Friday, June 13, 2008


"Ireland vote rejects EU treaty

Irish Justice Minister Dermot Ahern has said substantial referendum returns show that Ireland has rejected the European Union reform treaty.

Electoral officials expect to confirm the result later.

Mr Ahern based his conclusion on tallies of votes produced nationally by election observers as well as early official returns.

They showed the "no" camp ahead in the vast majority of Ireland's 43 electoral constituencies, while pro-treaty voters were clearly ahead in only a few.

The expected result will send shock waves throughout the EU.

Ireland was the only member to subject the Lisbon Treaty to a popular vote, while other countries have been ratifying the painstakingly negotiated pact only through their national governments.

Mr Ahern said "We're in uncharted waters."

stay tuned!


björn (farmer) said...

"The European Union could negotiate a "legal arrangement" with Ireland to avert a crisis if the Irish 'no' vote wins victory in a referendum on the new EU treaty, France's European affairs minister said Friday.

EU leaders were awaiting anxiously the results of the Irish referendum, with early indications pointing to a rejection of the Lisbon EU reform treaty."

Anonymous said...

Hi Bjorn,

As you know, Ireland was the only country given a vote on the Lisbon Treaty and this is only because the Irish constitution requires it. The politicians all were forced to grit their teeth and organise a referendum for "the people" (paper ballots and all -- I got to use a pencil to mark the "NO" box with a big X).

I have been telling people for weeks, "You are not voting for only the people of Ireland, you are voting on behalf of nearly half a billion people. This is the most important vote of our lifetime."

How do people in the rest of the EU feel about being denied the chance to vote on this treaty? Are they apathetic or angry?

I am overjoyed but still in shock about the result of this vote. I really didn't think people here cared. I was wrong.

There certainly are other forces at work in this world, Frodo.


Anonymous said...

"Luxembourg Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker -- Europe's longest-serving leader -- also said that it would be up to Cowen "to lead the way out of the crisis", at the summit in Brussels June 19-20."

According to Wikipedia, Juncker has been serving since 1995 (when he become Prime Minister of Luxembourg), the same year Dr. Solana became Secretary-General of NATO ('95-'99) and following, given three powerful EU positions.

Which would seem to give Dr. Solana the edge over Mr. Juncker, heaven forbid.



Anonymous said...

Just the thing to open the door to something new for Europe's government... perhaps something headquartered in Rome?