Tuesday, October 07, 2008

hypnosis water in a holy war

"British identity cards will be covered in EU symbols.
The card revealed by Home Secretary Jacqui Smith yesterday features a picture of a bull above EU- style golden stars, while the coloured background is made up of hundreds of tiny letters spelling 'EU'. The bull is a European Union symbol drawn from Greek mythology. (farmer: bull=the beast out of the sea, so what we have here is - a mark of the "beast")

Last night the Home Office admitted that British ID cards had to follow a common design as set out in a Brussels directive to ensure that every card issued by EU states looks similar.
From 2010 the Government will encourage all young Britons to apply for a card on a voluntary basis, extending the scheme to all citizens and foreign residents from 2011.
Ministers hope that when enough people have cards Parliament will agree to make them compulsory."(in 2012?)LINK


"MOSCOW, October 7 (Itar-Tass) - President Dmitry Medvedev said that he intends to discuss with his colleagues from European countries specific provisions of a New European Security Treaty as well as measures to ride out the economic crisis at the conference in Evian on October 8....“I shall speak precisely of this in Evian, of the need for joint responses to global upheavals in the economy,” he continued.The president noted that heads of many European countries would participate in the conference on questions of world politics in Evian on October 8. “For my part, I intend to present my view and ideas on resolving global problems of our times,” he stated." LINK

Meanwhile AoC found problems in Bulgaria,
which their Mer-Media can use as a chance to sell the poisoned water of new ideology:

"New ‘radical Islam in Bulgaria’ claims
"Just days after Sofia hosted a forum on how teaching at schools could be used to forestall radical Islam, a researcher gave an interview alleging that extremist Islamic sects were operating in eastern Bulgaria.
Associate professor Tatyana Dronzina – described as an expert on conflict and terrorism research – was quoted as saying that Turkish-linked radical sects Nurju, Suleymandj and Miligurush were believed to be active in the eastern part of the country. There were some grounds for believing that people linked to these sects were trying to make contact with pupils in Muslim religious schools in Shoumen, Rousse, Momchilgrad and in the Islamic Institute in Sofia as well, Focus quoted Dronzina as saying

While several intelligence and media reports have highlighted the rise of radical Islam in the former Yugoslavia and especially in Bosnia, earlier in 2008 US journalist Christopher Deliso said in his book The Coming Balkan Caliphate: Threat of Radical Islam to Europe and the West that Bulgaria was among Balkan countries where radical Islam activists were present.

After the forum in Sofia, Bulgarian National Radio interviewed Kamen Velichkov of the Foreign Ministry, who is in charge of the country’s participation in the United Nations Alliance of Civilisations Initiative:

“...The problem with radicalisation, however, is not only about opposing Islam to Christianity. It is a matter of tolerance and compatibility of cultural and religious traditions in general. We should keep in mind the fact that this problem exists within the Muslim community. But the same can be argued about Christians and Christianity..." (sic)(same Link)


So - do I get it right - the problem exists in both Believe systems?....
That was also what Erdogan suggestet - speaking under
the "two horns and the eye"-symbol of AoC in the middle of the twelve:


"both countries suffered serious attacks? Yes.
BUT are we speaking here of Islamic or Christian extremists?
Oh- I see the Journalist wasn't able top form a clear sentence here...
but still, the suggeration works fine...here you can read
more on:
UN Alliance of Civilizations: Psychophysiological manipulation

...and I guess it wasn't the last time
we see that kind of hypnosis water - in times of "holy war".

stay tuned!


björn (farmer) said...

added info on eu-symbols on id-mob-card.

björn (farmer) said...

another "Evian"-link would be the "A(E)vian Bird flew" and (E/V)("EU") as (5/22)

joyce said...

The bull is a symbol for Zeus. . The story in Greek mythology is that Zeus became a bull and raped the Phoenician princess, Europa, thus the name Europe. The bull also represents Wall Street, which is burning and crashing at the moment..and the golden calf of course, not to mention baal worship..

The horns of the bull are also said to represent the the crescent moon used in Islam. Allah, the principal deity of the 360 deities on the kabbah in pre-Islamic Arabia, was the name for the moon god until Mohamed made it a monotheistic religion and removed the other 359 deities, according to those knowledgeable about the history..

Of course in Hinduism...it's the sacred cow.. What an appropriate symbol for an EU identity card.


björn (farmer) said...

thanks Joyce for expanding...I took that knowledge on my readers site for granted, but you are right better to tell twice then not! so thanks for a great summary! (I also thought about Wall street as we have the bull and bear("medvdev") in the article...

Anonymous said...



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