Friday, June 13, 2008

Tuesday June, 17: farmer interviews CONSTANCE CUMBEY with YOUR questions!


Photobucket after listening so many interviews of the guests of Constance Cumbey,
the time has come, that WE ask HER.
I am very glad she allowed me to confront her with want you want know from her and her extraordinary interesting life.

You can send your question(s) you want ask Constance
in advance to farmer at
or post it on the comment section at the end to this post!
I await your input - please do not hesitate

Constance Cumbey is the author of the first major critical book about the New Age Movement, THE HIDDEN DANGERS OF THE RAINBOW: The New Age Movement and our Coming Age of Barbarism (1983); A PLANNED DECEPTION: The Staging of a New Age Messiah (1986). Currently, she is about to completing a volume about Javier Solana, the Barcelona Process, Israel and the European Union. She is an active Michigan lawyer from Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, United States and enjoyed active and stimulating careers in government, politics, law and as a published and translated author. In the past, she worked for the Michigan House of Representatives, the Michigan State Senate, and the City of Highland Park, Michigan.
her Website:

The interview will be available live at Constance Cumbey's radio show "My perspective" next Tuesday, 2008 June 17, at 5 p.m. Eastern time, USA, 2 p.m. California time, USA, 10 p.m. GB, Portugal and Spain; 11 p.m. for the rest of Europe.

To listen, click:

don't miss it and stay tuned!



Anonymous said...

Hi Bjorn: Thanks for all the work you're doing to alert those interested, to the Shenanigans in the E.U. and their affiliated organizations. A question which I would ask Constance: Barry Chamish has reported about the involvement of the Roman Catholic Church in the internal affairs of Israel, some of which are shocking, and, of course, unknown to rank-and-file Catholics, and 99% of the public. How do you see this playing-out in terms of Prophecy, and what relationship, if any, do expect the current or future Pope to have with the activities of Antichrist? Respectfully submitted by: Will (AND THANK YOU CONSTANCE FOR THE GREAT WORK YOU'RE DOING!)

Anonymous said...

Correction: ...what relationship, if any, do YOU expect.... (pardon me) Will

björn (farmer) said...

hackers just hacked EU's Solana Photo page!

Roma said...

Farmer thanks for letting us know. And this is for sure not a good thing. This will bring trouble for people who had nothing to do with it for sure.

Constance Cumbey said...

I would like everybody's opinion on this. Solana has been very silent on Ireland, but very vocal on his multi-nation authority on Iran -- read this quote:

I am here in my capacity as the High Representative of the EU and I am also speaking on
behalf of China, France, Germany, Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States. I am
in Tehran to present a generous and comprehensive offer which we would like to be the
starting point for real negotiations. I have brought with me a letter signed by the ministers of
the six countries and myself.

I don't think JS is going away anytime soon! What thinketh you?


Anonymous said...

"I don't think JS is going away anytime soon!"

Agreed. He continues to consolidate power behind the scenes in the EU while enjoying the longterm limelight in an apparent lost cause (nuclear disclosure by Iran).



Anonymous said...

Speaking of Barry Chamish, he has lots of great and wonderful things to say about "Brother Eric" (author of "Vatican Assassins").

How is one to evaluate Chamish's opinions in light of the kind of company he apparently keeps?

I'd like to ask Constance that one.

Also, I second the request to hear in detail about the SCP. Are they a disinformation group and if so, how did she find this out?

the70thweek said...

"I don't think JS is going away anytime soon! What thinketh you?"

No way is Solana going anywhere, and why should he? He doesn't need the Lisbon Treaty or any other agreement or arrangement to assume absolute power over the EU. He just needs a valid reason to implement Recommendation 666.

He is watching and waiting for the timing to be just right.

I believe Solana is silent on the Lisbon Treaty mess because his legal path to power has already been assured.


Roma said...

I agree with that no matter what the Lisbon Treaty does they have already done it. In my opinion. And by the way did anyone watch Pres Bush and PM Brown today making their statment together on the sanctions for Iran?

Referring to ministerial talks in Luxembourg, Mr Brown said: “Today Britain will urge Europe, and Europe will agree to take further sanctions against Iran.

“We will take action today that will freeze the overseas assets of the biggest bank in Iran, the Melli bank, and secondly action will start today for a new phase of sanctions on oil and gas.”

Bush looked very uncomfortable to me. Perhaps he has gotten orders from Javier already??? Like Clinton did on the Balkins???

Looking forward to the radio show tomorrow Bjorn and Constance.

E said...

The photo page is fixed now. What did it say? Just curious.

björn (farmer) said...

e, it said:

"Ayt Bizki Plevnelerden Adalardan Modalardan Gelmis Bir Neslin Evlatlariyiz"

seems to refer to a folk/veteran song which underlines Turkish nationalism.
more interpretation here:

here is a link to a picture
from the status "hacked":


Everett said...

I realize that all of you have probably already seen this, But I found it very interesting and thought I'd post it. From wikipedia on David Miliband. "On the morning of December 13, 2007, Miliband stood in for prime minister, Gordon Brown at the official signing ceremony in Lisbon of the EU Reform Treaty, which was attended by all other European heads of government. Brown was otherwise engaged at the House of Commons, appearing before the Liaison Committee, and travelled to Portugal to sign the treaty in the afternoon.[8]" Hmmmmm

Paul said...

Could you ask Constance to name some of the people or groups who have black listed her over the years?


björn (farmer) said...

Sorry, Paul, just saw it now...we will have to come back on that one...thanks a lot!

björn (farmer) said...

On French military changes:

"Former NATO head and EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana welcomed the reforms.

"I think the armed forces of several countries are very big on paper. But what is needed are forces that are available, even if there's no need for millions of soldiers, forces that are available in a real way, with proper equipment," he said.

As France downsized its military, Sarkozy looked to Europe.

"Working together means building European defence (capabilities) above all. This is my priority," Sarkozy said. "

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the interview, Farmer and Constance.


björn (farmer) said...

thanks Nony!

Anonymous said...

Yes, very interesting interview.