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AoD: the Art of Dialogue - UN's room XX: "sea’s surface above your head" -

onuart, Mr. March, Recently, in March 2007 the cathedral of Majorca has opened the chapel produced by Barceló in clay. It consists of two worlds: The fruits of the sea and the fruits of the earth. The picture shows a Christ over an open tomb and skulls.

"Spanish painter Miquel Barceló has launched an ambitious project for the ceiling of Room XX, aka the "Chamber for Human Rights and for the Alliance of Civilizations," at the United Nations headquarters in Geneva. Scheduled to open in October 2008, the room will house the UN’s Human Rights Council. Begun in September 2007, the undertaking -- which involves some 20 assistants and 100 tons of paint -- encompasses the entire surface of the chamber’s 1,300-square-meter ellipsoidal dome, and the results are described by the artist as being like watching the "sea’s surface above your head." The project is the first initiative of the newly formed Fundación ONUART, an organization dedicated to using Spanish contemporary art to the ends of diplomacy."

On April 24, 2007, at a ceremony presided over by Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Miguel Angel Moratinos, the ONUART Foundation was founded in Madrid ("UA" are the initials in Spanish initials for the "United Nations"). Among it's sponsors we find Luis Solana(Javier's brother)'s company telefonica and they also mention D. Robert Aymar, the boss of nuclear project CERN, as adviser:
btw: ("
At the CERN a machine is built, with which for the first time in the history of mankind black holes could be produced on Earth. The amazing is, nobody believes that that is dangerous.'Quote from an interview with Professor Dr. Otto E. Rossler)
and see also here:

In May 2007 began the work of decorating the dome of the hall of the Palais des XX United Nations in Geneva. This room will host the meetings of the Human Rights Council and be renamed the Human Rights Chamber and the Alliance of Civilizations.

"ONUART Foundation has a powerful mandate, focused on promoting a platform that permits enhance the value of art as a catalyst for dialogue, as driving force of understanding between cultures and societies, thus promoting multilateralism increasingly effective. In this regard, the Foundation, through art, will stimulate debate at the highest level, seeking to highlight its potential to inspire tolerance and understanding among states and cultures within all international organizations - looking forward to transcend differences through an approximation less bureaucratic and conventional in every negotiation, every debate."

and in an interview ambassador Juan Antonio March he tells:
"It is a work beloved by Minister Moratinos and by the King, and supported by a large number of Spanish companies that are part of the foundation that funds the project, the Foundation ONUART. It is not only an artistic work, but goes beyond. It's making art inspires a new kind of dialogue, a new kind of encounter between cultures and civilizations. The Barceló of going to be one of the great paintings of the twenty-first century. It is not decoration of a room, it is a work alive on more than 1,000 meters of clothes, a dome of 41 meters in diameter, where the artist is doing an experiment in contemporary art. We want to give ambition and solemnity to multilateralism and the UN system. And with that Spain will mark a milestone because it will help the arts play a significant role in multilateralism, as she did in her time in the religions life.This will be a room for the human rights and the alliance of civilizations. "

During 2008, year of the sixtieth anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Foundation will announce ONUART artwork most important and far-reaching in the history of the United Nations. The "Chamber of Human Rights and the Alliance of Civilizations" is the official name of the Chamber a century after its inauguration, and will become the permanent headquarters of the newly created Human Rights Council of the United Nations. LINK

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björn (farmer) said...

22th of May was the EUROMED night of dialogue and start if Indiana Jones Chrystal Skulls film...I wrote in a comment that this links with 3,5 years and 13 months to 21.12.2012, with this in mind please read point number 2:

"CERN does only release minimum information about the LHC. A 'secret' becomes a 'conspiracy' for some conspiracy theorists:
1. Some conspiracy theorists think that the CERN logo contains the number of the Beast (Satan) '666' in reverse.
2. Some conspiracy theorists believe that the 21. May 2008 and the 12. December 2012 are magical numbers. These are 2 dates known through rumors to be important to the LHC as to the activation date and the date of a dangerous experiment.
3. Some conspiracy theorists believe that the real goal of the LHC is not the 'god particle' or the 'big bang' but a wormhole or strangelets.
4. Some conspiracy theorists believe that a wormhole, a Time Machine, is the hidden goal of CERN.
5. Some conspiracy theorists believe that the real goal of the LHC is to bring Satan to this Earth - again." from

Roma said...

When I read about CERN things, farmer, what came to my mind was that he changes times and laws???

Dan 7:25 And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time.

I may be completely off base here, farmer, but anyway that is what I thought of.

Anonymous said...

I find the idea that its THE SEA is very overwhelming-like drowning etc...also-am thinking about the SEA in the Bible and what lives there.
Thanks for keeping us informed.

Roma said...

farmer, this artist, please be sure to scroll down that thing at the very left, and read the last paragraph, it will not let me cut and past it. Wow

Roma said...

Excuse me it is late LOL.

I meant to scroll down the tab at the right, not left.

björn (farmer) said...

Roma: "and think to change times and law" - I thought the same there!!! but did not know where to put it or I left it out...sic

can't open your last link...but thanks!


björn (farmer) said...

yes, Mel! ...the Sea...thanks for posting!

Anonymous said...

Re. ITER, "But what's remarkable is how fusion has abruptly moved up the agenda. It's not for scientific reasons though, but politics. And it comes down to one person: Tony Blair.



björn (farmer) said...

"The President of the Council, Ambassador Doru Romulus Costea of Romania, said the Government of Spain had kindly provided financial assistance for the refurbishment of Room XX of the Palais des Nations, and that it had been agreed that this room would be provided to the Council for its work. He extended deep appreciation, on behalf of the Council, to King Juan Carlos I and the Government and people of Spain for their generous support and this most welcome gift."

Anonymous said...

Roma, I tried
and I brought up only a colored line!

Roma said...

Interesting that was a weird site, which for some reason I printed cause I was trying to share the last part on yahoo chat, which would not let me copy and paste. I did not save the link nor did it print on the page. Weird. Anyway, ths is some description of this artist, but it is really strange. Please note the last part of this writing, sounds very strange to me like he is possessed.


Miquel Barceló (1957)

Time, nothingness, the degradation of natural things…Miquel Barceló shapes his vital imagination around a series of concepts of circular evolution that by their very essence lack resolution. His innate curiosity and his capacity for experimentation complete his artistic personality, a modern version of the Renaissance man. Like Michelangelo or Leonardo da Vinci, Barcelo investigates techniques and materials until he achieves a final product that provides a new and personalized solution to the necessity presented.

It was Paris, once gain, that was the origin of the real amalgam that makes up Miquel Barceló’s artistic body of work. There he came into contact with Art Brut in the 1970s. When he returned to Spain, Barceló initiated an intense investigative process about the liberation of Art and the great figures who fascinated him. Tintoretto, Miro, Taples and Millares. From these last two artists he acquired an interest in materials, and it was during that period when his canvasses, every larger and larger, began to be filled with thick coats of pictorial material in which oil, varnish, soil and disposable materials follow one another. He didn’t reject fruits and vegetables either, creating a new language for the traditional concept of the still life. In that same plastic line, he also created libraries and museums that are now part of Art history.

But the Barceló we know today would not be what he is without his African experience. An innate traveler, the Dark Continent had attracted him for a long time without a doubt, since his adolescence, and it was thee that the artist sank roots that did more than simply feed him ---- they sustained him. Africa was revelation for Barceló: the light, the aromas, and the ancient sounds soaked deep into his soul like a long desired experience, and the adobes and woods meshed to perfection in his expressive universe. The need to trap everything he had contemplated led him to turn to techniques that were almost photographic, in which his pencil, water colors and paper would be the necessary tools for a long series of snapshots that now fill museums all over the world with the African soul. The spectacular light of the African continent and the immensity of its open spaces bring more than the purification of concepts and elements to his work. From that time on, Barceló increased the size of his paintings even more.

From that African experience, nothing would affect Barceló more profoundly than the exuberant marketplaces where dead meat is exhibited hanging the sun. Bloody skulls and flies appeared before his perplexed eyes while the intense aromas of death created lasting memories in the artist’s mind. The vision of a hanging goat, in numerous shapes and variations, went on to occupy a privileged place in most of his paintings and etchings. In this way, it transcended the state of the real object to become a pure archetype. It became an obsession to Barcelo.

Roma said...

I put into a tiny url, hopefully this one will work.

björn (farmer) said...

thanks Roma!
"Bloody skulls and flies appeared before his perplexed eyes while the intense aromas of death created lasting memories in the artist’s mind. The vision of a hanging goat, in numerous shapes and variations, went on to occupy a privileged place in most of his paintings and etchings."

with goat head (left corner):

with skulls (2002):

David J. Butterfield said...

the thing at CERN has intrigued me since I first heard about it. I keep wondering if that kind of thing is going to play any role in the strong delusion...