Monday, March 03, 2008

Sarkozy/Merkel: another birthday present for Solana

"France and Germany agree on Mediterranean Union

Malaysia Sun
Monday 3rd March, 2008

A new political body for nations on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea would be open to any of the 27 European Union nations that want to join it, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Nicolas Sarkozy have said.
Merkel and Sarkozy had been at odds for months over the 'Mediterranean Union', with the Germans upset at being left out of what they perceived as a unilateral French project.
After dinner at a government mansion in Hanover Monday, Sarkozy denied there had been any dispute.'We are in agreement in principle and in detail,' he said. 'We've done some good work,' Merkel added.

Officials said the two leaders would propose at the EU summit next week that the Mediterranean Union be adopted as an extension of a lagging EU diplomatic initiative known as the Barcelona Process.

The new project would be officially launched at the EU summit
July 13-14 in Paris."

2008, July 14 is Javier Solana's 66th birthday.
(On 2009,January with his new powers and the new EU treaty in place he will be sixtysix years and six months old.)
stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

How about when the new US President is inaugurated, Javier Solana will be 66 years, 6months and 6 days old.

björn (farmer) said...

thanks anonymous!
just found this one:
even also if not everything in the right perspective, still worth reading...

"Spanish Fighter Pilots Admit NATO Purposely Attacks Civilian Targets

June 14, 1999 Articulo 20 (Spain-weekly)
By Jose Luis Morales"

Emigré said...

What has Germany to do with this idea of a Club Med? They have no mediterranenan shores. They have not a mediterranenan culture. I don't get it. Does Sarkozy need a German apporval to go on with his ideas?

Anyhow did you that funny history about the pen that was stolen from Sarkozy in Romania?...


björn (farmer) said...

CIAO! Thanks Emigré for your comment and your interesting "An Italiano in Paris"-site, thing is, that if Merkel doesn't say yes it can't be an EU project and Sarkozy knows that, but my main point was the relatio to Solana here, as he was the author of the mediterian project Barcelona process in 1995 and confirmed it with the EU's 7 year treaty of ENP 2007-2013. Now Sarkozy just started an own project, but he cannot pull it off and get far with it, if he wouldn't "offer and credit" it to Solana. This happened just now with this step, as offering it on his birthday and relating it back to Solana's Barcelona process.
Solana received many birthday presents in the past, for example the gold prize at his 2007 bithday was 666,00 and Kofi Annan announced the AoC-organization as UN-initiative on his birthday.
So who has the power around the mare nostrum and who is the red herring?

Anonymous said...

Fwiw, remain of the opinion that ratification of the EU Treaty by all 27 member states is doubtful.

It would seem to give "honor" and so run counter to Dan. 11:21 (if indeed, we are seeing the fulfillment of Bible prophecy).

Which isn't to say that the a/c couldn't get a "jump start" on a possible 42 months of enhanced power (per Rev. 13:5), with the implementation of Recommendation 666, by all 10 permanent members of the WEU.



the70thweek said...

Great article farmer. I am not at all surprised to see that this idea of a Mediterranenan Union gets quietly kicked to curb.