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Sarkozy to stay EU head and handle it to Spain's Zapatero?

Thanks shampoo - this is BREAKING NEWS!
"The French president sees himself extending his EU presidency role until 2010 as leader of an informal "economic government" of the euro area...Then, in 2010, Spain would be able to take over from Sarkozy, combining the two roles of EU and eurozone president. In the meantime, Sarkozy hopes to impose his economic vision on the rest of the bloc..." LINK

mind shift and governance


Nobel prize 2008 Martti Ahtisaari in front of 2007 Italian poster for halfsecret AoC meeting "Alleanza fra le Civiltá"
- see my article from Nov 26 here.

Did you know that Noble Prize winner 2008, Martti Ahtisaari, President of Finland 1994-2000, seems to be also a big AoC- player as he is member of the IPS Board of Trustees,which supports AoC a LOT? No surprise to find AoC player Federico Mayor Zaragoza on the Board of Directors there. In my pigeon article I already mentioned him as friend of Solana and:

"Martti" relates to the goose (bird) of god of war: MARs and
"Ahtisaari" means
"the island of the ancient Nordic god of water"

not to forget AoC High Level group 'Eminent Person' Karen Armstrong
bathing among the NEW AGE crowd (see here),
while: Alliance of Civilisations chief Jorge Sampaio addresses EU's MEPs:

"Mr Sampaio described two developments required to tackle the problems he had set out.

First, there was a need to generate "a mind shift among divided communities".

Secondly, to develop "democratic governance of cultural diversity". In the European Union this implies creating a collective identity among its citizens, he believed. ".

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has lauded Europe’s commitment to the values of cross-cultural tolerance, dialogue, respect and understanding, all of which “must be pillars of the better world we are trying to build.” ...“In particular, its close relationship with its neighbours across the Mediterranean makes Europe an important bridge between civilizations.” However, Europe – like many other regions of the world – faces several challenges in promoting intercultural dialogue. “But it is precisely in your region, where constructive contacts over the centuries have allowed humanity to take major leaps forward, that opportunities for reconciliation and cooperation exist,” he said. Mr. Ban encouraged the gathering to pursue joint economic projects, educational exchanges, and other initiatives that will improve people’s lives and create “a bulwark against intolerance, religious fundamentalism and extremism.” He also pledged the assistance of the UN in these efforts, noting in particular the work carried out by the Alliance – “For the sake of countless people living between the extremes and yearning for dignity and peace, let us work together so that intercultural dialogue can bear fruit.”

and in Denmark was held a conference on Education and inter-cultural understanding, a follow-up to the "Conference on Fostering Dialogue among Cultures and Civilizations through Concrete and Sustained Action," held in Rabat, Morocco, in June 2005. It aimed to further the debate with a specific focus on education. It was convened by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs in partnership with UNESCO, the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), the Council of Europe, the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO), the Arab League Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization (ALECSO), the UN Alliance of Civilizations (AoC) and the Anna Lindh Foundation.

Interesting enough the money-mogul Sachs desribed just then in detail the new enemy (thanks Rudi!):

"The problem is an aggressive fundamentalism that denies modern science, and an aggressive anti-intellectualism that views experts and scientists as the enemy. It is those views that could end up getting us all killed.

After all, that kind of extremism can even lead to war, based on perverted views that a particular war is God’s Will rather than a failure of politics and cooperation. In many statements, Palin seems intent on invoking God in her judgments about war, an ominous sign for the future if she is elected. She would certainly stoke many enemies who will look to their own brands of fundamentalism to strike back at the US. Extremists on both sides end up putting at risk the vast majority of humans who are neither extremists nor anti-science fundamentalists. It is difficult to know for sure what is giving rise to fundamentalism in so many parts of the world.
What is happening in the US, for example, is not happening in Europe, but it is of course characteristic of some parts of the Middle East and Central Asia. Fundamentalism seems to emerge in times of farreaching change, when traditional social arrangements come under threat."
Jeffrey D. Sachs - Professor of Economics and Director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University.

May the Lord help us all!
stay tuned!

Friday, October 24, 2008

in Turkey farmer's site banned!!


as I hear from my Turkish friends and viewers , they cannot reach my site since October 23.

but I'm not alone:

"Blogger" service banned in turkey

Ankara - A court in south-east Turkey on Friday banned Turkish internet users from accessing Blogger, the world's largest free blog hosting service. Internet users in Turkey discovered Friday afternoon that the site, which hosts millions of blogs, or web logs, had been blocked. When users tried to view a blogger's page they were redirected to a message which said: "Access to this website has been suspended in accordance with decision no. 2008/2761 of the TR Diyarbakir First Criminal Court of Peace." No reason for the ban was given."

More information here
and here.

the CERN-CERNUNNOS link is the pillar of boatsmen


pillier de nautes, CERn-logo

was an important deity of the Celts, essentially a nature god associated with produce and fertility. He was called the "Horned One" (a literal translation of his name) or the "Horned God", and was one of a number of similar deities found in many ancient cultures.

He was worshipped over a wide area of Europe, from Romania to Ireland, as evinced by various representations found in around thirty different sites across the continent. The earliest known depiction of Cernunnos was found at Val Camonica in Italy, dating from the 4th century BC, while the best known depiction is on the famous Gundestrup cauldron found in Denmark and dating from the 1st century BC. His name is known from the "Pillar of the Boatmen", a monument now displayed in the Muse national du Moyen Age in Paris. It is believed to have been erected as an altar by Gallic sailors in the early 1st century AD and was found in the foundations of the cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris on the site of the Celtic settlement of Lutetia. It depicts Cernunnos and other Celtic deities alongside Roman divinities, providing an illustration of the way in which Celtic gods were absorbed into the Roman pantheon. Indeed, Julius Caesar associated him with the Roman god Dis Pater, while other Roman sources associated him with Mercury.

The Pilier des nautes provides the only or earliest written record of the deity's name.

Cernunnos is nearly always portrayed with animals, in particular the stag. He is also frequently associated with a unique beast that seems to belong only to him: a serpent with the horns of a ram. This creature appears to have been a deity in its own right. Less often he is associated with other beasts, including bulls, dogs and rats. Because of his frequent association with beasts scholars often describe Cenunnos as the "Lord of the Animals" or the "Lord of Wild Things". Because of his association with stags in particular (a particularly hunted beast) he is also described as the "Lord of the Hunt". Interestingly, the Pilier des nautes links him with sailors and with commerce, suggesting that he was also associated with material wealth.

The worship of CERNunnos was particularly vehemently opposed by early Christianity, which saw him as an unacceptable symbol of paganism. Illustrations of Cernunnos-like figures were used to symbolise demonic and anti-Christian forces, and it may be presumed that shrines to Cernunnos were targets of early attempts to root out paganism....

In the modern Neo-Pagan movements, of which Wicca is the most notable, the worship of the Horned or Antlered God has been revived. Whether or not these religious groups are actually surviving cults or modern reconstructions, the adherents generally follow the life-fertility-death cycle for Cernunnos, though his death is now usually set at Samhain, the Celtic New Year Festival usually associated with October 31, ...Halloween. "

"Pillar of the Boatmen" ("Pilier des nautes").
I have extensivly written about the Mermaid and the sinking of the 2 boats in the week following the first CERN beam experiment, connected with AoC, Solana and Financial crisis (here) and (here).

One information I was holding back until today, but presenting now:

On the day, exactly 130 years earlier on 1878 September 13,
the day between sinking of Asgaard, bay of biscay (2008, Sept 12.)
and the Bandirma ferry, Marmare, Turkey (2008, Sept.14),
the obelisk of London ("Cleopatra's needle"), was erected in London.

AND: loaded onto a pontoon, the obelisk had been towed back to England by ship via the Bay of Biscay(ALSO!!). Despite the pontoon breaking free during a violent storm en-route (in which the vessel almost sank and several seamen died), it eventually reached London.

Although originally earmarked to stand outside the Houses of Parliament, the obelisk was finally erected on the Thames Embankment alongside two Victorian sphinxes. Underneath the monument is a time capsule, which amongst other things, contains a daily London newspaper, several bibles, a copy of Bradshaw's railway guide, and twelve(!) pictures of the Britain's most attractive women.

The distance-relation between Bay of Biscaya(Mare Atlantis) to Geneve(CERN, adress: Route de Meyrin(!) to Istanbul(Marmare) is aproxm. 1/3(0.333) to 2/3(0.666). The Boss of bank of England is MER(o)VIN KING. And now the connection CERN - pillar of boatsmen (nautic)!!

plus Cauldron: Cauldron is a symbol of alchemical gateways and transmutation. "Undoubtedly the most famous image believed to represent CERNunnos is from an inner plate of a priceless silver-plated copper cauldron unearthed in the spring of 1891 in a Danish peat-bog near the hamlet of Gundestrup in Northern Jutland. Cauldrons or chalices (also called grails) were often used in ancient Pagan religious rites, symbolic of the cauldron of the goddess Cerridwen, the so-called cauldron of rebirth. But the Gundestrup cauldron was obviously very special. "

"The cauldron is perhaps symbolic of the mother's womb, a gateway to the underworld, from which new life emerges, and to which the dying return. "

My article had connected the boat story with the JACKAL STONE NAVAL EXERCISE- "In the Egyptian mythology Anubis (DOG-GOD) was the god of the Underworld and Guardian of the Tombs."

stay tuned!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Solana's sea wars continued?

Remember Solana sending war ships to Canada in the fishery wars? (link)
And: It was seven months ago that Javier Solana, the European Union’s foreign policy chief, warned about the risks to international stability from the intensifying competition among countries in the Arctic look as if the race about the Northpole has begun:
Both news from same day showing the bidding for Island (in exchange for gaining access to the North pole):

"EU Commissioner: Iceland Could Gain Quick EU Entry

Iceland could get on the fast track to EU membership if it so desires, EU Enlargment Commissioner Olli Rehn said Monday. Iceland is considering joining the bloc to shore up its battered economy",2144,3728921,00.htm

"Iceland close to rescue deal with IMF, Nordic neighbors and Russia. The International Monetary Fund and a group of Nordic countries plus Russia are poised to announce a $6 billion rescue plan for Iceland, which saw its financial system collapse early this month in the global credit crisis"

Council Secretary General / High Representative:
Climate change and international securityPdf (2008, 3 March)

stay tuned!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Soros predicts end for U.S.-led market system

update: The linkage to Lisbon

'THE LISBON Treaty will increase the EU's capacity to respond to crises as well as its capacity to prevent crises through coherent and consistent policies."

Making this linkage between the treaty and the world financial turmoil at yesterday's European Union summit in Brussels, Commission president José Manuel Barroso said this fundamental issue would have been better managed had the treaty been adopted. The argument for it, he said, is made stronger every day the crisis continues...."

(more here:)
also here:Govt to bring forward plan to address Lisbon fallout
and here: Crisis shows EU needs Lisbon Treaty, says Irish leader

Soros sees end of US-led globalized market system - Can he save the world?

"WASHINGTON, Oct 12 (Reuters) - Billionaire investor George Soros predicted on Sunday that the financial crisis would mean the end of a U.S.-led market system that has dominated the global economy with debt and deregulation since the 1980s.

"Globalization, America as the center of the globalized financial markets, was sucking up the savings of the world," Soros said in a CNN interview.

"This is now over. The game is out. It does mean a very serious adjustment for America," added Soros, a staunch backer of the Democratic Party.

...Jeffrey Sachs, special adviser to U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and director of the Earth Institute at New York's Columbia University, appeared to agree with Soros. ..."
(farmer: They all work at the Eath Institute, Bono from U2 included, the consequence would be that the EU would take the lead...)
LINK(this news)
LINK(Bono, Soros)
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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

point of intersection

update oct 15: from Constance Cumbey: "MUST VIEWING!!!!
High Representative Jorge Sampaio's Video message at the Alliance of Civilizations
website, right column. Be sure to save it else nobody will believe we saw it! Constance". The link is: (and UC they used 66 and 1+2+1+2=a third 6 for it) here:,english/


if things go according to the AoC-plan the good doctor will be able to use his instruments

or leave them at the AoC's deposal,

(in order for the second beast to make war against the saints?!)...

Nexos means "point of intersection". Finally I found a new link between Solana and the Alliance of Civilizations, as we always suspected his influence here. And sure enough there is a video on a site with material from the AoC on a page called "NEXOS". And right under the interview with AoC-Boss Sampaio we find speaking the good doctor in 2008 (I think it was the January meeting in Madrid) and declaring the basis ("the central part") is the Barcelona-process - his process and his deal, he made in 1995. 10 days after having made this deal he was named NATO-Secretary General, before sitting on the seat named 666 by the European Union. The EU would have means which it would leave at the AoC's deposal...(watch the site with the whole video by clicking the picture above).

So long the AoC-folk today meets in Iran:

"World Dignitaries Open International Conference On Religion

TEHRAN, Oct 14 (Bernama)-- World dignitaries opened international conference on 'Religion in Modern World' in Tehran on Monday, Iranian news agency, IRNA, reported.

"Referring to the world financial crisis, Kofi Annan offered an analysis about the international and regional crises and called for resolving them.

from another conference: German peace guru Heinrich Elijahu Benedikt(left)
in talk with AoC's Federico Mayor (right).

Former Norwegian prime minister Magne Bondevick ("Oslo Center"), former Italian prime minister Romano Prodi, former French prime minister Lionel Jospin, former Swiss president Joseph Deiss, former Portuguese president Jorge Sampaio, former Irish president Mary Robinson, former Sri Lankan president Chandrika Kumaratunga and former UNESCO director general Federico Mayor as well as several other scholars are attending the two-day confab.

Former president Mohammad Khatami addressed the inaugural session of the conference this morning.

Sampaio, UN high representative for Alliance of Civilizations, also presented a keynote speech to the conference organized by Khatami. --IRNA"
Sampaio said: “Iran has an important role to play within the Alliance of Civilizations". LINK

"Blair informed journalists that he and the Turkish prime minister also spoke about possible cooperation between the Alliance of Civilizations and the Tony Blair Faith Foundation that Blair established last May. Blair said that at a time where globalization has overwhelmed all borders, religion could play both a constructive and a destructive role. He said he is hopeful that his interfaith initiative will also be helpful for the future of Israeli-Palestinian relations.
"A peace between Israel and Palestine will rebuke those who believe that Islam, Christianity and Judaism cannot live together. The Israeli-Palestinian struggle is still the single most important issue that defines the relations of Islam and the West. This has to be solved,"" he said.

stay tuned!

(oct 15: 4:34 am: spell correction,corrected date as to 2008, included "the central part")

Thursday, October 09, 2008

peace maker

a picture from Germany today (Avian Flu) and a NEW YORK book on thirteen pigeons.
A disturbing news today. On a board I read about a strange ritual at the heart of Finance(Oct.08):
"13 dead birds on Wall Street. Pigeons I assume. I just got off the phone with a friend who works in the Wall St. area and she told me this morning around 6:15 that there were 13 dead birds found lying in front of 11 Wall St. This told to her by a policeman on scene."LINK

99 years ago W.B. Mershon("MER" again!) published a book, "The Passenger Pigeon" (1907), (which is an ordinary book on birds) mentioning thirteen pigeons while depicting the sun-scarabeus cult symbol ( I had written about this linking to the 12 plus one in my article here:

This Pigeon book says:
"They were slain by millions during the middle of the last century, and from one region in Michigan in one year three million Passenger Pigeons were killed for market, while in that roost alone as many more perished because of the barbarous methods of hunting them."(Introduction)

"pigeons did not become extinct in a day; nor did one tremendous catastrophe wipe them from the face of the earth. They gradually became fewer and existed for twenty years or more after the date set as that of the final extermination."(Introduction)

Then on page 21 (a link Oct 8 plus 13 is 21?):
"A person told me that he once rode furiously into one of these rolling multitudes and picked up thirteen pigeons which had been trampled to death by his horse's feet. In a few minutes they will beat the whole nuts from a tree with their wings, while all is a scramble, both above and below, for the same." (LINK)
Is this a link?
The book is from the The American Museum of Natural Science Library, which just now features a horse exebition (It's the one from the "A night at the Museum"-movie - who's main actor Ben Stiller is also linked to Oprha's spiritual master Eckhard Tolle, when promoting his book "NEW EARTH":
(more interesting stuff to the movie to followI hope soon...)

So are the 13 birds in front of WallStreet talking about reducing birds or ethic cleansing of gaia from another population form? Could it even be a plan about reducing human population? I know a painter and once I saw she was hunted by an occultist (with very close connections to Alien creator and OSCAR owner H.R. Giger and occult painter Ernst Fuchs who is again linked to Heinrich Elijah Benedikt(12 plus one ritual) and Club of Budapest) who threw a dead pigeon after her. She was just terrified, like under hypnosis. After many years just yesterday(!) I received a postcard with an invitation to an exibition of hers. Her current pictures talked about destruction in times of war and global changes. And: The stamp on the card is a bird! A cuculus canorus. About this bird is written that he lives in all Europe, just not in Island, the country so devasted by the financial crisis now. The name of my painter friend means "bear".

false last supper (12 plus 1) and birds destruction, picture today again from photographer DAVID LACHAPELLE,

On October 7 I wrote about EVIAN-water. Among others it was about Medvedev (the "bear", who called on Europe's leaders to create a new world order that would minimise the role of the United States, see also here: LINK ). In the comment section I drew the connection Evian-Avian flu (flew). And We talked about bulls and bears (Wall street).LINK and sure enough:

Despite of a New Avian Flu Vaccine Strategy Proposed a on Oct 08: LINK, Bird Flew has returned to Germany: LINK 09.10.2008 Bird Flu Returns to Germany.

Avian Flew is also named yesterday to be among the "Deathly Dozen"("LINK Climate change: Deadly dozen pathogens expand").
So again twelve plus one?

(thinking also of the strange NOBEL PEACE PRIZE 2008 announced today to Solana buddy Martti Ahtisaari
(thanks to a reader who sent me the Solana congrats ("S333/08"): LINK:
and the pigeon as a symbol for the Holy Spirit).

"Martti" relates to the goose (bird) of god of war: MARs and
"Ahtisaari" means
"the island of the ancient Nordic god of water"

sounds like Mer-owingian:
(According to another legend, Merovech was conceived when Pharamond's wife encountered a Quinotaur, a sea monster which could change shapes while swimming. Though never stated, it is implied that she was impregnated by it. ...The "Mero-" or "Mer-" element in the name suggests a sea or ocean (see Old English "mere," Latin "mare," or even the Modern English word "mermaid," etc.). The "Salian" in "Salian Franks" may be a reference to salt, a reminder of their pre-migration home on the shores of the North Sea (alternatively, it may refer to the Isala or IJssel river behind which their homeland, the Salland, may have been located). ...The first Frankish royal dynasty called themselves Merovingians in his honor.
Salland sounds also like Solana.

A half sister of Cindy McCain, wife of Republican presidential candidate John McCain, has died of Alzheimer's disease, the family announced. Dixie Lea Burd, 74, died Tuesday in Phoenix. LINK:

Also Oct 08/09 happened to be Yom Kippur: Day of Atonement The last of the Jewish Days of Repentance. "The final service is exclusive to Yom Kippur: the “Ne’ilah” (Hebrew), meaning “locked”, to symbolize the closing of the gates of heaven." LINK Why closing? Because the Lord is a holy God. And you should not try to come near in an unclean state. (the state we were born in and we could just not make it better ("a better world"), just worse).

Interesting enough readers in the thread which mentioned the thriteen birds in front of 11 Wall Street (worldwide the first as I know), heavily discussed also the way for salvation as
"the One of the Seven rays(sic)" versus the true Saviour Yeshua!
One poster wrote:

"The ONLY Kinsman we have who is also ABLE to be our Redeemer is Yeshua.
YHVH is terrible to confront without Yeshua, His Son, making peace for us."

It means: Also if you find God (without Yeshua) it would not bring you at peace with Him.
But peace with Him is the only condition for a real life. And mankind cannot reach that peace with Goodwill alone as mankind and nature is in an unholy state. It needs to be cleaned (not via a mass baptising of the Earth as the New Age Gurus want to tell you- but individually, one by one, as it is also a personal choice and a personal acceptance, a "free to choose"- gift) by his blood. Nobody needs to accept. You have a free will. But if you choose His sons present, then God will look at you with love, also then when you come nearer, just as if He would see his own son: Clean and worthy to come to his throne, because his son has suffered the death we earned and is risen from the dead, so that we don't have to die (that is the reason we point always to Yeshua).

Don't be among the "deadly dozen" who won't survive God's anger.
Survival is possible with Yeshua. As he is a true peace maker.
Do we finally start to wake up and get ready to be prepared? -
Have you enough oil in your lamp to survive the troubles ahead? Hurry up!
- stay tuned!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

important Solana speech today: problem=chance for global rule

"Council of the European Union: remarks by EU High Representative Javier SOLANA at the Conference "NATIONAL INTERESTS AND EUROPEAN FOREIGN POLICY"

Berlin 7 October 2008

I would like to thank the Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik for convening this conference. It follows a good tradition. For many years it has hosted the NATO Review Conference. As NATO General Secretary I valued these intense political brainstormings. It is timely to launch a similar exercise for our Common Foreign and Security Policy.

Next year, it will be ten years since the Kosovo crisis, which played a fundamental role in the creation of the European Security and Defence Policy. The European Security Strategy will see its 5th anniversary in December. So this is a good moment to look back. But even more to think about the future. I hope and expect this conference to contribute to tangible progress in the evolution of Europe’s global role.

At the request of the organisers, my intervention will focus on the question of national interests and how they relate to building a common European foreign policy.This is not an easy topic. These days, when debating foreign policy, the concept of "national interest" can seem outmoded and unattractive. In both public opinion and specialist circles, we tend to associate the idea with the cynical pursuit of self-interest. Take historical figures like Machiavelli: "it is far safer to be feared than loved". Or Lord Palmerston: "my country has no permanent friends, only permanent interests". We like to think diplomats have moved beyond that kind of thinking in the twenty-first century.


This explains why the European approach to international relations is characterised by the primacy of international law; the search for consensual solutions; and a commitment to making multilateral institutions effective. This is the European way. What we do abroad is shaped by who we are. Not only is this approach right. It is also very effective, as the history of Europe over the last fifty years demonstrates. There is another aspect to all this. The very concept of national interest has changed in our globalised world. In a nutshell: interests have gone global. We face common problems. You all know the list: terrorism, climate change and energy security, proliferation, organised crime, failing states. These are complex and interconnected problems. They defy simple solutions.

No country acting alone can solve them. So, national and collective interests are linked. You cannot pursue one at the expense of the other. Of course there will always be differences of emphasis, based on history, geography and the electoral cycle. We should be aware of these differences - and discuss how they can be overcome. But the collective, common interest is clear. Global and complex issues require global answers.


So much for the theory. How to do it in practice, in a Union of 27 member-states? By working hard every day. I believe it is possible, because there is such a thing as common European interests. Let me try to explain. First, I believe it is an interest in itself for the 27 Member states to build unity. Unity is the best way to be heard in a globalised world. Unity is a precondition for Europe to be effective. In turn, being effective helps with creating unity, as the Balkan and Georgia conflicts have shown.


Let me conclude. National interests and European foreign policy have to be linked. But it should be clear that in a globalised world, national interests can best be achieved through collective action. European foreign policy is work in progress. We all know that we can and should improve the efficiency of our decision-making and the effectiveness of our actions. But perhaps paradoxically, the Georgian crisis gives me hope. It showed that strong political will and good co-ordination between the institutions and Member States is critical. And that it can be forthcoming when we need it. Now we need to ensure that the same conditions will be there in the future. The Treaty of Lisbon will be a central part of delivering that. A swift entry into force of that Treaty is clearly in our common interest.

Dear friends, The world today is more complex and interconnected. Our approach of bringing together member states into collective positions which are stronger than the sum of their parts, is the only realistic response. It is in our interest to continue on this path.

Thank you very much.",9060.html

hypnosis water in a holy war

"British identity cards will be covered in EU symbols.
The card revealed by Home Secretary Jacqui Smith yesterday features a picture of a bull above EU- style golden stars, while the coloured background is made up of hundreds of tiny letters spelling 'EU'. The bull is a European Union symbol drawn from Greek mythology. (farmer: bull=the beast out of the sea, so what we have here is - a mark of the "beast")

Last night the Home Office admitted that British ID cards had to follow a common design as set out in a Brussels directive to ensure that every card issued by EU states looks similar.
From 2010 the Government will encourage all young Britons to apply for a card on a voluntary basis, extending the scheme to all citizens and foreign residents from 2011.
Ministers hope that when enough people have cards Parliament will agree to make them compulsory."(in 2012?)LINK


"MOSCOW, October 7 (Itar-Tass) - President Dmitry Medvedev said that he intends to discuss with his colleagues from European countries specific provisions of a New European Security Treaty as well as measures to ride out the economic crisis at the conference in Evian on October 8....“I shall speak precisely of this in Evian, of the need for joint responses to global upheavals in the economy,” he continued.The president noted that heads of many European countries would participate in the conference on questions of world politics in Evian on October 8. “For my part, I intend to present my view and ideas on resolving global problems of our times,” he stated." LINK

Meanwhile AoC found problems in Bulgaria,
which their Mer-Media can use as a chance to sell the poisoned water of new ideology:

"New ‘radical Islam in Bulgaria’ claims
"Just days after Sofia hosted a forum on how teaching at schools could be used to forestall radical Islam, a researcher gave an interview alleging that extremist Islamic sects were operating in eastern Bulgaria.
Associate professor Tatyana Dronzina – described as an expert on conflict and terrorism research – was quoted as saying that Turkish-linked radical sects Nurju, Suleymandj and Miligurush were believed to be active in the eastern part of the country. There were some grounds for believing that people linked to these sects were trying to make contact with pupils in Muslim religious schools in Shoumen, Rousse, Momchilgrad and in the Islamic Institute in Sofia as well, Focus quoted Dronzina as saying

While several intelligence and media reports have highlighted the rise of radical Islam in the former Yugoslavia and especially in Bosnia, earlier in 2008 US journalist Christopher Deliso said in his book The Coming Balkan Caliphate: Threat of Radical Islam to Europe and the West that Bulgaria was among Balkan countries where radical Islam activists were present.

After the forum in Sofia, Bulgarian National Radio interviewed Kamen Velichkov of the Foreign Ministry, who is in charge of the country’s participation in the United Nations Alliance of Civilisations Initiative:

“...The problem with radicalisation, however, is not only about opposing Islam to Christianity. It is a matter of tolerance and compatibility of cultural and religious traditions in general. We should keep in mind the fact that this problem exists within the Muslim community. But the same can be argued about Christians and Christianity..." (sic)(same Link)

So - do I get it right - the problem exists in both Believe systems?....
That was also what Erdogan suggestet - speaking under
the "two horns and the eye"-symbol of AoC in the middle of the twelve:


"both countries suffered serious attacks? Yes.
BUT are we speaking here of Islamic or Christian extremists?
Oh- I see the Journalist wasn't able top form a clear sentence here...
but still, the suggeration works you can read
more on:
UN Alliance of Civilizations: Psychophysiological manipulation

...and I guess it wasn't the last time
we see that kind of hypnosis water - in times of "holy war".

stay tuned!

Friday, October 03, 2008

colours for the dark times







felt it would be good to bring you a bit of joy in these dark times - some of you already now I like to paint and that I like to express my inner joy with colours, here are some of them for you to give you an impression of my style (it's Acryll on canvass), hope you like it...

stay tuned!


Wednesday, October 01, 2008

EoC and AoC: Council of Europe and Alliance of Civilizations agree on future co-operation - Draft MOU


(Keep in mind the council of Europe is not an EU organisation,
it also includes non-EU countries, altogether 47, including Russia! see here: LINK)

It is an article of faith” with the new barbarians and their “science of degradation” that “the last truth is told only in the last extremity”: to them screaming anguish is “the tone of truth” that comes after the last breaking of identity or life. They seek a world so cold and cruel that as Alice Bailey wrote, “death is a cure;” “mental healers” will teach this to us as part of “the new trend of the human family.” This “creative destruction” is the “bridging work” of “initiates” (those who own and staff, our media, foundations, global harmony groups) that help the Hierarchy attain “the age of synthesis and light” on the other side of the collapses we currently undergo;
to live in their new “city of God” when they have again destroyed the original and stamped their arrogant mark on it.
An apocalyptic Shi’ite Iran is a major helper in this dialectic bridging work by which it assists in forging analliance of civilizations” a “cult of the powerful State” on a global scale. Without public schools education might occur and this nexus of degradation slow greatly. Youth will learn to think again; learn to see and see through not merely stare at and align themselves with the axes of power that are the only truth of the last age."
writes Eugene Narrett yesterday at Niewswithviews here.

12. The Alliance of Civilizations and the Council of Europe (hereinafter referred to together as “the Parties”) will enhance their co-operation in the field of intercultural dialogue in all areas of joint interest in order to achieve complementarity and avoid overlapping.

13. On the basis of partnership and complementarity, taking due account of their comparative advantages and expertise, the Parties will take all necessary steps to further their co-operation through exchange of information concerning their respective activities and through the development of joint action as set out below...."

from the AoC-EoC cooperation draft, more:


meanwhile the AoC-horn Zapatero makes a deal with Bono Vox(U2) and Bob Geldorf about the "the ONE"-project!with joined plans to use the 2012 World Cup to gain maximum attention. The biggest concert ever staged on the continent is being organised, and Mr Zapatero was told that, among others, Antonio Banderas, Penelope Cruz and Arsenal's Cesc Fabregas have already pledged their support.: LINK (news).

stay tuned!