Monday, April 28, 2008

king of the south?

Mr Ahmed ABOUL GHEIT, Egyptian Minister for Foreign Affairs,
Mr Javier SOLANA, Secretary General/High Representative CFSP, photo: The Council of the European Union

"Egypt wants to play a leading role in the planned Union for the Mediterranean, coordinating the states around the south of the sea, its foreign minister said on Monday at a meeting with European Union officials. Egypt "accepts and endorses" the idea of the union originally proposed by French President Nicolas Sarkozy, and it is "eager to enter high-level discussions with the EU as Egypt, the coordinator of the south," Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul-Ghreit said. Egypt will also organize meetings around the southern Mediterranean to forge a common view with Arab neighbours on issues important to the proposed union, he said at a meeting in Luxembourg.
"Whatever we put on the table (on the issue of the proposed union) is very much spoken about, talked about and prepared with Egypt," EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana replied. Sarkozy initially proposed the idea for a Mediterranean Union modelled on the EU in early 2007."
(farmer: ...and is planned to be declared official by the EU at Solana's birthday July 14, 2008, see here, Sarkozy on the other side reaching his unpopularity high of 64% today: see here)
"However, EU member states without a coastline on the sea rejected the creation of a major new structure, approving instead a strengthened version of current policies. The talks in Luxembourg were the fourth in an annual series set up under the so-called Association Agreement between the EU and Egypt, which came into force in 2004 (farmer: this is the 7-year ENP treaty), and were marked by their "constructive" and friendly tone, participants said. The two sides discussed Egypt's mediating role in the Middle East Peace Process, agreeing that the immediate prerequisites for progress would be a ceasefire, the exchange of prisoners and the implementation of a 2005 agreement on crossings into the Gaza Strip"....LINK

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Anonymous said...

Sarkozy's loss seems to be Dr. Solana's gain.




Roma said...

have you seen this new youtube video for solan???
blair also has youtube as well
what do you think

Roma said...

ok now try again to get url right

Anonymous said...

It's hard to believe any of this will be good news for Israel..

björn (farmer) said...

see also:
2008 April, 29


thanks Roma for your alert concerning the youtubemouthpiece!