Thursday, May 15, 2008

update royal visit

Queen Elisabeth in Turkey under ten horns lights, British FM Miliband at the Sea

The British foreign minister
Miliband stressed the importance of alliance of civilizations.
“We invite all actors to unite on common values
instead of focusing on religious differences,” he said.
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Anonymous said...

A few comments on the picture. Everyone is sitting on prayer rugs facing Mecca, and the Queen has submitted by wearing the scarf, which Muslim women wear and up front the fellow is reading out of the Quaran. It has been said that Prince Charles will be the "keeper of the faiths". Certainly UK is bowing in submission under Islam, which means "to submit".

Wonder if the Saudis or the other Muslim countries will come into a European church, or into a synagogue and pray. Let's watch this to see what happens, especially with the Pope and the interfaith dialogue.


Rudi said...

Hi Bjorn-
This may sound very far-fetched, but I'll go ahead and say it anyway. The first thing that caught
my eye is the pentagram I see when I look at the chandelier hanging above in the photo. I notice the same, even at the link in a larger photo. -Rudi

björn (farmer) said...

penta - Greek: "five"
(like in Penta-gon),
I see 10 corners/horns in the chandelier. Thanks Rudi, thanks Joyce!

björn (farmer) said...
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