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FC Buddha Munich

August 6: more sports news today: Photobucket
" The Istanbul phase of "Human Race" (farmer: Why not name it "run to make them run to the hills"??), which is (the biggest) global running event organized by world's leading sportswear and equipment supplier Nike Inc., has been included in the "Alliance of Civilizations" project supported by the United Nations.
In an effort to celebrate runners and their sport all over the world, Nike organizes "Human Race", the ultimate runner experience aiming to provide a global connection point for every athlete.
"Human Race" will be simultaneously held in 25 cities around the world on August 31st, Sunday. Apart from Istanbul, the races will be held in Austin, Bogota, Buenos Aires, Caracas, Chicago, London, Los Angeles, Lima, Madrid, Melbourne, Mexico City, Munich, New York, Paris, Quito, Rome, Sao Paulo, Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore, Taipei, Tokyo, Warsaw and Vancouver". LINK

btw: the elapsed running time will be measured by a chip on the body...MoB - just do it???

Nike, Inc. is named after the Greek goddess Nike, who represents athletic strength and victory. Since 1928 Summer Olympics the obverse face of every Olympic medal Nike's figure appears holding a palm in her left hand and a winner’s crown in her right. Better run for the crown of life: instead of Nike look to Jesus Christ. dont't run away any more from your sins, receive forgivness, give obedience to His gospel for the salvation of your soul. That' a race truly worth running.

coach Jürgen Klinsmann brought 4 Buddha statues as a new philosophy from L.A. to Munich, photo: Spiegel.

Under the title "Bayern Munich's Path to Enlightenment" Alexander Osang and Christopher Sultan at German newspaper SPIEGEL wrote about the strange things going on at the Bavarian Soccer Club "FC Bayern München" lately - and this in the heart of Germany's deeply Catholic area:

"Championship-winning Bayern Munich has hired Jürgen Klinsmann to help it rejoin the ranks of the top European football clubs. Klinsmann is intent on getting into the heads of his players to improve their performance -- with the help of Buddha, yoga and a holistic philosophy."

'I Brought Along my Energy'

Newspaper Bild quoted the new coach: "We will build up a new energy field, which will please the players a lot".

When he first arrived in Munich in January, Bayern Munich officials mentioned that they were planning a new some new construction work at the team headquarters: an entire office block. Klinsmann said, wait a minute, I want to have some say in this. That was how the training center came about. It's a place where team members can play table tennis or billiards, or read, meditate and take yoga classes...

"I want to look inside the heads of the players," says Klinsmann. "I want to know what makes them tick, to figure out the best way to reach them. Some need to be hugged, some need visual examples and others need conversation." "I want to convince them to open up," he says.And once they are open, soft, he can impart the Bayern feeling to them. The Bayern identity. The 'We are ourselves' philosophy. Self-confidence, he calls it.

But luckily not everybody believes the hype: "The buddha figures can not help me. I already have my faith", says Bayern Munich player and Christian from Brasil (playing also in their National Team) Zé Roberto.

In parts from,1518,569302,00.html

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enter the Vikings

Per Lundgren and Jordi Torrent at AoC's January meeting in Madrid

Global preparations for the World Summit on Media for Children & Youth, to be held in Karlstad, Sweden in 2010 (june 20-24), are underway among teachers, media pedagogues, industry professionals, researchers, youth organisations and international organisations working "for the well being of children". Their slogan is:


In early August 2008, almost 200 proposals for topics and activities from 50 countries from five continents, reached the Summit office in Karlstad. Among those confirming strong interest in being keynote speakers are Renee Hobbs (Professor at Temple University in Philadelphia USA), David Buckingham (Professor at University of London UK) and Jordi Torrent (Project Manager at United Nations Alliance of Civilizations New York City) and I bet the childrenstate ( will be also represented there.

The organisers wish to encourage more input and ideas globally. Ideas in the areas of freedom of speech, youth to youth communication and future, and future outlooks on new technology for communication will especially be welcomed and surprise, surprise: The World Summit Karlstad 2010 was invited by United Nations initiative Alliance of Civilizations, and Per Lundgren moderated the top meeting with media literacy education expertice from all over the world. A group of founders took the first step and founded an online clearinghouse for media literacy education. Karlstadt2010 writes about AoC: "And it hopes to contribute to a coalescing global movement which, reflecting the will of the vast majority of people, rejects extremism in any society." Link The World Summit 2010 project management moderates the work shop called Media Literacy Education in which among many experts the UN General Secretary participates. To see pictures from the organization at the AOC' meeting in Madrid click here:

What will the 2010 Summit’s central theme be?
"–We have chosen for our central theme: Challenges in the world of young people’s
communication. And we have divided this great area into five main perspectives, or strands,
using as guidelines the questions following;
• Communication for change
How, from your perspective, can communication in different media support needed social
• Children’s (young people) education and development
How can media literacy and educational media make a difference?
• Ethics and social responsibilities
In a non-regulated global media world, how in your perspective, can quality in media for children and young people improve?
• Economics, policies and laws
From a child and youth perspective, what measures and steps must be taken to meet the
challenges of today’s media world?
• Children and young people’s digital content creation
What happens when young people are able to digitally create media content (…with core values like equity, equality, inclusion, and intercultural dialogue)?
How can todays and tomorrows media world gain quality from young people’s digital media
content creation?
How can young children and youth of the world help improve global understanding in creating
media content?"
(from: "The Med Media Education from Italy interview with Director Per Lundgren from the Karlstad 2010 organisation about what is to come.")

After AoC's Jordi Torrent media constructs reality.
Hear here about his plan to connect cell phone and internet technology and also more ideoligical stuff by clicking the picture or at
After obtaining a degree in Philosophy at the University of Barcelona, Spain, Jordi Torrent followed graduate studies in Paris at the Sorbonne University (Film Esthetics) and at the Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes (Anthropology Filmmaking).
Link to their Homepage:
and the summit's brochure:

oh, and there is the sun-logo again:
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no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark

"And he causes all, both great and small, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark on their right hand, or on their foreheads: And no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark" (Rev.13:16-1)

New German ID Card to Facilitate Internet Trade, Ministry Says

"July 23 (Bloomberg) -- Germany's new national identity card, which will replace existing ones from November 2010, may promote Internet-based commerce by providing merchants with fraud-resistant proof of identity, the Interior Ministry said.

Web shop operators wishing to use the new cards as proof of identity must request a certificate of entitlement from a government agency, which permits the retrieval of data such as name, address and age from a chip on the card, the ministry said. The card holder authorizes the data retrieval by placing the card on a reader and entering a personal identity number.

``The new identity card makes electronic commerce safer and easier for citizens, businesses and administration,'' Interior Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble said in a faxed statement after Chancellor Angela Merkel's Cabinet approved the plan today. ``It helps cut red tape and yields enormous scope for savings.''

The introduction of new cards may boost sales at online retailers such as Inc.EBay Inc. Internet commerce, including online banking, has been hampered by identity theft including ``phishing,'' where a fraudster poses as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication to obtain information such as credit card details. and auction platforms such as

Card holders can opt to activate the commerce function and have an electronic signature loaded to the chip, the ministry said. The card will facilitate not only Internet commerce and online banking, but also ``electronic government,'' the online handling of administrative procedures, it said" (....)
"Card holders may also decide to upload two fingerprint images to the card's chip, a measure that would make it impossible for a holder of a stolen identity card to cross borders equipped with fingerprint readers.",2144,3507049,00.html

How to fake fingerprints:

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the Cult of Heinrich Elijahu Benedikt (H.E.B.)


to the dear Reader: there is a lot of additional material I still plan to include to this article, but I feel urged now that first I should get the message of this demonic cult out as soon as possible as a warning to the world. I hope I can deliever the rest soon...first of all I want to give you a picture about the Material...please keep this in mind while reading and thank you for your understanding...AND PLEASE TAKE CARE TO YOUR BODY, MIND AND SOUL, THIS IS DANGEROUS MATERIAL.

farmer on 07.07.2008

Contents of this article:

o. introduction

1. chapter overview on HEB’s book "Die Wiederkunft Christi" (the return of Christ)

2. some phrases from HEB's books Kabbalah I. and II.

3. interview with an ex-member (post no.1)

0. Introduction: on the relevance of the material

Why is it so dangerous, what is HEB's influence and the potential of his material?

First of all this post shows the Luciferian ideology behind the Jerusalem peace plan of Heinrich Elijahu Benedikt and this gives a good example on how and by which means the AC will try to seduce even the elect. I hereby pray in the name of Jesus Christ that His expensive blood is on the door posts of this site and in His name I rebuke the influence of all demonic evil from this site. In his book HEB gives a 400 pages walk through the Bible, or better through what he thinks "his-story" of the Bible. He cites the Bible, every preacher and also Satan in the desert would be envy of him, so much that we could also call his book the HEB-Bible version. In the 12 chapters of the book he almost in chronological order refers to the Bible and explains what this has to do with the apocalypse. At the first glance in all of this he sounds very Christian, but not for very long…what he does is to use Biblical Material to give garments to the Antchrist as I am about to show in this post.

- HEB is the author of the Jerusalem Peace Academy, with connections with the UN since Oslo 1992. (link to be provided), offering a deceptive Peace Plan to all participants.

- He is the German debuty of the Club of Budapest of New Ager Ervin Laszlo, connected with Michael Gorbatchev, the Club of Rome, the Alliance of Civilizations (AoC, Bishop Tutu), Crans Montana Forum and such having influence on Politicians, Decision Makers of Business and Media, NGOs.

-H.E.B. is half German and half Jewish, using a lot of Jewish Mystic (Kabbalah) and Catharism, thus changing Biblical meaning to its complete opposite: after HEB everybody has to redeem him/herself alone, for after HEB the great sacrifice deed and blood of Jesus Christ was not enough, HEB is preaching redemption by good deeds after a long evolutionary path and awakening the „godly sparks” inside of everybody through a great initiation by the help of the ancient mysteries of Atlantis, Chaldea and Egypt.

-HEB advises to use the "Eucharestie" of the Last Supper and Lucis Trust’s/Djwahl Khul's „Great Invocation” as rituals to make the (false) Christ re-appear on earth and to make a big consciousness shift (maybe in 2012) to another evolutionary level. Enemies (as we expected) are fundamentalists and nationalists standing in the way of the big unification of mankind with the God of the Earth in their "always dividing and negative oposition". The clue: H.E.B. is able to sell this in a VERY „Christian” matter (sic), making a very close mimickry of what the Church believes. This he achieves by playing the Christian saint at one time and the next moment the adherent of Judaism and the next moment again the great initiate of the mysteries of Egypt or India.

-HEB Also he gives a very precise lay-out on what we can expect concerning Jerusalem. The symbology he uses is exactly the same as the one which is propagated through films as „Indiana Jones”, „Queen Elisabeth I.” or material which was now revealed about the picture of the Last Supper by Leonardo daVinci. I will show this in the related context. This is Armageddon Script revisted.

-It is very revealing what a former adherent has to add, the former disciple of H.E.B. was in one of his groups almost 10 years ago, her confessions where published in May this year (2008) by a cult-observation group in Switzerland. It is added as post number 1 at

the former center of the cult in Haus Immanuel, Immenstadt, Germany

-For myself, farmer, it is very thrilling as it is nor just that H.E.B. writes in German, but he also had his cult center, which he tries to reactivate at the moment, just about 10 miles from where I was born and live. In one of his books, he also depicts a revealing picture of painter Ernst Fuchs who is in contact with the occult artist scene in my region. They have also close connections to Hollywood, as Alien-Creator and occultist H.R.Giger comes right from that region and is in contact with these people. Once I was the shooting star of that scene, these people where happy to see me at their meeting places or bars or giving me signed copies of their occult books. One part of a role I had to play as a main role in theater, - and I also fulfilled with a lot of energy and creativity-, was to play King Solomon eating Mother Mary in a cannibalistic style, after having her shot. That was of course before I found the Lord.

The last weeks, when I found out about all this connections to Heinrich Elijah Benedikt in my region were quite shocking to me and I am the more happy from which deep black wholes the Lord saved me out from, even I did not earn it. Redemption can never be earned, dear reader and Mr. Benedikt, it is the pure grace and blood of the Messiah.

Page numbers without further symbol refer to:
Benedikt, Heinrich Elijah: "Die Wiederkunft Christi" - 1st edition, 2004, Ansata, München.

- maybe I could have written a more detailed analysis and true Biblical response to the presented material, but first of all I saw it as an obligation to get out (in English language) information about the content of Benedikts German writings as fast as possible, an answer can be also formulated after it. Recuring themes in HEB's book are:
    1. Gorbatchev and return of Christ
    2. Reincarnation
    3. Salvation through works
    4. Eucharestie and the 12 plus one
    5. The light stones and the temple
    6. Warnings of false prophets (sic)
    7. The evil after HEB: fundamentalism and nationalism
    8. As above so below
    9. Luciferian initiation

I. chapter overview on HEB’s book "Die Wiederkunft Christi"
(the return of Christ)


0. preface:

„you will hear about wars and rumors of war…” Matthews 24,6.
With this verse HEB starts his opening on page 11 and already opposes „our deepest longings and dreams from the 60’s until the 80’s of the last century”, (outing him as a part of the Flower-Power Rainbow Generation, HEB was born 1945 in Vienna), here for him belong as he also mentions and not for the last time in his book: "Perestroika and the Fall of the Berlin wall", „the overcoming of discrimination and hate” with the situation of today. He warns that we would have to change fast, if we would not want to see a collapse soon. HEB warns: „arrogance comes before the falling”(p12) and warns of the "iron rod" which is about to beat back and crash whole nations "like vessels of clay", but is "a salvation for those who repent", HEB also citing (Hosea 11,8-9 in Hebrew and German). He wants to sound very biblical, even points to Jesus as "the One who is bringing salvation: „Come to me who you are”...", but suddenly followed by a first hint to his true conviction:

heaven and hell are not places, where God’s judgment sends us. They are in ourselves and we are the ones who decide over our ascendence or downfall…all is connected with everything. We are just a tiny part of the universe and our spirit is just a spark of God…we create Heaven or Hell in us” (p16)

We create Heaven and Hell in us? The view he mentions again two times (p20 and p24).
Our spirit a spark of God? (In the introduction to follow, he speaks of a „seed of God in us, there to make our spirit recognize it the UNITY WITH THE FATHER and our individuality may RISE AS THE SUN OF ETERNAL LIFE in the empire of the father.”(p71))

I.. introduction (p18-77)

In this part HEB greets his readers (brothers and sisters) almost in an Apostolic letter style and names himself „witness if the coming second coming of Christ” not forgetting to point to the „undeletable memory of our original home in the empire of Light”, about the task to „realize the godly chest inside us and with this helping at to build a new world” (p18). „Holy men of all countries and ages” would have understood that „mankind is one big family and tried to overcome the barriers of division and to recreate the eternal bondage of godly love”(p19).

HEB says that we should leave all personal things behind and concentrate on the „spirit of eternity”(ibid.), which means for him to „recreate Gods empire on earth” (p28). Then he names some „messengers of God” who were „send to make a way from darkness to light for his elected”: the prophets of Israel, Rama, Krishna, Buddha, Lao Zsu, Zoroaster, Sokrates and Plato. HEB writes, that Jesus came at a time when „spirit and living spark was pushed aside by a „doctrinical theology” and writes that the situation of the „spiritual institutions” is same „lightless” today, not forgetting to point to the crusades, inquisitions, powerthurst and lies of the „Christian tradition”, so that Ezequiel 34,2-4 would be meant not just for the priests of Israel, but also for „the priests of Christianity and of Islam”(34f), he asks: Where are our roots, the „places and vigilantes of light” today? and compares the situation with India, where after HEB live so many holy men and enlightened masters who watched over the „flame of the orient, the origin of power and light”(35). Then he starts warming up about his main topic and writes about the return of the Messiah, who will „re-establish the temple for Israel”. He writes that every religion awaits him, just under different names: "Imam, Mahdi, Maitreya-Buddha, Kalki, Saoshiant, True Man" and starts to show verses of different religious writings. When coming to speak about Jesus, HEB has the following to say (emphasis by me, farmer):

the return of Christ does NOT mean the personal coming back of Jesus,
but a happening of cosmical dimensions, at which different big, godsent souls and groups have a decisive part
” (p40)

To strengthen this thesis of unpersonal return, HEB gets not tired to use biblical passages that normally are interpreted as to refer to a later point in time: „total change of earth and spiritual renewal of the whole mankind” (p70, HEB emphasasing the word 'whole’). „…the return of Christ is foremost a collective baptism or receiving of the holy spirit and the revelation of God’s secrets and the eternal life, although this has to be preceded by a process of inner awakening and clear self-recognition” (70) . Together with this, he gives us a hint: The impulse of His return started about with the step into office by Gorbatchev (farmer: another leader of a collective) and the catastrophic event of Tschernobyl. (farmer that was in 1986, at that time Benjamin Creme just had announced that „Christ is now here” and Constance Cumbey had published her book on „the dangers of the rainbow” (in 1982), so we know now more and more who is the „Christ” HEB is talking about: the stagged Messiah or AC).

and then, as if he wants to grab the Jewish believers and Christians in one catch,:

The spirit of Christ will not come down ’alone’, but in and with the power of JHWH. In it he will ascend to a cosmic power, by which JHWH will realize his bombastic work of world-renewal. Because the mystery of Christ is the center of the parusia of JHWH, it is indeed legitime to equal the arrival of JHWH with the return of Christ”. (p40)

And do I understand right there will be even a third person?: of course as the false Christ is not visible he needs a High Representative:

Together with the descending of the spirit of JHWH…HE sends his servant „branch” (Zach 3,8) as his earthly REPRESENTATIVE and as mouthpiece of Christ and JHWH. He and his disciplines will INTRODUCE the work of salvation of Christ and establish the reign of God. He will proclaim the truth and the secret of God, to make an end of sin,... to bring justice and salvation and finally to anoint the most holy (Daniel 9,24)” (p41)

If you read the interview with an ex-member, you will know, who -after HEB- this Representative of God on Earth will be: He, HEB, himself!

HEB, a stout fellow, on the temple mount
picture from HEBs page:

He even gets more seductive, as he continues:

A new chapter int he history of mankind is about to begin. One can call it

EARTH’s BAPTISM OF LIGHT, it’s first resurrection or whatever else – the

only meaning is to lift up earth and it’s people BY A CLEANSING PROCESS TO A HIGHER LEVEL OF VIBRATION OF CONSCIOUSNESS, that we are finally able to live in dignity and peace and int he picture and parable of God….the seed of light wants to break free…”(p41)

Didn’t I hear this before? „baptism of light” and „consciousness shift” is part of the same old lie of a new age of the snake and its satanic followers….so I have suspect HEB’s Christ is truly Lucifer, sold here to Jews and Christans as their salvation.

After this more than obvious part, HEB is just getting more blatant as he turns then to what he sees a „problematic spiritual interpretations”. First he writes very clever that the laws of God and Gospel should guide us in testing if we hear a voice from more lightful regions of higher beings, he even warns against channeling with refering to Paul that this fight is not against flesh „but against evil spirits in high places”, and then placing a „keep at my word” from Moses and a „Jesus said: ’Who keeps my word is who loves me’ and ’Who does the will of my father is who loves me’”(p45).

Not much later HEB writes what in is eyes is needed „to distinguish what comes from God and what from HIS enemy” (sic):

Here and in all pure distinction is needed: the light of the pure consciousness, led by a transcendental consciousness and the revealed word of God.”…”If the Word of God is missing, the compass misses it’s needle, which leads us to north, if we miss the consciousness, then the word of God is without foundation! That is why it is written ’the letter kills, but the spririt makes alive’. The letter which kills is the DOGMATIC FUNDAMENTALISM, who misses every whatsoever self knowledge. It misses, Spirit, Soul and Knowledge”.(p55)

At the same time he warns: „the promise of Salvation is no blanco cheque. Jesus gave his blood and life for it. WE WANT TO BE WORTHY FOR THIS SACRIFICE! We want to contemplate and watch ourselves IN THE MIRROR OF SELF-KNOWLEDGE and see, how much do we lead a life after God’s will? (p46)

Mr.Benedikt, worthy is just the Lamb (rev 5,12).

And planting in this context the following:

there is no doubt about it that we live in times of decrease. The shadows of the

past are coming back. NATIONALISTIC, FUNDAMENTLISTIC, YES DEMONIC TENDENCIES, which we thought we would have overcome since long, come in and let us frighten.(p48)

So clearly HEB has identified his enemy.

After HEB, everybody, who wants to come to God, has to go the way of cleaning himself…(green line 53).

„’Thy Reich may come, Thy will be done, as in Heaven so on Earth’ – doesn’t this mean, that we are called and called to duty to establish His empire here below on Earth after the above picture and parable? It is His will, that we become co-creators and workers at the establishment of the empire of peace, unity and brotherhood of all life in God on Earth” (p56f.)

Sounds pretty masonic – doesn’t it? HEB also using the Hermetic slogan „As above, so below”. One page later he judges is own writing:

do you like to eat soup which contents just a drop of sewage? (p58),

„poison and medicine results in poison, truth and lie results in lie” (p58),

„we form our own soul and our own destiny…heaven an hell is what we form inside of us” (also on p58).

In the next part of his long introduction HEB distinguishes between „nature religions” and „high religions”. For him „nature religions” are „demonic cults which have to be avoided”. The „high religions” are Hinduistic traditions including spiritual Yoga, Buddhism, Taosim, Konfuziansim, teaching of Zarathustra, Old-Egyptian religion, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, because they all belief in „all world and life originating from one spriritual beeing, there is a first mover, a way of salvation and an ethical codex which is seen as their center and essential fundament”(p64) .

Then he divides at the „high religions” between „teachings of wisdom” and „religions of revelation”, to the last belonging Jewish, Christian, Islamic beliefs and Zoroasm. They would come direct from God.(p64) And God would have chosen one direct mediator: „Jesus Christ , the annointed king of Israel, the word of God” (p65), but doesn’t hesitte to menition that - concerning the origin and possibility of salvation from human suffering - Buddhas teaching of the 4 higher truths would „surely” be „an absolute true teaching”(sic)(p66). After HEB Jesus Christ is not just prophet or „master of spiritual life” but also „judge and redeemer of the world”(…), because the Father has given Him power to „awake to eternal life the dead in case they became WORTHY OF HIM”(66). (sic)

After HEB the verse „nobody comes to Father, but through me” this sentence is not to be understood as expression of an elitarian approach of Christian institutions towards other believers”…but Jesus would be „the fundament for the (farmer: for HEB self-) salvation of mankind, no matter which religion they belong to. He stands above the religions. More than condemnable is the practice of making a devil out of Buddha or Krishna in FUNDAMENTAL, CHRISTIAN circles”(66).

HEB recommends to have a cleared conscioussness to receive the false Christ:

„Regarding the coming of the Christ we have to leave behind all traditional stuff and get totally rid from the forms of thought and life of the current world.”(71)

We are created in purity, but with our ignorance we collected thick walls of unpurity and debt” (73)

„The false basis will be broken up and broken into pieces”.(74)

Like above, so below. The new heaven and it’s messengers are already herefirst seeded in little amounts, who is ready, can receive. What’s true int he little, is true also int he bigger picture…before the new can develop, the old has to be taken away first. That’s why Isaiah saw the fall of Lucifer first…only who is able to leave behind the old, can get saved, who is keeping to the old ways, will cease with them…. „(75)

Referring to Nikodemus again he says „…it means that we should wake up in Holy Spirit and the spiritual spark of Christ in us should start to lead us.”(76) Again he names, now for the third time Gorbatchev as herald of the coming changes, together with the „growing confrontation between, Jews, Christians and Muslims”

„The inner opening and catharsis is the condition for re-birth in Spirit and this is law for the whole mankind and also for the earth (sic) …also planets, suns and stars have to go through metamorposis, crisis and initiation processes (sic) from this sight, where we can see that earth is standing before a higher-graduation of its spiritual field or life center, the return of Christ can be compared with spiritual baptism or crucifiction of the earth…collective the whole mankind to be born again…cleansing process…” (76)

here will follow a part on Teilhard de Chardin and Philip K.Dick,(still to come)

The introduction closes: "God wants and will establish again a living source of spiritual power, where He Himself will live in His Glory and will give power, blessing, light, knowledge, wisdom, leading through a line of spiritual masters of his choice. Because he will re-establish the temple from the ancient times and RE-INTRODUCE the therein guarded heritage of life…its pillars will be pillars of light and they will stand in purified human souls who do not move as they are called to this duty by the Lord himself. (p77)

So after HEB the coming of Christ will be at the same time a luciferian mass-initiation party for members of all kinds of religion and cults, with a spiritual master to receive the guests at the top. What we have to understand under the mentioned „heritage of life” that after HEB is going to be introduced will be explained in the following parts, but let me tell so much here: I was very much surprised to find here a ritual I should just have expected

II. The three secrets of God’s plan of salvation: the fall, golgotha and final judgement

In the first chapter after the introduction HEB tries to draw a line between the fall of men, golgotha and the final judgement. He writes that contrary to the Christian theology inherited and personal sin and the sacrifice of Jesus to die for this sin, we should ask ourselves if this can be true, as the world is still in such an unredeemed state and so many wars have been fought by the church in the name of God . Here HEB writes, that the „Spirit of Christ” and „the light of his heritage” is missing (p81) ….again this heritage…what might this be and why does this chapter with a sequence of the Last supper? We will come back on that…in the following part HEB writes about the need to produce good deeds and fruit and that JESUS’ DEATH 2000 YEARS AGO CANNOT BE A GARANTY FOR OUR REDEMTION OR OUR SALVATION, if we do not try to achieve it (sic)- the three pillars of salvation (sic) are a life in following God, OWN TRYING (to recognize oneself) and the grace of God (p83).

After HEB the words of the end of the world or endtimes refer to a drowning of „degenerated parts of the culture” and the dying of a false „I” and transformation of our „lower nature”, a process that is often depicted as „THE RISING OF THE PHOENIX OUT OF THE ASHES”….that is the precondition for the new era of light and peace, this is what they call „messianic world empire” or „golden age” which will come out of the dust of the old. (p84)

We can see how much HEB is mixing the „Christian” and „New Age” expressions and forms out of it his „Christian Rose-Crucian”-Philosophy.


And he warns:

If we do not understand the laws of karma and reincarnation, we will not be
able to understand neither the Holy Scripture, nor the prophets, nor the mystery of Golgotha, nor the meaning of the final judgement, nor our own constitution or our way to salvation in its true context.” (

This is just ridiculous as he some pages before (80), he writes that a normal man asks himself „what he would have I to do with Adams sin and why should another man’s sin bring a shadow over my life?” (p80). But using now karma and reincarnation he is able to plant a sin-consciousness into people for sins they allegedly commited in their „past lifes”.

That’s why the interview (see post one) with a former member of his group is titled "Suddenly I realized, that I had killed God

dark tendencies of his past lives start to rise and begin to manifest themselves”…HEB writes of the task of the disciple is to identify them as parts of his „lower nature” and „to overcome them with his love”. „Discipline is unexpendable” to keep them under control, not to let them break out…(p268).

This is not salvation, this is outer purity through own works.

the ex-insider tells us.:

„He could us make feel bad for things that we didn’t even have done.”

He (farmer: HEB) related the fears, neuroses and problems of which the people told him, back to bad deeds of the past, i.e. of past lifes…also at home those topics didn’t give me a rest, because it was always about guilt. I had the feeling that I had many „dead corpses in the cellar” from the past lives, about which I did not knew until then. But I learned that they had to be there, because there were the therefrom resulting problems and fears. By the time I was more and more fearful, depressed and frustrated….” („Interview Burgstaller/Schaaf p2-3)„

He even goes so far to proclaim that Jesus said, that the people who crucified Jesus are reincarnated today(p263), to have a chance to see what they have done when Jesus returns and understand the graveness of their alleged deeds. So HEB takes away the inherited sin of Adam, and replaces it with bad karma of a former incarnation to explain verses like Psalms 51,7: „I am born in sin, I already have been in sin, when my mother begot me”. (see also 87, see also 97)

HEB then follows his path by explaining different types of incarnations, among other by the help of Kabbalah and the Egyptian Book of Death. I go on with page 94, where HEB near a Euromed-type logo explains that on judgement day the „old snake” will be bound and „Following the judgement and its period of testing and returning on the good path follows an era collective renewal…”our bad karma-fruits from resisting Gods will of the last aeons” and with this to „resurrect in our truly godly nature” (p94). Sorry this is not what I have been told. He time for repentance is now! Better do not wait, because on judgement day it might be just too late, but the devil will be happy to take with him some confident souls who belief the stuff of guru Benedikt. just a moment Mr Benedikt, are you telling me on judgement day there will be still plenty of time to repent? Or even that is the reason for judgement day that we can repent for our sins. (sic)

Benedikt speaks of re-installation of a kingdom of peace. In contrast to a kingdom from Heaven or to the „Christian” time of the last 2000 years (he calls it „occidential history”) of „occupation, wars, crusades, inqisition, brutality and ignorance” he is refering with this to an alleged „unforgotten” time of peace in Atlantis with godsent priestkings and sons of god (sic) The Center of the Reich would consist of 7 temples built after „the image and parable of the zodiak”, after the „Heavenly man Adam Kadmon” (95f).

III.. origin and pre-history of humanity and

IV. origin and way of the evil

Of course the next chapters offer a brilliant possibility for HEB to introduce more of his Kabbalah ideology and he starts with an Original Point leading to „Adam Kadmon” /Shiva/ Brahma/ Amun-Re/Elohim/the Old of Days” and in the end of times everything leading back to it. I do not want to get into it. (102) He continues to describe alleged temples in the garden of Eden with a „sun-temple” where the „first and last demiurg of the world had his throne seat”.(104) „all gods and sons of god stood in the service of the Highest, but they also were spiritual centers of the- produced as later seedings - -armies of light and souls. They also were the ancient teachers of mens' souls and peoples. By collecting the peoples around themselves the sons of god formed the original temples and initiation places” (Sic)(105)…”all later temples, in India, Egypt and also Israel were formed after this original”. (117)

These temples are in heavenly realms. The first super-holy place on earth was after HEB the center of the state: „a temple and two pyramids on a high-plain, the Enoch built city of the golden doors around it”.(118) around it six other temples (to fit with HEB’s kabbalah) with initiative schools of mysteries where the people would also learn levitiation, the sons of god helped to grow plants and to control animals with the power of the mind and to help mankind in its evolutionary path back to the home of the father after lucifers fall.(118) The priests of these temples were pure bearers of the godly light and had to take care about the eternal wisdom of god (kabbalah, gnosis and theosophy)”(sic)(119). And then comes another hint:

„In the center of the temple service and temple community stood the celebration of the love meal. Like Jesus with his disciples, also the High Priest in these days was sitting around the stonetable and holding the Last Supper. This celebration was the heart of the spiritual life and was holy above all.” (119)

12 disciples and Jesus sitting around the table…this is a major hint, as we shall see soon.

HEB continous with other theosophical secrets that he might just have grabbed out of Alice Bailey’s or Blavatky’s works: „India and Antlantis are the birthplaces of almost every people, languages and religions” (122). One of the lines proceeding the Atlantean heritage of „Mu” – „the godly empire” is after HEB our occidential tradition („with the heritage of Israel”) (122). That we have so little information about these time, was after HEB „the will of God to conseal this until the time of His return in front of the public”(124), „It was the „seer’s gifts and intuitive vision of unique talents, who brought back the memory of Atlantis back from the debth of forgotteness: Plato’s State, The State of God by Augustine and EDGAR CAYCE’ Readings touch the hiden (occult) roots of those thingsvery different….(125)

making him – HEB – definitly a big messenger of God for the endtimes. Kind of John the baptist or maybe our stout fellow is longing for even more? He mentions some „big initiates and bearer of the godly light and ancient teachers of mankind: Set, Henoch, Thot, Orpheus, Hermes (Trimestegos), SANTKUMARA (farmer: the top-SATAN guy from Alice Baileys ascended master list), Dattatreya, Dakshinamurti." (p124).

HEB writes about the coming times, as it was before – of a vegetarian life form and mentions falsely Kain as the first butcher. Wasn’t it Abel who offered meat and Kain who offered from the fruit of the fields?

But HEB goes on to write his occult bible version, he still is at the times of Noah, where HEB writes „Sodom and Gomorrah. are nothing else then visions from these times given to Abraham through the three angels of Marmre” (129) and he is able to detect it’s stamp in todays „many crazy ideas, ideological concepts …until the ones of the Third Reich”(129) (Hello, Mr Benedikt, where took Hitler his ideas from, please read Mrs. Cumbeys book). The sons of Noah (as Noah is a high priest initiator of a new spiritual life and a „new initiational world tradition”(132))” the roots of very different inititaion traditions and spiritual schools”(132) („They were like three river ends… the start of the differenciation of the one light and heritage into three fateful traditions 142) Is it any wonder that the EUROMED-LOGO painted in blue fits the description of three riverends as cultures around the mediteranian?...

the landing on the mountain Ararat, the biblical hint for the fact that the

region at the foot of the Caucasian mountains, which concts the Black Sea with

the Caspic Sea, the cradle of of the postdivulalian mankind, especially of the

occidential people… the european type of man, named also the caucasian type…the nucleus of the future mankind” (SIC)(p”142)

Other kind of races which do not belong here are after HEB: Toltecs, Mongols, Drawids, African and Australian nature tribes, Atztekes, Maya, Inka ans Indios, Chinese, Korean, Japanese (p144). Later he adds other stuff like

after the old testament it is Mizrajim, second son of Ham, the founding father of Egypt and the giver of its initiation culture. In the esoteric tradition Mizrajim is known as Horhotep…Highpriest of the Highest God….reawakening the mysteries of Enoch-Thot-Hermes. After him Heliopolis, Buto and Aydos(Osiris holy place) become cultic places (146-147)”…and as the three semitic religions – the Jewish, Christendom and Islam, included Greek Gnosis and philosophy, go finally back to the Egyptian Glory…” (147)

And then came Babel…and again HEB uses even the words of Jesus to tell his readers that it is the intolerant fundamentlists who will have a problem –

Where we are alieniated of God and ourselves, we speak and have arguments without meeting each other…move on the ways of weird imaginations and ideas. Language and religion are no longer rooted in the directness of inner realization and experience, but in speculative spirit of our crazy ego. We beat each other on the basis of clever theological imaginations and ideologies, which become dogmas, instead of drinking out of the source of spiritual experience and direct revelation of God. And such is it until today, because: ’words kill, but the spirit makes alive’” (156f)

And he goes on to proclaim that the MEANING of Babel was, that:

the spirit of their religion got lost. This led to a changing and mutilation of their message…so came about the Jewish belief in a turning away from its Egyptian roots, and the Christanity as junction from the belief of Israel…every believers community has created its own theology so that ’nobody could understand the language of the other’” (p158).

Or in the next chapter he writes even more obvious that he sees fundamentalism as a fruit of the sin of Babel (sic): He writes about actual conflicts like the ones in Jugoslavia or between Palestinian and Israeli: „In all these conflicts comes again to a breaking out, the hate, which started to enflame between the peoples at the building of the tower of babel. Ethnical, nationalistic and religious conflicts from the heritage of Nimrod spark again and endanger to set the world on fire once again.” (p195)

After HEB „Israel sinned in turning away from the „heritage of JHWH” and giving sacrifice to Babel, but the other peoples sinned in not accepting the „witness of the light”

HEB writes further that in Babel will be built a temple for the „godlessness” and will be payed tribute to „evil”, and such Babel becomes the house of demons and the unclean spirits (HEB referring to rev.18,2) (p199). (So HEB does not expect the AC to sit in a temple in Jerusalem but in Babel/Tyrus!!) („In Babylon started the way of evil, in Babylon it will find its end” (p204))

So HEB puts the building of the tower of Babel and Gods punishment as one and the same event! And I thought it was the Lord, with being angry about the arrogance of the people of Babel that caused a fair building stop and the confusion of languages, so the punishment was in no way a big falling away from questionable spiritual roots, but a punishment for man searching God in himself. So how much of a logic is this step of HEB please? He makes this as it helps him to give a cause his plan for luciferian initiation and unification party, he assures us there is still hope: „Only the spiritual tradition of the East seems able to comprehend all theological systems in its universality, to revive it out of its spirit and to bring it back to their original unity” (p158).

And together with this will be a final kicking out of fundamentalist believers, portraied as Nimrod’s heritage:

Truly these painful antagonisms of religious confessions will be just overcome with the apocalyptical new revelation of JHWH in the days of his return and the lost spirit of unitity of all religions will be restorated by the baptism of mankind in the flow of living God-experience. Then Gnosis and universal theosophy will replace hardened dogmatism. (158)

For HEB Saddam Hussein is the empersonated spirit of Babel, the return of the spirit of Babel, as he is „nationalistic” and „fundamentalistic” (the book came out in 2004) an so „a new will for peace clashes with rigid nationalistic and ethnical doctrines, the new awakening spirituality with fundamentalistic slogans and a re-blooming spirit of universality with a particularism that produces egocentrical, new dividings. The powers of light and darkness for poles and prepare for their last marching.” (196)

Already in hs Kabbalah book HEB made clear: "We decide for God or for the World"(k1, 195) and For HEB "unity" means "God" and "World" = "polarity". after this logic, fundamentalist believers become followers of the world and the seekers of One-world religion become Holy men.

HEB writes that „who is just seeing the polar(ised) world, just finds its nature mirrored in it and thinks its qualities are the qualities of himslelf. He is blind for the reality of godly exictence – also in himself. (p176), which again points to his clever way of selling us unity as the way to godly peace and security and everybody who resists (t)his way is to be declared evil opponent and creater of bad dualism. HEB writes, that „the basis for the future salvation was laid in the mysteries of Egypt, the choosing of Israel and the mission of Jesus” (178).(sic)

Of which Jesus is HEB speaking here?

So after HEB:

Babel ------------------------Jerusalem

Satan’s heritage ----------------------------- Christ’s heritage

Sons of darkness ----------------------------------sons of light

tree of knowledge -----------------------------------tree of life

tree of death ----------------------------------------- tree of life

fundamentalism ---------------------------------------spirituality (sic)

particularism---------------------------------------------------------- universality

dualism------------------------------------------------ unity

nationalism ----------------------------------- international peace order

goats------------------------------------------------------------------------- lambs

beast (AC) ----------------------------------------------- Messiah of Israel and Shekina (p.198)

Bible believers----------------------------The ones who „know” the „true meanings”

Could it be more obvious that we have here nothing else than a satanic bible version in front of us? HEB tries to sell the mystery religion of Babylon as the original true teaching of God and Gods message of salvation as the path of Babylon!

So until here HEB is proclaiming a REVOLUTION against the traditional world system of nations leading to a global world religion with the renewal of the ancient practices and rites of Atlantis and the appearance of their false Christ. That’s why he needs his Jerusalem Peace Plan. Babel will be exterminated, that is whart gives HEB the legimitation of killing the true fundamentalist believers and to sell it even as the best thing for the world to happen! But before this will happen, HEB promises the big time of testing „for the elect” and he even mentions the mark of the beast (quoting rev. 14, 9-10) but without commenting it further here, nor in the rest of the book, and just unitl the point when the nation(alist)s led by the „sons of darkness” want to annahilate Jerusalem (after HEB’s imagination fundamentalist Arabs and other extremist fundmentalist worldwide), then HEB’s JHWH will step down from Heaven and annahilate Babel and its leader, with one hand moving (HEB refering to Daniel 2,34.45/8,25).

This would then point to a coming war to be expected in the Middle East (probably before 2012) that would lead to big changes in Jerusalem/ on Temple Mount and leading to the sounding of the trumpet and establishing of the third temple for the appearance of the false Messiah designed after HEB’s imagination.

V. history of thought of the occident

In his next chapter HEB speaks about the promise of God which still waits for fulfillment. He talks about Melchizedek, Mount Moriah and God’s convenant with Abraham. („with this he prepared the souls of Israel a body, that they can incarnate…”(p210) „with the twelve sons of Jakob and their children the body of Israel was divided into 12 tribes after the picture of the Heavens (Zodiak), in which the original heavenly origin of Israel is also visible in its embodyment in flesh.” (p211)

After HEB the Egyptian wife of Joseph was „Asnat”, the daughter of Poti-Phe-Ras, Highpriest of On (later Heliopolis) (Geneis 41,45), the main temple of sun-God Ra. „In all this we see Egypt in a short phase of real fear of God and correct working temple tradition” furthermore is the spiritual connection between Joseph an Asnat essential in its meaning for the slow transformation of god’s heritage and mysteries of ISIS and ISRAEL from the Egyptian people to the Hebrews! (Also Joseph is a reincarnation of a huge priest and pharao of the ancient Reich)” (p212) „the souls of Israel, who come „from the other side” („ivri”- farmer: HEB pointing here to a alleged root of Hebrew) of the flood had had incarnated during the time after the flood in Egypt, now collected themselves in the people of the Hebrews...later they have to pay for their sins, done in Sodom and in the peoples body of Egypt, in the body of Hebrews under the Egyptians”(214) farmer: so incarnated on both sides in both teams, both as punisher and punished at the same time???

„Egypt, the first to inherit the heritage of Enoch and Noah, became a true pillar of light after the flood, a high castle of initiation and gnosis and the guard of „the flame of the occident”. In its best time, we can refer to Egypt as a theocracy. Hardly any people after the flood had such a deep vision of God and real mystical view of the spiritual world than the Egyptians.”(238) „…even Jesus spent some time in Egyptian temples…” (239)

„Then God awakened Moses. This was just a few years after the last fall of Egypt at the time of Amun Hotep and Tut Ench Amun, where also the „LIGHTSTONE” of the temple was hidden. Moses growing up at the court of Pharao, was initiated into the myseries of Egypt. His years of apprentice he spent – how could it be otherwise – in the temple of ON. ” …Later when he spent his time as pastor, disciple and son-in-law with the wise priest-king Jethro in Midian he was initiated into the chaldean spiritual tradition…” (p215)

(…and like Noah took with him the Holy arc (of the convenant) in the back of the Arc (farmer:???sic!), now Moses took the lightstone, which was hidden in the days of Tut-Ench-Amuns after the final downfall of the temple of Karnak in shafts under the earth. Segola, a priestess of Egypt had led Moses to there.”(p217)

The story of Segola takes Benedikt from „Christian” medium Anna Katharina Emmerich, a lady that also had immense influence on Mel Gibsons „the Passion”-film. After this story Segola, Moses Aaron and three other Hebrews took out of two grave hills (near the pyramids) a coffin, containing a golden box with the holy lightstone. (A.K.Emmerich: Die Geheimnisse des Alten Bundes, p.141-145). The lightstone is also what HEB refers to as „Shekina”, the „Glory of God”, from then on beeing with the Israelites (with the bones of Joseph in the arc of the convenant), such burying „the Egyptians under the waves of the Red Sea similar to the Sodomites in the days of Noah”(218).

More about this special LIGHTSTONE later…

HEB continues that Israel later closed its heart (remember the Pharao?) and until now totally dependend on a „blind interpretation of the Word, will finally receive the Holy Spirit, to see the light behind the Torah. This will be int he days of the endtime, wenn Michae will fight for his people (Dn 10.13-13) Because: The Word is dead, but the spirit is who makes alive” (Paul)” (220) So again HEB is -by the help of the Bible- critisising believers who believe in the Word of God to the letter and contrasting them with false-spirit filled followers of the mystery religions as the ideal to follow.

Then HEB writes aout David and Salomon and the building of the first temple and of course he has to mention the masonic Hiram Abiff: „In fact Hiram Abi is one oft the big figures of the old convenant, whom – similar to Melchizedek- just a few lines are reserved….Melchizedek is made by God to a basic pillar of the temple of Israel. Hiram is his representative in this world ; a sage, priest and mason – a master in the line of Imhotep…”(225)

And he mentiones the Shekina as a cloud in the temple (1.Kings 8,10, 2.Chr. 11a,13b) and that everything could have been so good with Israel as kingdom o priests and holy people „bringing the light of the heritage of JHWH from Jeusalem out to the world at which JHWH could have gloriefied himself.” But because of Salomon this did not take place, as Salomon went behint Astarte, godess of the Sidonians and Milkom, the abomination of the Ammonintes. The Israelites went into the Babylonian exile and with it parts of the temple, just not the arc of the convenant which was hidden (again and just in time). HEB writes that Jerimiah went to the mountain and place where Moses died (mountain Nebo)and found a cave where he brought the tent, the arc and the altar for the burned offerings to and sealed the entrance. HEB refers then to the apocryptical script of Macchiabaeans (2.macc2.4-8). Also A.K. Emmerich is used again: (the sacred of Egypt wasn’t in the arc anymore when it went to Nebo, Jeremiah wanted to give it to the people, but Maleachi stopped him and took it with him and through him it went to the Essenes just to be right back on Judgement Day, for the fear of everybody who misused it. HEB p 229, Emmerich pp152-154)

HEB: „Abraham received from Melchizedek the secrets of the grail and the Eucharestie, Moses brought from Egypt the arc, from Jethro in Midian he got the rod …the Hebrews are the spiritual inheritants of Egypt (needless to mention, these are the same souls reborn as children of Israel)” (p239)

VI. life and mission of Jesus on earth

Already in the chapter before HEB mentions „all the lines come together at Golgatha” (farmer: place of the skulls) and a spear that allegedly „went through the heart of Jesus” (p242). So is there still hope HEB will at least confess the meaning of the deed of Jesus? To give short answer: No, he doesn’t.

Like Isis, mother of Horus and Devaki, mother of Krishna, received Maria the spiritual seed of the line of David in inmakulate, virgin purity by the Holy Spirit”(245).

Together with Jesus, came like a twin soul of Elijah, the prophet, who ascendated to Heaven, back to earth…: John” (245)

The Scripture gives little account about the time between his 12th and 30th year, it doesn’t mention those 18 years in the consciousness that this time for the understanding of the mission of Jesus is not important during the time of Pisces, starting about his time of birth. But in the coming years of the beginning age of Aquarius the veil will be lifted step by step” (here HEB very much Blavatsky/Bailey and he „knows” that Jesus was in Egypt (Theben and Luxor and Heliopolis and the pyramids) as well as in India, Persia and Chaldea, because the seer („inspired by the Spirit of God”) Ousley wrote it so.(247)

He took from his deep vision and was against the deformation of religious reports” (248)

„He communicated with the highest powers in Heaven” (248)

In Kf’ar Nachum (Kapernaum) at the See Genazareth he revealed himself to a wise elder from the Essenes community nearby…he also revealed him that he was the Messiah and explained him the secrets of the arc of the convenant” (248)

„And when Jesus says ’nobody comes to the father, but through me’, then this does mean „…but through the one who was sent to him by the father’..such a godsent master is the medium or agent of God’”(249).

Farmer: And HEB is a change agent for a changed bible version in a new age world for everybody who wants to sell his soul to a false messiah.

Jesus knew that John was the embodyment of his former incarnation of prophet Elijah. Also had he – as the most self-realized souls- knowledge about his earlier births and knew that he had been as Elisa the first disciple and spiritual inherent of Elijah” (249) (sic)

„…It is the transformation of the charisma of the old convenant to the future messianic king of Israel. Thats why in the illumination of Jesus on the mountain Tabor appeared Moses and Elijah in an aura of light”(250)

Is anybody surprises that Heinrich Elijah Benedikt contains „Elijah/Elijahu” in his name?

Then he come to „the passion of Jesaus and the mystery of Golgotha”, which after HEB is unfortunately not that Jesus died for our sins so that we are saved by his blood, but to show „three foundations” (works, brotherly love and eucharestie) that would lead to self-salvation of mankind during the age of aquarius, when „also Kaiaphas will be reincarnated on earth during the time of the arrival of the Lord” (263). Jesus himself as the „incarnation of the godly light” (265)

No word of Jesus who came to die for your sins and was raised at the third day that we may be free and saved by his blood! In opposite:

He knew that the salvation of the souls was not done with his death at the cross, but now they could win salvation through own wrestling” (270) (sic!)

(The last part of his sixth chapter HEB dedicates to an exurs, where he compares the leading Sanhedrin, Kaiphas and the Levites of the time of Jesus with extremists like the war-mongering Muslims „all over the world who call for a Jihad, a Holy War(274), but they sure enough will have to meet their judge („the one on whose name they are baptised, may it be Moses, Jesus or Mohammed. Therein works without difference the undividable justice of the Allmighty”. (275))

VII. the time of Gods silence and the spreading of the gospel

„With the begin of the times of Pisces comes the socalled „Christ-impuls” into the world und awakens by the time a new conciousness in the occidential people” (276)

Then HEB develops a clever plot: First he critizises the Christian churches for institutionlizing into a dogma and accuses them for their replacement theology and such nutrising antisemitism and giving help to the rise of Islam, but then defending the differences of the three beliefs:

„A true believer is never someone who follows a certain dogma or an ideology, but someone who sanctifies his heart and life for God…divion is not known to him” (281-282)

And then:


This is a correct sentence, but the way HEB seesand means it: the believers of the monotheistic faiths will be the ONLY ONES TO BE JUDGED (FOR THEIR SEPERATION AND FUNDAMENTALISM (sic)). This can be seen in his following paragraph (very clever):

„…Out of the root of Abraham developed a dissonant trio of dogmatic groups of belief, and their unforgiveness formed and ruled the whole panorama of world history. Jewish faith, Christendom and Islam became the unredeemed inheritage of Shem, Japhet and Ham.” (282).

And he continous: „And how generous and universell is the spirit of India, unifying so many different spritual ways and confessions….they are even able to include Moses, Christ and Mohammed, alone the three brothers from the root of Abraham are not able to find to each other and are NOT WILLING TO GIVE UP THEIR SOLE APPROACH TO SALVATION AND TRUTH” (282) …”for God there are no Jews, Christians nor Muslime, nor man nor woman, just a new man” (282) (sic)

Then, after the horrors of WW2 and „the damokles sword of a nuclear holocaust” came Gorbatchev and everybody had hope, but unfortunately sonn after him came to „rise again the archaic patternof nationalistic and fundamentalistic colour, overshadowing the light of hope for a era of freedom, unity and brotherhood with their intolerancy and aggression.”nobody wants to drink out of the well of spiritual knowledge” (285) The masses will not have to wait for a new „Führer figure” for too long.” (285)…a ruler from the abyss…from days long ago, who will give then the world what it demands”.(286) The falling away will come first…the son of perdition…will sit in the temple and does as if he is God” (286) (284) „ HEB also wrotes about Hitler– „a pre-form of the antichrist”. and „like his Third Reich of seven years” (farmer: the war time 39-45? But Hitler rose to power already in 1933 ) and midwife of the state of Israel he will rise from the abyss with a „spreading world empire for 3,5 years”„he will help to create the promised peace empire of God on earth. LIKE PHOENIX OUT OF THE ASHES, THE NEW JERUSALEM AND THE NEW EARTH WILL BE BORN OUT OF THE TRASHES OF THE OLD WORLD AND THE PAINS OF ITS END. The creation of he state of Israel in 1948 is the first absoulute sign of the return of Christ” (p286) clever, clever HEB.

As other signs HEB mentions futher

- the war of 1967

- the downfall of the Bolchewism and the USSR.

- MiddleEast Peace initiative of Oslo kicked of by Gorbatchev’s changes, with Jerusalem at its center

And he even writes about the 70 weeks of Daniel 9, 24-27 and the confirming of the convenant! (289) He also writes that the seven weeks mean seven years (290) and the meaning of the 7 times of 69 years, starting with the decree of Cyrus and Jesus as the „annointed”, follow by a uncounted time of „silence” and „exile of Israel”, convenant of the AC for seven years and breaking it after threeandhalf years and establishing a „abomination of the desolation”. He even mentions the two witnesses („they already live among us and are preparing their souls for their big mission”(p340)) and a „escape of the queen of heaven into the desert” (revelation 12) (farmer: more to this figure in the next chapter),

The false-peace of palestine and the arab countries with Israel under the pressure of the UN points to the way to there” (291). „ the same time we see the rising polarisation of the powers of light and of the powers of darkness and in the middle of this suspense area God creates OUT OF HIS SEVEN CHURCHES OF THE FALLEN SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF ZION (rev. 1-3) THE MESSIANIC HERALDS OF THE NEW JERUSALEM” (291)

As a sign for the times of the Pisces HEB finally mentions „the meeting of East and West, as the unbroken spirituality of the East whats to give new life to the hardened religious heritage of the West- ex oriente Lux” (292)

VIII. the inner dimension of Christs return

Again Grorbatchev. For HEB he is the marker. Since „his government, exactly since the reactor accident of Tschernobyl a „new spiritual impuls” is at work” (293)

(farmer: oh yes HEB, I know about a spirit who is already at work…it is the spirit of the Antichrist, Benjamin Creme said about this time : „Christ – Matreya is now here”)

„During this time after the divine plan souls will be led (by the help of higher leading) to a competent teacher or to certain groups by which help they will finally find their way and their call”. (293)

The coming of Christ after HEB int he verse of revelation1, 4.7 (He comes with the clouds and every eye will see him) explains HEB with an „inner vision” „The word „he comes with the clouds” stands for the Shekinah, the Glory of God, which went with the Israelite in a form of a pillar of smoke. His Coming int he Clouds means a spiritual coming, a coming in which he will be visible for the souls in an inner vision” (p297). („This seeing… means… inner visions and spiritual experiences”(p298).

This will give again reason enough for HEB to start a big initiation party, for the ones who long to SEE Christ, and recommending them to accept a sign (of communion) in an intitiation rite or eucharestie on their right hand or face for the opening their third eye.

This is also an event that HEB decibes as an inner „rapture”, which brings us „not just into his light, but especially (in front of his cross) to Golgatha”, …described in the OT as „big day of the Lord”. (298). „This is before the finalizing of the judgement at judgement day” „This judgement – at least for a et time- is not a judgement, that sends to „eternal life” or to „eternal pain”. Moreover it wants to introduce first a process of return and inner transformation, where every rotten thing, even the most demonic shadow will be converted and destroyed in the river of love and grace of God”.(299) (sic)(Its a fire of purgatory, a fire of inner knowledge”)(301). I leave this chapter to what it is…

IX. signs of the endtimes

Here HEB goes into prophets and about the sense of their writings. He names Daniel and John as the „two oil trees in front of His throne(317). And „the messages of (the book of) revelation has attracted many people…some jumped on them in self-loving fascination and interpreted them in their own ways, other started to get panicked by them. At the root of this fear lies at one side the missing understanding of these messages and on the other side its missuse by different groups of Churches, Cults or Esoterics”(318) . Many of those who want to celebrate the return of Christ easygoing and in vain as a feast of light, will stay profoundly disabused. A lot of them belong to the ’false prophets’.” Again a clever move by HEB.

„Just a renrenewed man, purified, freed from all weight of sin and uncleaness is able to give birth to the spirit of Christ in his soul. So, there is need for a throurough transformation of man.” (321)

The „queen of heaven” from Revelaton 12 : „The woman in this vision means two things: first she embodies total real THE MOTHER OF THE GODLY CHILD, AN ANNOINTED ONE BY GOD?, WHO WILL BE BORN IN THOSE DAYS..(p322)

After HEB the „mistress of the Lord give birthto a child in during his days he will be reavealed as son of God” during the 42 months of Ac reign (sic) and will be „lifted to be king on earth …also in the Holy Scriptures of India(Puranas) is written about the arrival of this child and his godly mission. (340)

But already right after his birth,” the forces of darkness will try to kill the child – as it was with Moses and Jesus” and „the woman escaped into the dessert…”(341)

,…and second a symbol for the soul of the outgoing era of Pisces-Virgin, beeing pregnant with the fruit of this epoche and wants to give birth the era of Aquarius-Leo.


….the signatures of the coming times are aquarius and sun….birth of a SUNLIKE, CHRISTSOAKED MAN” (p322)

(farmer: „christsoaked” - HEB uses here the nonexistend word „durchchristet”)


We should fasten ourselves with deciceveness and ingnite the flame of faith in our heart, we should look up to the nightskies of the spiritual life, that the star of Bethlehem may lead our life. Then we will receive the bridgedom of our soul with joy” (p323)


Then HEB cites some pages out of the Bible from Daniel, Matthews 24, Luke 21, Revelation,

And comes back to the first signs: rumours of wars (in case you forgot it „downfall of the communist rulers (eastern block, sowjetunion”)(p329), „and sad enough still a lot of national and ethnical conflicts, it brews in the souls of the people, ethnical minorities in croatia, slowenia,…with the new freedom come to surface the old archaic shadows”(329), „Palestine, „the state of the Jews” and Jerusalem are at the focus of the international suspense…the three western confessions Jewish religion, Christendom and Islam are at war whiich each other…this is the law of karma and reincarnation” (329-330)

Who will bring the world a new order and show a new way? And who are we ready to listen to? The Godsent or more to the clever snakes, who smell their chance in this critical times?”(330)

„All these changes happen in front of the backfround of growing ecological damages and climate changes” (HEB points here to rev. 4-6).

And then some more GAIA philosophy:

the whole cosmos is a living entity. Every star, the sun and also our earth have a soul in a living spirit. All is interconected. Once every smile goes around the world. Who touches a , flower, touches the stars, and who picks it , changes the universe.” (331)

„..also the sun reacts on our thoughts and feelings, words and deeds. Sun flecken and pertuberances are mainly caused by our life and acts here.”(331)

Then he talks about the 10 virgins and other parabels of Matthews 24 and 25, before turning to „the forty-two months”(335), where he tell about a time of convictions and testing for „all who belong to Jesus on paper or by inner faith”. The Reich of AC is described by HEB as a „reich of crazy ideology, false faith and a tyranny without hesitations” „He tries to attract all mankind and wants to force the people to say goodbye to their faith” (335) Then he writes down rev.13 and 14 almost completly and including a word at rev. 13,18:

„who has understanding, should try to count the (kabbalistic) number of the beast” (336)

HEB does is not pretrib midtrib or prewrath or anything like this he does not belief in an outter rapture, so „threeandhalf years of will come down to us, in which the Lord will test us throughoughly” (rev 2,23)

HEB mentions then the „desecration of the holy place and the „daily sacrifce” and the destruction of Jerusalem”and after citing Daniel:…”we have to understand Rome and also the Church and Jerusalem will be rolled over by the armies of the peoples” (338)

For HEB Rome is the scarlet whore. And more important:


Will HEB or Solana introduce a mass initiation party worldwide with center ont he temple Mount in Jerusalem in 2012.12.22 and then making world war with the saints, masquing it as fighting the „AC”- (a Muslim leader/false AC who sits into the temple in Tyrus/ Babylon and stops the HEB eucharestie rituals) and his armies plus the „fundamentalists off all colour” and with this destroying Rome, Babylon and Jerusalem and in between presenting a false holy Christ child??? For this he would have to start the confirming his peace plan at 22. June of 2009 (with this threeandhalfyears until his mass initiation). This is 13 months from 22 of May 2008, the day of the EUromed night of dialogue and the presenting of the 12 plus one chrystal skull in a circle at the same night in the Indiana Jones film release worldwide? Did you know that in some catholic countries this was the day they celebratated 2008 MAY 22 "THE DAY OF CORPUS CHRISTI" (?!) LINK:

HEB: „when fortytwo months are over, ’the end will come’ (Mt. 24.14) so proclaimed it Jesus his disciples: ’when you will see standing the abomination of the desolation’…The proclamaiton of this ’end’ is the dramatic final of this painful threeandhalf years, a powerfull breakthrough of the judgement of God over our earth…the great and disastrous day of the Lord…the old world will get his death stab” (343)

The signs heralding this „final judgement

- desecration of the sanctuary

- erection of a abomination at a holy place

- armies arriving at Armageddon

- sudden end of the king of the north (=beast=antichrist) with a flood

- threeandhalfyears fake death of the two witnesses and earthquake in Jerusalem and Middle East

- seventh trumpet

- seventh cup of wrath” (334)

„Mankind desecrated earth, overstepped the Godly order and turned the law upside down.” (Isaiah 24,5) (347)

After the appearance of the sign of Christ (the cross of Jesus) int he sky, visible for all the world and on the other side a collective rapture of the souls to the „throne of God” and the „judgement seat of the lamb” ….all souls and nation of the earth…

HEB recommends to take care of the hearts, „which bewares us from falling in the hour of testig: the conitnious exercises of all disciples, yogis and adepts are a must during the hard times”(357)

We still wait for the realization of the higher conscioussness and the responible mature ,which belong to the sign of aqarius…just the universal breakthrough of the „Christimpuls” can and will bring about the hidden possibilities of a brotherly and sisterly mankind unter the „united world government of god”. (360)

X. the finalisation of God’s secrets


Is about the twelve around one ...and the eucharestie.

Today in the news: "

"Ancient Tablet Ignites Debate on Messiah and Resurrection

Published: July 6, 2008, the article closes:

“His mission is that he has to be put to death by the Romans to suffer so his blood will be the sign for redemption to come,” Mr. Knohl said. “This is the sign of the son of Joseph. This is the conscious view of Jesus himself. This gives the Last Supper an absolutely different meaning. To shed blood is not for the sins of people but to bring redemption to Israel."

Same topic. To write Jesus did not die for our sins and giving the eucharestie a new meaning!
Back to HEB:

„selfless service, brotherly love and holy communion with the Most High – in the daily life they want to be expressed in foot washing, commandement of love and eucharestie – these are the THREE FOUNDATIONS of the way revealed by Jesus, where we experience blessing, joy in a spiritual life in peace and in unitiy of a spiritual community, which is based on the TRANSPERSONAL LIGHT OF THE COSMIC SUN OF CHRIST” (260)

No word of Jesus who came to die for your sins and was rised at the third day that we may be free and saved by his blood! In opposite:

He knew that the salvation of the souls was not done with his death at the cross,
but now they could win
salvation through own wrestling (270) (sic!)

The last Supper with his twelve disciples is a picture and parable for Adam Kadmon, the Man of Heaven in the circle of the stars of the Zodiac, an timeless symbol of the future spiritual communion in God. He, who is the THIRTEENTH as well AS THE MIDDLE OF THE CIRCLE, becomes the spiritual foundation and light of their life. He dies to rise IN them. Where a disciple died his own „I’ and has received the spirit of Christ in the holy eucharestie, it is not any longer the „I’, what lives in him, but Christ, the light of „Self”.(HEB, WC 259-260, emphasis by farmer)

„The realization of this union …is the heritage of Jesus to the future generations of mankind given in Last Supper. That this mission is not completed right after his death, but just in the days of his return we can read in the words of his prayer a sas High Priest, by which he completes his dinner of love with his disciples….”(260)

„This time is revealed in the symbol of the man with the water cup as the time of the sun moving into the house of the aquarius.”(261)

(farmer: remember „Javier Solana” meaning „sun(shine) in the new house”)

the stone of light

„the lightstone, which Set, the third son of Adam, took with him from the paradise, in which are alive the creative forces of God and from which originate redemption, salvation and eternal life, is the foundation stone of the new temple (of the new Jerusalem)…The lightstone is the seat of the power of God and the foundation of His glory, more: it is the juwel of His crone. As secret of the arc of the convenant it is the place of reign of the shekinah, the living glory of God living in the Most Holy of the temple” (363) It is the shining centre, the sun of the world. Because of it he temple was erected, based on this foundation all other stones of the temple will complete the building. First to follow are the twelve foundation stones, laid around in a circle, then all the other stones…The Messiah, the embodied heritage of JHWH to Zion and Israel is the foundation stone of the temple, the heart of the comunion of God. As highpriest and spiritual center of the temple and as guard and witness of the heritage he himself is the embodyment of the Holy Grail He is bread, light and wine of life. Like Isis is the bearer of the Holy Grail, and gives birth to the Godson Horus, so did Maria become a an arc of convenant with her virgin birth. And Jesus, Mashiach ben David is not just a reincarnation of Logos, but an embodyment of the „basis stone” of the world and of the temple of Israel” (363).

„That why it is written that the stone, which the builders have thrown away baceme the foundation stone (Ps. 118.22 (that is: the heritage, whicht formed the sacred center of the Holiest of Holy of the Temple as the „lightstone” from paradise and became decsecrated by rebellious pupils and disiples of the temple community)” (364)

The wings when spoke of the AoD??:

„’O Jerusalem, Jerusalem….How often would I gather thy children together, even as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings, and ye would not!’ (Mt 23,37)

HE who is the middle himself, the Holiest of the Holy of the temple, collects around himself the twelve basic stones of the temple destined by the Father for Him. Each of the apostels also should become the foundation stone of the twelve tribes of Israel and every of the twelve tribes the spiritual center for the last empires on earth.” (364)

The foundation stone refers to….”foundation of Zion in the spiritual world (in Heaven), also to the time before the foundation of the world until the flood, the founding of the temple of Isis in Egypt (which in it lighter, spiritual sense is also named Zion), to the foundation of the temple of Solomon, to Jesus Christ and mainly to the foundation of the stone int he new Jerusalem….also Peter and Paul tell that the souls coming to wisdom will be gathered around Christ and His disciples as the building stones of the temple…(1.Peter 1,18-20, 1.Peter 1,22-24, .1.Peter 2, 1-9, Ephesians 2,19-22)” (365)

Receive part of his light and life and so at light and life of JHWH. Just in this they truly become the twelve basic stones of the new Jerusalem. So the last supper becomes a pre-form of the New Jerusalem, and the eucharestie shows to the fulfillement of the heritage of Israel (given by Isis and Osiris), so the way to the tree of knowledge is completed, beeing the lifewire of the new Israel and the new Earth.” (368)

HEB refering to frev. 7,4-9:

„This vision shows the crystaline order of the souls in the light reich of the Holy City. The souls gather around the basic stone like salt molecules around the string of a saltsolution or like the c-atoms int he christal matrix of a diamant. The becoming the „salt of the earth” of the believers is the symbol of this crystalation process…” (370)

Ah, the Christians a the rebellious problemguys, right HEB?


„The last supper is symbol and parable of the Zodiak and the universal life. As the Zodiak, divides space into 12 fields of power and sectors, form the 12 disciples as representatives of the 12 aspecs of the cosmic man a circle around Jesus. The whole universe is the body of God or Adam Kadmon, The cosmic man, after whose and parable has been created the whole mankind. Macrocosm and MIcrocosm are one. Abobe and Below, inside and outside are one. Every soul is the mirror of the whole universe and a perfect mirror of His existence. As the cosmos is divided into twelve fields, so have also our soul and spirit twelve parts each….our heart is like a lotos with twelve Blütenblaettern AND A WHEEL WITH TWELVE SPOKES….”(372)

At the last supper the twelve disciples of Jesus sit around their master and he embodies the light of life, enlightening the world. ’I am the light of the world’ or as John puts it: ’The word is life and the life is the light of men’(John 1,4), JESUS REPRESENTS THE SUN OF THE COSMIC CHRIST, and the disciples embody the 12 aspects of the cosmic man. He is the heart, they are his parts, he is spirit, they are his body. The last supper is the symbol for unity. They are unified in Christ and through Him. Not personal imaginations and whishes creates unity among men, but his TRANSPERSONAL light and life….as long as we have not completed the unity of our our individual souls in God, love is a way to it. In the love, we leave behind everything what is personal, all I and me, you and yours, all dividing and melt together int he heart of life, in God (373).

To the picture "Last supper" of E.FUCHS in the book of HEB: (I will add more of it soon) Photobucket

(farmer asks his readers: DID YOU REALIZE THAT here "JESUS" AND THE DISCIPLES ARE ALL DEMONIC COPIES AND FORMS OF FALSE CHRISTS, is this the reason why he needed 30 years to complete his picture???)


„With the birth of Jesus was opened a new world year, and after having gone through the twelve stars signs in 25800 years it will close again with the re-entering of the sun at the same exit. Out of this vision and knowledge of the walk of the times He left us just before the end of His big mission on earth a wonderful picture, where he we his message especially expressed as a mission for the age of aquarius: the celebration of the Last Supper with his disciples..The Last supper forms the center- and the heart piece of the message of Jesus that we may find to love and brotherhood in the unity of light and communion of life, in which fulfill themselves sense and mission of life and human existence.Like the 12 disciples as Represenatives of the 12 aspects of the cosmic man gather around Jesus as the bearer of light of the one sun, so shall the people in turning towards God find their transpersonal foundation of their life sin and on the rock of inner light from which emanate just true loving for the next, brotherhood and real reason for community (look colour picture 78 b)” (K2, 568-569)

I have Nothing to write to the two last chapters XI. the inner way and
XII. about staying in the love, ethics and morals.

II. revealing Phrases from the Kabbalah books of HEB:

The book starts: „Father, Allah, Adonai, Elohim…Amin, Amen, Om” (K1,5)

And says it should be read as „a guide to develop our inborn godly nature” (K1,13) and that „the work is based on three pillars:

- personal experience (and guidance)

– partly of thousandyearold tradition and

different lectures, seminars, courses the author held durng the last year in at home and abroad. „ (lol) (K1,13)

and already on page 21 I find the word about the Kabbalah and the Holy Eucharestie (on Melhizedek giving Abraham „the secret ont he power of the word, the seven rays, and the laws of the universe and the soul as well as power and rite of the Holy Eucharesite, which late Jesus was to reveal his disciples as an act of communion with thw ’Word’ and the inner principle of the universal life (K1, 21)”

His introducion clses:

Kabbalah in its essence is not a teaching, but ’living bread of the spirit’. It flows out of the CORPUS CHRISTI, THE COSMIC CHRIST, IMMAN MADHI? BODHISATTWA or MESSIAH, at whom to take we all – may they be Jews, Christians, Hindus, Muslims, Red-Indians or Buddhists - are called.”(K1, 23)

Then HEB writes about the tradiotion and history of the Kabbalah, from which I just like to highlight the following about two lines: both lines find together and have its highlight and summit under „Isaak Luria, the big Ari. His work is the ground for BAAL SHEM TOW, founder of the Chassidism of Rabbi Nachman, the big seer and mystic, as well as for MAX MORDERCHAI THEON, THE TEACHER OF MADAME BLAVATSKY and the mother of ’auroville’, who also was the founder of the brotherhood of Luxor”. (K1, 28)

physical light is just a mirrored picture of the spiritual light, consciousness,…in it we recognize the sun,…the most perfect modell of God,…the Egytians praised the sundisc as embodyment of AMUN-RE, the highest sun-god, the Indians gave honour to Surya, the Greek sang to Helios, seat and origin of APOLLO.” (K1, 42)

As above so below: Hermes Trismegistos (K1, 44)

Shekinah and her way back to her godly bridgedom. Shekinah is the present glory of God, lying hidden in all things, living or without life….in her longing to unify with her bridgedom, the creator god and origin of all existence, she gives birth to the unlimited diversity of forms and appereances of creation and the whole nature. Natura, the birth-giving and materia, the motherlike are visible expressions of the female, motherlike aspects of God.” (k1, 46)

„The Father incepts, Mother (earth = materia) receives and gives birth, and again it is the Father, whose spiritual light nutritions and keeps both. That is why the returning light is the female, the direct or inner light the male aspect of God” (K1, 47)

„The central message of Chassidism and Kabbalah is to redeem the Shekinah, the bound light which has fallen into matter,bringing it back from its exile. IT IS OUR WORK, to finen all Dichte in us and in the world, to spiritualize it and bring it back to its origin. MAN AS VESSEL, BRIDGE AND MEDIATOR OF THE OWN LIGHT IS ITS OWN REDEEMER AND SUCH PART OF GODS WORK OF REDEMTION.” (K1 47) (sic)

HEB brings as examples Albert Schwizer and Mother Theresa who „freed the glory of God”. (K1, 47)

The lightway of Kabbalah: the awakening of the inner eye and the conscioussness of the therein indebted godly light” (K1, 53) closes the first chapter

"like Lucifer a son of God, also darkness is a child of light” (K1, 59)

A circle with a point in the middle, symbolising the sun, the eye, the atom, the cell and man, god and creation as one, (Cern krishna), (K1, 132)

Love was the content of the Sun religion of Egypt and this will be the religion of the age of aquarius and the gospel of the sun” (K1, 137)

How do we recognise the AC ?

„The two and all straight numbers are testing stones for us, are walkthroughs of the soul to the highest unification in God and itselves in the NINE, i.e. TWELVE.” (K1, 221)

Then heb talks about colours and I don’t want to go into any detail, just pick out some comment which reveal his thinking :

„the original picture of the seven colours constitute the seven rays of theosophy, the seven spirits of God” (sic) (chapter „the seven colours of the rainbow”, K1, 151)

„the colourcirlce is the original-picture of the wheel of life and medicine ( at the red indians), symbol of the cosmic space and the cycle of creation from begin to complettness…in space it is the twelve animls of Zodiak”

„That is the magnificent, to recognise a living force behind all substances. Today just few know that behind the crystal stands a living entity”…”therein we recognise the meaning of the twelve gemstones in the breastplate of Aaron and of the High priests int he temple of Solomon….refering to the 12 signs of the Zodiak, 12 tribes of Israel representing the twelve starsigns in the Sky and its signatures (letters) and where used as an oracle at imoortant events. Legend tells that behind the stones stand spirits and intelligences, Urim and Tummin, which ansered questions or revealed secrets through the lights or staying dark at the breastplate” (K1, 163)

„Yellow: dominant yellow forms flow in great ideas and phantasies…the man who lives in an ebony tower. He lives full in expectations towards others. The result is intolerancy, fanatism and a way of knowing better, that stays without fruit” (K1, 106)

„We are called to lay the foundation for higher ideals, yes for heaven on earth, that was the message of Christ , not to get lost in moralsims or strange ideas and wonder dreams…we find the redemption and fulfillement of our humanity in the spiritualisation of our earthly life and in sanctifying our deeds more and more and in letting them become the sacrament of life” (k1, 219)

„That is the message of the vertical wood, the one „half” of the cross and the mystery of Golgatha: giving birth and giving witness to our godly-spiritual nature in the body and inthe earthly life.” (k1, 219)

„We have to find and reveal the hidden godly-spiritual center int he earthly life. Basic of its realization in the discipleship of Christ is a complete foundation, that means exercise and beherrschung of the rhythm of One-, Two- and Three- grown, knowledgefull and responsible and adult person. (K1, 222)

The colour of Five is Orange, the shining of gold and the sun. It’s symbol is the pentagramm, sign of Christ and man, who dies at the cross, to be born again in Christ. (K1, 224)

„Five are the wounds of Jesus at the cross….here flows the blood of Christ..The five represents the intitiation, the inner experience of the ’baptism’, the begin of the spiritual way and the realization” (K1, 225)

„the rose… as a result of a thornful way of earthly way to fulfill obligations and readiness to bring sacrifices…

An other picture is the rising sun, symbol of rising of christ from the cross. (sic) (k1, 226)

See HEB does not say that he rose from the death.


The hexagramm…also known in India:

„there is is shiva and Shakti, int he kabbalah it is Solomon and Shulmit, JHWH and Urael, Keter and Malkhut, Christ and Ecclesia, the lamb and the bride,” (K1, 231)

„…the basis of our selfredemption. Indeed six is the number of redemption and rise”


„seven is trancendence and crossing the border” „the number of the complete, cosmic man…He emerged over his earthly nature(4)…although his conscioussnes is already hooked int he universe (int he cosmic spirit or Christ) and he is living totally out of spirit, earth is still his foundation. (K1, 238)

„The seven strings Harp of of David as picture and echo of the spiritual power of his awakened seven centers (chakras) „ (K1, 317)


Power is the seduction and testing also of the big spiritual teachers and masters. The ones who fall for it are the socalled ’false prophets’ of John’s revelation. (K1 224).

Le tus not forget: The seduction comes in a garnement, and a trust in God is needed and highest attention, to resist her. (K1 245) (sic)


Represents the NEW (NOVUM!) Farmer German: NEUN, French: NEUF), new and pureborn. It is result and fruit of the final mastering of life and the lower nature…expression of the pregnancy with and giving birth to the godly child, the total erection of a cosmic consciousness, the final return to home into the eteranal, unbroken light. „Watch, I maketh new everything!” The NINE is also the number of renewal, of transformation and change…in the last the dying of the personal, it is the number of the final unification with the spirit. Ego is gone, earthly karma overcome. Man is free. Pictures of the Nine are the ascension of Christ, as well as the Verklaerung or the transfiguration” (K1, 247-248)

The NINE is the symbol of the cosmic Christ, the son of God, the white light and of the eternal life. Diamant and Chrystal are it’s symbols, purity, transparence, rays its qualities…The NINE symbolizes the unbreakable, the monade or the unbreakable center, the godly spark in man.” (K1, 248)

„The Nine is the highest force in man….man has achieved victory over the weakness and lower impulses…man achieves the fullness of eternal life” (249) (sic)

„Nine is sum of 144000 = 1 + 4 + 4 + 0 + 0 + 0 = 9, the higher nature, as well as 666 = 6 + 6 + 6 = 9, the lower nature of man. Nine is the fruit of the tree of life. Man achieves it, to give it away.” (sic) (K1 249)

„It is the number of the spiritual teachers and masters, th ebig initiates, the „therapeutos” and of Bodhisattwa, the number of flowing love and grace. Ecerything becomes healed, experienced as unity, the all-unity with the creator. It is the infinite light behind the sun, the light of the first day of creation. The Nine embodies the total purity of the soul, the transfigurated and risen body of Christ…the stone of the Wise of the Alchemists”


„The leap from Nine to Ten, from initiate, from enlightened beeing (realized man) to complementation of creation…quantum leap” (K1, 253)

„God is redeemer and complementor of the creation JUST IN and THROUGH man..It is the lamb of the world…it is the redemption and complementation of the whole creation…Ten stands for Building Heaven on earth, the reinstallation of godly order and harmony on our plan

(farmer: here HEB makes a mistake, I guess he wanted to write „on our planet” but instead he wrote „on our plan”, - a mistake or Freudian slip?”) (K1, 256)

„When man starts to take the upon him the hardships and limitations of the earthly, begins to transform himself, to redeem and become total man, he turns – now free, clothed in light and one with God, the father – in the ten totally to earth, to save it, transform it and complete it in pure selfless works and serving. What is true for the cosmic level, is true also for everybody individually: the creation of his own Heaven int he soul and in the body. Ten is the number of the alchemistical transformation and refinement, the transfiguration of our body” (K1, 257)


Again a picture of the cirle with a point in the middle, interesting enough, as 11 is a symbol for the AC. After HEB:

„The number of Jesus entering Jerusalem, picture of the return of Christ after completed evolution. It embodies the descending of the Logos, the cosmic Christ into the world after done work.” (K1, 258)

„And I saw no temple in the city, because the Lord, the Almighty, is their temple, He and the Lamb. And the city doesn’t need neither sun nor moon, for having light in it, because the gliry of the lord enlightens it, and the Lamb is it’s light”…the number of Worldredeemer, Saviour, Messiah, and judge. It is payment for the work, a gift of God to the world. Here we meet an important teaching for us: The Christ, Messiah, Saviour, Redeemer or Master just arrives, when we finished our work. It depends on us to prepare the entrance of Christ. We make his way, when we sanctify our life, our body and the world by our deed.” (K1, 259).

„This is the mistake if so many people, in East and West, today, that they are not doing anything and wait, that some day somebody will come, who saves them, finds them or takes them out of the dirt. This is pure sleeping beauty sleep, fatalism and falsly understood Messiahnism. Nobody has the right to touch our fate – not Heaven nor a master nor God Himself. It is just on our own. But when we decidet o go the way, to accept our cross and to be active, then comes help and we meet our master – not before…”(K1 259)(sic)

Eleven is the nuber of the meeting with the Master….It is the true fruit of the harvest of our deeds. It is made of all the good parts, the higher qualities of our spirit, pictured in the twelve gemstones of the New Jerusalem, our purified body, thinking and feeling, enligfhtened by the spirit of God. In the big it is the Cosmic Christ, who enlightens earth after work done….”(k1, 260)


„12 apostels, 12 diciples, 12 tribes…the Lamb – their center, like the sun int he middle of our sun system – the light of our self. This is also the message of the Last supper, the redirection of the individual towards the middle and the origin of the circle (=creation), the overcoming of the personal int he love of Jesus, participation at the life and spirit of Christ: „I die to be born in Christ….we are all connected in he life, one in Christ…this is the true center of brotherhood and loving thy neighbour: the communion, the connection with life. The middle, Christ, is the way and goal....a picture of same value as the disciple circle of Christ we fin din the round of Arthus from the Grail legend” (K1, 265)

A Picture here to follow!

„Twelve souls/Crystalisation points enlightened by the light of Christ, around which is manifesting the mankind, perfecting their nature" (K1, 268)

the same Picture again!

„The last supper…symbol of spiritual fininding together of mankind….in the childhood to the father, we also find the brotherhood to man and the sisterhood among ourselves.”(K1 269)

Kabbalah book 2

Just so much:

HEB describes here Michael as the „prince of light and spirit of brotherhood” and even recommends to pray to him (sic)(408)

„Micheal is the dragon slayer and leader of the army of light. He is the recognized master of the mysteries of light, the second of the logos of the sun…He is with us and our lower nature, breaks the chains of our ignorance, WHEN WE ASK HIM TO DO SO, leads us to self-liberation ans is completor of our inner wholeness.”(k1 409)

Chapter 11: „Kabbalah and the message of love of Jesus in the age of aquarius”

„The promise of Christ’s return, which at the same time is the „baptism of fire” for the ones who are ready for it, is also the initiation of the planet earth by a bigger spirit impulse of life, that leads to an evolution („upgrading”) of our planet and to the entrance into a higher frequency of our consciousness to and in him” (K2, 566)

Looks like HEB wants to introduce a mass initiation with the promise, that then Christ will come back/ be revealed, which will in reality be the false Messiah / aka AC.

And INDEED we find the formula for it in exact this book!:

The Great Invocation.

HEB writes:

"Other prayers of big power are the ’prayer of holy Franscicus of Assisi’ and the ’GREAT INVOKATION OF DJWAL KUL’…..The „Great Invokation is one of the central prayers for the present life on our earth. In synchronity with the emerging of the new light in this time it wants to wake up for the tuning-in of all souls into the one plan to erect an age of light here on earth” (K2, 537-538)

(Great Invoation on K2 page 539)

Then HEB mentions some basic things about „the coming time”:

- re-findig of unitiy and cooperation of the world here and the other side (Heaven and Earth)

- Communion and Cooperation between man of the earth and the messengers of light (men and angels, sould and spiritual guides,etc.)

- Awakening of brotherhood and love among the people (establishement of the brotherhood of mankind, the unity and peace aong peoples)

- Re-finding of the old inititian rites (=gnosis) and

- The brotherly service, in which men serve HIM side by side. (K2, 568)


„Let’s overcome the time of "taking an independent line", egoism and hardneckness, lets offer each other our hands, that we may create together new life and a new earth. That is the Mission of the last supper, that we may find to the overcoming of our limited and limiting ideas to a vision and realization of the heavenly life here on earth. Such the breaking of the bread becomes the new Jerusalem. Based on the twelve basic stones of love and brotherhood is God building his Holy City. In the community of His light and His Love we want to become His body and His temple.” (k2 570)

„out of this spirit people shall come together and form places of light….building up a power field through common meditation, distance healing treatment, common singing and reading of holy and inspiring texts, where the individual can regenerate and also send forces of salvation and healing and into the world. With this and especially in cooperation with messengers of light and abassadors of the spiritual world we develop the finer centers of the soul and the areas of the spirit. We become more sensible and ore open for the impulses of the ’other world’, also in our other doing and daily deeds” (K2, 571-572)

„In building together a temple of light and the service comes to fruit the sacrament in ourselves” (K2, 572)

„The rooting int he heart of God, exercising the right opinion in the daily thoughts, feeling and deeds, as well as parttaking in the universal brotherhood of life for at the same time the three basic pillars of the inner way! As ’Samgham’, ’Ecclesia’, white brotherhood, daughter Zion or spiritual Israel: always the communion with Christ (or Buddha) is the field of exercise and the body wherein crystallises itself the center of spiritual life”
(K2, 573)

farmer: After all these lies I want to close this part with something pure.

The Shepherd and His Flock
1"I tell you the truth, the man who does not enter the sheep pen by the gate, but climbs in by some other way, is a thief and a robber. 2The man who enters by the gate is the shepherd of his sheep. 3The watchman opens the gate for him, and the sheep listen to his voice. He calls his own sheep by name and leads them out. 4When he has brought out all his own, he goes on ahead of them, and his sheep follow him because they know his voice. 5But they will never follow a stranger; in fact, they will run away from him because they do not recognize a stranger's voice." 6Jesus used this figure of speech, but they did not understand what he was telling them.

7Therefore Jesus said again, "I tell you the truth, I am the gate for the sheep. 8All who ever came before me were thieves and robbers, but the sheep did not listen to them. 9I am the gate; whoever enters through me will be saved. He will come in and go out, and find pasture. 10The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.

11"I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep. 12The hired hand is not the shepherd who owns the sheep. So when he sees the wolf coming, he abandons the sheep and runs away. Then the wolf attacks the flock and scatters it. 13The man runs away because he is a hired hand and cares nothing for the sheep.

14"I am the good shepherd; I know my sheep and my sheep know me— 15just as the Father knows me and I know the Father—and I lay down my life for the sheep. 16I have other sheep that are not of this sheep pen. I must bring them also. They too will listen to my voice, and there shall be one flock and one shepherd. 17The reason my Father loves me is that I lay down my life—only to take it up again. 18No one takes it from me, but I lay it down of my own accord. I have authority to lay it down and authority to take it up again. This command I received from my Father."

John 10.

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