Saturday, March 01, 2008

"Charter for Compassion": Karen Armstrong wins TedPrize 2008 to name twelve "spiritual thought leaders"

AoC-Beast woman Karen Amstrong comes into full swing with her propaganda ideas and even gets a prize for it - in return she askes TED to partner with the UN Alliance of Civilizations:

"Help me, she asked, "with the creation, launch and propagation of a Charter for Compassion", to be crafted by a group of twelve inspirational thinkers from the three Abrahamic traditions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, and "based on the fundamental principles of universal justice and respect".
Bridging the divide among the three prevalent monotheistic faiths, which all claim Abraham as part of their religious history, using the lens of compassion, will require more than scholarly preeminence and good will. It will call for the creation of a totally new narrative, stepping beyond hatred and defensiveness and, in Armstrong's own words, "making the authentic voice of religion a power in the world that is conducive to peace". It will demand a subtle effort that engages everybody. It will necessitate operational support (which will come from the UN Alliance of Civilizations, but also from individuals). Mostly, it will depend on the participation of many and on finding the right answer to the key question: Who are the spiritual leaders of these three religions who should be solicited to participate in the group of twelve?
Interested in supporting Karen to turn her very ambitious and very necessary vision into reality? Plan and list of needs, and discussion board."

Karen Amstrong: "How TED can help:

  • Create an outreach campaign to solicit or suggest candidates, worldwide, to form this group of twelve spiritual thought leaders to work on the Charter of Compassion.
  • Partner with the UN Alliance of Civilizations to provide the infrastructure, over the next year, that will allow this council to create an accessible 2 page charter that will provide a new framework for understanding religion.
  • Through the nomination process, assemble thousands of religious leaders, from all three monotheisms, who will agree to this charter and add their signature.
  • Give this charter a public voice. We need to create a new narrative, get out of the rat-run of hatred, chauvinism and defensiveness; and make the authentic voice of religion a power in the world that is conducive to peace.

What we are looking for:

  • Nominations of spiritual leaders who have inspired your thinking the most
  • Outreach to Religious Centers, Universities and the general public for nominations in order to uncover the 1000 leaders that are most likely to change our world.
  • Offers of international meeting spaces
  • A documentary production company that can follow this moment in history and tell the story in a captivating way
  • A web design effort that will appeal to a global audience
  • A PR and communications partner
  • Media partners who will get behind this effort
  • Offer to build a database that will organize nominations"

What a nice fulfilled wish to have 12 antichristian disciples under one Matreia fighting ownership of a sole truth by wandering the world and teaching. Unfortunately Karen Armstrong seems not going far enough as the New Age crowd is concerned, as she is already beeing attacked for beeing too exclusive. See her idea's discussion board: "Karen is wrong to only look for alignment within the trio of Old Testament religions. Many of the ideas and organizations for compassion and focus on people's needs are coming out of the non-religious end of the spectrum. She should reach out to the people I've listed and include them in the dialogue in order to bring the trio of "violent" religions (in their fundamentalist incarnations) together to focus on compassion and seeing the other as self. Tapping them and including them will keep her wish and mission from being an exercise in exclusion". (bawarner 1:47, 29.02.08)

If somebody is excluded here at all, and this surely sooner than later, than it's none other than the fundamentalists. That's us.

Take care, be warned and
stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

What an interesting post. In the meantime, we have 3 US warships showing up in the Gulf, Israel pounding the Prime Minister of Hamas' office, Ahmedinajad has arrived in Iraq, and American news services are indicating that Obama is going to win. We are certainly living in interesting days. The realities on the ground do not match the flowery words of these New Age gurus, and I consider Karen A. one of them regardless of the her emphasis on the 3 "Abrahamic religions". One only has to read her books to understand that she is the stepping stone to full-blown paganism. As people are saying peace and safety....

Anonymous said...

the suggestions for religious leaders range from blatant known New Agers, to people from the Emerging Church like Brian McLaren who was at Davos World Economic Forum and Rob Bell. To use their expression, we are seeing the "convergence" of the New Age with the so-called Christians. I say so-called because these are the leaders who are trying to "deconstruct" Biblical faith and have a huge influence on the younger generation. The Seeker Movement paved the way, by dumbing down people so that they have no Biblical discernment. The apostasy has arrived. The New Age Movement and the Emergent Church, the UN agenda are becoming difficult to distinguish.

björn (farmer) said...

thanks so much anonymous!

Anonymous said...

I just nominated Pastor John MacArthur from Grace Community Church in CA. I doubt she'll be pleased.

Anonymous said...

This is the third time in a week that I have heard the word, "Compassion". At my children's school, the dalai lama visit to Seattle 4/15-19th (called seeds of compassion), and now this. This now has my attention.