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Super Sarko and his guests

The Eiffel Tower is illuminated as France takes over the EU presidency,
to see video click picture or here., 2nd Picture: Cathedral of Chartres 12 around one
"Since the Irish rejection of the Lisbon treaty, “Super Sarko” has recast himself as would-be saviour of the Union during the six-month French presidency of the 27-nation group, which began at midnight and was marked by the Eiffel Tower being lit up in blue and gold... a ceremony is to be held later on Tuesday at the Arc de Triomphe in the French capital. "
"There was another blow for the Lisbon treaty yesterday from Horst Köhler, the German President, who refused to complete his country's ratification. President Köhler (farmer: and former IMF-Boss) decided not to sign the documents until a legal challenge is heard by the country's constitutional court, a process that could last until the autumn"... "The move is a serious embarrassment for Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor who, with President Sarkozy, wants to keep the ratification process moving"....
(farmer: the newspaper writes "Super Sarko", this points to the Hungarian word "sarkany" for DRAGON),
There are more illustrious guests expected to France:
Until the weekend of next EU-summit July 13,14 (and Solana birthday) among others dealing with Sarkos Mediteranian Union proposal,
from 6.-12. of July in Chartres, France will be a seminar "BIRTHING A NEW HUMANITY" a.o. with Karuna Erickson, Alex Grey, Jean Houston, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Rupert Sheldrake.

Jean Houston ist the founder of the 7 year school wich will end in 2012.
Chartres Cathedral, one of the most famous Gothic cathedrals in all of Europe. It’s located on the ancient site of an important Druid mystery center and on a leyline linked to sacred sites in Glastonbury and Stonehenge in England, as well as the Pyramids on the Giza Plateau in Egypt. The Knights Templars and their stonemasons built it according to the principles of "Sacred Geometry".
"New Chartres School is designed as an initiation into the wellspring of wisdom developed by the wise ones of civilizations long past, as well as a gateway to an encounter with the mysteries of Creation." from their pdf-flyer.
you find their very telling
"required reading list": here

Lecturer ALEX GREY is also sitting on the
"Universal Awakening Board of Advisors" (LINK), together with DAVID SPANGLER. Director is Sufi-master Himayat Inayati, Th.D.(read also here Constance Cumbey's article about his involvement at the "Goldlake secrecy pact" :, Spanglers occult site can be found here:

David Spangler

Lecturer Alex Grey is also an artist, creator of the (WARNING!) very disturbing "Chapel of Sacred Mirrors":
http://cosm org/
Among its advisery board members well-known names of the New Age scene:Ken Wilber, Deepak Chopra, Jean Houston, Joan Halifax and rev.MATTHEW FOX
(see his apostasy 95 theses for Christanity in the 3rd millenium here)
Advisory board Link: (end of the page of)


skulls, 12 around a chrystal mirror, see also the world clock at the top,
Alex Grey Picture from

On a page that advertises a false gnostic Christ, we meet the artist again,
together with other artists, which I will refer to more:
Btw they have a picture on the site called rape of Europe and it has again the 12-sign in it:

This is the tale of the Gnostic Christ, based on the ancient sources. In a compelling narrative, L. Caruana seamlessly weaves over 1500 sayings from the Nag Hammadi texts to recount The Hidden Passion of the Gnostic savior. Wandering round Galilee, increasingly hailed as the Messiah of the Five Seals, the Gnostic savior preaches divine awakening through compassion. But he must still contend with Judas, his dark twin, and Magdalene, his promised bride. At once earthly and spiritual, the Nazarene's love for these two is finally transfigured into a higher, hidden passion."
..."The sources of the visionary experience are many and varied: dreams, trance, madness, meditation, entheogens... This little book examines them all, pursuing both 'Visions of Light' and 'Visions of Darkness'. Through the art and writings of Fuchs, Klarwein, Giger, Venosa, Johfra, De Es, Grey... By featuring the work of established artists such as Ernst Fuchs, Alex Grey, Victor Safonkin, Andrew Gonzalez, Martina Hoffmann, Laurie Lipton, Chet Zar, Kris Kuksi, Brom and Robert Venosa

please remember the names H.R.Giger and Ernst Fuchs...before to...hoffmann
Martina Hoffmann, maybe related to LSD Founder Dr. Albert Hoffman (in2006 she was also speaker at his birthday symposium together with mentioned Alex Grey:,
is about to have an exibition at Alex Greys Sacred chapel on magic realism (LINK).
A 20'x10' multi-media installation piece consisting of nine paintings, sculpted elements and sound is what M. Hoffmann considers as "her masterpiece" and what she calls: 'Goddess Triangle'. The top of the triangle is a woman body with a snake head called: "The Snake Godess".(sic)
Matina Hoffmann: "the Snake Godess"

Martina Hoffman's partner or husband is Robert Venosa (see her biography in pictures)
, also artist and he has/had good links with people like painter Salvador Dali, Alien creator H.R. Giger, Drug pope Timothy Leary, but also with above mentioned Austrian artist Ernst Fuchs.
artist Ernst Fuchs (middle) with son(left) and Robert Venosa (right)

Now before I go into the alchemist philosophy of Ernst Fuchs, as part of my next article, I would like to say "Heinrich Elijah Benedikt", mentions Fuchs in his Kabbalah book and he even has a fullpage colour Fuchs-picture included: the "Abendmahl" (the Last Supper). And Benedikt knows exactly why. H.E.B. is the author of the Peace Plan of the Jerusalem Foundation ( May I had written about 3rd Crans Montana Forum. (see here), It turns out, (thanks Joyce and Nony!), H.E.B. was also there.
Ernst Fuchs: Detail from "Abendmahl", Dormitorio Kloster,
also in H.E.Benedikt's book "Die Kabbala, I.") Abb.78b (p416-417).

This leads us back to the 12 plus one and the skulls, more on it soon,
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Thursday, June 19, 2008

all the charms of union sweet

"Of the pangs of separation I have suffered and borne more,
Than, through all the distant ages, any mortal being bore;
And my heart had quite forgotten all the charms of union sweet,
But what joy ‘tis, after severance, with one’s idol to meet."

Rudaki: “Reunion after Separation” (translated by A. V. William Jackson)

"The opposition in the Turkish Parliament was infuriated about limitless privileges given to the Organization of the Islamic Conference's Youth Forum that will be founded in Istanbul as a part of the Alliance of Civilizations initiative.

An agreement on foundation of such a forum was adopted at the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Turkish parliament with the votes of the Justice and Development Party (AKP) deputies. Under the agreement, the organization can bring duty-free goods, the money brought to Turkey will not be under control, and the remarks of the president of the organization will not be subject to the judiciary."

Meanwhile UN's GS BAn-Ki Moon praises
the writer of the above poem Abdullah Jafar Ibn Mohammad Rudaki:

"The writings of Abu Abdullah Jafar ibn Mohammad Rudaki, the poet considered to have laid the foundations of Persian classical literature, should serve as an inspiration to international efforts to combat extremism and attempts to divide peoples and cultures, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said today.

Speaking at United Nations Headquarters in New York at a commemoration ceremony on the 1150th anniversary of the birth of Rudaki, Mr. Ban said it was fitting that the world body, given its goals, should celebrate the life of a poet “who so beautifully extolled the virtues of good and justice.
With simplicity and elegance, Rudaki pioneered a great tradition, laying the foundation for Persian classical literature,” the Secretary-General said. “He took poetry from the realm of the abstract into contemporary life. And, in the process, he shed new philosophical light on society. Rudaki is truly the ‘Sultan of Poets’.”

Mr. Ban said Rudaki’s influence is particularly important today, given the work of the UN-backed Alliance of Civilizations, “our initiative to counter extremism and heal the divisions that threaten our world...”

Since the Religious Summit of the Arabs in begin of June (LINK)

, it looks as if the Arabs, including Shiites and Sunits found a way to come together and to unite in one front. Since then We have seen suddenly a Hamas-Israel truce...
EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana called the truce "a very welcome development."
"I hope it will provide momentum for the peace talks between Israelis and Palestinians," he said.

Haaretz writes: "When U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, European coordinator Javier Solana and Quartet representative Tony Blair voice their congratulations, all the Palestinian Authority can do is issue its own festive press release about the arrangement reached by its Palestinian rival and its Israeli partner.

Meanwhile, while the cease-fire with Hamas was being hammered out in Cairo, the construction of 1,300 Jerusalem housing units outside the 1967 border was authorized. The newspapers reported that U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was furious with Olmert. So what if she was. She also reportedly said that expanding the settlements sabotages the peace efforts. So what if she did. Every Palestinian child knows that the Americans talk, and the Israelis act. Jerusalem Deputy Mayor Yehoshua Pollak, who holds the planning and construction portfolio, told Haaretz that he does not know what the big deal is: This is, after all, "construction within the municipal boundaries of Jerusalem." But isn't East Jerusalem now at the heart of the negotiations? Oh, please.

Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated because he insisted on continuing with the Oslo process even when buses were blowing up in Tel Aviv. He insisted on negotiating for peace as if there were no terrorism and fighting terrorists as if there were no peace talks. Ehud Barak, known as "the man continuing in Rabin's footsteps," made an agreement with the terrorist leaders this week as if there were no peace talks, and he damaged his partners in the peace talks as if there were no terrorism. Barak knows better than anyone that the peace talks are just "make-believe," and that terrorism and the occupation remain.

"on June 24, German Chancellor Angela Merkel will open an International Conference in Support of Palestinian Civil Security and the Rule of Law in Berlin, seeking a functioning Palestinian state with a profile its citizens can see. About 50 delegations, including 20 foreign ministers, are expected to attend the gathering, the DPA news agency reported, quoting its organizers Thursday. Among those attending are German foreign minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad, Egyptian foreign minister Abu Gheit and Arab League secretary general Amr Mussa.

The conference will be followed by a meeting of the Mideast Quartet of mediators. U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov, EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana, international Mideast special envoy Tony Blair, and a representative of UN secretary general will attend the high-level meeting.

A 183.6 million-dollar-fund will be raised over the next three years for EU-sponsored police training, equipment, and judicial projects in the West Bank, German diplomats said....
30 EU police advisers are already helping authorities in the West Bank to modernize or build new police stations and improve its criminal justice infrastructure and court administration. "

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

EU nations pick Budapest for technology institute

EU research ministers voted to put the new European Institute of Innovation and Technology in the Hungarian capital, where it will try to rival the Massachusetts Institute of Technology as a network for young scientists and cutting-edge ideas. However, unlike its illustrious US counterpart, EIT is not intended to act as a teaching and research institute, but rather as a go-between, bringing Europe's academic minds and business money together..It is the brainchild of European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso. He has said the institute should begin work on issues such as climate change, renewable energy and the next generation of information technology by the end of next year. That is at the door to 2010.

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Friday, June 13, 2008

Tuesday June, 17: farmer interviews CONSTANCE CUMBEY with YOUR questions!


Photobucket after listening so many interviews of the guests of Constance Cumbey,
the time has come, that WE ask HER.
I am very glad she allowed me to confront her with want you want know from her and her extraordinary interesting life.

You can send your question(s) you want ask Constance
in advance to farmer at
or post it on the comment section at the end to this post!
I await your input - please do not hesitate

Constance Cumbey is the author of the first major critical book about the New Age Movement, THE HIDDEN DANGERS OF THE RAINBOW: The New Age Movement and our Coming Age of Barbarism (1983); A PLANNED DECEPTION: The Staging of a New Age Messiah (1986). Currently, she is about to completing a volume about Javier Solana, the Barcelona Process, Israel and the European Union. She is an active Michigan lawyer from Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, United States and enjoyed active and stimulating careers in government, politics, law and as a published and translated author. In the past, she worked for the Michigan House of Representatives, the Michigan State Senate, and the City of Highland Park, Michigan.
her Website:

The interview will be available live at Constance Cumbey's radio show "My perspective" next Tuesday, 2008 June 17, at 5 p.m. Eastern time, USA, 2 p.m. California time, USA, 10 p.m. GB, Portugal and Spain; 11 p.m. for the rest of Europe.

To listen, click:

don't miss it and stay tuned!



"Ireland vote rejects EU treaty

Irish Justice Minister Dermot Ahern has said substantial referendum returns show that Ireland has rejected the European Union reform treaty.

Electoral officials expect to confirm the result later.

Mr Ahern based his conclusion on tallies of votes produced nationally by election observers as well as early official returns.

They showed the "no" camp ahead in the vast majority of Ireland's 43 electoral constituencies, while pro-treaty voters were clearly ahead in only a few.

The expected result will send shock waves throughout the EU.

Ireland was the only member to subject the Lisbon Treaty to a popular vote, while other countries have been ratifying the painstakingly negotiated pact only through their national governments.

Mr Ahern said "We're in uncharted waters."

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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Euromed University and "High Representative for Future Generations".

José Manuel Durão Barroso President of the European Commission"The Euro-Mediterranean University: a place of dialogue and understanding" EuroMed University inauguration

Portoroz, 9 June 2008:

"Of course, today's inauguration does not take place in a vacuum. From the very beginning, in the Barcelona Declaration, the leaders of the EuroMed area recognised the importance of education, cultural exchange, contacts between young people and dialogue – all things which this university will help to stimulate. Indeed, developing human resources and promoting exchanges is one of the three pillars on which EuroMed co-operation has been built.

The creation of the Anna Lindh Foundation for dialogue between cultures in Alexandria in 2005 was another important milestone. It represented a recognition of the importance of universities as the best place to strengthen the North-South dialogue, to promote mutual understanding and to create co-operation in those fields which will help the knowledge society to expand beyond European borders.

Finally, the Barcelona Process: Union for the Mediterranean initiative represents a major upgrading of our relationship, which will bring fresh impetus to our co-operation, including in the field of education and dialogue. I look forward to the July Summit gathering in Paris which will certainly reinforce this initiative. "...
"This emerging, new policy has a strong potential to unite the regional interests of this maritime basin. For me, today's inauguration of the Euro-Mediterranean University is the crowning achievement of the 2008 European Year of Intercultural Dialogue. "

and see also (thanks HollyNow from FP!): Brussels turns to gods for help with climate change, by T.Küchler:Mr Barroso told a press conference that churches, mosques and temples could all play an important role in identifying and implementing solutions to the challenge of climate change.Bishop Adrianus Van Luyn, the president of the Council of European Bishops' Conferences (COMECE), suggested that the EU appoint a

"High Representative for Future Generations".

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Sunday, June 08, 2008

AoC - the next phase: focus on national strategies

Spain’s Representative for the Alliance of Civilizations, Máximo Cajal (left) and former Israeli ambassador in Spain, Samuel Haddas (right), at the opening session of a seminar on security at the Mediterranean in Seville, Spain, on November 8th 2005.
pictures from: and

-UK's AoC national coordinator to work at the Counter-Terror department FCO
-Spains AoC national coordinator Cajal: AoC's "enemies... are willing to... die in the name of transcendent causes"
...this says a new important speech from the AoC-mouth, some snippets here:
08/06/2008The Alliance of Civilizations
By Máximo Cajal, Spanish Prime Minister’s Representative for the Alliance of Civilizations

-Maximo Cajal was chief negotatior during the renegotiation of the Spanish-American treaty about Torrejo-center back in 1988,

-He was Spanish Ambassador to NATO from 1994-1996, at the time Javier Solana was named NATO boss (1995).

"The world is approaching a new phase which demands a new global order. The unipolar world which emerged a quarter of a century ago after the fall of the Soviet Union, leaving the United States as the sole world power, is wearing out. And this is so not only because of the resolute irruption of new actors in the international scenario. There are also other reasons(...)making it necessary to establish, and abide by, a new set of rules able to guarantee an international scenario built hopefully beyond simple coexistence; a universal framework which assures harmony among nations. This new order will rest necessarily upon new tenets, new patterns of conduct. Paramount among them full respect for international legality, for the United Nations system, for democracy and for human rights. "
"(The) neoconservative and, needless to say, imperialistic approach stands in the antipodes of the principles put forward by the Alliance of Civilizations. But this proposal, conceived as a rebuttal of the inevitability of Huntington´s theory of the Clash of Civilizations, was not a sudden impulse of good will nor just the result of an impassive academic analysis; much less a coup de théâtre. To fully comprehend its significance, this highly political initiative has to be placed within specific and very special historic circumstances; within the domestic and foreign context in which it was born. ..."

This particular historical and political background explains why the Alliance of Civilizations has a clear security dimension from its very origin. .. Its is because the security commitment is an essential component of the Alliance of Civilizations´overall approach, that the diagnose by the HLG entails a strong political message for the community of nations pointing directly, among other issues, at the lasting and unresolved state of affairs in the Middle East, the war in Iraq and in Afghanistan. ..."

" how a different global and political environment had to be organized, and which rules should be implemented to enforce a new and better order to replace the existing and fleeting one. These are the seeds of what later became the Alliance of Civilizations. The backbone of this ideological continuity comes down to a handful of moral principles:
-full support for international law,
-the need to strengthen the UN system,
-the rejection of unilateralism,
-the resort to preventive diplomacy,
- support to the peaceful resolution of controversies,
-the reinforcement of international peace instruments. "

Not surprisingly, this ethic and moral approach happened to be the same that, only a few months later, underpinned Rodríguez Zapatero´s appeal in New York for a new system of values, of rules of international behaviour certainly at the other end of those prevailing at that time. He said: Security and peace will only prevail with the strength of the United Nations, the strength of international legality, the strength of human rights, the strength of democracy. In his address, the Spanish Primer Minister was advocating for a fair international order, global security and concerted international action in the fight against terrorism,..."

The enemy we have to cope with will not be deterred by whatever form of preventive strike or retaliation, be it pin-pointed or massive, because they are ready and willing to kill and die in the name of transcendent causes. Because of that fact, the Alliance of Civilizations pretends to combat terrorism pointing at the hearts and the minds, by trying to understand the underlying sources of this new form of violence. ...
This whole ideological structure rests upon a self evident consideration: the urgent need to recover the peace.We have to build as quickly as possible a worldwide culture of peace...."

"At the Madrid Forum, the launch of a series of specific and practical measures was formally announced... Other Fora will be convened in the coming years. Turkey will host the next one in April 2009.

Brazil, Qatar, Portugal and Morocco have already expressed their willingness to follow suit in the next future. "

"In 2007 Jorge Sampaio invited those countries forming part of the Group of Friends to present what he called “National Strategies”, covering the four fields of action identified by the High Level Group (education, media, youth and migration). As a result of this demarche, some governments have already elaborated these “National Strategies” in order to advance the Alliance´s targets at a national level. Spain and New Zealand have already released their “National Plans”, as we call them, during the Forum. Albania, Bulgaria, Portugal and Turkey are still working on them. More partners are expected to do likewise. "

Doctor Sampaio also invited the countries part in the Group of Friends to designate “Focal Points” in their capitals with the task of monitoring their national strategies and serve as principal national coordinators for issues related to the Alliance. A network of such “Focal Points” will also be established in order to exchange views and improve the cooperation among them. Within the European Union, already sixteen members have appointed their national coordinators, which does not mean that these countries have as yet approved their national strategies or intend to have one at any time. Each nation has placed his coordinator taking into account its administrative structure but also without loosing sight of how they address the problems that the Alliance of Civilizations intend to meet. In Spain, at least for the time being, we have assigned the coordinator to the Prime Minister´s Office. Here, in the United Kingdom, he presides over the “Prevent Team” in the Counter-Terrorism Department of the FCO.

"... Altogether 57 measures to be reviewed after two years, under the supervision of a coordinator responsible for providing the whole package with a strategic vision. The National Coordinator will also be the focal point regarding the different ministries engaged in the plan. He will also be in close contact with the Autonomous Communities and the Local Governments, and with the civil society at large. What we are aiming at with the National Plan is “to translate, on a national scale, the specific goals of the Alliance, including them both in its foreign and cooperation policy and in the whole of its domestic policies”.

The Spanish National Plan for the Alliance of Civilizations' Website is: "


for homework see also (Javier Solana, Maximo Cajal and Israel):

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Friday, June 06, 2008

Brussels military HQ for Solana

"...Paris is insisting on the new Brussels headquarters coming under the authority of Europe's foreign policy supremo, a post whose powers are considerably boosted under the EU's reform treaty and which is currently held by Javier Solana of Spain. Ultimately, the Brussels headquarters would plan and control EU missions abroad.

"Solana thinks we need a more permanent structure in Brussels. There's no doubt about that. The big problem is the Brits," said an EU foreign policy official.

US resistance to the European HQ idea may be eroding since Sarkozy announced last year that he is willing to return French officers to Nato's command structures for the first time in more than 40 years, while also couching his European HQ proposal in modest terms..."
from: "European HQ heads Sarkozy plan for greater military integration"

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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

AoD: the Art of Dialogue - UN's room XX: "sea’s surface above your head" -

onuart, Mr. March, Recently, in March 2007 the cathedral of Majorca has opened the chapel produced by Barceló in clay. It consists of two worlds: The fruits of the sea and the fruits of the earth. The picture shows a Christ over an open tomb and skulls.

"Spanish painter Miquel Barceló has launched an ambitious project for the ceiling of Room XX, aka the "Chamber for Human Rights and for the Alliance of Civilizations," at the United Nations headquarters in Geneva. Scheduled to open in October 2008, the room will house the UN’s Human Rights Council. Begun in September 2007, the undertaking -- which involves some 20 assistants and 100 tons of paint -- encompasses the entire surface of the chamber’s 1,300-square-meter ellipsoidal dome, and the results are described by the artist as being like watching the "sea’s surface above your head." The project is the first initiative of the newly formed Fundación ONUART, an organization dedicated to using Spanish contemporary art to the ends of diplomacy."

On April 24, 2007, at a ceremony presided over by Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Miguel Angel Moratinos, the ONUART Foundation was founded in Madrid ("UA" are the initials in Spanish initials for the "United Nations"). Among it's sponsors we find Luis Solana(Javier's brother)'s company telefonica and they also mention D. Robert Aymar, the boss of nuclear project CERN, as adviser:
btw: ("
At the CERN a machine is built, with which for the first time in the history of mankind black holes could be produced on Earth. The amazing is, nobody believes that that is dangerous.'Quote from an interview with Professor Dr. Otto E. Rossler)
and see also here:

In May 2007 began the work of decorating the dome of the hall of the Palais des XX United Nations in Geneva. This room will host the meetings of the Human Rights Council and be renamed the Human Rights Chamber and the Alliance of Civilizations.

"ONUART Foundation has a powerful mandate, focused on promoting a platform that permits enhance the value of art as a catalyst for dialogue, as driving force of understanding between cultures and societies, thus promoting multilateralism increasingly effective. In this regard, the Foundation, through art, will stimulate debate at the highest level, seeking to highlight its potential to inspire tolerance and understanding among states and cultures within all international organizations - looking forward to transcend differences through an approximation less bureaucratic and conventional in every negotiation, every debate."

and in an interview ambassador Juan Antonio March he tells:
"It is a work beloved by Minister Moratinos and by the King, and supported by a large number of Spanish companies that are part of the foundation that funds the project, the Foundation ONUART. It is not only an artistic work, but goes beyond. It's making art inspires a new kind of dialogue, a new kind of encounter between cultures and civilizations. The Barceló of going to be one of the great paintings of the twenty-first century. It is not decoration of a room, it is a work alive on more than 1,000 meters of clothes, a dome of 41 meters in diameter, where the artist is doing an experiment in contemporary art. We want to give ambition and solemnity to multilateralism and the UN system. And with that Spain will mark a milestone because it will help the arts play a significant role in multilateralism, as she did in her time in the religions life.This will be a room for the human rights and the alliance of civilizations. "

During 2008, year of the sixtieth anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Foundation will announce ONUART artwork most important and far-reaching in the history of the United Nations. The "Chamber of Human Rights and the Alliance of Civilizations" is the official name of the Chamber a century after its inauguration, and will become the permanent headquarters of the newly created Human Rights Council of the United Nations. LINK

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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Solana Police in West Bank

J.Vericat, Police in Ramala, photo: AP

"After receiving a nod from Defense Minister Ehud Barak, the Palestinian Authority opened three new police stations across the West Bank on Tuesday.

The newly added stations mean that 12 out of the proposed 20 police centers in the West Bank are now open - part of an agreement between the Palestinians and Israel, according to Jose Vericat, Press Officer for the EU Police Co-ordinating Office for Palestinian Police Support (Eupol Copps).

Eupol Copps was launched by the European Council, and falls under the direct jurisdiction of Javier Solana, the EU's High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy.

...Vericat: "We are trying to build a Palestinian civil society, and spread European standards of policing here."LINK
LINK: Solana visiting Palistanian Police in 2005

In between Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad has written to the European Union urging the bloc not to upgrade ties with Israel at a meeting next month, according to a copy of a letter circulated on Tuesday. LINK

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Monday, June 02, 2008

doomsday scene at Danish embassy

"Anti-terror policy to continue: Danish PM
COPENHAGEN, June 2: Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen condemned a suicide bombing on his country’s embassy in Pakistan on Monday, describing the attack as “cowardly” and unjustifiable. “Regardless of the motive and regardless of who committed it, this is a horrible, cowardly crime, which we condemn vehemently and for which there is no justification,” Rasmussen told reporters. He insisted “Denmark will not change its policies due to terrorism.”
“We will not give in to terrorists and we will maintain the foreign and security policies we have been pursuing,” he added.”
“I condemn this morning’s outrageous terrorist attack against the Danish Embassy in Islamabad,” said EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana in a statement.
The Organisation of the Islamic Conference also condemned the incident, saying it flouted religious tenets. OIC Secretary General Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu was “deeply upset by this violent and extremist act,” the 57-nation Jeddah-based bloc said in a statement.
“Islam rejects violence and terrorism in all its forms,” the statement quoted Ihsanoglu as saying after the suicide bombing outside the Danish embassy killed and wounded several people in what was seen as a new reprisal for the publication by Danish newspapers of sacrilegious cartoons.UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon condemned the bombing and reiterated his total rejection of such acts of terrorism..." LINK
"The strong bomb blast damaged the Denmark embassy in central Islamabad and nearly destroyed a nearby UN agency.
It ripped through the street outside the Danish embassy, in an apparent act of revenge against cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad published in 2005. A Danish citizen of Pakistani origin was among the dead, according to the Danish Foreign Ministry in Copenhagen. Local Pakistani media put the fatalities at eight; 35 were injured.
Outside the building it was a doomsday scene,” said Rizwan Sheikh, a planning
specialist for the U.N.-funded Devolution Trust for Community Empowerment". LINK

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Sunday, June 01, 2008

the tower's golden bolster

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, ruler of Dubai
with his wife HRH Princess Haya of Jordan

Last week I had reported about the "tower of Silah"(read here). Now today there is news that the tower attracted quite some gold: "Funding from the US$10 billion (Dh36.7bn) Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation will bolster the Qatari royal family’s private US$100 million donation to launch work- opportunity schemes for young jobless Arabs in flagging Middle East economies.Shamil Idriss, from the UN’s Alliance of Civilisations unit, which helped to launch the project, said he was “excited to see the Al Maktoum people and the Qatar Foundation” co-operating for the first time on such a wide-reaching project."

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum - his wife is HRH Princess Haya of Jordan- is the Ruler of Dubai - the second-largest of seven states that make up the United Arab Emirates. Recently he was even voted 'coolest' celebrity.

"Academics, researchers and consultants from The Dubai School of Government, The Brookings Institution, the World Bank, the International Labour Organisation and the American University of Beirut would suggest changes to regulations and lending laws that “make starting a business next to impossible”, said Mr Idriss.Multinational firms such as the sportswear retailer Nike will hold training courses, while banks including HSBC and Standard Bank would take advantage of relaxed lending rules and World Bank support to extend credit to budding entrepreneurs, he added."LINK

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