Friday, March 28, 2008

Rumi's universal call is Sampaio's ball


AoC chief Sampaio playing it high
I follow with some snippets of an interesting article...any conclusions?
"The 2008 European Year of Intercultural Dialogue was celebrated at the State Guest House in an event hosted by the Delegation of the European Commission to Turkey
Delivering a speech at the ceremony, Minister of Culture and Tourism Ertuğrul Günay said that Turkey had been home to innumerous civilizations throughout the ages and was duly called the "cradle of civilizations" for uniting so many different cultures, religions and nations around common denominators."

"The minister said that Sufi saint and poet Mevlana Jelaluddin Rumi's universal call inviting all individuals to come together under all circumstances regardless of religion, language and race was one of the most important calls ever made..."
(farmer: this was the guy who wrote "
Surpass Jesus, put him behind")
"and pointed to the existence of intercultural dialogue in the 13th century. Yunus Emre, a mystical folk poet who died in 1320 but who left immortal works of poetry behind, the minister said, represented an important stage in the world's culture and civilization history. Günay added that Yunus Emre's words "don't see any faults in the created for the sake of the Creator," were the essence of every thought the folk poet expressed".(farmer: sic)

"Günay also said that intercultural dialogue had to be built on universal values such as democracy, the supremacy of law and human rights -- and centered on world peace."
"Turning intercultural dialogue into an instrument that makes a contribution to world peace and making efforts to this end is everybody's responsibility," the minister noted...."

"He also maintained that the Alliance of Civilizations initiative launched by Turkey and Spain to promote respect and dialogue took on more importance in this regard.

Turkey is a party to the European Union culture program and İstanbul has been chosen as European Capital of Culture 2010, he recalled. "I believe that all the activities to take place in this context will make important contributions to intercultural dialogue," he said."

"Following Günay's speech, Slovenian Ambassador to Turkey Mitja Strukelj took the stage. He said that Turkey's contributions to intercultural dialogue with Spain, the co-founder of the Alliance of Civilizations, were of a universal character. Slovenia currently holds the rotating presidency of the EU.

"The duty we target to achieve is to turn intercultural dialogue into a long-term process that will make everybody's daily life more harmonious with an open and comprehensive cultural environment. We want to see this dialogue as the source of mutual reflection and new ideas. We also want this desire to be shared by the countries oriented toward a European perspective and particularly by Turkey," he said.

Strukelj said that intercultural dialogue was always a determinant quality of European integration and that Europe was uniting not only through its economy and politics, but also through a common memory and cultural and creative values. "Our respect toward European values has made it obligatory for us to turn our face to our neighbors who want to join us and everyone who identifies with these values," he said.

The ambassador also stressed that they wanted to transcend the multicultural societies where cultures and cultural groups lead parallel lives side by side. "We want to become intercultural societies where pluralist cultures cooperate in dialogue and share responsibilities," he said.

Strukelj noted that the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue was a major part of remarkable efforts to move toward a truly intercultural Europe. (...)

Following the speeches, a Mevlevi whirling rite and a ballet show took place."

from: Today's Zaman Ankara

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"The European Union's interests require a continued engagement with Mediterranean partners, through more effective economic, security and cultural cooperation

in the framework of the Barcelona Process.
A broader engagement with the Arab World

should also be considered.
Javier Solana, "A secure Europe in a better world", p.9.,
already in

stay tuned! Jesus rules!


Anonymous said...

Rumi sounds like he was a hypocrite of the first order ("unite all religions but leave Jesus behind").


Anonymous said...

Out of chaos comes order. I find it interesting and convenient that EU has the Year of Dialogue at the same time you have people reposting the Mohamed cartoon and now this film, and a Muslim getting baptized Catholic, etc., etc. You have the "A Common Word" document which really creates confusion. The Muslims put Jesus and Mohamed on the same level. They are both "servants of God", but Christians still go ahead and sign it....go figure. There is a clear agenda in this dialogue between the civilizations, which is to confuse everyone who is not clear on what they believe.

At the same time you have people from the Christian world like Rick Warren and Brian McLaren promoting the unity of the world by working together to solve the "global giants" hunger, poverty, aids, global warming i.e. the UN Global Millennium Development Goals. The Christian world should be screaming and saying that they will not join in with the UN, but where are their voices. ( there are a few like you folks and a few others, but by and large not many).

Babel means confusion, and if this isn't Babel, I don't know what it is. The financial system of US is being broken, paving the way for financial Babel, when all the foreigners, including Muslims buy up assets. We live in most interesting days.

The only solution is to keep your eyes on Yeshua and listen to His Word. All the rest will perish on day soon.

Eric said...

farmer, found these video presentations on the Internet at:
These have helped me make sense of what is going on concerning the AoC, etc. Presenter is Professor Walter J. Veith, who was raised a Roman Catholic and became an atheist, having taught evolution for about 19 years with a Phd in Zoology. He apparently is a SDA now, and I am not a member of that denomination, but his "Total Onslaught" series is powerful witness against the AoC credo. Thus far, have freely accessed 211B, 212B, 216B, and 205B in the "Total Onslaught" series. Also, 201B is a fascinating explanation of the 70 weeks prophecy. He speaks so plainly that I wonder how much longer his video presentations will be allowed on the Internet.

Constance Cumbey said...

Nice coverage!

To see the utter depths of Karen Armstrong's apostasy and radical departure from the Christian faith, check this: