Saturday, May 31, 2008

strengthen and reaffirm

before I forget it:
On Barcelona Process and ENP and AoC:
strengthen and reaffirm, strengthen and reaffirm, strengthen and reaffirm, strengthen and reaffirm...just a snippet here:
"...5.14. Intercultural dialogue: We reaffirm the fact that a strengthened EU-Mediterranean partnership must be based on a common progress of the political, economical, social, cultural and human pillars of the Barcelona Process. The first forum of the Alliance of Civilisations held in January 2008 under the auspices of the UN in the presence of Zapatero, Erdogan, Ban Ki Moon and Sampaio reaffirmed the will to work together in order to improve the social and cultural comprehension between populations and to resolve the political conflicts, in the Middle East and elsewhere. The cooperation must put culture at the core of the action. In doing so, the EU must continue to promote the rapprochement of the cultures on both shores of the Mediterranean, in particular through a strengthening of the audiovisual sector as indispensable communication tool..."
from April 2008 with much more:
stay tuned


Anonymous said...

If they can just strengthen and reaffirm it a few more times I'm sure they'll have peace and safety.


Roma said...

Just wanted to let you know brother, that you are in my prayers and those at nospin for your busy time that you are in with studies. We appreciate all that you do.

björn (farmer) said...

thanks so much Roma! very much appreciated! Björn