Thursday, May 29, 2008

AoC goes Holy Land


Members of the Council of the Religious Institutions of the Holy Land (CRIHL) met May 27 with Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni to talk about the role of religious leaders in resolving the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

The council also met with former President Sampaio, High Commissioner of the U.N. Alliance of Civilizations, who proposed working together with the CRIHL to advance interfaith dialogue....

The council is a new interfaith group constituted of the Chief Rabbinate of Israel; the Supreme Shaaria Courts and Ministry of Waqf of the Palestinian Authority; and the Patriarchates and Bishoprics of the Holy Land, including Anglican Bishop in Jerusalem Suheil Dawani and Lutheran Bishop Mounib Younan.

When the CRIHL was formed in November a common statement declared:
"Towards these ends we are actively working to:...
3. Together reflect on the future of Jerusalem, support the designation of the Old City of Jerusalem as a World Heritage Site, work to secure open access to the Old City for all communities, and seek a common vision for this city which all of us regard as holy..."
from: Council of Religious Institutions of the holy Land Communiqué07-Nov-07
Christian Science Monitor article on the November's Council's visit to Washington:

stay tuned!


E said...

I flagged the AoC so bad a few years ago that I thought Zapatero was the beast:) It's going to be a tool for sure, I'm convinced.

Anonymous said...

The beast mabye the 2th beast with two horns the false prophet?
or the whore that sits on many waters... a little bit of everything?

björn (farmer) said...

Thanks e and anonymous!
yes, so did also Herb Peters - from the AoC's very inception on he pointed to the possibility that this could be at least a part of the false-prophet-beast-system, as also many of their documents mention the imperative to go after what they see as extreme believers...the war against the saints is on...

björn (farmer) said...

e posted a great in depth study to my article "Solana goes Nano",
please don't miss it!...
well done e!:
Thursday, May 29, 2008
"No to nano"


björn (farmer) said...
just posted a video from the
euromed night of dialogue
may 22, with sampaio speaking
agaist extremism and dancing derwishes...


Roma said...

Yes the puzzle pieces are moving that is for sure. And I did see a shadow of the false prophet to come for sure. Also today is the opening of Tony Blair's Faith Foundation as well.

Roma said...

News Break

Rick Warren joins Tony Blair's Faith Foundation

“The vision and values of the Tony Blair Faith Foundation are desperately needed today when every major issue in our world is influenced for good or harm by faith factors. It would be foolish to ignore how religious conviction impacts personal and national identity, poverty and education, extremism and reconciliation, disease and development, peace and progress. In any effort to help people learn to live and work together, we must engage the vast networks, resources, wisdom, and influence of the faith communities. My friends, Tony Blair is uniquely prepared with the gifts of temperament, knowledge, experience, leadership, and global respect essential for a task this great. I honestly don’t know of anyone better suited for this challenge. It’s why I agreed to serve on the Advisory Board. The Tony Blair Faith Foundation’s potential for doing good is staggering.”

–Rick Warren, Pastor of Saddleback Church, from the Faith Foundation website, 5/30/08