Tuesday, April 22, 2008

global guidelines

Quartetmeeting Sept. 2007, source: UN.org

We could see it coming. The day when they would play the card: "OK we will behave, but you must change too, in our all interest, fight the fundamentalists in your own rows and set up guidelines for everybody ( and it's not the Bible) and please care about it's acceptance and not just with words ("merely academic")...". Such call for persecution is named in their circles "political will to achive peace". The day has arrived and so after their imaginations it seems that in order to find a solution to the conflict in the Middle East, the whole world has to bow ("comply") to new rules: global guidelines.
On May 1st. the "Quartet for Peace" in the Middle East will meet again. The agenda of the meeting among Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, European Union foreign policy chief Javier Solana and United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon "is being agreed," Russia's envoy to the Middle East Sergei Yakovlev was quoted saying Tuesday.
Now Quartet member Lavrow has also other things to say:

"It's necessary to base international relations on morality and consider the joint moral denominator, which have always existed in major world religions," Lavrov wrote in his article published by Profil magazine. Today it's impossible "to address various problems in managing global processes" without such categories as self-restriction and solidarity, the Foreign Minister believes. According to Lavrov, the key role in it belongs to inter-civilization dialogue "including its interreligious component.""That's why we suggested setting up the Consultative Council of Religions under the UN auspices and support all processes, which can provide a platform for such talks both in frameworks of the "Alliance of Civilizations" and the European Council," the minister stressed.
Also Patriarch Alexy II of Moscow and All Russia and UN general secretary/Quartet member Ban Ki-moon discussed the prospects of establishing the Council of World Religions under the UN at their recent meeting." LINK
"Ekmeleddin İhsanoğlu, the head of the world's largest organization of Islamic countries (OIC) has called on the nations of the world to put political support behind a UN-backed initiative for an "Alliance of Civilizations" and urged Western countries to isolate fanatic views in their societies to overcome the East-West divide. "he told in an interview this week at his office in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia...."We are telling European officials that we have to reduce tensions between the East and West." The OIC leader explained that both sides should take action to fight radicalism. "Let's save the world from the negative impacts of extremists. You are condemning extremist elements in our countries, so do we. But extremists in your countries must also be condemned. Otherwise, the extremists on both sides will clash and the entire world will pay the price."

Freedom of expression?
"We, however, were saying that there could be no absolute freedom. Abuse of freedoms must be subject to legal sanctions at some point," he said, adding that there has been a different stance in many European countries due to subsequent talks with EU officials and efforts at UN platforms."But this is not enough," İhsanoğlu said, emphasizing that what was important was to make sure the insults against Islam will not continue. He called for joint efforts by the EU and the OIC at the UN to set global guidelines on the issue to make sure freedoms will not be used to insult the religious values of other people." LINK

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Anonymous said...

Just the ones we want to set the guidelines, OIC, EU and UN...Hegel could not have planned this better himself. We have the Clash of Civilizations, the Alliance of Civilzations and then we become one and do away with all these "extremists" i.e. anyone who has a strong conviction about their faith, even if that faith is from the Scriptures.

This last kingdom will be worse than all the others according to the prophet Daniel, but then the giant rock, will come and crush it...This last kingdom will not hold together because it's made of clay and iron, which don't mix very well. So glad that we have a the wisdom of the Scriptures, while the leaders of the world conspire against God Himself.

Anonymous said...

I guess WE fanatical Christians need to hold our tongues when it comes to talking about the murderous religion of Islam.
Well i for one, don't have a tolerant bone in my body when it comes to Islam and all it stands for. I will continue to pray for there salvation, but i will not ever accept Allah as being the same as the GOD of Abraham, Issac and Jacob and if that insults them then so be it.

Anonymous said...

Interesting photograph; believe some would characterize Dr. Solana's stance as "defensive," which begs the question "of what."



björn (farmer) said...

Holly Pivec has also a comment on this topic today:
"Picking up Speed"

Anonymous said...

It is extremely important to keep control of religion out of the hands of government. Learn from history.

Place: Mexico
Basis for attack: A new military Constitution for Mexico dated 1917.
Provisions were made to put religion, primarily Catholicism, under control of the state.

Time period: The head of the country decided in 1926 to put the Constitution into effect. The persecution lasted past the mid 1930s.

From the book Mexican Martyrdom copyright 1936:
"By the Constitutuion of 1917 the Chuch had been deprived of any standing as a body before the law; it had been forbidden to conduct private schools, hold any private property and the property it already owned was declared possession of the State, which would decide when and how the Church would use it for religious purposes. No religious publication was allowed to comment unfaavorably on any act of the Government when it bore on the affairs of the Church. Foreign missionaries were not allowed to come into the country to evangelize; those who were in were ordered to depart; and it was forbidden to bring up a generation of native clergy in seminaries, which were outlawed. Thus provision was made that ultimately the Church would die out for lack of ministers and for lack of Christian education of children, and meanwhile the States were empowered to decide in their own legislatures how many priests there should be in each one for the needs of the people. The clerical ministry was declared to be a public profession like medicine and the law, and priests, like doctors and lawyers, received their license to practice from the State. If they had no license, they could not practice....It was, in other words, to make the Church in Mexico cease to be a part of the Catholic Church and become a Mexican State Church. It is curious to note in passing that all the great revolutions begin this way. The first of them, the French Revolution, had its constitutional oath for the clergy, and the latest, in Russia, set up its Living Church. It is as if there were some kind of secret handbook for revolutionary church policy, and as if all of them follow it blindly--and always with the same result. The fact that the foreign, mostly American Protestant, missions in Mexico accepted the new laws can be explained only on the supposition that the Government did not enforce the laws against their work, though of course most Protestant churches have a European history of State subordination, and on their part their action was not always inconsistent."

Obviously this was before the Nazi movement subordinated the Protestant churches in Germany.

As took place in Mexico at that time, subordination of religious organizations leads ultimately persecution and death of religious leaders who do not let their religions become lapdogs to the state.

Thanks to Constance Cumbey for bringing this period in history to the attention of others. While the two books I obtained through interlibrary loan mention the role of Freemasons, she has documented the role of Theosophists who had gotten much political power in Mexico and in Central America.


Anonymous said...


International Interfaith Conferences since 1893