Tuesday, May 27, 2008

the tower of Silah


"Sustainable Strategy in a Name
The name “Silatech” is conceived from the Arabic word "Silah" meaning connection.
Silatech refers in Arabic to “your connection”"
. http://www.silatech.com/index.aspx
On a Sufisite I found a person named Silah, it says:
"The Prophet predicted his advent in one of his hadith when he said,
"There will be among my nation a man called Silah. By his intercession many people will be saved."
" Many saints predicted his advent. One of them was Shaikh Ahmad al-Jami (q). He said, "After me will appear seventeen men of the People of God, all of whom are named Ahmad and the last one among them will be at the head of the millennium. He is going to be the highest of them and he is going to receive the state of Unveiling. He is going to revive this religion."
The UN High Representative for Human Rights Jorge Sampaio had told the Madrid Forum that Silatech was one of the most “significant” programmes to come out of the two-day gathering leading with “fresh ideas and projects”. “The Forum…has given us renewed hope that if we all unite our efforts we can bring change,” he told the closing session.Sampaio announced a 12-point action plan for the Alliance of Civilizations, which was headed by Silatech.
Silatech, along with the Financial Times of London,
will be hosting a summit in Doha on June 1 and 2 (in the Ritz-Hotel, which really looks like a tower, see here) to spur into action and receive commitments from regional and global leaders on the issue of youth employment.
Silatech is an initiative of H H Sheikha Mozah bint Nasser Al Missned .
A number of partners dedicated to youth issues are coming together including Cisco Systems, the World Bank Global Partnership for Youth Investment, ImagineNations Group, Mercy Corps, the Alliance of Civilizations and the International Labor Organization. Others will be announced in the coming months.
"Taking part in the ‘Doha Summit on Young People and Employment in the Arab World' will be leaders from the private and public sectors and civil society.
Silatech was established in 2007 with a $100m private contribution from H H Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, the Emir, and Sheikha Mozah. The Summit will have several announcements over the two days covering additional partnerships, support, ventures and several agreements by partner firms, foundations, individuals, commercial banks and governments. The end-goal is to improve work opportunities for young people.

Silatech was officially unveiled in Madrid at the ‘Annual Forum for the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations' which was held on January 15 and 16 last year." LINK (thepeninsulagatar)

During the summit, Silatech will present its strategy and hold discussions on its action plan. It will also unveil the six pilot countries where the initiative will commence. Announcements will also be made regarding the Silatech governing board and a number of substantial commitments by partner organisations. LINK(Dohar Times)

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björn (farmer) said...

tower of Siloah:
si-lo'-am, si-lo'-am, si-lo'-a, she'-la, shi-lo'-a: (1) me ha-shiloach (shiloach or shilloach is a passive form and means "sent" or "CONDUCTED")" refering to a water channel...the healing waters of Soloah. interesting the mentioned sufi text speaks of a connection between two seas...

Anonymous said...

very interesting. I've wondered what the role of sufi mysticism will be in bringing "oneness"

Anonymous said...

Re. labor unions, read a recent article that reps. from a labor union in the U.K. and reps. from a labor union in the U.S. are meeting together to make plans for a global labor union to deal with global companies (fwiw).