portuguese: "We seek to develop a fresh approach towards the entire Mediterranean region. Its strategic relevance to the EU is clear. The instruments already at our disposal need to be properly applied, but there is a need to think beyond them" (emphasis in the original text). Foreign Minister Luis Amado has stressed the need for Europe to build closer ties with Arab nations and the wider Muslim world so as "to avoid an escalation of mistrust and resentment".
Current EU initiatives at home as well as abroad will probably culminate during France's presidency in the later half of next year. President Nicolas Sarkozy has already spoken of a "Mediterranean Union" modelled on Europe's post-World War II peace and integration project, and although much clarification is needed of this Euro-Med "Union" and how it might fit with the Barcelona Process and the European Neighbourhood Policy, it looks the sort of initiative that could breathe new life and high politics into a now ineffective Barcelona Process....
Europe's contributions to our region have been great. Funding from Brussels and from member states has helped to alleviate the suffering of many people while compassionate community-building efforts by European individuals and organisations have emphasised the true closeness of those who share a common Mediterranean history. It is vital that experience and commitment be framed in a vision for our region and that Europe's heritage of hope becomes a model for the peoples of the Middle East."

and also James Wolfensohn in "Hello to something worse" adds:
"Tackling these global transformations means that we must bury old divisions and embrace a new and constantly changing world. As one of the traditional global powers, Europe will have to address these new challenges and be a leader in creating efficient solutions to them."


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