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out of the Solana playing box


pictures 1st row: Javier Solana by DOMINIQUE FAGET / AFP/Getty Images, Erdogan, Moon and Zapatero at AoC meeting (E. and Z. also met today),2nd row: Erdogan, Solana and Zaptero in Riga at NATO summit 2006, LINK and Babacan with Solana today in Brussels (2008 Sept 15), source: JOHN THYS / AFP/Getty Images.
Implementing the AOC at the NATO on the NATO RIGA meeting Dec. 2006, see the players in one row.And who is allowed to sit besides George W. Bush? And today NATO boss Scheffer was in Tblissi, Georgia,read what else happened today:
Source: NATO, in Large:

"If one follows the debate on security policy in Europe now, one has to entertain the suspicion, that the fast track for the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty this year already had a policy of confrontation with Russia in view. In a remarkable commentary in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung on Aug. 12, EU parliamentarian Elmar Brok, who heads the Commission on Security Policy of the Christian Democrats in Germany, wrote: ”For weeks the game plan for the Caucasus in August had been known to the responsible people. But nobody was able to halt the disaster. Therefore Europe needs the Lisbon Treaty, to have the institutional instruments to act decisively in a political crisis like this.

Solana met with the Turkish Foreign Minister Babacan today.
At the meeting, Turkey's EU reform process, membership negotiations, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's proposal for a Caucasus platform, and regional and global issues will be discussed. Babacan also met the EU president France's Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner and member of the European Commission responsible for Information Society and Media, Viviane Reding.
Turkish FM confirms Syria-Israel talks on Sept. 18

"We can make a statement about content of the talks only after both parties reach compromise. If Israel does not make any delay, the fifth round of the talks is planned to be held in Istanbul on September 18 and 19," Babacan told a joint press conference after meeting his Egyptian counterpart Ahmed Aboul Gheit yesterday in Ankara. Link

Further on in Istanbul:
US Joint Chiefs Of Staff Chairman Gen. Michael Mullen yesterday arrived in Istanbul at the invitation of his Turkish counterpart Gen. Ilker Basbug. Mullen was also received by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan for a meeting which lasted about one hour. Also at the meeting were ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) Deputy Chairman Egemen Bagis and US Ambassador to Ankara Ross Wilson. The meeting focused on the fight against terrorism and intelligence-sharing with the US. Mullen today is expected to meet with Basbug and President Abdullah Gul.

And in the night to today this happened:
One dead, 4 missing, 101 rescued in ferry sink in northwestern Turkey
The ferry, loaded with 73 trucks and two cars, went down in the Sea of Marmara (meaning: "sea between seas") shortly after leaving Bandirma (meaning: "harbour for all" - sitting on many waters?) for Istanbul ("go to the city for all") late on Sunday.
was a son of a seaman and he went to the Marmara-University!

Name of the sunken ferry: "Hayat N" (meaning "life N"), Interesting enough
N. Hayat de Madariaga Archibald, Mrs. Mathews was the name of the mother of Javier Solana. The name is a link, that the Solana family is connected to Sufism...
but there is much more to it as we will see:

marmara, mother, mare:
In "The Woman's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets" Barbara Walker writes:

MARI [= Fruitful Mother] - Basic name of the Goddess known to the Chaldeans as Marratu, to the Jews as Marah, to the Persians as Mariham, to the Christians as Mary: as well as Marjan, Miriam, Mariamne, Myrrhine, Myrtea, Myrrha, Maria, and Marina. Her blue robe and pearl necklace were classic symbols of the sea, edged with pearly foam. (...)

Semites worshipped an androgynous combination of Goddess and God called Mari-El (Mary-God), corresponding to the Egyptian Meri-Ra which combined the feminine principle of water with the masculine principle of the sun. [Sometimes the deity was named simply Mer, an Egyptian word for both "waters" and "mother-love."] The Syrian version of Mari or Mero was worshipped in combination with her serpent-consort Yamm, derived from Yama, the Hindu Lord of Death. Yamm alternated with Baal, "the Lord", as the Goddess's favourite and a sovereign over heaven and the abyss. (...)

Tantric Buddhists still speak of the "Slayer of the Death King," Yama-Mari, who was identified with the Dalai Lama. Jews and early Christians used the same combination of names, Mari-Yamm or Mariam, for the mother of Jesus. The spirit of the archaic Mari entered into Babylonian diviners known as the mare baruti, sea-mothers, who operated in the bit mummu or womb-chamber, where statues of the gods were said to be "born" (made animate). (...)

She was also the Great Fish who gave birth to the gods, later the Mermaid, Mare-mynd, mareminde, marraminde, maraeman, or mereminne. In short, she was always Mother Sea. Her Latin name was Maria, "the Seas". St. Peter Chrysologus called her Christian incarnation, the virgin Mary, "the gathering together of the waters." Northern Europe knew the same Godess as Maerin, wedded to Thor at her shrine in Trondheim. To the Saxons she was Wudu-Maer: literally, a Wood-Mary, or Goddess of the Grove. To the Celts she was Maid Marian, beloved by Robin, the witches' Horned God. Their greenwood cult caused church authorities considerable trouble in the 14th century. Mari was the same Merian or Merjan worshipped in Persia as Queen of the Peris (Fairies). Iran had its mother goddess Mariana from very ancient times. She might be traced to the land of Akkad, created by a Goddess called the Lady Marri, Mother of the World.

And when the accident happened many people celebrated the nameday of Mary from
"September 12: Day of Holy Name of Mary
The feast of the Most Holy Name of Mary began in Spain in 1513 and in 1671 was extended to all of Spain and the Kingdom of Naples. In 1683, John Sobieski, king of Poland, brought an army to the outskirts of Vienna to stop the advance of Muslim armies loyal to Mohammed IV in Constantinople. After Sobieski entrusted himself to the Blessed Virgin Mary, he and his soldiers thoroughly defeated the Muslims. Pope Innocent XI extended this feast to the entire Church. "

"Mary always points us to God, reminding us of God's infinite goodness. She helps us to open our hearts to God's ways, wherever those may lead us. Honored under the title “Queen of Peace,” Mary encourages us to cooperate with Jesus in building a peace based on justice, a peace that respects the fundamental human rights (including religious rights) of all peoples." writes a Blogger here.

Hey and ALSO just today: Alliances of Civilizations co-sponsors Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Spanish Premier Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero met today in Istanbul for an iftar fast-breaking dinner. /Sabah/ LINK

And the article with citing Elmar Brok from above continues:
"The Lisbon Treaty process has also been used to intensify discussion and prepare for action to militarize the EU, build up a European defense system, integrate it with NATO and use it for operations on a global scale. This is contained in the directives of the Lisbon Treaty on security policy and in a number of informal strategy papers being floated by EU-NATO related groups. One of the most troubling was published at the beginning of the year under the title, “Towards a Grand Strategy for an Uncertain World” by five retired NATO generals. In Chapter Three of this paper the five generals explicitly call for the possibility of using nuclear weapons preemptively in an “arsenal of escalations.” The implications of this proposal are mind-boggling. The call for a nuclear first strike clearly violates international law. (farmer: see also my article on this:"all toes interwoven part 2 - global coup here": LINK)

In March the “Foreign Minister of the EU” Javier Solana and Frau Ferrero-Waldner of Austria issued an official EU paper, which picked up some of the same theses contained in the generals' paper. They call for a new NATO strategy, because the challenges of the future have changed so dramatically. They cite climate change and its implications for the security policy of the EU, and predict growing tensions between the EU/NATO and Russia around a critical fight over raw material resources. The Russian response came immediately. Many press organs and analysts wrote, “This was the first official document which had hostile undertones towards Russia.“ (farmer: this would mean Solana started this conflict!)

Just prior to the Georgian attack on South Ossetia, the newly-founded European Council on Foreign Relations published a study, calling on the EU to prepare for global military activities. The ECFR was co-founded last year by George Soros, who also funded the “Rose Revolution” in Georgia and the Barack Obama campaign. The seat of the ECFR is Brussels. One of the authors of the study was Nick Witney, British diplomat and chief negotiator of the British Defense Ministry in the illegal Al Yamamah deal between BAE (British Aerospace Industries) and Saudi Arabia. He also is the first head of the European Defense Agency, the mini-Pentagon of the EU. He complained although Europe has 2 million soldiers in arms, 500,000 more than the US, only a fraction of them could be used for operations abroad! In an article attached to the study, Witney refers to Obama's speech in Berlin some weeks ago in which he called on Europe to prepare for an escalation of their engagement in Afghanistan. Two other members of the ECFR in an article published in Newsweek on July 19th (before the outbreak of the Georgia crisis!) wrote, “Europe must find a way to unite to be able to face the Russian aggression.“

On the picture above from the RIGA NATO summit of december 2006 sitting between Spain Turkay and Blair on one side and Rice, Bush and Solana on the other side was sitting the UK Defence Minister. Blair didn't seem too happy when talking to the 2 AoC horns in Riga:
subdoing three horns???-Blair with Erdogan and Zapatero, Riga dec 2006. Blair(in front of Clinton meeting NATO boss Solana in 1999) source: NATO

see now why I suspect Solana behind the "Zapatero-Erdogan-AoC" and the things developing now with Russia/Georgia?
By the way, the place where the ferry sank today(Bandirma) is not only a famous bird reservatum but was also the place from where the Nato member Turkey sent 18 F-16 warplanes to Kosovo in 1999 ordered by then NATO SG Solana:
"Kivrikoglu said a total of 54 warplanes will be deployed, 36 at Balikesir and 18 at a second base near Bandirma in June. The planes will use Bulgarian airspace to reach Yugoslavia instead of a short cut over Greece since Athens has not allowed them to fly over its territory. Speaking to reporters, Kivrikoglu said that Greece was acting out of sympathy for its 'Orthodox brothers', but this constituted a crack in NATO solidarity. " LINK
(this article is to be continued over short as we will digg even deeper...)
stay tuned!


E said...

Wow, keep it coming Farmer. It's interesting to watch this all unfold.

joyce said...

Soros who founded the European Council of Foreign Relations.. hates American policy toward Israel ( the AIPAC lobby) , so it will be interesting to see his influence on the if Europe needed any help in this regard..

If Obama gets in, between him, Carter, Brzezinksy, US policy towards Israel will degrade even further.

Joel 3:2 I will agather all the nations
And bring them down to the valley of Jehoshaphat. Then I will center into judgment with them there On behalf of My people and My inheritance, Israel, Whom they have scattered among the nations; And they have divided up My land.