Wednesday, October 01, 2008

EoC and AoC: Council of Europe and Alliance of Civilizations agree on future co-operation - Draft MOU


(Keep in mind the council of Europe is not an EU organisation,
it also includes non-EU countries, altogether 47, including Russia! see here: LINK)

It is an article of faith” with the new barbarians and their “science of degradation” that “the last truth is told only in the last extremity”: to them screaming anguish is “the tone of truth” that comes after the last breaking of identity or life. They seek a world so cold and cruel that as Alice Bailey wrote, “death is a cure;” “mental healers” will teach this to us as part of “the new trend of the human family.” This “creative destruction” is the “bridging work” of “initiates” (those who own and staff, our media, foundations, global harmony groups) that help the Hierarchy attain “the age of synthesis and light” on the other side of the collapses we currently undergo;
to live in their new “city of God” when they have again destroyed the original and stamped their arrogant mark on it.
An apocalyptic Shi’ite Iran is a major helper in this dialectic bridging work by which it assists in forging analliance of civilizations” a “cult of the powerful State” on a global scale. Without public schools education might occur and this nexus of degradation slow greatly. Youth will learn to think again; learn to see and see through not merely stare at and align themselves with the axes of power that are the only truth of the last age."
writes Eugene Narrett yesterday at Niewswithviews here.

12. The Alliance of Civilizations and the Council of Europe (hereinafter referred to together as “the Parties”) will enhance their co-operation in the field of intercultural dialogue in all areas of joint interest in order to achieve complementarity and avoid overlapping.

13. On the basis of partnership and complementarity, taking due account of their comparative advantages and expertise, the Parties will take all necessary steps to further their co-operation through exchange of information concerning their respective activities and through the development of joint action as set out below...."

from the AoC-EoC cooperation draft, more:


meanwhile the AoC-horn Zapatero makes a deal with Bono Vox(U2) and Bob Geldorf about the "the ONE"-project!with joined plans to use the 2012 World Cup to gain maximum attention. The biggest concert ever staged on the continent is being organised, and Mr Zapatero was told that, among others, Antonio Banderas, Penelope Cruz and Arsenal's Cesc Fabregas have already pledged their support.: LINK (news).

stay tuned!



björn (farmer) said...

more from Eugene Narrett:
" know that the religion of our time is prostitution: they sense their cue and put out smugly and gleefully. The less intelligent or sensitive or perhaps one should say, the de-sensitized, and there are more and more of all of these, go to their whoredom mindlessly; to them mouthing slogans is as natural as seeking truth and resisting is for the increasingly few; or perhaps one should write, for the mostly unheard majority. “The event will show,” as Shakespeare wrote; we will see."

björn (farmer) said...

put in new info on Zapatero and "One"

Roma said...

Things seem to be moving right along, and the puzzle pieces are going into place.

Anonymous said...

Well if you say so, but I am not sure most people would agree...I mean if you really think about it.
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