Monday, June 30, 2008

Super Sarko and his guests

The Eiffel Tower is illuminated as France takes over the EU presidency,
to see video click picture or here., 2nd Picture: Cathedral of Chartres 12 around one
"Since the Irish rejection of the Lisbon treaty, “Super Sarko” has recast himself as would-be saviour of the Union during the six-month French presidency of the 27-nation group, which began at midnight and was marked by the Eiffel Tower being lit up in blue and gold... a ceremony is to be held later on Tuesday at the Arc de Triomphe in the French capital. "
"There was another blow for the Lisbon treaty yesterday from Horst Köhler, the German President, who refused to complete his country's ratification. President Köhler (farmer: and former IMF-Boss) decided not to sign the documents until a legal challenge is heard by the country's constitutional court, a process that could last until the autumn"... "The move is a serious embarrassment for Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor who, with President Sarkozy, wants to keep the ratification process moving"....
(farmer: the newspaper writes "Super Sarko", this points to the Hungarian word "sarkany" for DRAGON),
There are more illustrious guests expected to France:
Until the weekend of next EU-summit July 13,14 (and Solana birthday) among others dealing with Sarkos Mediteranian Union proposal,
from 6.-12. of July in Chartres, France will be a seminar "BIRTHING A NEW HUMANITY" a.o. with Karuna Erickson, Alex Grey, Jean Houston, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Rupert Sheldrake.

Jean Houston ist the founder of the 7 year school wich will end in 2012.
Chartres Cathedral, one of the most famous Gothic cathedrals in all of Europe. It’s located on the ancient site of an important Druid mystery center and on a leyline linked to sacred sites in Glastonbury and Stonehenge in England, as well as the Pyramids on the Giza Plateau in Egypt. The Knights Templars and their stonemasons built it according to the principles of "Sacred Geometry".
"New Chartres School is designed as an initiation into the wellspring of wisdom developed by the wise ones of civilizations long past, as well as a gateway to an encounter with the mysteries of Creation." from their pdf-flyer.
you find their very telling
"required reading list": here

Lecturer ALEX GREY is also sitting on the
"Universal Awakening Board of Advisors" (LINK), together with DAVID SPANGLER. Director is Sufi-master Himayat Inayati, Th.D.(read also here Constance Cumbey's article about his involvement at the "Goldlake secrecy pact" :, Spanglers occult site can be found here:

David Spangler

Lecturer Alex Grey is also an artist, creator of the (WARNING!) very disturbing "Chapel of Sacred Mirrors":
http://cosm org/
Among its advisery board members well-known names of the New Age scene:Ken Wilber, Deepak Chopra, Jean Houston, Joan Halifax and rev.MATTHEW FOX
(see his apostasy 95 theses for Christanity in the 3rd millenium here)
Advisory board Link: (end of the page of)


skulls, 12 around a chrystal mirror, see also the world clock at the top,
Alex Grey Picture from

On a page that advertises a false gnostic Christ, we meet the artist again,
together with other artists, which I will refer to more:
Btw they have a picture on the site called rape of Europe and it has again the 12-sign in it:

This is the tale of the Gnostic Christ, based on the ancient sources. In a compelling narrative, L. Caruana seamlessly weaves over 1500 sayings from the Nag Hammadi texts to recount The Hidden Passion of the Gnostic savior. Wandering round Galilee, increasingly hailed as the Messiah of the Five Seals, the Gnostic savior preaches divine awakening through compassion. But he must still contend with Judas, his dark twin, and Magdalene, his promised bride. At once earthly and spiritual, the Nazarene's love for these two is finally transfigured into a higher, hidden passion."
..."The sources of the visionary experience are many and varied: dreams, trance, madness, meditation, entheogens... This little book examines them all, pursuing both 'Visions of Light' and 'Visions of Darkness'. Through the art and writings of Fuchs, Klarwein, Giger, Venosa, Johfra, De Es, Grey... By featuring the work of established artists such as Ernst Fuchs, Alex Grey, Victor Safonkin, Andrew Gonzalez, Martina Hoffmann, Laurie Lipton, Chet Zar, Kris Kuksi, Brom and Robert Venosa

please remember the names H.R.Giger and Ernst Fuchs...before to...hoffmann
Martina Hoffmann, maybe related to LSD Founder Dr. Albert Hoffman (in2006 she was also speaker at his birthday symposium together with mentioned Alex Grey:,
is about to have an exibition at Alex Greys Sacred chapel on magic realism (LINK).
A 20'x10' multi-media installation piece consisting of nine paintings, sculpted elements and sound is what M. Hoffmann considers as "her masterpiece" and what she calls: 'Goddess Triangle'. The top of the triangle is a woman body with a snake head called: "The Snake Godess".(sic)
Matina Hoffmann: "the Snake Godess"

Martina Hoffman's partner or husband is Robert Venosa (see her biography in pictures)
, also artist and he has/had good links with people like painter Salvador Dali, Alien creator H.R. Giger, Drug pope Timothy Leary, but also with above mentioned Austrian artist Ernst Fuchs.
artist Ernst Fuchs (middle) with son(left) and Robert Venosa (right)

Now before I go into the alchemist philosophy of Ernst Fuchs, as part of my next article, I would like to say "Heinrich Elijah Benedikt", mentions Fuchs in his Kabbalah book and he even has a fullpage colour Fuchs-picture included: the "Abendmahl" (the Last Supper). And Benedikt knows exactly why. H.E.B. is the author of the Peace Plan of the Jerusalem Foundation ( May I had written about 3rd Crans Montana Forum. (see here), It turns out, (thanks Joyce and Nony!), H.E.B. was also there.
Ernst Fuchs: Detail from "Abendmahl", Dormitorio Kloster,
also in H.E.Benedikt's book "Die Kabbala, I.") Abb.78b (p416-417).

This leads us back to the 12 plus one and the skulls, more on it soon,
stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Came across the following info. today (found the quote by Clarence Larkin interesting, as our beloved Herb considered him foundational in his research):

"Sarkozy of Syrian Jewish Descent w/Link to 3rd Temple Group"



björn (farmer) said...

thanks Nony, the third temple plays indeed a role here, as you showed so good, and as I hope to do in the coming days...definitly need your prayers with all this going on here now in Europe! Björn

the70thweek said...

I will be praying for you Bjorn. Keep up the good work.


Joyce said...

COSM and Alex Gray, as well as Ervin Laszlo are tied to Damanhur, the underground city near Turin:


Roma said...

Praying for you brother, and we know you need it. Thanks for the good work and the info you keep bringing to us.

Joyce said...

By the way, Alex Gray can also be found on Noetic Sciences site, but you have to sign in to watch his videos.


Joyce said...

This links Karen Armstrong to Wisdom University.

Here's the board:

This is not surprising, but pretty amazing nonetheless.
The goal of AoC is ultimately to indoctrinate everyone in this "ageless wisdom" the Babylonian mystery religions.

Joyce said...

correction. She's not on the board. She's a "spiritual advisor"


Constance Cumbey said...

So, our USA worst of the worst New Agers are congregating in Europe this year. Thought the air was a little fresher around here. Something's brewing. Excellent coverage, Farmer!


Anonymous said...

Prayer is a given, Farmer.


Anonymous said...

Martina Hoffman-have just lookedher up.Would you believe that she has done a painting that MOCKS CHRIST BLATANTLY?its called FEMALE CRUCIFIXION-you will not like this.And the woman is err....menstruating.Blasphemy and offensive to me and Im sure others...Keep up the good work Farmer-

Anonymous said...

Hi Farmer,

Is this 'anything'?

or tiny url


I truly appreciate the technical skill that goes into these paintings and artworks but they are horribly sinister and not something that I can stomach! Do you have/or a link to the full image of the pix with the skulls and mirror? I don't know why but some of these artworks almost look like maps ... some of their 'lines' are very similar. (?)


Yael said...

Thank you for posting this blog entry.
I do not know if this is the group that I understand to worship the Phallus, and rule the financial, food, technology etc sectors. I do know that what is at some point to be presented to the world will have limited light in relation to the heavenly light. Their power (ascending masters) is only what we give them over us.

Yael said...

I just realized I posted to the wrong blog entry. My apologizes.
It was for:
the Cult of Heinrich Elijahu Benedikt (H.E.B.).

björn (farmer) said...

thanks yael for your post! I read your post also here and it's very appreciated, I try to come back on the subject...

Joyce said...

Speaking of Crystal Skulls Bjorn, check this out. I don't think I've seen this posted here, but if it is already sorry:

There's more links from this one to read.