Thursday, July 31, 2008

FC Buddha Munich

August 6: more sports news today: Photobucket
" The Istanbul phase of "Human Race" (farmer: Why not name it "run to make them run to the hills"??), which is (the biggest) global running event organized by world's leading sportswear and equipment supplier Nike Inc., has been included in the "Alliance of Civilizations" project supported by the United Nations.
In an effort to celebrate runners and their sport all over the world, Nike organizes "Human Race", the ultimate runner experience aiming to provide a global connection point for every athlete.
"Human Race" will be simultaneously held in 25 cities around the world on August 31st, Sunday. Apart from Istanbul, the races will be held in Austin, Bogota, Buenos Aires, Caracas, Chicago, London, Los Angeles, Lima, Madrid, Melbourne, Mexico City, Munich, New York, Paris, Quito, Rome, Sao Paulo, Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore, Taipei, Tokyo, Warsaw and Vancouver". LINK

btw: the elapsed running time will be measured by a chip on the body...MoB - just do it???

Nike, Inc. is named after the Greek goddess Nike, who represents athletic strength and victory. Since 1928 Summer Olympics the obverse face of every Olympic medal Nike's figure appears holding a palm in her left hand and a winner’s crown in her right. Better run for the crown of life: instead of Nike look to Jesus Christ. dont't run away any more from your sins, receive forgivness, give obedience to His gospel for the salvation of your soul. That' a race truly worth running.

coach Jürgen Klinsmann brought 4 Buddha statues as a new philosophy from L.A. to Munich, photo: Spiegel.

Under the title "Bayern Munich's Path to Enlightenment" Alexander Osang and Christopher Sultan at German newspaper SPIEGEL wrote about the strange things going on at the Bavarian Soccer Club "FC Bayern München" lately - and this in the heart of Germany's deeply Catholic area:

"Championship-winning Bayern Munich has hired Jürgen Klinsmann to help it rejoin the ranks of the top European football clubs. Klinsmann is intent on getting into the heads of his players to improve their performance -- with the help of Buddha, yoga and a holistic philosophy."

'I Brought Along my Energy'

Newspaper Bild quoted the new coach: "We will build up a new energy field, which will please the players a lot".

When he first arrived in Munich in January, Bayern Munich officials mentioned that they were planning a new some new construction work at the team headquarters: an entire office block. Klinsmann said, wait a minute, I want to have some say in this. That was how the training center came about. It's a place where team members can play table tennis or billiards, or read, meditate and take yoga classes...

"I want to look inside the heads of the players," says Klinsmann. "I want to know what makes them tick, to figure out the best way to reach them. Some need to be hugged, some need visual examples and others need conversation." "I want to convince them to open up," he says.And once they are open, soft, he can impart the Bayern feeling to them. The Bayern identity. The 'We are ourselves' philosophy. Self-confidence, he calls it.

But luckily not everybody believes the hype: "The buddha figures can not help me. I already have my faith", says Bayern Munich player and Christian from Brasil (playing also in their National Team) Zé Roberto.

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Roma said...

coach Jürgen Klinsmann brought 4 Buddha statues as a new philosophy from L.A. to Munich

How wonderful, another bunch of new age garbage transported from the L.A. Hollywood area jetset.

God help us and I apologize for them doing this from my country to yours farmer.

Joyce said...

HI Bjorn,
Wonder if CNN International is broadcasting this on Buddhism.

Christine Amanpour also did the AoC show on Christianity, Judaism and Islam a few months back. She didn't say it was AoC, but people like Karen Armstrong and John Esposito were on it, so....


joyce said...

This was on the Worldshift website:


Scenario for a Common Vision – Jerusalem Peace Initiative

The Jerusalem Peace Academy, the Inter Faith Harmony Foundation of India, the All India Organization of Imams and Mosques, together with the Club of Budapest WorldShift Network are launching a joint initiative to advance the peace process in Jerusalem. in a preparatory meeting in India Dr. Khwaja Iftikhar Ahmed (Inter Faith Foundation), Imam Umer Ahmed Ilyasi (All India Organisation), Dr. Heinrich Benedikt (Jerusalem Peace Academy and member of the Club of Budapest Germany) and Jonathan Granoff (Global Security Institute and member of the World Wisdom Council) will draft a first position paper, which will be discussed later in a meeting with MK Rabbi Michael Melchior (Head of Educational Team in the Knesset) and other religious leaders.
From June 26 to 29 Dr. Ahmed, Dr. Benedikt, Rabbi Melchior, Dr. Audrey Kitagawa (Trustee of the Council for a Parliament of World's Religions, Sheikh Prof. Abdul Hadi Palazzi (L'Istituto Culturale della Communitá Islamica Italiana) and member of the World Wisdom Council) and Wolfgang Riehn (WorldShift Network) are guests at the Crans Montana Forum in Monte Carlo in order to continue the dialog. There a special session about the situation in Near East and opportunities for peace will be co-chaired by H.R.H. Prince Turki Al Faisal Al Saud (Chairman King Faisal Center for Research and Islamic Studies). Interreligious dialogue is one of the core concerns of the WorldShift Network.


paul said...

In the words of Debbie Boone.
You light up my life.

It's true though.

paul said...

I watched Ms Amanpour's show last night about the Buddist monks.
She definitely heaped more praise on them than any of the other religions.
So U.N. of her.
And I noticed that most of the kind words that she applied to the Buddhist monks could be found in the Sermon on the Mount, though he Jesus got no credit

Good thing she interviewed a couple AIPAC shills for her Christianity segment. Neo Cons.


Joyce said...

Glad you got to watch it Paul. I've been busy, but CNN usually broadcasts things that they feel are important 20 times. It's always fun to try to see what agenda they're promoting. They are usually not very subtile. Joyce

Rudi said...

Oh Paul...Your comment to Bjorn...That's SO funny. Between you and Johnny I don't know who makes me laugh more these days. Keep it up, we all need a dose of laughter a day to keep the good Dr. away. -Rudi

Joyce- I've got the CNN Buddist program recorded to watch tonight. Thanks for the heads up!-Rudi

Joyce said...

You're welcome!

björn (farmer) said...

great comments, input and great humour! me so happy to know you! Björn

björn (farmer) said...

roma, no apologize needed, Klinsmann is originaly from South of Germany near Stuttgart and was surrounded all his life there by "good bread" of Swabian Pietism...

Joyce said...

Starbucks is sponsoring this: