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pregnant with god? Osho compares Solana's mother with virgin Mary

Solana's mother Nieves Hayat Matthews, source:

Photobucket Pope with AoC-Rabbi Schneier

While the Pope visits AoC-Rabbi Schneier in NY and praising him a lot (link), I find the New Age Osho community claims the "Solana heritage": turns out Osho is a big Sufi fan, including Rumi and Idries Shah. SUFI "Idries Shah is said to have been a founding member of the Club of Rome".Read more on Idries Shah (Wikipedia). The Osho-site further writes:

"Javier Solana, is also member of the Club of Rome. Javier Solana's mother, Nieves Hayat de Madariaga Matthwes , wrote a book on Francis Bacon." (As Constance Cumbey found out, but this is not mentioned on their site:) "In it she writes that the book was suggested by "my teacher, Osho, who thought highly of Sir Francis Bacon and gave the book his blessing." Here's Solana's mum's sannyas account with picture."

"Tuesday June 21st. 1977 (pm) in Chuang Tzu auditorium, An elderly and elegant woman is sitting in front of Osho. In fact she doesn't feel elderly: she has lovely, vital energy, a sense of alertness about her. Osho is absorbed in writing her name down and she is being a tree - a solid grounded tree, but lively, abandoned.

"I don't know much about her except that her name is Hayat Matthews, she is an Englishwoman living in Italy, and she has written several letters to Osho over a period of time expressing a desire to see him, each time anxiously seeking assurance that he will still be here when she is able to manage a visit. Now Osho is gazing at her, pen poised in hand. He calls her to him and shows her her sannyas name.

Osho: This will be your new name... and a new birth. ...This will be your new name: ma Prabhu Praveeta. Prabhu means god and Praveeta means pregnant - pregnant with god. And you are pregnant with god; that has been your search for many lives. You have been groping in the dark but the search has been there. And unless god is born in you, you will never feel contented, you will never feel satisfied. Nothing less than god will help, nothing less will do... and that can happen!
That is the easiest thing in the world to happen because it is our innermost nature. We are made in the image of god, we carry the seed inside: it just needs right soil, right nurturing, right nursing, and it will sprout. That's what I mean by pregnant. Everybody is pregnant with god but very few people are fortunate enough to give birth.
You can become one of those fortunate ones. Just trust and courage - almost the courage of a madman - is needed. The courage of a fool is needed because it is such an impossible adventure that clever people cannot go into it; their very cleverness prevents them. Calculating people cannot have any god; their very calculation is against them.

Go on looking for god. By and by you will see that this whole universe is his temple and we are not to go somewhere else to find him. He is here, he has always been here... just a recognition was missing.
How long will you be here?"

from: Osho - The Further Shore #19 (a darshan diary)

farmer: The Sun-god uses the Universe as his holy house. "Javier Solana" means "NEW HOUSE SUNSHINE" and here of course Osho plays with the Word of God: "And Mary said, "My soul magnifies the Lord, and my spirit was very glad because of God my Savior. For He looked with care upon the humble state of His slave. For, look! From now on all generations will consider me to be fortunate." (Luke 12:46-48; ALT). Looks like the NA-crowd delibarately tried to create their "Christ".

stay tuned!


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björn (farmer) said...

Now I find there has been already a discussion at Constance's blog about this article in January...the credits belong to Leana!

Rudi said...

This information is important enough for a re-run. Many may not have had the opportunity to see it the first time around. Thanks bjorn!! -Rudi

Anonymous said...

I certainly missed it somehow the first time around. Thanks, farmer.


Roma said...

Thanks a lot for the rerun farmer. I missed it also. Wow, is what I say to this. I did know about Solana's mother being a follower of Osho however. Good work, we all need reminding.

David J. Butterfield said...

I missed this too the first time around. WOW!!!

Hanani Hindsfeet said...

Hi Bjorn,

When was this event dated? 1977?

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