Tuesday, October 14, 2008

point of intersection

update oct 15: from Constance Cumbey: "MUST VIEWING!!!!
High Representative Jorge Sampaio's Video message at the Alliance of Civilizations
website, right column. Be sure to save it else nobody will believe we saw it! http://www.unaoc.org/ Constance". The link is: (and UC they used 66 and 1+2+1+2=a third 6 for it) here:


if things go according to the AoC-plan the good doctor will be able to use his instruments

or leave them at the AoC's deposal,

(in order for the second beast to make war against the saints?!)...


Nexos means "point of intersection". Finally I found a new link between Solana and the Alliance of Civilizations, as we always suspected his influence here. And sure enough there is a video on a site with material from the AoC on a page called "NEXOS". And right under the interview with AoC-Boss Sampaio we find speaking the good doctor in 2008 (I think it was the January meeting in Madrid) and declaring the basis ("the central part") is the Barcelona-process - his process and his deal, he made in 1995. 10 days after having made this deal he was named NATO-Secretary General, before sitting on the seat named 666 by the European Union. The EU would have means which it would leave at the AoC's deposal...(watch the site with the whole video by clicking the picture above).

So long the AoC-folk today meets in Iran:

"World Dignitaries Open International Conference On Religion

TEHRAN, Oct 14 (Bernama)-- World dignitaries opened international conference on 'Religion in Modern World' in Tehran on Monday, Iranian news agency, IRNA, reported.

"Referring to the world financial crisis, Kofi Annan offered an analysis about the international and regional crises and called for resolving them.

from another conference: German peace guru Heinrich Elijahu Benedikt(left)
in talk with AoC's Federico Mayor (right).

Former Norwegian prime minister Magne Bondevick ("Oslo Center"), former Italian prime minister Romano Prodi, former French prime minister Lionel Jospin, former Swiss president Joseph Deiss, former Portuguese president Jorge Sampaio, former Irish president Mary Robinson, former Sri Lankan president Chandrika Kumaratunga and former UNESCO director general Federico Mayor as well as several other scholars are attending the two-day confab.

Former president Mohammad Khatami addressed the inaugural session of the conference this morning.

Sampaio, UN high representative for Alliance of Civilizations, also presented a keynote speech to the conference organized by Khatami. --IRNA"
Sampaio said: “Iran has an important role to play within the Alliance of Civilizations". LINK

"Blair informed journalists that he and the Turkish prime minister also spoke about possible cooperation between the Alliance of Civilizations and the Tony Blair Faith Foundation that Blair established last May. Blair said that at a time where globalization has overwhelmed all borders, religion could play both a constructive and a destructive role. He said he is hopeful that his interfaith initiative will also be helpful for the future of Israeli-Palestinian relations.
"A peace between Israel and Palestine will rebuke those who believe that Islam, Christianity and Judaism cannot live together. The Israeli-Palestinian struggle is still the single most important issue that defines the relations of Islam and the West. This has to be solved,"" he said.

stay tuned!

(oct 15: 4:34 am: spell correction,corrected date as to 2008, included "the central part")


the70thweek said...

Great find farmer. Keep up the good work.


björn (farmer) said...

thanks Curt! good to hear from you!
On the video site on page 6 they have also an interview with AoC Orham Pamuk who is right now the leading star at world's biggest book fair held in Frankfurt, opened by him, Turkish Göl and German FM Steinmeier
(for Frankfurt see here: http://tinyurl.com/45w4eq

Anonymous said...

The decision to normalize the diplomatic relations with the Vatican was made by Joseph Deiss, than President of Switzerland. It was the 5 of June 2004. He announces it while it was already made. The relations were cut of in 1874 after a civil war.
I did not feel represented by him at this time.
And now you mentionned him ! Thank you for bringing this information.




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