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Highway to Hell - Germany OK's Controversial Children's Book

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"The German government has cleared a controversial children's book of charges that it is anti-Semitic. The decision clears the way for the printing of a fourth edition of the book, "'Which Way to God?' Asked the Piglet.'" ("They could't fool our piglet when: it laughed and laughed at all of them")

The German government announced Thursday that a controversial children's book critical of major world religions will not be banned....Schmidt-Salomon described the decision as a "victory for freedom of opinion," adding: "It's an important topic -- religion must not become a taboo."

The book tells the tale of a piglet and a hedgehog searching for God, and takes a generally critical tone towards all three religions. Germany's Education Ministry formally requested an investigation of the book's content, and officials at the department that deals with harmful media began looking into the issue in October to determine whether it should be placed on its "list of youth-endangering media," which would prohibit it from being sold or distributed in Germany."
from: "Piglet's Tale Not Anti-Semitic: Germany OK's Controversial Children's Book",1518,539914,00.html
and another LINK, and the German site of the book

That the book is critical towards all three religions was the reason, the book was not declared anti-semitic. See here another article obout it from January: "God's delusion",2144,3100309,00.html

You can read the whole text of the book
in English here: PDF-LINK,
see all pictures here: LINK
And a warning: it is very tasteless and disturbing to say at least.

In the background of this "children book" operates the "Giordano Bruno"-Foundation. This foundation has very famous members from German's cultural life. For example the film maker Stefan König (famous for homosexual cartoons) and best selling children book author and illustrator Janosch. He gave all the rights of his works to this foundation and writes now the book "diary of a pious heretic".
PhotobucketPhotobucketJanosch book
"Mother tell, who makes the children?"

Herbert Steffen, CEO of the Giordano Bruno foundation

The foundations CEO Herbert Steffen started this foundation after having financed the book "Criminalstory of the Christendom" with the aim to develop "evolutionary-humanistic ethics and politics". Their last "Deschnerprize" went to Richard Dawkins anIn addition to his biological work, Dawkins is well known for his views on religion. He is an outspoken antireligionist and sceptic and he is a supporter of the Brights movement. Their symbol is the luciferian sun:
I think theese deeds are not bright at all.
It is a highway that leads our children (and their parents) to hell.
stay tuned!

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