Friday, May 09, 2008

carrots of da beast


"...The new Lisbon treaty’s merger of two posts into a new high
representative for foreign policy should help the EU speak with
one voice, as long as member-states can forge a single message.
More immediately, an EU trio similar to that which is engaged
with Iran could fill the gap, with France, the UK and Germany
working together with Javier Solana. Such a group could
underwrite the security guarantees that would form part of the
peace negotiations, such as promising Israel peacekeeping troops,
(see below). This could help give Israel the confidence to make
serious concessions.
In order to increase its leverage, the EU has various carrots it could
offer Israel. Within the European Neighbourhood Policy, it could
offer deeper bilateral relations. In exchange for a settlement with
the Palestinians, the EU could even offer a similar status to that
enjoyed by two other advanced economies, Norway and
Switzerland: full participation in the single market, without full
membership of EU institutions.
The EU can also offer to strengthen Israel’s security environment..."
from p.19. of
The EU, Israel and Hamas

working paper by Clara Marina O'Donnell, April 2008:
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