Saturday, September 27, 2008

In Holland the "Solana-666"-message spreads thanks to our Mathieu!

Under the title "Staat Javier Solana aan het hoofd van Daniëls 10-Statenbond?"
Xander niews - one of the biggest Dutch Christian magazines on September 26 printed the article of Mathieu, a frequent visitor of and also my blog on Solana and also on the Alliance of Civilizations. The message of Herb does not remain unheared in Europe! Praise the Lord!
Read the whole article here:

stay tuned! and Congrats brother Mathieu- thanks for your work and braveness!!


Roma said...

Great job guys. Praying for all to wake to the time we are in.

joyce said...

This is unrelated but interesting...
Check his scientific credentials and what his company does.

LInked to him from this woman on Damanhur's site:

Klaus seems to be from your neck of the woods, Bjorm


björn (farmer) said...

thanks roma and Joyce! Joyce - will have a more in-depth-look into this - but curiosity awakened! ty - b.

joyce said...

It will be interesting to hear what you come up with..

Joyce said...

Some more of the same:

I think some of these "scientists" have not heard this:

Deut. 29:28 Concealed acts concern the LORD our God; but with overt acts, it is for us and our children ever to apply all the provisions of this Teaching.