Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Queen Elisabeth praises Turkey for AoC

"ANKARA, Turkey (AP) — Queen Elizabeth II praised Turkey's role as a bridge between the West and the Islamic world on Tuesday during her first visit to the predominantly Muslim country in 37 years.
"For us, Turkey is as important now as it has ever been," the British monarch said at a state banquet. "Turkey is uniquely positioned as a bridge between East and West at a crucial time for the European Union and the world in general."
Wearing a tiara and dressed in a white gown decorated with beads, the queen said Turkey is "playing a key role in promoting peace, political stability and economic development in some of the world's most unsettled areas."
She referred to the Alliance of Civilizations initiative, a U.N.-backed project — co-sponsored by Turkey and Spain — aiming to increase dialogue between Western and non-Western cultures and to address the causes of conflict between them..."

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Anonymous said...

If Queen Elizabeth is happy with AoC, that's significant. It's not surprising though. London is engaged in sharia law banking. UK is leading the AoC with their banking practices.

Roma said...

Thanks farmer. Now I heard this or read it, not sure which. Anyone else have any info on this, and if I am repeating a rumor, please Lord forgive me.

I saw that Prince Charles had converted to Islam????? Anyone else see anything on this?? Maybe it was in one of my dreams or something.

Anonymous said...


I believe someone posted a thread about that on Constance Cumbey's blog. There may have been a link, if I remember right.


björn (farmer) said...

also here one:


björn (farmer) said...

update on the Queen's visit:

Roma said...

Thanks a heap to all of you.

Let me tell you, nothing from this point on will surprise me in this world.