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While we see a developping war between Russia and Georgia, Javier Solana, High Representative for Common Foreign and Security Policy of the European Union rests at the home of the parish of Cela, in the municipality of Bueu (Pontevedra), where he enjoys his summer since over 14 years. Since his arrival in Bueu, Solana has already had occasion to visit the beaches of Portomaior Agrelo and to take walks in the mountains of Cela, and in addition to start reading several books at once: History and Literature. Among them, recommended for the "interested", the novel entitled 'The Viceroys' by Federico de Roberto, a novel that was first published in 1894 and describes the rivalries and family dramas of the "Viceroys", the powerful dynastic families that dominated the Sicilan nobility at the time of the Risorgimento and adapted too well to change. About the region Solana says: "A wonderful time, the light, the sun and the beauty of the landscape,". As in the past six years, he has scheduled a "mini-tour" of three days by foot, accompanied by his friend, Xerardo Estevez, former mayor of Santiago de Compostella (where allegedly lays the grave of Jesus brother James and a lots of pilgrims arrive by foot every day from all over Europe, the name Compostella refering to "burial ground of the star",, Solana recalled that in the past holidays, the walk had passed through the area Sil River between the provinces of Lugo and Ourense. "It's very nice there, so we moved very well and it also gives us a lot of time talking, to get tired a little and get to know Galicia," he added. His plans also include forward "with great interest" to the Olympic Games that just started in China, Javier Solana says he is a "great fan of sports, particularly athletics, recalling his career as minister of education and culture in the 80's, and his responsibility as chairman of the interministerial committee for the Olympics in Barcelona 1992.

Solana has always shown love with the beauty of the Ria de Pontevedra, and even qualify this coastal environment as a "precious" and "absolutely like in paradise." Sources close to him say he intends to stay until the end of the month, although they do not rule out that he might have to leave soon for work.
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Yes, a lot of work lays ahead, as he told already in April:
"Before I finish let me tell you about the NATO summit meeting in Bucharest last week. I think
that, seen together with the meeting at the weekend in Sochi between President Bush and
President Putin, it gives us grounds for, if not optimism, a sense of constructive realism on the
big strategic issues that are important for us as well as for NATO. With the difficulties that we may be facing in 2009 and 2010 when all the major agreements on disarmament will come up for renewal it will be important for the EU and its citizens to have the possibility of avoiding a vacuum between now and then. So, I very much hope that our efforts to that end will bear fruit and will allow us to enter the period 2009-2010 with the feeling that the very important agreements that were reached in 1999, 2000 and 2001 with President Yeltsin will be maintained and that we will not be moving into a vacuum where these major agreements, which have been the fundamental pillars of our strategic security, are concerned

"On the EU's relations with NATO, the High Representative emphasized also that cooperation
within the "Berlin Plus" framework for EU operations using NATO assets, such as the very
successful operation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, worked very smoothly. Where relations
outside the "Berlin Plus" arrangements were concerned, there were problems of
interpretation by some NATO countries, which made aspects of practical cooperation on the
ground difficult in some cases, for example in Afghanistan and in Kosovo. This was a matter
that must be resolved, said Mr SOLANA."
"Mr SOLANA assured the committee that the EU mission to monitor the border between Gaza
and Egypt at Rafah was still in the region, ready to deploy immediately if called upon: "We have not left."
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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the translations, Farmer. Call me a cynic, but highly doubt that Dr. Solana is actually on vacation, using published articles as a front to conceal his actual activities and whereabouts.


björn (farmer) said...

he clearly holds strings..he was in Georgia in mid-June, has been busy on the phone talking with, among others, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Georgia's Foreign Minister Ekaterine Tkeshelashvili, a spokeswoman said today and he is about to talk with UN GS Ban Ki-Moon and Ukrainian president Viktor Yushchenko (AFP).

björn (farmer) said...

"Earlier a spokeswoman for EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana also called for an end to the hostilities.

'We are very concerned by the dramatic escalation of the situation,' Cristina Gallach said.

'We are following it very closely and we are in contact with all the parties,' she added."

forbes aug9

Roma said...

Amazing to me the more they talk about peace, the more battles there seem to be raging on the earth.

Joyce said...

As I mentioned in a post on CC's site a couple of days ago, Israel had supplied some strategic weapons to Georgia a few days before this broke out. The Israeli govt expressed their concern about the escalation, but meanwhile Russia seems to delight in helping the enemies of Israel and punishing the friends.

The Biblical implications of all of this are quite interesting. ( Ezekiel 38) Seeing Putin at the opening Olympic celebrations along with Bush, Sarkozy, Mushareff, etc, etc, was quite interesting too. The whose who of global leaders in attendance at the opening ceremonies seemed almost surreal as Russia began hitting Georgia hard.

The implications for the other former Soviet republics are interesting to say the least. Post glasnost Russia has had many years to rebuild and great energy prices to boost its economy. Putin who was supposed to "step down" is clearly still in charge in his new position. Once a KGB, always a KGB.

Russia holds the energy card for Europe this winter as they control the gas supply.....wonder how much anyone can really say?


Constance Cumbey said...

Solana at rest -- wonder why he didn't take Senora Giminez-Solana along!

Very interesting column, Farmer. How ever did you find this information. Does Javier now blog?