Thursday, August 21, 2008

Gaia needs ethnic cleansing from us parasites?


Driving trough France last month I had the chance to take a glance to a book, which seemed like a novel at first, but the title picture made me curious...12 around one in the middle of a Christ? It turned out to be a part of a highly occult series:
And it seems to be a bestseller before some times in France.
...already at the first page it introduces with Krishnamurti: (translated from French):
"If I would come to reassure you, I would offer you a pretty lousy service". Krishnamururti.
This guy was once their candidate for Antichrist, but later he rejected. Then they tried with their next candidate: Hitler...and it seems they are ready for their next one...


Sun circlesymbol 12 plus one: Scarabaeus, flying- benbird/phoenix.

12 plus one and the cross of Malta in the zodiak. is a fan site of this writer Odette Pactat-Didier and it links to a page with the 13 of maya and the great invocation...also to
, which speaks about the template on the 12 plus one and has a video on it's implications to their holy earth...
Apropos, ever heard of ? - gaia continues to emerge...
at their they have "master teachers" like
Neale Donald Walsch, Marianne Williamson, Deepak Chopra,Debbie Ford,
Eckhart Tolle,Jean Houston,...the usual suspects...

And highly alarming: In an interview with projectcamelot at
Swiss new age adviser Michael St.Clair (which we know is a family claiming to have the blood of Jesus) wants to prepare the "elected" for the survival in little groups. The horrible thing comes here (citing):

"K: So, it’s kind of, that’s what we’re looking forward to. We’re looking forward to major changes coming fast and fairly furious, especially 2010 and on.

M: Yes. Yes. I think, though, according to Boris, whom you have met now, there is going to be something happening next year in 2009. I don’t know really the nature of it. And, you know, we can’t really say, nor should we...

K: Right.

M: ...and I even think it just has to happen. It’s OK. Whatever has to happen cosmically is for the better, for good reasons. But there will be...

K: But there are many changes that are positive. In other words, you need the destruction to destroy what’s already been set up on the planet in order to create the new.

M: Actually, you’re right. You know, if it takes half the population to pass on to another world, then that’s OK. Because maybe the Earth needs a clean-out. That sounds maybe brutal, but it’s....

K: Or cavalier.

B: That’s an extraordinary thing to say. I mean, there are people listening to this...

M: I’m not going to beat around the bush. [Bill laughs] At this time I think we have to be realistic.

K: Yes. Whatever you ... I mean, we’re here to have a conversation with you, to hear what you feel, and you know, and also we’re going to give you our feedback to how it sounds.

M: Yes, if the Earth needs to clean itself up of the parasitic forces, then that’s what it takes. It doesn’t have to be so, if of course, overnight 7 billion people start realizing what we’re talking about and start changing their ways of life, start thinking in other ways, then all this wouldn’t be needed and probably there wouldn’t be so many Earth changes.

I know this seems not to make sense, but I know this to be true for myself. And I would like people to, like you, to look at - the website, Wingmakers - and listen to the interview by its creator, James. It’s a two-hour interview that just came out.

K: Absolutely..

M: And he will take you through these things from his viewpoint and then you can read Wingmakers and other things. But you will see that what we’re talking about here... There is a point to what we’re saying. And that there will be good coming out of those seemingly bad changes.

B: Yes. Let me check my understanding of what I think you’re saying here, because what I think you’re saying is ... What my understanding was that James Lovelock was saying, who is the originator of the Gaia hypothesis or the Gaia metaphor, if you like, was that the Earth is a living creature...

M: Absolutely. Yes.

B: ... which kind of has the human race on it now functioning as a sort of uncontrolled parasite, with sort of uncontrolled parasitic growth, and there’s something that’s out of balance. And that what this organism is going to do is, it’s going to try and, you know, shake off the parasite at least to bring things back into balance...

M: Yes.

B: ...if it can. So you’re talking about a phase where things would come back into balance.

M: Yes.

B: And from a very, very high spiritual viewpoint you’re sort of saying: Well you know what, there may be a phase here where a lot of people are going to pass on because we can’t sustain these numbers on this planet. Is that kind of what you’re saying?

M: Yes. That’s right. That’s well summarized. Yes.

K: But by the same token, there’s a sense of the consciousness. This is where we have a choice in the matter as humanity, as, if you will, the parasite which we should not be on the Earth. Instead we should be living as, you know, the Native Americans have said and the native peoples, is with the Earth instead of against her.

M: Yes.

B: Yes.

K: But if we change our consciousness, if, you know, things like our Futuretalk here will make enough people aware, where they will wake other people up and begin to work together, taking our consciousness, unifying it in such a way that we are working for the positive, that lesser changes will be happening, less people will have to pass through this incarnation on to the next, and so on. Right?

M: That’s right. She’s right.

K: So it’s actually a choice that we have. It’s still a choice, as to how we rise through this to the future.


B: ...that the Native Americans knew, that the shamans know, that the Mayans knew. That the aborigines in Australia still know.


K: Well, hopefully we’re going to find some better lessons than that. I mean, you know, than how many we need to wipe out...

B: Yes.

K: ...and how many we need to keep alive.

B: But the point is, it’s a beautiful piece of wisdom because what they ... because even their enemies were a resource that needed to be renewable. It’s like they knew that they had to allow the way that their society functioned in the same way for their children, you know. And the same applies to the buffalo. You don’t kill them all.

K: Right.

B: Otherwise the next generation’s going to be living in a completely different way. And that’s the kind of wisdom that we’ve forgotten here.

M: That’s right. That’s right.

K: I think we’re going to actually be moving into tribal societies in a sense, smaller, you know, units.

M: That’s exactly correct. That’s what I use in my book -- tribal societies. That’s the future of our humanity. We’ll begin again, somehow from scratch, new, but still with very advanced technologies. Both is possible. And then the whole of humanity is a more advanced humanity.

James of the Wingmakers says he believes that 10 to 12 million people will come through these changes in a very advanced, aware manner, and that if we have 10, 12 million around the globe, we can start again and go much further. And I agree with him.

K: You said 10 to 12 million will make it through. And I’m just wondering, how many are there now? Because I don’t know.

M: Yes. Well, what he means, and I agree with him, is that if we have 10 to 12 million advanced people, spiritually, mentally, saying advanced, seeing what this is about and moving on and learning... because we all have to learn; we’re all challenged every day to move on... that then we will go to very good positive changes which are beautiful, where there is a brilliant future for mankind. And I feel the same.

And we will see this happen, let’s say, around 2020 to 2050. During that time. It’s just that until 2020 we have quite some cleanup going on.

So what he means by this... Or let’s put it this way: The way I see it is, if half the population is no longer here, but out of that other half we have 10, 12 million advanced ones, then we can restart. And I feel that’s what’s going to happen.

We don’t have those 10 million today. We have very few, about, say, that we are maybe a minority of a few hundred around the world will have a clue. Really...."


And this just 60 years after the Holocaust!'s really, really late folks...stay awake and

stay tuned!


Constance Cumbey said...

2009 - SOMETHING HAPPENING? I'm going to post a picture of a book cover, "World's End: 2009" "Prophecies for the Coming Messiayh and Armageddon" by Peter Lorie. He is a New Ager and the book is published by Jeremy Tarcher who was Marilyn Ferguson's publisher for THE AQUARIAN CONSPIRACY."

The New Agers' latest thing is to say that the Biblical prophecy of of7 years refers to 6 x 7 which equals the 42 years since 1967 and that ergo their new "Messiah" is due in Israel in 1942 rather than the 1980s which Peter LeMesurier wrote of in THE ARMAGEDDON SCRIPT in 1981!


joyce said...

There's so much on these links to talk about...but I just wanted to connect to you some more that I surfed to from the site Wingmakers, as if you didn't have enough to look at:

Just a warning, the film on this site is awful..