Friday, July 25, 2008

enter the Vikings

Per Lundgren and Jordi Torrent at AoC's January meeting in Madrid

Global preparations for the World Summit on Media for Children & Youth, to be held in Karlstad, Sweden in 2010 (june 20-24), are underway among teachers, media pedagogues, industry professionals, researchers, youth organisations and international organisations working "for the well being of children". Their slogan is:


In early August 2008, almost 200 proposals for topics and activities from 50 countries from five continents, reached the Summit office in Karlstad. Among those confirming strong interest in being keynote speakers are Renee Hobbs (Professor at Temple University in Philadelphia USA), David Buckingham (Professor at University of London UK) and Jordi Torrent (Project Manager at United Nations Alliance of Civilizations New York City) and I bet the childrenstate ( will be also represented there.

The organisers wish to encourage more input and ideas globally. Ideas in the areas of freedom of speech, youth to youth communication and future, and future outlooks on new technology for communication will especially be welcomed and surprise, surprise: The World Summit Karlstad 2010 was invited by United Nations initiative Alliance of Civilizations, and Per Lundgren moderated the top meeting with media literacy education expertice from all over the world. A group of founders took the first step and founded an online clearinghouse for media literacy education. Karlstadt2010 writes about AoC: "And it hopes to contribute to a coalescing global movement which, reflecting the will of the vast majority of people, rejects extremism in any society." Link The World Summit 2010 project management moderates the work shop called Media Literacy Education in which among many experts the UN General Secretary participates. To see pictures from the organization at the AOC' meeting in Madrid click here:

What will the 2010 Summit’s central theme be?
"–We have chosen for our central theme: Challenges in the world of young people’s
communication. And we have divided this great area into five main perspectives, or strands,
using as guidelines the questions following;
• Communication for change
How, from your perspective, can communication in different media support needed social
• Children’s (young people) education and development
How can media literacy and educational media make a difference?
• Ethics and social responsibilities
In a non-regulated global media world, how in your perspective, can quality in media for children and young people improve?
• Economics, policies and laws
From a child and youth perspective, what measures and steps must be taken to meet the
challenges of today’s media world?
• Children and young people’s digital content creation
What happens when young people are able to digitally create media content (…with core values like equity, equality, inclusion, and intercultural dialogue)?
How can todays and tomorrows media world gain quality from young people’s digital media
content creation?
How can young children and youth of the world help improve global understanding in creating
media content?"
(from: "The Med Media Education from Italy interview with Director Per Lundgren from the Karlstad 2010 organisation about what is to come.")

After AoC's Jordi Torrent media constructs reality.
Hear here about his plan to connect cell phone and internet technology and also more ideoligical stuff by clicking the picture or at
After obtaining a degree in Philosophy at the University of Barcelona, Spain, Jordi Torrent followed graduate studies in Paris at the Sorbonne University (Film Esthetics) and at the Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes (Anthropology Filmmaking).
Link to their Homepage:
and the summit's brochure:

oh, and there is the sun-logo again:
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Joyce said...

Wonder if you have seen this blog?


Constance Cumbey said...

Excellent information and thanks, Farmer.

I posted this to my comment section and think your USA readers at least should be interested in it as well:


I am carefully watching the shooting at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Knoxville, TN yesterday. It was being examined as a "hate crime." It seems the gunman was out of work and left an alleged letter in his car expressing his disgust at "liberals" and "liberal churches." The Krystalnacht of Nazi Germany was set in motion by somebody pushed to the edge killing a Nazi. As the Universalist-Unitarians, although ancient as the gnostics, are a clearly New Age Church, considering the Alliance of Civilizations various reports labeling USA evangelicalism as "extremism that breeds terrorism" and as such "a deeper concern than terrorism," and as Barack Obama recently said the nations of the world need to unite (parroting Solana who said it MUCH, MUCH EARLIERI) to defeat the extremism that breeds terrorism, this situation should be viewed by us with concern.

That there will be agents-provocateurs in our midst doing these deeds and imputing them to us is also a real possibility.


Roma said...

I agree with you Constance on this church shooting.
How timely.

And good to see you back Farmer, thanks for all your work.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't leave any one of the people on that panel
alone with my child.


Anonymous said...

Farmer, thought you might like to know that Adamantine is back to posting at FP.


björn (farmer) said...

Thanks Joyce, I wrote Anders some lines and he answered me with long great letter in German...thanks also Nony, Constance, Roma and Paul!

björn (farmer) said...

New Age "Temple of Love" praising Obama and AoC and attacking Christians with
"You are gambling the fate of life on earth on a plagiarized fairy tale"